WWF House Show 8/4/1996

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation House Show
From: Ottawa, Ontario

This event was not aired on television at anytime. There was only one match that was not recorded from the show, which was the following:
Carl LeDuc defeated Justin Bradshaw in the opening contest.

Opening Contest: WWF World Tag Team Champions Smoking Gunns defeated Godwinns, Skip/Zip and New Rockers in a elimination match to retain titles:
Skip and Cassidy start off the contest with Skip rolling Cassidy up out of a wheelbarrow for a two count. Cassidy connects with a full nelson over head suplex and clubs away on Skip. Jannetty tags in but is clotheslined by Zip, who tagged in blindly. Cassidy clotheslines Zip from the apron while the referee was distracted to help out Jannetty. Zip is met with double right hands from the Rockers followed by a back drop from Cassidy. Henry Godwin was tagged in and punches Cassidy several times. Henry drives Cassidy down to the mat with a wheelbarrow face buster for a two count. Cassidy rolls Henry up out of the corner but Henry kicks out and sends Cassidy into Jannetty, who flips over into the ring. Jannetty is met with the Slop Drop form Henry and is pinned.
First Elimination: the New Rockers via Henry pinning Jannetty.
Phineas and Skip battle in the ring with Phineas clotheslining Skip a few times. They run the ropes and end up tagging out to both Smoking Gunns and strut afterwards. Gunns try to tag out to the other teams but are unable to. Skip tags in and takes Billy over with a hurricanrana. Skip heads to the top rope but is crotched by Bart. Billy tags out and Skip is scoop slammed by Bart. Billy scoop slams Skip after tagging back in and makes his way to the top rope. Billy leaps off but is atomic dropped by Skip! Zip tags in and cleans house on the Gunns with right hands. Sunny trips Zip coming off the ropes and Bart pins Zip.
Second Elimination: the Bodydonnas via Bart pinning Zip
Phineas enters the ring and punches Bart several times. Phineas comes off the ropes where Billy knees Phineas in the back allowing Bart to clothesline Phineas. Billy enters and begins to stomp away on Phineas in the corner. Bart returns and continues to work on Phineas with clubbing blows. Billy leaps off of Bart’s back and clotheslines Phineas in the corner. Bart runs into a big boot from Phineas is dropped by a running clothesline. Phineas tries to tag out and manages to tag in Henry. Henry cleans house with clotheslines and side slams Billy for a near fall! On the floor, Sunny slaps Phineas and is chased up the ramp way. Thus, they are counted out.
Final Elimination: the Godwinns via count-out *1/4
After the match, the Godwinns return to the ring and attack the champions. Godwinns pose for the fans to end the segment.

Second Contest: Owen Hart defeated Aldo Montoya:
Wristlock by Owen to control Montoya early on. Montoya gets out of the hold and shoulder blocks Owen for a one count. Montoya has a head lock and top wristlock on Owen for several moments. Owen finally ends that sequence with a back suplex and tosses Montoya back first into the corners a few times. Owen follows up with two backbreakers. Owen controls Montoya with a camel clutch. Montoya comes off the ropes but is met with a knee lift to the midsection. Owen atomic drops Montoya and connects with a neck breaker for a two count. Clothesline by Owen but Montoya ducks a second attempt and cross bodies Owen for a two count. Owen regains control with several head butts but Montoya comes back with a sunset flip pin for a two count. Owen turns Montoya inside out with a clothesline to regain control of the contest. Montoya blocks a backdrop attempt with a boot to the chest. Montoya chops Owen and short arm clotheslines Owen as well. Montoya heads to the top rope connecting with a flying cross body for a near fall. Montoya runs off the ropes and into a spinning heel kick. Owen covers and picks up the win. ½*

Before the next match, Goldust says that since Ahmed Johnson isn’t here he is the new WWF Intercontinental Champion. Goldust believes everyone backstage is too afraid to wrestle him. Goldust issues an open challenge which is answered by Yokozuna!

Third Contest: Yokozuna defeated Goldust:
Goldust tries to hammer away on Yoko but his strikes have no effect. Yoko knocks Goldust to the floor where Goldust decides to head to the backstage area. Goldust eventually returns to the ring. Goldust comes off the ropes and is met with a back elbow, which sends Goldust back to the floor. Goldust pokes Yoko in the eyes and delivers several shots to gain the upper hand. Goldust clotheslines Yoko down but his offense doesn’t last long. Yoko manages to Samoan Drop Goldust and comes off the ropes connecting with a leg drop for the win. DUD

Fourth Contest: WWF World Champion Shawn Michaels defeated Vader to retain the title:
Michaels hammers away on Vader with right hands and a leaping clothesline. Michaels jabs Vader in the corner and avoids a big boot. Michaels rams Vader groin first into the ring post after plying the crowd for a few moments. Michaels attempts a sunset flip but Vader doesn’t go down. Vader misses a splash and Michaels comes off the top rope connecting with a double axe handle. Vader stops Michaels with a power bomb and taunts the fans. Vader sends Michaels flipping into the corner and clotheslines the champ. Vader sends Michaels to the floor and Cornette whacks Michaels over the back with a tennis racket. Vader drops Michaels throat first across the guard railing to maintain the advantage. Vader has a bear hug of sorts on Michaels but Michaels tries to punch his way out of the hold. Vader regains his grip on the bear hug as the fans try to get behind Michaels. Michaels comes off the ropes and is met with a body block from Vader. Vader works on Michaels in the corner with several jabs and forearm shots. Vader misses a splash in the corner but still clotheslines Michaels. Vader splashes onto Michaels but only gets a two count. Michaels gets out of a vertical suplex attempt and punches Vader a few times. Vader attempts a power bomb but Michaels punches out of it and forearm smashes Vader! Michaels heads to the top rope and nails Vader with a elbow drop! Michaels grabs Cornette on the apron but turns around to super kick Vader and wins the match. **

Fifth Contest: Steve Austin defeated Savio Vega in a no disqualification match:
Vega attacks Austin during his entrance delivering several right hands on the floor. Austin tosses Vega shoulder first into the ring steps and drops Vega throat first across the guard railing. Austin rams Vega face first into the ring steps and elbow drops Vega across the ring steps. Austin leaps off the apron but is chopped by Vega and rolls into the ring. Vega has a chair but Austin cuts Vega off in the ring. Austin connects with a middle rope forearm drop but only gets a two count. Vega nails Austin with a cross body for a two count. Austin clotheslines Vega and taunts the fans. Vega recovers as Austin taunts the fans on the apron. Vega catapults Austin into the ring but Austin blocks a back drop and forearm drops Vega for a two count. They trade right hands until Austin tosses Vega over the top rope to the floor. Austin lifts up the padding on the floor but is back dropped by Vega onto the exposed floor! Vega sends Austin hip first into the ring steps and smashes Austin over the back with a ring bell. Vega hammers away on Austin in the corner for a few moments. Austin flops to the canvas and Vega gets a near fall. Austin gets out of a sleeper with a jaw breaker and misses a splash up against the ropes. Vega scoop slams Austin but Austin’s legs knock the referee down. Vega tries to wake up the referee but Austin gets a few shots in. Vega spin kicks Austin as he comes off the ropes and returns to checking on the referee. Austin gets crotched on the top rope and is super kicked by Vega. Vega runs into a big boot and is nearly pinned by Austin. Vega with a rollup but Austin kicks out. Austin quickly low blows Vega and wins the bout. *

Sixth Contest: Marc Mero defeated Hunter Hearst Helmsley:
Mero tries for a quick rollup but HHH kicks out at two. HHH has a top wristlock on Mero for a few moments. The fans seem a lot more interested in just whistling at Sable. Mero shoulder blocks HHH and circles the ring. HHH shoulder blocks Mero but runs into a hip toss from Mero. HHH stomps away on Mero in the ring after Mero interacted with a few fans in the front row. HHH nails Mero with a high knee lift and gets a two count. HHH drives Mero down to the mat with a delayed vertical suplex for a two count and locks in a sleeper hold. HHH keeps the hold on and uses the ropes for leverage for a brief amount of time. Mero gets out of the hold with a back suplex. HHH sends Mero chest first into the corner but Mero gets out of a back suplex and rolls HHH up for a near win! HHH gets out of a sleeper by dropping Mero face first into the top turnbuckle. HHH leaps off the top rope but is punched in midair by Mero! Mero connects with a tilt a whirl head scissors and punches HHH in the corner ten times. Mero hits HHH with a knee lift and backdrop to continue his offensive attack. Mero leaps off the top connecting with a double axe handle and nails HHH with a slingshot leg drop from the apron for a two count. HHH stops Mero with a tilt a whirl backbreaker and both men are laid out in the ring. Sable gets on the apron and slaps HHH to allow Mero to roll HHH up for a two count. Mero backdrops HHH on a pedigree attempt and pins HHH with a rollup. *3/4

Seventh Contest: Psycho Sid defeated Davey Boy Smith:
Sid quickly hammers away on Smith before delivering a big boot. Sid clotheslines a charging Smith as Sid was distracted by Cornette. Smith blocks a back drop with a boot to the chest and drives Sid down with a vertical suplex. Smith covers but pulls Sid up at the count of two. Smith connects with a second vertical suplex but Sid kicks out. Sid stops Smith coming off the ropes and power bombs Smith to win the match in under two minutes. DUD

Main Event: The Undertaker defeated Mankind:
Taker nails Mankind with a flurry of right hands in the corner to kick off the match. Mankind sends Taker into a corner but Taker dumps Mankind to the floor following more right hands. Mankind pulls Taker to the floor and sends Taker into the ring steps. Mankind chases after Bearer on the floor but is met with a right hand from Taker! Taker lifts Mankind up and drops him face first onto the ring steps! Back in the ring, Taker walks the ropes and jumps down across Mankind’s left arm. Mankind connects with a discus clothesline but Taker sits up quickly, only to be clotheslined by Mankind again. Taker avoids the mandible claw by tossing Mankind to the floor. Taker kicks Mankind backwards and into a chair on the aisle way. The referee is distracted as Taker whacks Mankind across the back with a steel chair. Mankind drops Taker throat first across the top rope and heads to the top rope but is caught in midair by Taker. Taker choke slams Mankind and spikes Mankind with the tombstone pile driver to win the match. *1/2

End of show

My Take:
On paper this show looks like it is a quality show. All the top talent guys are involved in the show, so I am expecting a good show from them. How did the show go, let’s see!

Fans didn’t care for the Bodydonnas or the New Rockers. Marty Jannetty performed as if he didn’t care to be there and didn’t have any enthusiasm with his moves. The fans loved the Godwinns and the finish helped keep the Godwinns heat without losing the match by pin fall. A rather boring contest to kick off the show, but I didn’t have high hopes for it.

Owen/Montoya was a pretty bad contest. A lot of that has to do with the fact that Montoya isn’t all that great, but they also used a lot of rest holds throughout the contest and didn’t do too many “spots”. Not a good start to this show, that is for sure.

Yokozuna has really gained some weight at this point so much to the point that Yoko had to hold onto the ropes whenever Goldust would punch him. The match went by fairly quickly, even with Goldust’s stalling. Three matches in a row that were not any good.

Michaels/Vader was a decent contest considering it didn’t even go ten minutes. A really basic contest and kind of a disappointment considering Michaels is always s on his A game it seems like. Match of the night so far, but that isn’t saying much at all.

Austin/Vega was a extremely boring contest. It was made clear that fans have lost interest in their feud. Bad match.

I feel bad for Marc Mero because Sable always gets the biggest reaction out of the two. I couldn’t get into the match because they didn’t really do anything all that exciting and was a very basic contest.

Sid/Bulldog was shockingly really short. I’d have to think that perhaps they were running late and decided to squash Bulldog. I wasn’t expecting that to happen though.

The main event was quite disappointing. I have come to expect that Taker and Mankind can put on a good match on any show but this time around they didn’t. I suppose you have your off night.

Overall, what a disappointment this show was. I’m sure that since this was a house show that several guys mailed it in (Jannetty for example). Nothing about this show was any good.

Thanks for reading.

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