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WWF The Main Event #3 2/23/1990

Written By: Matt Peddycord

WWF The Main Event #3
February 23, 1990
Detroit, MI
Joe Louis Arena

The current WWF Champs were as follows:
World Champion: Hulk Hogan (4/2/1989)
Intercontinental Champion: Ultimate Warrior (8/28/1989)
World Tag Team Champions: Andre the Giant & Haku (12/13/1989)

Your hosts are Vince McMahon & Jesse Ventura!

WWF Champion Hulk Hogan vs. Randy Savage (w/Queen Sherri) – Special Enforcer: James “Buster” Douglas

This match was originally scheduled to have the undisputed world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson as the special enforcer, but he suffered the biggest upset in sports history twelve days earlier by losing to nobody James “Buster” Douglas. Since the champ was promised to appear at this show and Tyson was no longer the champ, the less charismatic Buster Douglas showed up in his stead. Savage says its good that Tyson didn’t show, because he found out that Tyson’s grandma was a card-carrying Hulkamaniac. Hahaha. On the previous SNME, Savage said that if Tyson didn’t call it fair and square and found out that anybody in Tyson’s family were Hulkamaniacs, he would be coming after them after he took out “Iron” Mike. Great stuff. As we as wrestling fans all know by now, Mike Tyson would finally find his way back into the WWF after being suspended from boxing by 1998 as a shirt-wearing member of DX. By the way, this was being billed as Savage’s last shot at Hogan and the WWF title to finally close this chapter so the Hogan/Warrior feud could take full circle. Hogan overpowers Savage to start and wants to brawl down on the floor, but Douglas maintains order. Savage back in, he goes to the eyes and delivers the running hotshot and a high knee to the back that sends Hogan to the floor. Savage to nail him with a flying double-ax handle, but Douglas stands in his way. That JERK! Back in again, Hogan grabs Sherri on the apron. Savage tries to save with another high knee, but Hogan moves out of the way and lets Savage nail Sherri. Hogan fights back with clotheslines and delivers the ten-count corner punches. Hogan continues with elbow drops and an atomic drop, but then Sherri trips him up as he comes off the ropes. Hogan grabs Sherri through the ropes, which gives Savage the opportunity for the Bossman straddle. Savage chokes Hogan down into a corner and walks away for Sherri to do more choking. Buster walks by and sends her to the back because he’s sick of it. After commercial, we come back and see Savage trying to put Hogan away with a sleeper. Hogan’s arm drops twice, but not three times! He elbows out, but then Savage catches him with a clothesline. Oh man, he covers Hulk with one foot and gets two. Hogan gets tossed out for another flying double-ax attempt. Buster is on the other side of the ring, so there’s no problems for Savage. Back in, Savage connects with another flying double-ax for two. Savage chokes Hulk some more for another two. Savage tosses Hogan out again for a flying-double ax, but this time Buster stands in the way. Back in, Savage decides to just go for the kill and delivers the MACHO ELBOW for 1-2-NO! HULK UP, but Hogan’s Big Boot sends Savage out on the floor. Savage pulls Hogan out and thumbs him in the eye and rolls back in the ring. Hogan gets back in and pops Savage into ref Earl Hebner. Hogan delivers the LEG DROP anyway and Buster Douglas hops in the ring for the 1-2-3. (11:14/9:50 shown) It looked like Savage was supposed to kick out there. Savage is PISSED at Buster counted three, so he wants to go a round. Savage slaps him to try and get a rise out of him, but Buster doesn’t budge. That is, until Hogan shoves Savage into him for a KO-punch. Now go back to your feud with the polka-dot guy, Randy. **½

WWF Intercontinental Champion Ultimate Warrior vs. Dino Bravo (w/Jimmy Hart & Earthquake)

These two could actually have a decent match with one another when given enough time. Bravo attacks before the bell, but takes a powerslam instead. Warrior comes off the top with a double-ax. He tries another, but Earthquake pulls him down. Warrior goes after him, but it’s just a setup for a sneak attack by Bravo. Back in, we get more interference from Earthquake as he grabs Warrior’s ankle for another attack from behind by Bravo. Warrior ends up crawling to the other side of the ring where Jimmy Hart is standing and pulls Jimmy underneath the ring! Jimmy finally breaks free, but he doesn’t have any pants on. What did Warrior do to him?! Jimmy get press slammed into the Earthquake, which is like getting hit with a Snickers bar. Bravo nails Warrior from behind again. Back in, Bravo works a bearhug, but Warrior gets loose and lifts Bravo up in a bearhug. Bravo breaks immediately and returns to the back. He hits the SIDE SUPLEX for 1-2-NO! Warrior WARRIORS UP, hits a couple clotheslines and shoulderblocks, and then the WARRIOR SPLASH gets the win. (4:11) Bravo and Earthquake do a post-match beatdown and Hogan comes out for the save. That causes another face-off between the two egomaniacs and Warrior isn’t pleased at all that Hogan would stick his ego where it didn’t belong. I’ve honestly seen these two do better. ½*

Final Thoughts:
We’re one step closer to WrestleMania VI with Hogan and Warrior still having ego issues. These shows are always fun if you need to kill an hour or so.


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