WWF RAW 6/12/2000

Written by: Adam King

Monday, June 12th, 2000
Live from the Kiel Center in St. Louis, MO

List of WWF Champions at the time:
● WWF World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H (5/21/2000)
● WWF Intercontinental Champion: Chris Benoit (5/08/2000)
● WWF World Tag Team Champions: Too Cool (5/29/2000)
● WWF European Champion: Eddie Guerrero (4/03/2000)
● WWF Hardcore Champion: Gerald Brisco (5/18/2000)
● WWF Women’s Champion: Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley (3/30/2000)
● WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: Dean Malenko (4/27/2000)

~ Raw comes on the air with a recap of the Rock/Undertaker/Kane/DX saga so far. After the intro Jim Ross welcomes us to the show along with Jerry “The King” Lawler. Tonight the Intercontinential and Tag Team Titles will be defended and we’ll have two more King of the Ring qualifying matches.

~ Things kick off with The Rock heading to the ring and taking a moment to soak in the cheers before getting on the mic and opening with the usual “Finally..” bit. Rock talks about hearing all weekend that he was in for a fight on Raw because The Undertaker and Kane want to get back at him for hitting them with chairs and the Facton/Regime also wants to get back at him for making thier lives miserable. Rock calls out Taker, Kane, and Triple H to come out and “just bring it” to the ring and Kane is the first to head out and response to the challenge, telling Rock to “consider it brought”. Rock and Kane look ready to go when Taker rides down on his morotcycle and joins them in the ring. Just as the three of them are about to rumble, Linda McMahon makes her way out as well. Linda gets on the mic and chastises the three of them for wanting to tear each other apart since they’re doing exactly what the Regime wants them to do. Linda tries to urge the trio to not fall for the old “divide and conquer” strategy by working together and joining forces for now until King of the Ring.

Naturally Vince McMahon comes out to the stage for his response along with Triple H, Shane and Stephanie and gets on the mic asking Linda if she thinks she’s Mother Teresa, wanting to do good for everyone. Vince also compares Linda to Joan of Arc and an attractive Janet Reno before calling her a meddlesome, goody-two-shoes shrew of a wife. Linda responds by saying Rock, Taker and Kane are joining forces for a six-man tag match at King of the Ring, and their opponents at the pay-per-view will be Triple H, Shane McMahon and Vince McMahon. Vince quickly accepts the match, saying he doesn’t care what matches Linda makes but that gives Linda the inspiration to book some matches for tonight’s show. Linda tells Triple H he will defend the WWF Championship against a mystery opponent of her choosing and Vince accepts that match even though Triple H doesn’t look too thrilled. Linda next announces that Stephanie will defend her Women’s title against Lita, adding if anyone from the Regime interferes in the match, Lita will automatically win the title. Vince also allows that match to happen despite Stephanie’s protests. Linda finishes up by booking Vince and Shane against the Dudley Boyz, and even decides to make it a tables match. Vince is seething and the Regime storms off as we go to commercial after our 20 minute dose of gabbing. They really needed to cut this down, but these are the McMahons we’re talking about.

~ Back from break Linda is about to climb into her limo when Triple H and Stephanie walk up and talk nice to her, trying to get her to tell him who his opponent is. Linda refuses to divulge that informantion and drives away with Triple H and Stephanie yelling at her.

X-Pac (w/Road Dogg & Tori) vs. Dean Malenko – King of the Ring Qualifying Match

Malenko comes out escorted by some of the Godfather’s women. X-Pac and Malenko have a staredown to start when Road Dogg grabs at Malenko’s ankle from the floor distracting him for a shot from behind. X-Pac pounds on Malenko then whips him looking for a dropkick but Malenko fakes him out and rolls him up. X-Pac rolls through it and tees off on Malenko when Malenko rolls back through it into the Texas Cloverleaf but X-Pac grabs the ropes. Malenko lays the boots to X-Pac then goes for a whip but X-Pac counters with an elbow then connects with a spinkick. X-Pac kicks Malenko down in a corner and goes for the Bronco Buster but Malenko dodges it and X-Pac straddles the turnbuckle. Malenko whips X-Pac and hits a heel kick for a two count. Malenko goes for a whip, X-Pac reverses him hard into a corner and charges at Malenko but runs into a powerslam. Malenko covers X-Pac but Road Dogg pulls Malenko off of X-Pac so Malenko slams X-Pac with a Tigerbomb then takes a swing at Tori who’s on the apron. Tori then distracts the referee while Road Dogg nails Malenko behind his back and X-Pac follows up with the X-Factor for the three to advance in the tournament. (2:00) Could have been a good match with a lot more time but they just blew through this one.

~ Backstage Lita is shown stretching and preparing for her second shot at the title.

~ Elsewhere Stephanie is also getting ready while complaing to Triple H about defending her title and asking for advice. However Triple H says he doesn’t know because he has his own title defense to worry about so Stephanie grabs her belt and storms off as we go to commercial.

WWF Women’s Title: Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley © vs. Lita

Before the match Stephanie gets on the mic and calls this match unfair after she brought honor and pride to the Women’s title for 74 days. Admitedly it’s hard to argue when you consider that Harvery Whippleman held the title. Stephanie also feels the fans deep down inside want her to defeat Lita and remain champion. Lita rushes the ring and barely stops Stephanie from bailing out to the floor. Lita throws Stephanie across the ring then hits a dropkick and Stephanie rolls out to the apron but Lita knocks her off to the floor. Stephanie starts rolling on the floor clutching her knee and claiming she’s hurt and the referee goes out to check on Stephanie leaving Lita alone in the ring and primed for a run-in. Sure enough here comes Kurt Angle runs in the ring and Angle plants Lita with an Olympic Slam then departs. The referee helps Stephanie back into the ring and Stephanie covers the fallen Lita for the easy three to retain. (1:15) No match to speak of but they’re at least setting Lita up as the one to dethrone Stephanie eventually. NR

After the match as Triple H applauds from the back Angle slides in the ring to celebrate with Stephanie and the two hug. Angle quickly backs away and continues celebrating but Stephanie decides to hug Angle anyway, and Triple H doesn’t look too pleased. Before Triple H can dwell on it, Shane comes up and hands him a bat saying he needs him now and they depart as Angle and Stephanie leave the ring together while hugging again. Looks like something is developing there as well.

~ Backstage Triple H, holding the bat, works out a gameplan with the rest of the Faction/Regime then leads them into Kane’s lockerroom for an assault on him. Kane is able to fight them off but Triple H connects with the baseball bat to the face and Kane gets overwhelmed by the Regime. Once Kane is subdued Gerald Brisco removes his mask and Pat Patterson snaps some pictures of his face (with Kane’s back to the camera). The Regime quickly flees the scene leaving Kane laying and I have a feeling we’ll get the explanation for this as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break we get a replay of the Regime attacking Kane and taking a photo of his unmasked face. We then find the Regime in their office with Shane saying Brisco and Patterson are getting the film developed. Basically Vince says he’s going to use the photos to blackmail Kane into being on their side tonight, that if Kane doesn’t play ball with them they will show the photos and expose Kane’s true looks to the world. On that note Vince decides to put Kane against The Rock in a no holds barred match tonight.

WWF World Tag Team Titles: Too Cool © vs. T & A (w/Trish Stratus)

Albert lockups with Grandmaster Sexay to start and forces him into a corner but Sexay ducks a right hand and gets in some shots. Sexay goes up for the count-along punches when Albert grabs him by the neck but Sexay fights out of it and comes off the ropes with a forearm. Sexay goes for the ropes but Test nails him from behind and Sexay decks him but Albert hits a press slam followed by a clothesline. Albert whips Sexay hard into a corner then goes for the splash but eats a superkick. Sexay starts crawling toward his corer and Albert tries to keep him from making a tag but Sexay hits him with an enzuigiri then manages to tag in Scotty 2 Hotty. They’re doing a hot tag segment just a minute into the match? Scotty takes it to both men then hit dropkicks on Test and Albert. Sexay hits a crossbody that sends both himself and Albert over the ropes to the floor while Test boots Scotty down and hits a gutwrench powerbomb. Test covers Scotty but Sexay climbs to the top and breaks up the pin with the Hip Hop Drop. Sexay dropkicks Albert through the ropes and Scotty readies for the Worm when Trish hops onto the apron with her boot in hand. Scotty stops Trish from coming in but Trish manages to pass her boot to Test who waffles Scotty with it for a two count. Sexay hops onthe apron and Test takes a swing at him but Sexay ducks then snaps Test’s neck on the ropes and Scotty follows up with the bulldog. Scotty sets up for the Worm again when Val Venis runs in and nails Scotty from behind causing a DQ. (2:32) Didn’t even have the chance to get really good since they rushed through it. *

Val grabs the ringbell and clocks both Scotty and Sexay with it before throwing them back in the ring and Albert plants Scotty with a chokebomb while Test takes out Sexay with a pump handle slam. Rikishi then runs out for the save and takes out both T&A with superkicks then hits the running butt charge on Albert in a corner then does the same to Test. Rikishi grabs Val and tries to bring him in when Trish weakly attacks him from behind but Rikishi just shrugs Trish’s blows off as he shoves Trish down in a corner. Rikishi readies for a Stinkface but Val comes in and distracts him long enough for Albert to get Trish out of harm’s way.

~ The Dudleys are shown walking to the ring with a table and Vince and Shane are also shown heading out as we go to commercial.

The Dudley Boyz vs. Vince & Shane McMahon – Tables Match

I wonder if any ECW fans had dreams of this match taking place. Can you imagine if Joey Styles was calling this contest? Anyway the McMahons come out first and decide to jump the Dudleys as they’re setting their table up at ringside. Vince works over D’Von Dudley while Shane goes at it with Bubba but Bubba drops him on the barricade. Bubba clotheslines Shane down while D’Von headbutts Vince and the Dudleys bring their respective McMahon to the announce table and ram both of them into it repeatedly. The Dudleys whip Vince into the ringsteps before Bubba throws Shane in the ring and drops him with a pair or right hands. Bubba chops Shane in a corner then whips him into the opposite corner and hits a splash. D’Von continues to go at it with Vince and slams him on the floor while Bubba sets Shane on the top rope. Bubba goes up and hits Shane with a superplex and D’Von climbs to the middle rope and connects with a legdrop. Vince comes in but Bubba slams him to the mat and sets him up while D’Von climbs up and hits the headbutt to the groin. The Dudleys then whip Shane and nail him with the 3D! The Dudleys then bring in a pair of tables, propping one in a corner and setting the other up near another corner. D’von places Shane on the table and Bubba hops to the middle rope as D’Von passes Vince to him. Bubba looks to superbomb Vince through Shane and the table but before that happens the DX’ers run in for the save. Road Dogg and X-Pac try to help Vince but end up knocking him and Bubba off the top to the floor. X-Pac takes D’Von out with a X-Factor and Road Dogg finishes him with a powerbomb through the table. Bubba climbs back in the ring but X-Pac takes him out with a X-Factor then places him on the second table. X-Pac holds Bubba down as Tori climbs to the top rope and leaps off for a splash… but just bounces off Bubba and doesn’t break the table! Whoops!! The referee calls for the bell but the Regime tries to fix things by having the match continue. Bubba tries to fight back but the DX’ers overwhelm him while audibly ordering him back on the table. Bubba is placed back on the table and everyone holds him down while Tori goes back to the top rope. Tori leaps off and with Shane pushing her down manages to splash Bubba through the table for the win. (6:03) Pretty fun match despite the botched finish but they tried to clean it up. **

~ Back from break we get a replay of the McMahon defeating the Dudleys in the table match. We then find Triple H walking with Gerald Brisco, Pat Patterson and Bull Buchanan as the Stooges assure him the photo is being taken care off. Triple H then turns to Buchanan and claims he was booked to face The Undertaker tonight but Taker had a fit about it, saying that matchup was beneath him. Make your own jokes, people. Triple H then suggests Buchanan take a ride on Taker’s motorcycle which has the keys in the ignition and Buchanan takes a seat and fires the bike up. We then see Taker approacing in the distance so Triple H and the Stooges flee. Buchanan rides off into the night so Taker comandeers someone’s car and drives off in pursuit. After Taker leaves, Triple H shares a laugh with the Stoogers before heading off to get ready for his match. Brisco and Patterson start talking about the pictures when Crash Holly comes up and attacks Brisco from behind. Patterson tries to help Brisco but Crash pounds on him and throws him into a garage door then continues his beat down as Brisco tries to make his escape with Crash in pursuit.

~ Out in the arena JR and Lawler start buzzing on what just went down as we see Brisco coming out to the ring but Crash is right behind him and it looks like we have an impromptu Hardcore Title match.

WWF Hardcore Title: Gerald Brisco © vs. Crash Holly

Crash hammers Brisco on the apron then slides under him in the ring. Brisco comes back with a right hand and stomps Crash out to the floor then brings him back on the apron when Crash snaps his neck on the top rope. Crash throws several items in the ring before climbing back in himself but Brisco greets him with a broom whidch he breaks over his back. Brisco tosses Crash through the ropes then goes out after him on the floor when Crash starts fighting back and rams him into the announce table. Brisco belts Crash in the chest and throws him into the ringsteps before rolling back in the ring and doing his war dance. Brisco then wedges a chair in a corner between the ropes just as Pat Patterson waddles out to the ring. Crash comes back in and Brisco waffles him with a trash can lid then goes for a whip but Crash reverses him into the chair in a corner. Crash knocks Patterson down then charges at Brisco with the lid but eats a boot. Patterson grabs a trash can and swings it at Crash but misses him and nails Patterson by accident. Crash knocks down Patterson then covers Brisco and gets the 1..2..3, finally regaining his title! (2:28) If my count is correct this marks Crash’s ninth Hardcore title win as Crash takes his belt off Brisco and heads out. Patterson recovers and tries to help Brisco up but Brisco shoves him away. Brisco starts to walk off but Patterson offers a hand and the two patch things up. At least we didn’t see Patterson’s dirty drawers this time. DUD

~ Backstage we find Crash happy as a to have the Hardcore Title back in his midst as he walks up to his rental car. Crash sets the belt on top of it then pulls out a paper which he says will make sure he never loses the belt again. Crash jumps into his car and starts to drive off, forgetting about his belt being on the roof. Fortunately Crash catches it and pulls the belt into the car before he departs.

~ Elsewhere Triple H is walking with Stephanie through the hallway while complaining that he needs time to study his opponent in order to defeat him. Triple H continues to gripe that Linda is out of control as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break Triple H comes out to the ring to defend his title against a mystery opponent. After some time the opponent is revealed to be…Chris Jericho!

WWF World Heavyweight Title: Triple H © (w/Stephanie McMahon) vs. Chris Jericho

Jericho goes right to work on Triple H and whips him into an elbow. Jericho chops Triple H in a corner then whips him into the opposite corner and hits a backdrop followed by a clothesline for a quick two count. Jericho goes for a whip and Triple H reverses it but lowers the head and Jericho kicks the face. Triple H backdrops Jericho over the ropes but Jericho lands on his feet on the apron and climbs to the top rope, connecting with a missile dropkick that gets a two count. Jericho goes for a whip but Triple H counters it into a Stun Gun on the top rope. Both men exchange punches and Jericho gets the advantage with forearms and chops then goes for a whip but Triple H reverses it and hits the high knee. Triple H shoulderblocks Jericho in a corner then whips him into a knee to the chest for a two count. Triple H hits a suplex and follows up with a kneedrop for another near fall. Jericho fights back and whips Triple H but Triple H comes back with a DDT for a two count. Triple H whips Jericho and applies a sleeperhold and Jericho begins to fade but fights out of the hold and hammers Triple H in a corner. Jericho whips Triple H into the opposite corner and charges but eats a boot. Triple H climps to the middle rope and blows a kiss in Stephanie’s direction but that allows Jericho to hit a dropkick. Jerihco goes up and hits a huricanrana and both men are down but manage to get to their feet before the 10 count. Jericho goes for a whip, Triple H reverses it but Jericho connects with a forearm then comes off the ropes with the bulldog for a two count. Jericho whips Triple H but lowers the head and Triple H hits the facebuster. Triple H goes for the Pedrigree when Jericho counters and goes for the Walls of Jericho! However Jericho can’t get Triple H over when Triple H kicks Jericho into a corner but Jericho falls forward, headbutting Triple H below the belt. Stephanie hops on the apron with her Women’s title belt and the referee keeps her out but doesn’t see Stephanie slide the WWF Championship belt in the ring. Triple H grabs the belt but Jericho hits a heel kick and follows up with the Lionsault!! Jericho covers Triple H but Stephanie still has the referee too occuiped to make the count. Evetually Jericho goes over to get the referee’s attention when Triple H comes off the ropes but Jericho sidesteps it and Triple H knocks the referee out. Jericho puts Triple H in the Walls of Jericho when Stephanie comes in to slap him but Jericho blocks her slap then puts Stephanie in the Walls of Jericho. Unfortunately Triple H waffles Jericho with the title belt to save Stephanie then hits the Pedigree and the referee comes back in to count the three. (7:56) Very good match that had the crowd believing Jericho might pull it off until the slightly overbooked finish. Triple H and Stephanie walk off in triumph as we go to commercial. ***½

~ Back from break we see Kane tearing up his lockerroom as we get a replay of DX’s attack on Kane earlier.

WWF Intercontinential Title: Chris Benoit © vs. Matt Hardy

Jeff Hardy failed to beat Benoit on Smackdown so let’s see if Matt has better luck tonight. Both men lockup to start and jockey for position in a corner when the referee orders a break. Benoit gets the advantage with a series of kicks then locks kunckles with Matt who filps down to to the mat taking Benoit down as well. Benoit goes for a powerbomb but Matt counters it with an arm drag then hits a clothesline. Matt goes for a whip, Benoit reverses Matt into a corner and charges at him but eats an elbow. Matt climbs to the top rope and connects with a moonsault but only gets a two count. Matt climbs to the top rope again when Benoit cuts him off and heads up but Matt shoves him down and hits a guilltoine legdrop that gets two. Matt tess off on Benoit and hits several kicks when Benoit blocks the last kick and goes for a flapjack but Matt manages to roll out of it. Benoit hits a clothesline then whips Matt into a shoudlerblock for a two count and hits a snap suplex for another two count. Benoit whips Matt and looks for a powerbomb but Matt slips out and and hits a Russian legsweep. Benoit goes for a back suplex but Matt counters in mid-air and falls on top of Benoit for a near fall. Benoit chops Matt in a corner then hits a shoulderbreaker then climbs to the top rope and goes for the diving headbutt but misses! Matt pops Benoit with serveal right hands then throws him back to the mat but Benoit comes back with a Stun Gun on the ropes. Benoit suplexes Matt over the ropes but Matt lands on his feet on the apron then suplexes Benoit over the ropes to the floor! Benoit goes for a whip on the floor but Matt reverses him into the ring apron. Matt charges at Benoit who tosses him over his head onto the apron but Matt does a handstand and springs off the ropes DDT’ing Benoit into the floor! Matt throws Benoit back in the ring then climbs to the top rope. Matt goes for a moonsault and misses but lands on his feet. Matt goes for a backslide when Benoit attempts to counter it into the crossface but Matt blocks it so Benoit drives him into a corner. Benoit chops Matt before setting him on the top rope then goes up and hits a superplex. Both men get to their feet and start trading punches when Benoit stops that with a German suplex. Benoit holds on and hits a second German suplex then attempts a third suplex but Matt floats over him. Matt goes for the Twist of Fate when Benoit counters it into the Crippler Crossface and Matt is forced to tap out. (6:05) Another good match with some great back-and-forth action. After the bell Benoit refuses to let go of the hold when Jeff Hardy comes out to chase him off. Jeff then checks on Matt when Benoit waflles him with the IC belt, just like on Smackdown. Benoit then walks off whiile both Hardys are laying in the ring. ***½

~ Backstage Edge and Christian are watching this go down backstage, saying Jeff does not look good. Edge then asks Christian if he wants him to come down for his match but Christian feels it’s in the bag and his help would be unfair and unethical. Christian then ends up accepting Edge’s help anyway as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break we get a replay of Jeff Hardy getting laid out by Chris Benoit after he tried to help Matt. We then see Jeff in the ring still trying to recover from the belt shot but unfortuantely for him he just happens to be in the next match.

Jeff Hardy (w/Matt Hardy) vs. Christian (w/Edge) – King of the Ring Qualifying Match

Christian comes out confident the dazed Jeff will be easy pickings for him and starts off with a gutbuster then lays the boots to Jeff. Christian and hits a snap suplex then holds on and hits a second suplex then goes for a third suplex but Jeff counters into a rollup for a near fall. Christian hits a gourdbuster for a two count then whips Jeff into a corner but Jeff slings himself over the ropes to the apron. Jeff springs off the ropes into a moonsault and Christian ducks it but Jeff lands on his feet. Jeff hits a backdrop then dropkicks Christian shoulder-first into the ringpost. Jeff goes for a whip, Christian reverses him into a corner and Jeff flips upside down on the ropes. Chrsitain sets Jeff on the top rope and goes up but Jeff fights him off. Jeff looks for the Swanton Bomb when Edge gets his attention and Jeff tries to kick him away so Matt pulls Edge off the apron. However Christian dropkicks Jeff, straddling Jeff on the turnbuckle. Christian then goes up and hits a superplex and goes for the cover when Jeff hooks him and manages to score the upset pin! (1:58) So despite the pre-match beating he took Jeff still makes it into the tournament. Matt helps Jeff to the back while Christian is upset that he lost. **

~ The Rock is shown pacing around the back as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break we get an exterior shot of the Kiel Center as JR and Lawler get us caught up on the King of the Ring tournament. On Heat Perry Saturn beat D’Von Dudley with help from DX while Bubba Ray Dudley fared better against The Big Bossman. Then we have X-Pac and Jeff Hardy advancing as well tonight. There are still two slots remaining in the second round which will supposedly be filled on Smackdown.

~ Out in the arena Triple H leads the Faction/Regime to the ring for more talking. Vince gets on the mic and crows about the Regime being 3-0 tonight after sweeping all their matches before promising that he, Triple H and Shane will be victorious in the six-man tag at King of the Ring. Vince says the Regime will have ringside seats to watch Kane and The Rock beat each other up then warns Kane to destroy Rock, if he doesn’t want the photos of his face to be shown to the world.

~ We then see Kane kick down his lockerroom door and storm out to the ring as we go to commercial.

The Rock vs. Kane – No Holds Barred Match

Throughout the show Linda’s plans haven’t worked out and now the Regime is hoping this will be the icing on their cake. Kane interupts Rock’s posing on the turnbuckles by dropping him with a right hand then beats on him in a corner. Kane whips Rock but Rock comes back and clotheslines Kane over the ropes. Kane lands on his feet on the floor and pulls Rock out of the ring and rams him into the ringsteps. Kane brings Rock to the announce table but Rock blocks him and rams him into the table then grabs the ringbell and cracks Kane in the head with it. Rock goes for a whip but Kane reverses him into the barricade and Rock rebounds into a clothesline. Kane throws Rock back in the ring and Rock starts to fight back then goes for a whip but Kane reverses him into a corner. Kane charges but eats a boot and Rock comes out when Kane grabs him by the neck but Rock counters with a kick below the belt. Rock comes off the ropes and Kane scoops him up for a Tombstone but Rock floats over him and hits a Russian legsweep. Rock works Kane over in a corner and looks for the Smackdown but Kane grabs him by the neck and throws him into the corner. Rock manages to escape and this time hits the Smackdown but Kane comes back with an uppercut. Kane goes for a whip but Rock reverses and hits a spinebuster. Rock goes for the People’s Elbow but just before he can hit it Kane sits up so Rock just kicks him back down and hits the elbow anyway. Rock covers Kane but Triple H hops on the apron to distract the referee so Rock pops Triple H off the apron. Kane comes back with a big boot then climbs to the top rope and connects with the flying clothesline. Kane readies for the chokeslam when suddenly GTV (?!) appears on the TitanTron showing Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson in the back as Patterson mentions the photos of Kane just came back from the lab. The Stooger decide to look at them so they open the envelop and pulls out the photos…only to find out the pictures didn’t come out. The Stooges are stunned by this and decide it’s better that they not tell Vince about it. Talk about your divine intervention, maybe that’s what GTV stands for.

Back in the ring Kane and Rock exchange glances knowing they’re now off the hook while the Regime quickly recognize they’re in trouble. The group tries to back away with X-Pac calling for a time out but the Undertaker returns after reclaiming his motorcycle and traps the Regime on the ramp. Rock, Taker and Kane then proceed to start beating up the Regime members all around the ring with Taker attacking Triple H, Kane hammering Shane and Rock working over Vince. The Dudleys then come out and set up a table in the ring before joining the battle. Rock throws Vince in the ring and plants him with the Rock Bottom. Road Dogg nails Rock from behind as everyone starts pouring in the ring. Rock sends Shane over the ropes with the Smackdown then surround Triple H and takes turns getting shots in. Kane grabs Triple H by the neck when Taker grabs him as well and the brothers double-chokeslam Triple H through the table! The WWF Champion is in shambles and Rock, Taker and Kane stand tall in the ring as Raw goes off the air.

Good episode this time around. The in-ring action wasn’t much for the first hour but we then got an entertaining tables match and a pair of great bouts with Triple H/Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit/Matt Hardy. Even the main event was a fun battle while it lasted. Plus almost every segment had a purpose in advancing an angle or setting something up for the future and while all of Linda McMahon’s matches went to the DXWo, the good guys eventually got the last word, at least for now. All in all a good episode to check out.

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