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WWF The Main Event #4 11/23/1990

Written By: Matt Peddycord

WWF The Main Event #4
November 23, 1990
Fort Wayne, IN
Allen County Coliseum

(Taped on 10/30/1990)

The current WWF Champs were as follows:
World Champion: Ultimate Warrior (4/1/1990)
Intercontinental Champion: Kerry Von Erich (8/27/1990)
World Tag Team Champions: Hart Foundation (8/27/1990)

What would’ve been a 90-minute SNME #29, turned into a 60-minute “The Main Event #4” and was aired the night after the Survivor Series. The major Hart Foundation/Rockers tag title switch was supposed to air, but was cut from the show. From what I’ve heard, the reason the title switch was never recognized was because of backstage problems with different tag teams, so Vince dropped the whole thing and returned to the belts to the Harts as if nothing had happened.

Your hosts are Vince McMahon & Roddy Piper!

WWF World Champion Ultimate Warrior vs. Ted DiBiase (w/Virgil)

At a time where star power was REAL limited for the WWF, this is actually not a bad combination. It starts off like a typical Warrior match with him shoving DiBiase off into the corner out of a tie-up. DiBiase buries a knee to the gut, but Warrior quickly comes back and clotheslines him out to the floor for a DOUBLE-NOGGIN KNOCKER with Virgil. Back in, Warrior hits a double-sledge from the top. Warrior whips Warrior across the ring, but runs right into a knee and then takes a clothesline. Flying double-sledge gets two. DiBiase hits a piledriver for 1-2-NO! He wants another one, but Warrior backdrops out of it. Warrior connects with a shoulderblock, but then Virgil grabs his foot as he comes off the ropes for DiBiase to clothesline him out to the floor. Back in, DiBiase hits the Million Dollar Fist Drop for 1-2-NO! Warrior elbows out of a headlock, but DiBiase nails him with a clothesline. Warrior comes back with a backslide for 1-2-NO! He almost forgot to let DiBiase break free of that too. DiBiase gets back on top with a suplex for two. DiBiase tries another one, but Warrior counters with a sunset flip for two. They go to the floor again where DiBiase slams Warrior’s face into the steps. Back in again, DiBiase wants another suplex, but Warrior blocks and counters into a suplex of his own. Double-KO spot ensues. DiBiase’s up first so he heads up top for a double-sledge, but Warrior catches him on the way down. Warrior starts to WARRIOR UP and hits a bunch of clotheslines followed by the Jumping Shoulderblock for 1-2-WAIT! Virgil’s in the ring beating on the Warrior for the DQ. (10:05) Why do all the heels have to win or lose by cheating? Well anyways, DiBiase went in there and made Warrior look GOOD. Post-match, Warrior beats up Virgil until “Macho King” Randy Savage runs in and attacks Warrior with the scepter. You know, choking and beating him with it and such. **¾

Nikolai Volkoff vs. Sgt. Slaughter (w/Gen. Adnan)

This wasn’t even a match. Slaughter whips the crap out of Volkoff with his riding crop thing until Jim Duggan comes down for the save. (no bell) See, I don’t think Slaughter would’ve been half as offensive if he had just stayed a low-key mid-card heel fighting with overly patriotic buffoons like Duggan. Instead, he received more heel heat than any other heel in the WWF at the time and got himself a WWF title match against Warrior at the Royal Rumble.

Mr. Perfect (w/Bobby Heenan) vs. Big Bossman

So Bobby Heenan talked junk about Bossman’s mama, and now the Heenan family members have to back up what Heenan can’t against Bossman. Rude was the initial Heenan family member to defend him, but he left the WWF a month after SummerSlam, or according to Jack Tunney was “suspended indefinitely”. Bobby doesn’t show up at ringside though until it looks to be curtains for Bossman. Perfect is still at the point where he can have a good match virtually with anybody, so this has the chance to be pretty decent. Perfect starts off punking Bossman around with slaps to the face. OHHHH! Perfect takes a walk out to the floor, but Bossman comes out after him and catches him on the other side of the ring and slams him on the floor. Back in, Bossman whips Perfect into the ropes and ducks for a backdrop, but Perfect does a cartwheel to avoid contact. He doesn’t avoid it for too long, however, because he spins around into a HARD clothesline from Bossman! Next up, Bossman slings Perfect around by his hair and splits him on the ringpost. Backbreaker sets up a top-rope splash from Bossman, but Perfect rolls out of the way. Perfect comes back with the rolling neck snap for a one-count. Perfect gets an inside cradle for two. Perfect hammers on the back and unties a turnbuckle pad. He wants to ram Bossman’s face into the exposed steel ring, but Bossman fights him off and rams Perfect’s face into the steel for the HUGE GIGANTIC FLIP SELL. Bossman punches away, but Perfect reverses a corner-whip into the exposed turnbuckle. Perfect delivers the PERFECT-PLEX for 1-2-NO! Bossman breaks loose! Perfect wins a slugfest and hits the PERFECT-PLEX again for 1-2-NO! WHAT?! Bobby gets up on the apron while the ref simply has his back turned. He pulls down the top-rope, but Bossman reverses the whip and sends Perfect flying out to the floor instead. Bossman goes after Heenan and gets slapped, so he chases Heenan to the back and gets counted out as Perfect crawls back into the ring to win by countout. That loony police officer! (8:14) I know this comment won’t surprise you, but I thought that was pretty decent up until the lame finish. **½

In the back, Heenan is running for his life. He finds Okerlund and begs him to talk some sense into Bossman. I mean literally, he gets down on his knees and everything.

It’s time for the “Blow Away” faux infomercial with “Playboy” Buddy Rose! All you have to do is pour this stuff that looks like flour all over your fat and blow it away and presto! The fat be gone! Hmm, somehow, Buddy Rose still looks the same. To get your supply of “Blow Away”, call 1-500-LAR-DASS today! You can check it out on YouTube if you must.

“The Model” Rick Martel vs. Tito Santana

Poor Santana is STILL wearing his Strike Force gear. Martel attacks before the bell and tosses Santana to the floor. Martel heads out after him, but misses a running clothesline into the ringpost. Back in, Santana hits a double-sledge on the arm and then works an armbar. Martel shoves him off into the ropes and tries a monkey-flip, but Santana puts on the brakes and stomps him in the face. Santana works the arm a bit more and then gets an inside cradle for two. Martel rakes Santana’s face to escape the armbar and applies a chinlock. Santana escapes THAT into the hammerlock on the hurt arm. That was cool. Santana gets pulled into the corner and gets stomped a whole bunch. Martel hits a pair of backbreakers and heads up top, but Santana is there to crotch him real good. Santana goes LOCO on Martel in the corner and delivers a backbreaker of his own. Santana comes off the middle-rope with a flying clothesline for 1-2-NO! Martel ducks a swing and goes for an atomic drop, but Santana blocks it and tries the FIGURE-FOUR! NO! Martel counters into an inside cradle for 1-2-NO! Martel trips up Santana now and applies the BOSTON CRAB with no trouble for the submission. (6:47) Finally! A real finish! It’s a shame that it appeared from out of nowhere though. They probably should’ve built that finish up WAY more, but they were pretty much burying Santana by this point anyway so it shouldn’t really surprise me. ***

Before we go, Mean Gene meets up with the recently blinded Jake Roberts. Of course, it was all thanks to Rick Martel and his spray can of Arrogance®, which led to the infamous “blindfold” match at WrestleMania VII.

Oh yeah, one more interview with the Ultimate Warrior. He talks about tendons, ligaments, muscle tissue, organs and a BOND between him and his Warriors!

Final Thoughts:
I believe the cliché phrase, “solid, if unspectacular” applies here. They put on some decent WWF-style matches, but nothing to make you crazy over. Unless you want to see Warrior get beat on by Savage or if you just LOVE Rick Martel, skip it. Thumbs in the middle for Main Event #4.


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