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WCW Nitro 3/25/1996

Written By: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Nitro
: 3/25/1996
From: Huntsville, Alabama

Nitro Opening Video

Eric, Mongo, and Bobby hype up the Flair/Giant main event tonight. Mongo is convinced this will be the beginning of the end, of the Alliance To End Hulkamania.

Randy Savage defeated Fit Finlay:
Eric mentions that Finlay has destroyed the Steven Regal’s face, apparently the cheek. Finlay with control early on with several European uppercuts. Savage quickly comes back with a clothesline and knee to the back sending Finlay to the floor. Finlay sends Savage face first into the ring post. Finlay drops Savage throat first onto the guard rail. Moments later, Finlay misses a shoulder in the corner, and Savage connects with the flying elbow drop to pick up the win. *1/4

Gene welcomes the WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Ric Flair. Flair cuts a promo and again sings “I’ve got the whole world” like he did on Saturday Night. Gene mentions Luger intentionally hitting Flair with a loaded glove. Flair says that Luger wants to be where Flair is. Flair says that for the costly error that Luger made last night, Luger is on the list of people who will not be able to style and profile. Elizabeth says that Flair is more of a man than Luger. Woman says that Flair has the better body than Luger.

WCW United States Champion Konnan defeated Mr. J.L. to retain the title:
Early on JL connects with a spinning head scissors takedown. Konnan works on the arm, and eventually dropkicks JL on the knee and plants JL with a DDT. Apparently, backstage Savage is trying to get his hands on Flair. JL counters a full nelson into an arm drag and connects with a spinning heel kick. JL connects with a missile dropkick directly on the head of Konnan for a near fall. Konnan with a gut wrench power bomb, and a whiplash type move out of the corner to pick up the win. **

Booty Man defeated Disco Inferno: High knee lift and it is over in a matter of minutes. DUD
After the match, Booty Man kisses Kimberly yet again. She likes it.

Luger defends the Television Title against Shark, Sting takes on Dean Malenko, Ric Flair will be in action, Bobby Eaton/Belfast Bruiser, and The Giant takes on Big Bubba all on Saturday Night

WCW World Heavyweight Tag Team Champions Sting & Lex Luger defeated The American Males in a non-title match:
Well, according to Luger, the American Males are important opponents. Big clothesline by Luger early on Riggs. Bagwell pulls Luger to the floor and brawls with Luger for a moment. Bagwell with a back body drop on Sting. Eric is really hyping up the “Student Vs Teacher” aspect of these two. Sting with two scoop slams and then taunting of Bagwell. Near fall when Bagwell splashes onto Luger moments later. Sting with a cross body onto Riggs and gets the win. *
After the match, Sting and American Males show respect to each other, as Luger is in the aisle celebrating.

WCW World Champion Ric Flair fought The Giant to a No Contest to retain the title: Before the match, Savage tries to attack Flair on the aisle way, but to no avail as security got to him. At about nine minutes into the match, Flair is controlling Giant, and Woman begins choking Giant with some sort of rope. Giant slams Ric off the top turnbuckle and signals for the choke slam. Woman is screaming, Giant connects with the choke slam. Elizabeth and Woman enter the ring. Arn Anderson rolls in with a chair and whacks Giant over the back. Sullivan grabs the chair from Anderson, and Giant turns around thinking Sullivan is the one who did it.Giant grabs Sullivan and choke slams Sullivan down to the mat. Referee throws this match out. *1/4

End of show

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