WWF RAW 10/17/1994

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
From: Burlington, VT

Opening Contest: Jeff Jarrett defeated Doink the Clown:
Jarrett quickly bails to the floor only to trip Doink. Jarrett works on Doink’s knee until he misses a splash attempt. Doink hip tosses and scoop slams Jarrett. Dink bites Jarrett’s butt in the corner before Doink drop toe holds Jarrett. Doink avoids a back elbow strike in the corner, and regains control with a side headlock. Jarrett drop toe holds Doink but misses an elbow drop. Jarrett counters an abdominal stretch with one of his own. Jarrett uses the ropes for leverage a few times until Dink bites Jarrett’s fingers. Doink nails Jarrett with a leaping back elbow and clothesline as a couple of Jerry Lawler’s mini Kings come over. Doink is beaten up by the mini wrestlers for a few moments. Doink runs into a big boot in the corner as RAW goes to commercial. Jarrett jumps onto Doink’s back as he is draped over the middle rope. Jarrett follows up with a dropkick for a two count. Doink gets out of a sleeper hold but is stopped with a knee lift. Jarrett puts a sleeper on Doink while using the ropes for leverage. Doink scoop slams Jarrett but misses an elbow drop. Doink comes off the ropes but Jarrett puts the sleeper on him again. Doink blocks a kick until Jarrett uses his free leg to kick Doink on the side of the head for a two count. Doink blocks a backdrop by taking Jarrett over with a butterfly suplex! Jarrett is the first one to recover from the move, but misses a middle rope knee drop! Doink power slams Jarrett and sends Jarrett into a mini King on the apron! Doink hits a vertical suplex but Jarrett kicks out at two. The mini Doink’s are chasing after the mini Kings. Doink dropkicks Jarrett for another near fall. Doink scoop slams Jarrett and heads to the top rope for the Whoopee Cushion. Doink leaps off and hits the Whoopee Cushion! However, Jerry Lawler runs down and leaps off the middle rope to fist drop and helps Jarrett get the three count. *1/4
After the match, Lawler introduces his second mini King, Sleazy.

Second Contest: Davey Boy Smith defeated Roy Raymond:
Smith wins the squash following the running power slam.

Bob Backlund comes down to the ringside area and wants Vince McMahon to interview him. Backlund says there is no reason to look at the tape from WWF Superstars where Backlund put his former manager in the chicken wing submission. Backlund knows that he should apologize to everyone for his actions. Backlund claims that the day he chose Arnold as his manager, his career went downhill. Backlund talks about never swearing in front of his children or “eating marijuana.” Backlund will retire from wrestling if anyone can get out of the chicken wing submission. Lex Luger makes his way down to the ringside area to confront Backlund. Luger wants Backlund to pick on someone his own size, for once. I’m pretty sure Luger is bigger than Backlund. Bob gets into the ring wanting Luger to enter as well but Luger is held back by referees.

Third Contest: Bob Holly defeated Reno Riggins:
Holly wins the squash match following a top rope cross body.

Next week, WWF Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon squares off against Yokozuna!

IRS cuts a promo saying that he is going to uncover the Undertaker as the biggest tax cheat. Wait, Taker is dead. How can he be a tax cheat?

Fourth Contest: IRS defeated Tim McNeany:
After about a minute and a half of domination, IRS wins with a STF.

Footage from WWF Superstars where Yokozuna freaked out again at the sight of a casket is shown.

Main Event: the Heavenly Bodies defeated Nick Barbarry/Barry Horowitz:
Del Ray pins Barbarry following a moonsault to win the squash.

Backstage, Lex Luger cuts a promo on Bob Backlund. Luger doesn’t like what he sees nowadays from Backlund. Luger issues a challenge to Backlund to a match with someone from the New Generation.

McMahon and Savage hype up next week’s show to end the broadcast.

My Take: The featured match between Jarrett and Doink was really repetitive and uninteresting to me. The babyface version of Doink has ran its course and needs to be off television already. I still feel like Jarrett is being wasted and being booked horribly. Also, the whole midgets angle between Doink and Lawler is terrible

An IRS/Taker feud is random. It really doesn’t make sense for IRS to reveal that Taker is a tax cheat, because Taker is dead. I guess since Taker beat DiBiase’s fake Taker at SummerSlam they are continuing the feud between Taker and the Million Dollar Corporation. In my opinion, a Taker/Bundy feud would make more sense or would at least be slightly more interesting.

I thought it was pretty funny that Lex Luger wanted Backlund to go after someone his own size. Yet, Luger is clearly bigger than Backlund. Another feud that isn’t all that interesting to me.

Overall, RAW this week was simply boring. The crowd only cared about Davey Boy Smith, but he only wrestled for approx. two minutes. This week’s RAW gets a big thumbs down.

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