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WWF RAW 11/14/1994

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
From: Bushkill, PA

Vince McMahon and Ted DiBiase welcome everyone to the broadcast. DiBiase is confident that the 1-2-3 Kid will be put in the chicken wing submission. We see footage from last weekend where Kid was able to avoid the chicken wing with several kicks.

Opening Contest: Bob Backlund defeated 1-2-3 Kid:
Kid attacks Backlund before the bell with several kicks and backdrops Backlund. Kid gets a two count with a backslide. Kid spin kicks Backlund to get another near fall. Kid has a arm bar on Backlund for a few moments. Backlund is able to lift Kid up with one arm and puts Kid on the top rope. Backlund is able to nail Kid with a forearm when Kid gets off the top rope. Backlund works on Kid’s arm as RAW goes to commercial. Backlund goes the chicken wing but Kid counters with a attempt of his own but Backlund quickly gets out of it. Backlund goes back to work on Kid’s injured arm. Kid nails Backlund with several quick kicks for a two count. Kid delivers several more kicks in the corner followed by a scoop slam. Kid misses a top rope big splash as Backlund rolled out of the way. Backlund is full of joy as he locks in the chicken wing submission to win the bout. *
After the match, Bret Hart enters the ring to try and get his hands on Backlund, but several referees get in the way. Backlund nearly gets the chicken wing on Hart but leaves the ring to grab a microphone. Backlund tells Hart that he just reminded Hart what he is going to feel at Survivor Series. Hart runs up the aisle way to put the Sharpshooter on Backlund for a second! Hart also grabs a microphone and says that he didn’t have to let go of that hold. Hart will never let Backlund out of the hold at the Survivor Series.

Second Contest: Mabel defeated the Blue Phantom:
Mabel ends the squash following a big side slam.

Survivor Series 1994 Report with Todd Pettengill. Todd just promotes the same report. Moving on…

Third Contest: Jeff Jarrett defeated Gary Sabough:
Jarrett gets the submission win with the figure four.

Footage of IRS standing in a graveyard continuing to talk about how dead people still need to pay their taxes is aired.

Jerry Lawler introduces his guest for his Kings Court segment, Owen Hart. Owen cannot wait for the Survivor Series to see Backlund beat up his brother Bret. Owen assures Backlund that he will not throw the towel in. Owen is confident that Bret’s towel will be tossed in by Davey Boy Smith. Owen wants to see Bret Hart locked in the chicken wing submission. They talk about the fact that Bob Backlund is still the WWF World Champion since he never gave up back in 1983. Lawler calls for Davey Boy Smith, and here he comes! Davey has Bret’s towel with him just as Owen has Bob’s towel for the title bout. Smith declares that Bret Hart is the WWF World Champion, while Backlund is not. Smith is confident that Bret will still be the WWF World Champion after Survivor Series. Owen wants Smith to watch Bret in the chicken wing and make him suffer. Smith says he will not toss the towel in. Smith leaves waving the towel in the air. Owen continues to say there will be a new WWF World Champion.

Main Event: Aldo Montoya defeated the Brooklyn Brawler:
Montoya wins his debut match following a top rope twisting cross body.
After the match, Ted DiBiase appears to be quite impressed by Montoya. DiBiase grabs a microphone as RAW goes to commercial. DiBiase says that he isn’t easily impressed and doesn’t settle for anything less than the best. DiBiase sees a lot of promise in Montoya. DiBiase gives Montoya a chance to join the Corporation. Montoya doesn’t speak English so we don’t understand his response. DiBiase gets out about $500 to offer Montoya to join the group. Wait a second, Montoya does speak English. Montoya tells DiBiase he can take the money and shove it in his ear! DiBiase flips out to end the segment.

Vince McMahon interviews Alundra Blayze. Blayze says that history will be made at the Tokyo Dome on November 20th. Blayze says it is an honor to be WWF Women’s Champion.

Next week, WWF Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon squares off against WWF World Tag Team Champion Diesel!

End of show

My Take:
Backlund/Kid wasn’t anything all that great, but was kept short enough where I wasn’t annoyed by it. The aftermath was pretty good by having both Bret and Backlund put their submission holds on one another.

Kings Court was a fine segment with Owen and Bulldog claiming their partner will walk out as the WWF World Champion. Simple but effective way of hyping up their roles in the contest and makes me wonder who will be the guy to toss in the towel.

There is no need for DiBiase to be feuding with a guy who just made his debut. Aldo Montoya (Justin Credible) didn’t look all that great in his match with Brawler. I really hope we don’t see Montoya involved in quality matches with the Corporation. The Corporation should be feuding with guys like Bret, Smith and Taker.

Overall, this week’s RAW was not entertaining. The show did a fine job of hyping up the Survivor Series World Championship match, but that is about it.


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