WWF RAW 1/10/2000

written by Adam King


Monday, January 10th, 2000

Live from the Kiel Center in St. Louis, MO

List of WWF Champions at the time:
WWF World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H (1/03/2000)
WWF Intercontinental Co-Champions: Chris Jericho & Chyna (12/30/1999)
WWF World Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws (11/08/1999)
WWF European Champion: Val Venis (12/12/1999)
WWF Hardcore Champion: The Big Bossman (10/14/1999)
WWF Women’s Champion: The Kat (12/12/1999)

~ Raw comes on the air and goes right to the intro. After that Jim Ross welcomes us to the show along with Jerry “The King” Lawler.

~ Things kick off with the entire WWF roster filtering out to ringside and surrounding the ring. Once everyone has come out, The Rock makes his entrance and stands in the ring alone as we cut to the back and find Triple H and DX watching this go down in bewilderment. Rock gets on the mic and does his “Finally..” bit before getting down to business saying all the WWF wrestlers are out here and they’ve elected him as their spokesman before he demands Triple H and Stephanie McMahon come out and face them. Triple H and Stephanie get up to head out expecting the Outlaws and X-Pac to follow them, but the three of them stay behind telling the Helmsleys it’s them The Rock wants. Rock again calls out Triple H and Stephanie who eventually appear on the stage and Stephanie gets on the mic to try and work things out but Rock puts up his hand for her to talk to. Rock says the entire roster is ready to walk out and join the World ‘Rock’ Federation unless their demands are met. Rock says first of all everyone wants Mick Foley reinstated to the WWF immediately and the Helmsleys confer before agreeing to rehire Foley claiming they were going to do it anyway. Rock then brings up the various firing matches lately and demands they are to never be done again and that no one can be fired without just cause. Triple H and Stephanie are forced to agree to it since they have very little choice in the matter.

Mankind’s music then plays as Mankind comes into the ring from the crowd and takes the mic thanking Rock for standing up for him and for the kind words in his new book. Mankind then brings up DX for ridiculing him and mocking his family over the past week. Mankind challenges Triple H to a WWF Championship match at the Royal Rumble with some stipulations to be named later, and Rock seems a little surprised while Triple H accepts the challenge. Mankind starts to talk again but Rock cuts him off and announces himself as the first entrant in the Rumble itself. Rock then goes into how he’s going to throw out 29 other jabronies to win and go onto Wrestlemania. (This actually comes into play later on.) Mankind then suggests that he and Rock use the leverage they currently have to book tonight’s show. Mankind suggests they find out which of the New Age Outlaws is the toughest by having them fight each other then reminds Triple H everyone is still ready to walk out so Triple H is forced to make that match. The rest of DX watches backstage in shock at what Triple H is being pressured into. Mankind then mentions Triple H saying X-Pac was as good at him and suggest they fight each other tonight with Stephanie accepting that as well while X-Pac just shakes his head backstage. Triple H and Stephanie start to leave but Rock says they’re not done, that there’s one more match. Rock then books all of DX against The Acolytes and their partners, The Rock & Sock connection! The Rock finishes with the usual and the Helmselys storm off as we go to commercial. A little long but very effective segment.

~ Back from break JR and Lawler buzz about tonight’s action. We then get during-the-break footage of the Outlaws and X-Pac giving Triple H flack for caving in to The Rock’s demands. Triple H tries to explain he had no choice since everybody was going to walk out but Road Dogg tells Triple H he should have let them walk, feeling they could have done a show by themselves. The Outlaws complain about facing each other while chastising Triple H for the way he handled the pressure. The rest of DX storms out, with X-Pac saying he’ll see Triple H out in the ring.

Road Dogg vs. Billy Gunn

Road Dogg does is usual spiel on the mic without mentioning Billy Gunn in the intro. The Outlaws hesitate before locking up and they jockey for position before Billy forces Road Dogg into a corner and breaks cleanly as the crowd boos. The Outlaws lockup again and Road Dogg forces Billy into the corner and breaks cleanly but Billy nails him from behind and lays the boots to him. Billy rams Road Dogg into a corner and beats him down before choking him with his boot. Billy snapmares Road Dogg to the mat and hits a kneedrop for a two count then applies a chinlock. Road Dogg fights out of it and comes off the ropes but runs into a knee. Billy throws Road Dogg over the ropes to the floor then drops him on the barricade. Billy throws Road Dogg back into the ring and goes for a whip but Road Dogg ducks a right hand and hits the juke ‘n’ jive punches. Road Dogg follows up with the shake, rattle ‘n kneedrop for a two count. Road Dogg whips Billy but lowers the head and Billy hits a jackhammer. Billy whips Road Dogg into a corner and hits a Stinger Splash. Billy goes for the Rocker Dropper but Road Dogg catches him into a slam for the pin. (3:30) Eh, better than their match at Over the Edge, I’ll give them that. After the match Road Dogg offers a hand but Billy blows him off and leaves the ring.

~ Backstage Mankind heads into a room where he has the fake Mankind tied up to a chair. Mankind rants at his imposter about what he did while tying him up some more.

~ Elsewhere a signup sheet is posted allowing the wrestlers to sign up for whoever they want to face. Terri is seen signing the Hardy Boys up for a match as we go to commercial.

The Hardy Boys (w/Terri Runnels) vs. Kurt Angle & Steve Blackman

No, I don’t get why the Hardys would want to challenge theses guys, but oh well. Angle comes out with Blackman and a mic and compares himself to the Rams says they’re both full of the three I’s but he can beat people with winning records. Angle also yells at the people for cheering Kurt Warner just because he’s on a lucky streak. Angle starts off with Matt Hardy and hits a Fireman’s carry into an armbar. Matt forces Angle into a corner but Angle pops Matt but Matt gets in his own shots. Matt hits a suplex and follows up with a neckbreaker for a two count. Jeff Hardy tags in and the Hardys whip Angle into a corner, Matt drops to the mat and Jeff launches off him into the Poetry in Motion. Jeff covers but Angle gets his foot on the rope then pops Jeff with a right hand. Blackman tags in and connects with two swift kicks but misses a roundhouse. Jeff goes for a whip, Blackman reverses but Jeff slides under the ropes to the floor. Blackman slides out as well but Jeff leaps over him and hits an Asai monnsault off the ropes. Jeff leaps off the barricade for a huricanrana but Blackman catches him and swings him right into the steps! Blackman throws Jeff back in the ring and covers him for a two count. Angle tags in and sets Jeff on the top rope then goes up for a superplex but Jeff blocks it and shoves Angle off. Angle holds onto the top rope when Jeff connects with a missile dropkick on Angle on the apron. Jeff reaches for his corner and Angle tries to stop him but Jeff kicks him away and tags in Matt while Angle tags in Blackman. Matt takes it to both men and hits an Atomic Drop on Blackman before slamming Angle to the mat. Matt goes for a kick but Angle blocks it and spins him into a crescent kick from Blackman. Blackman whips Matt into a backdrop while Jeff backdrops Angle over the ropes. Blackman brings his kendo stick in the ring but doesn’t notice Jeff climbing to the top and Jeff dropkicks Blackman into a Twist of Fate from Matt that gets the win! (3:26) Nothing special but still a fun match. The Hardys leave in triumph while Angle berates Blackman for losing the match before storming off. However Angle still has yet to be pinned so I guess the streak continues. **

~ Backstage we find Mankind still tormenting his evil twin, telling him he has no idea what’s in store for him and that no one will help him. Mankind makes a joke about the fake being tied up and forces the impostor to laugh with him.

~ Elsewhere Edge is standing near the sign-up sheet when Christian walks up. Christian asks Edge if ‘he’ was happy about facing him and Edge says he was cool with the idea. Maybe we’ll find out who the ‘he’ is as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break we find Chris Jericho standing with Chyna and The Kat (and the Intercontinental title belt) near the sign-up sheet. Jericho tells Chyna she showed him something on Smackdown and then apologizes for his actions. Jericho talks Chyna into signing a rematch with the Hollys claiming together they can destroy them. Jericho offers to take the belt but Chyna insists she carry it so Jericho walks away as Chyna signs the match.

WWF European Title: Val Venis © vs. Edge (w/Christian)

As Val comes out, JR reveals that Edge is engaged to Val’s sister. (I imagine that union didn’t last but that’s a story for another time) Val gets on the mic and says Edge may win his sister’s hand but he’s not man enough to win his title. Edge comes out when entrance is interrupted by the glowing orange symbol on the TitanTron heralding the soon-to-debut Tazz. Edge and Val slap hands to start and Edge gets in the first shots and goes for a whip. Val reverses and hits an elbow but misses an elbowdrop. Edge goes for another whip and Val reverses again and attempts a hiptoss but Edge counters with the headscissors for a two count. Edge goes for a whip, Val reverses him into a corner and charges but eats a boot. Edge comes out but runs into a spinebuster for a near fall. Val whips Edge into a corner and hits a clothesline then whips Edge to the other side for another clothesline and a two count. Val goes for a whip and Edge reverses and slaps on a sleeperhold. However Val counters it with a Blue Thunder powerbomb for a near fall. Edge fights back but Val rakes the face and drops him on the top rope for another near fall. Edge comes off the ropes into a kick and Val goes for a neckbreaker but Edge counters into a DDT. Edge ducks a clothesline and hits an Atomic Drop followed by a forearam. Edge whips Val into a backdrop then climbs to the top rope and connects with a missile dropkick. Edge hits the Downward Spiral and covers Val but Val gets his foot on the ropes. Edge goes for a spear but Val throws him shoulder-first into the ringpost. Val then follows up with the Fisherman’s Suplex and gets the pin. (3:41) Very solid match for what we got. Edge and Val shake hands after the match before Edge gets on the mic and tells Val he was the better man tonight but will not be the best man at his wedding. Edge says that honor goes to Christian and Val seems cool with it … for now. I think this was to build up to another Edge/Val confrontation but it ended up not happening. **

~ Backstage we find the Outlaws bickering while X-Pac tries to play peacemaker to no avail. Billy tells Road Dogg he was lucky tonight and to find his own ride home before storming off.

Chris Jericho & Chyna (w/The Kat) vs. Crash & Hardcore Holly

So here we have a rematch from Smackdown. Jericho and Chyna enter separately with Chyna posing with the Intercontinental Title belt and Jericho looks to pose with the belt as well but Chyna won’t fork it over. As the Hollys come out, Jericho gets on the mic and claims he and Chyna are going to destroy them and also points out how he got a bigger response despite Chyna coming out with the belt. Jericho locks up with Hardcore to start and Hardcore applies a headlock, Jericho shoves Hardcore into the ropes but Hardcore hits a shoulderblock. Hardcore comes off the ropes but Jericho leapfrogs over him and connects with a forearm. Jericho whips Hardcore into a corner then comes off the ropes with the bulldog. Jericho makes the tag to Chyna and both of them whip Hardcore into a double flapjack. Crash tags in but Jericho pops him into a clothesline from Chyna. Chyna clubs Crash in the back and whips him into an elbow, then whips him again and hits a clothesline. Chyna goes for another whip as Crash staggers into his corner where Hardcore tag himself in and Crash reverses Chyna into Hardcore who hits a clothesline-assisted spinebuster for a near fall. Hardcore clubs Chyna in the back then stomps her down in a corner. Hardcore slams Chyna to the mat then tags in Crash, who climbs to the top rope. Crash leaps off but Chyna gets her shin up to block him then starts crawling toward her corner. Jericho reaches out for a tag but when Chyna gets close he turns his back to her. Hardcore pulls Chyna away and hits the Hollycaust on her for the win. (2:48) Another short but spirited contest. This of course means that Hardcore has now pinned both IC Champions. Jericho then grabs the IC belt and walks off while bragging about outsmarting Chyna. **

~ Backstage we find Mankind still tormenting his doppelganger, this time by spilling hot coffee on him.

~ Elsewhere Triple H is pacing when X-Pac comes in, asking if he’s ready to do this. X-Pac brings up Triple H saying he’s as good as him and says he intends to prove it in the ring. Triple H says the problem is he meant it as we go to commercial.

Triple H © (w/Stephanie McMahon) vs. X-Pac – Non-Title Match

Triple H starts off with a headlock then goes into a hammerlock. X-Pac counters into his own hammerlock but Triple H manages to reach the ropes. X-Pac breaks cleanly and the two lockup again and jockey for position in a corner. Triple H breaks but then pops X-Pac and stomps him down in a corner before choking him. Triple H whips X-Pac but X-Pac ducks a clothesline and connects with a spinkick. X-Pac goes for a whip, Triple H reverses but X-Pac hits a spinning heelkick. X-Pac clotheslines Triple H over the ropes to the floor then follows up with a baseball slide. X-Pac goes out and chops Triple H then charges but Triple H drops him on the announce table. Triple H rams X-Pac into the steps then rolls him back into the ring. Triple H pops X-Pac but X-Pac fights back until Triple H hits a knee. Triple H goes for a whip, X-Pac reverses but lowers the head and Triple H hits the facebuster. Triple H goes for a Pedigre but X-Pac counters with a low blow followed by a spinkick. X-Pac kicks Triple H down in a corner and hits the Bronco Buster. X-Pac climbs to the top but Stephanie pulls his leg, causing him to straddle the turnbuckle. X-Pac falls to the mat and Triple H finishes up with the Pedigree for the three count. (3:13) Good match but a little too short. X-Pac sees a replay of the finish and has words with Triple H who leaves with Stephanie. Of course DX now has to somehow regroup for the eight-man tag match later. **

~ Back from break we get a replay of Stephanie costing X-Pac his match with Triple H. We then find the Outlaws and X-Pac griping about the negative effect Stephanie is having on DX.

Too Cool & Rikishi vs. Al Snow (w/Head) & The Headbangers

Mosh attacks Grandmaster Sexay from behind to start and pounds on him on a corner. Mosh whips Sexay into the opposite corner and charges but eats a crescent kick. Sexay looks for a tag but Mosh suplexes him while Snow pulls Scotty 2 Hotty off the apron. Snow then stomps away at Scotty on the floor while Mosh tags in Thrasher. Snow and the ‘Bangers triple-team Sexay and Thrasher caps off with a right hand. Snow tags in and whips Sexay into a clothesline before tagging Thrasher back in. Thrasher goes for a whip, Sexay reverses him into a corner and hits a powerslam. Thrasher tags in Mosh but Sexay manages to tag in Rikishi. Rikishi hits a superkick on Mosh and Thrasher comes in but runs into a belly-to-belly suplex. All six men start going at it as Rikishi sets Thrasher up then climbs up the ropes and hits the Banzai Drop. Rikishi then drills Mosh with the sitdown piledriver and that’s all. (2:21) Snow then grabs Head and lays out his partners on the floor just like the Dudleys on Smackdown and walks off leaving Too Cool and Rikishi to do their post-match dance. Nothing much to see here though the dancing guys continue to be over.

~ Backstage Mankind is still talking to his impostor, asking if he’s learned his lesson and even threatens to make him watch an hour of Al Snow matches if he hasn’t. Mankind tells his double he likes his fashion sense and considers untying him as we go commercial.

~ Back from break we find Mankind untying his evil twin. However However Mankind tells the fake he better not mistake kindness for weakness. Mankind also orders him not to leave the room before walking off himself. That seems to be the end of that … or is it?

The Godfather & D’Lo Brown (w/ladies) vs. The Dudley Boyz

At this stage of their partnership D’Lo is beginning to mimic Godfather’s mannerisms and even has his own hat and cigar. Godfather tries to do his spiel on the mic but gets interrupted by the Dudleys’ entrance. The Dudleys rush the ring but D’Lo disposes of D’Von while Bubba Ray pounds on Godfather. Bubba goes for a whip but Godfather reverses and hits a hiptoss followed by a clothesline. Godfather tags in D’Lo and both men whip Bubba into a double elbow. D’Lo connects with a heel kick then slams Bubba to the mat but misses the legdrop. Bubba hits a powerbomb then pops Godfather on the apron to draw him in and distract the referee. Bubba sets D’Lo up while D’Von climbs to the top and hits the headbutt to the groin. D’Von whips D’Lo into a spinning elbow then hits a suplex for a two count. D’Von brings D’Lo to his corner and tags in Bubba who hits a chop. Bubba goes for a whip but D’Lo ducks a clothesline and hits the Sky High. Bubba tags in D’Von while D’Lo tags in Godfather who comes in with a pair of clotheslines. Godfather hits backdrops on both Dudleys then whips D’Von into a corner and hits the Ho Train. D’Lo tags in and climbs to the top for the Lo Down but Bubba pulls D’Von out of the ring to safety. The Dudleys then each take one of the Godfather’s women and start walking out but Godfather and D’Lo head out to cut the Dudleys off and everyone ends up getting counted out. (3:14) Pretty pedestrian match plus the crowd still didn’t care about the Dudleys yet. Godfather and D’Lo manage to chase the Dudleys away then head back into the ring. *

~ Backstage Tori is walking when Mankind runs up wanting to talk. Mankind makes a pass at her saying he admires some stuff about her I won’t reprint here then invites Tori to meet him in Dressing Room #3 and even pats her on the bottom! Tori is horrified as she runs off and I bet you can guess what’s about to happen as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break we get an exterior shot of the Kiel Center.

~ Backstage Kane is storming his way to room #3 with Tori right behind him. Kane then breaks into the room and sure enough comes across the fake “Mankind”. Kane proceeds to destroy “Mankind”, throwing him all over the room and into a nearby stairwell. Kane throws a pipe at “Mankind” who dodges it and “Mankind” takes off through a fire door to escape.

~ Elsewhere Triple H tries to patch things up with his DX brethern, telling them they have to stick together. Road Dogg seems to agree with what Triple H is saying but sounds a bit skeptical.

Test & The Big Show vs. The Big Bossman & Prince Albert

Bossman and Albert rush into the ring but get beaten back but Test and Show. Test and Show whip their opponents into each other and continue pounding on them in the corners. Test charges at Albert but gets throw into the corner but Bossman hits a low blow on Show. Albert hands Bossman his nightstick while he grabs Test for a chokebomb. However Show kicks Bossman, causing him to accidentally nail Albert with the nightstick. Test hits the big boot on Albert then climbs to the top and connects with the elbow and it’s over. (0:55) Why, yes that was a squash. Test and Show celebrate on the floor while Bossman and Albert argue in the ring. Albert shoves Bossman down when Show goes back in and manages to chokeslam both men. NR

~ DX, The Acolytes, and The Rock and Mankind are all seen heading out for the main event as we go to commercial.

D-Generation X (w/Stephanie McMahon) vs. The Rock & Mankind and The Acolytes

DX first comes out to the ring as a unit yet still showing signs of dissension. As Rock’s team comes out they show footage of Rock’s book signing at Tower Books in New York. Triple H tries to rally his troops and offers a hand but his teammates refuse to shake it. Rock exchanges words with Billy Gunn to start and Billy goes for a sucker punch but Rock blocks it. Rock hammers Billy in a corner and hits the Smackdown then stomps him down. Rock whips Billy into the opposite corner but Billy comes out with a neckbreaker. Billy stomps Rock down and does something as the picture goes out briefly. Billy tees off on Rock and chokes him on the top rope then goes for a whip but Rock reverses and hits a Samoan Drop. Road Dogg comes in but runs into a spinebuster and Rock hits Billy with the Rock Bottom. X-Pac breaks up the pin so Rock clotheslines him over the ropes to the floor. Rock takes a swing at Road Dogg and Triple H in their corner before tagging in Bradshaw. Road Dogg tags in but Bradshaw pounds on him as he comes in. Bradshaw whips Road Dogg but Road Dogg hits a forearm then goes for his own whip. Bradshaw reverses but lowers the head and Road Dogg kicks the face. Road Dogg comes off the ropes and runs into a boot but Bradshaw misses an elbow. X-Pac tags in but Bradshaw pounds on him then whips him into a corner. Bradshaw charges but X-Pac sidesteps him and and connects with a mule kick. X-Pac goes for a whip but Bradshaw reverses and catches him into a fallaway slam. Faarooq tags in and beats on X-Pac, capping off with a headbutt for a two count. Faarooq whips X-Pac but misses a clothesline and X-Pac connects with a spinkick. X-Pac goes for a whip but Faarooq reverses him into a corner and hits a backbreaker for a near fall. Faarooq rams X-Pac into Rock’s boot before tagging Rock in and Rock beats on X-Pac rams him into the turnbuckles. Faarooq tags back in and mocks the DX chop before going for the Dominator but X-Pac slips out of it and hits a DDT. X-Pac tags in Triple H while Faarooq tags in Mankind and Mankind goes to work on Triple H, beating him down in a corner and hit the running knee. Mankind whips Triple H but lowers the head and Triple H hits the facebuster.

Triple H crawls to his corner looking for a tag but the Outlaws and X-Pac back away off the apron. Mankind grabs Triple H by the face but Triple H jabs the eyes and again looks for a tag. The other DX’ers refuse to tag in and even walk out on Triple H as he throws a tantrum in the ring. The Acolytes and Rock brawl with them to the back, leaving Triple H and Mankind to fight one-on-one. Mankind goes for a whip, Triple H reverses but Mankind ducks a clothesline and hits the double-arm DDT. Mankind pulls out Mr. Socko and looks for the Mandible Claw when Stephanie grabs his leg from the floor. Mankind pulls Stephanie onto the apron looking to put the Claw on her but Triple H breaks it up. Triple H kicks Mankind through the ropes to the floor then goes out and tends to Stephanie. Triple H goes over and rams Mankind into the ringsteps and then into the announce table. Triple H grabs the ringbell and clocks Mankind with it, knocking him onto the table. Triple H then climbs up and Pedigrees Mankind through the table, busting him open! Triple H rolls Mankind back into the ring and hits a second Pedigree to get the shocking pin. (10:25) Yes, I guess Triple H letting Mankind get the pin would be too much to ask. Still a good Main event, though. ***

Triple H decides he’s not done and continues working over Mankind. However Mankind fights back and even rips off his mask before throwing Triple H through the ropes. Mankind goes out to the floor and grabs the ringsteps then clobbers Triple H with them! Mankind grabs a piece of the announce table and waffles Triple H with that as well! Mankind then throws Triple H into the table piece before doing his bang-bang motion. Mankind throws Triple H back into the ring and clotheslines him back out over the ropes. The bloodied Mankind stares at the horrified Triple H backing away as the show fades to black.

Pretty fun show that showed what WCW’s nWo angle lacked: times when the babyfaces got the better of the evil empire. The matches were decent for the most part and the main event was good, though I feel Mankind should have gotten the pin on Triple H. The angles were advanced nicely with the Royal Rumble card finally getting some attention. All in all a good episode of Raw this week.

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