WWF Smackdown 6/15/2000

Written by: Adam King

Thursday, June 15th, 2000
Taped (6/13) from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, IL

List of WWF Champions at the time:
● WWF World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H (5/21/2000)
● WWF Intercontinental Champion: Chris Benoit (5/08/2000)
● WWF World Tag Team Champions: Too Cool (5/29/2000)
● WWF European Champion: Eddie Guerrero (4/03/2000)
● WWF Hardcore Champion: Crash Holly (6/12/2000)
● WWF Women’s Champion: Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley (3/30/2000)
● WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: Dean Malenko (4/27/2000)

~ Smackdown comes on the air with four minutes (!) of highlights of the various goings-on against the Facton/Regime on Raw. After the intro Michael Cole welcomes us to the show along with Jerry “The King” Lawler. Tonight the last two King of the Ring slots will be filled, and some other stuff will happen as well.

Edge (w/Christian) vs. Grandmaster Sexay (w/Scotty 2 Hotty) – King of the Ring Qualifying Match

Both men lockup to start, Sexay applies a headlock, Edge shoves him into the ropes but eats a shoulderblock. Sexay comes off the ropes and slides under Edge then goes for a back suplex but Edge flips out onto his feet. Edge comes off the ropes for a crossbody but Sexay ducks it. Sexay hops to the middle rope and hits a dropkick for a two count. Sexay applies an armwringer when Edge jabs the eyes then whips him but lowers the head and Sexay kicks the face. Sexay busts a move before hitting a clothesline then clotheslining Edge over the ropes. Christian tries to help Edge up but Sexay dropkicks both of them then goes out and dances with Scotty. Sexay turns back when Edge drops him onto the steps then rams him into the steps before rolling him back in the ring. Edge hits a sledge to the back and stomps Sexay down in a corner then whips him hard into the opposite corner. Edge slams Sexay to the mat and hits an elbowdrop for a near fall then goes for a suplex but Sexay blocks it and crotches Edge on the top rope. Sexay slings Edge back in the ring then whips him and nails him an enzuigiri. Sexay slams Edge then climbs to the top rope when Edge cuts him off but Sexay comes back with a Sunset Flip. Sexay then goes for the ropes when Christian grabs his ankles so Sexay pulls him onto the apron by the hair. Edge charges at Sexay but Sexay dodges it and Edge nails Christian before Sexay rolls him up for a two count. Sexay hits a neckbreaker then climbs to the top rope for the Hip Hop Drop when Christian hops on the apron. Scotty pulls Christian down to the floor and those two duke it out while Sexay connects with the Hip Hop Drop. However Shane McMahon runs in for whatever reason and cracks Sexay in the head with a chair then heads out. Sexay is down as Edge drapes an arm over him and gets the three to advance to the tournament. (5:09) Fine match for what it was though I don’t remember Shane having issues with Too Cool. Ah, Lawler mentions Shane and Edge have been paling around so that sort of explains it. **½

~ Backstage Vince McMahon and the rest of the Regime delight in Shane’s interference saying phase one is complete. Vince then tells the others it’s time to have some fun and they all head out as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break we get a replay of Shane costing Grandmaster Sexay is match as Cole questions what Shane is up to.

~ Out in the arena the McMahon-Helmsely Faction/Regime makes its way to the ring so we don’t miss having their segment. Shane takes the mic first and starts by saying Edge & Christian have challenged the Dudleys, the very team he and Vince beat on Raw, then asks the fans to get ready for a special photo oppertunity. Vince then takes the mic and talks about the fans cheering as his meddlesome wife Linda McMahon making a series of matches on Raw. Vince then points out the fans weren’t happy with the results of each one after he and Shane beat the Dudleys and Triple H and Stephanie retained their respective titles. Vince also mentions Linda trying to unite The Rock, The Undertaker and Kane for a six-man match at the pay-per-view against Triple H, Shane McMahon and himself and many feel Rock’s team has the edge. Triple H gets the mic next and calls the match unfair but is confident he, Vince and The Giant Killer are unstoppable. Triple H suggests they make the match better by putting the #1 contendership to the WWF Championship on the line, saying should anyone form Linda’s team score the pin then that person will face him for the title at Fully Loaded. Triple H says that may be a sweet deal but feels Rock, Taker and Kane won’t be able to trust each other in the match since each of them will want the title shot for himself and just may stab the others in the back to score the pin. Triple H adds should his team pervail then he’ll defend the title at the July show against the King Of The Ring tournament winner instead. Vince takes the mic back and announces that tonight will be full of surprises, especially for Undertaker once he arrives. Vince announces Chris Jericho will be in action against an unnamed opponent then makes the same type of match for Kane. Vince is about to announce Rock’s opponent but Triple H cuts him off, saying the fans don’t need to know right now. Vince finishes by saying he hopes the fans enjoy the surprises as much as he and the Regime will as they depart. For those who are interested this promo only ran 10 minutes as opposed to the 22-minute marathon on Raw.

~ We then cut to Times Square and find Gerald Brisco, Pat Patterson and referee Mike Chioda talking in a taxi cab, trying to track Crash Holly in New York so Brisco can get the Hardcore Title back. As the three of them argue another cab pulls up behind them and Crash climbs out saying he needs to find protection. Crash takes off while the Stooges and Chidoa climb out of their cab, not knowing they just missed Crash behind them.

The Hardy Boyz vs. T & A (w/Trish Stratus)

Jeff Hardy starts off with Test and gets in his shots then goes for a whip but Test reverses him into a corner. Jeff lifts himself up with the ropes when Test catches him and goes for a powerslam but Jeff slips out of it. Jeff goes for a suplex but can’t get Test up so he tags in Matt for help and both Hardys are able to get the suplex. Matt wails on Test and gets in a shot on Albert then goes for a whip but Test counters it with the full nelson slam. Test unloads on Matt before tagging in Albert and the two whip Matt and hit a tilt-o-whirl suplex for a near fall. Albert pounds Matt down in a corner and throws him across the ring then whips him into another corner hard. Albert charges at him but eats an elbow and Matt hops to the middle rope and drills Albert with a tornado DDT. Both men start crawling to their respective corners and Albert tags in Test while Matt makes the hot tag to Jeff after just a couple of minutes of action. Jeff dropkicks Test into a corner when Albert charges at him but Jeff sidesteps and Test takes the shot instead. Jeff fights Albert into a corner when Albert lifts him up but Jeff dropkicks him away. Jeff tags Matt back in and takes Test down by the legs and the Hardys hit their combo legdrop. Matt turns and works Albert over in a corner then drops to the mat so Jeff can hit the Poetry in Motion. The Hardys clothesline Albert over the ropes and Matt nails Test with the Twist of Fate. Jeff heads to the apron looking to hit the Swanton Bomb but Trish first pulls Jeff face-first onto the steps. Matt looks out to see what happened with Jeff but that allows Albert to splash him from behind and Matt staggers into a boot from Test which gets the pin. (3:29) Decent match though a bit chaotic. **

After the match Test and Albert continue their assault on the Hardys and Trish even gets in a slap on Jeff. Suddenly Lita runs in and takes Trish down by the leg before she shoves her by the hair into a corner. T & A come back and throws Lita to the mat but the Hardys recover and knock them both through the ropes. Jeff then slings himself over the ropes hitting a plancha on Albert while Matt hits Test with a flying clothesline. Lita then slams Trish with a sloppy sidewalk slam then hops to the middle rope and hits her own guilltoine legdrop.

~ Backstage The Undertaker is riding into the bulding on his motorcycle … when he finds a group of cops waiting. Vince McMahon and Bull Buchanan appear and remind Taker about attacking someone and stealing his car on Raw then says that guy swore out a warrant at the precinct. Thus Vince has Taker arrested for carjacking and felony assault. As Taker is cuffed and led away he tries to explain to the cops that Buchanan stole his motorcycle in St. Louis and the cops tell him he can swear out a complaint of his own but they still have to take him downtown. Buchanan then gets in Taker’s face when Taker spits his tobacco juice on him which prompts Buchanan to attack him. The cops restrain Buchanan to break it up before Taker is lead away and Vince laughs saying he loves being him. I’m sure we’d love to be him too.

~ Back from break we get a replay of Undertaker being arrested in Chicago for something he did in St. Louis. We then find Shane telling Vince he can handle things from here as Vince happily climbs into his limo and drives off.

Scotty 2 Hotty vs. D’Lo Brown – King of the Ring Qualifying Match

For some reason Scotty is wearing his tag team title belt upside-down when D’Lo nails Scotty with a heel kick during his entrance to start us off. D’Lo whips Scotty but lowers the head and Scotty kicks the face. Scotty comes off the ropes when D’Lo tosses him over the top but Scotty lands on his feet and rolls over D’Lo back in the ring. Scotty comes off the ropes and slides under D’Lo then gets in a right hand. Scotty charges and runs into a tilt-o-whril but lands on his feet and connects with a superkick for a two count. Scotty whips D’Lo into a dropkick then does a spinaroonie and hits an elbowdrop before doing the moonwalk. Scotty comes off the ropes again but D’Lo drops him to the mat then pounds him and hits the legdrop for two. D’Lo whips Scotty and lifts him up again but Scotty dropkicks him away. Both men try to get to their feet when Scotty starts fighting back and whips D’Lo into a jumping elbow then whips him again and hits a backdrop. Scotty goes for a whip, D’Lo reverses him into a corner and charges but Scotty sideteps him. Scotty hits the bulldog then follows up with the Worm. Scotty hops to the middle rope and leaps off but D’Lo catches him into a flapjack. D’Lo then climbs to the top rope and goes for the Lo Down but misses it. Scotty hops to the middle rope and hits a flying Slop Drop for the win and the last spot in the tournament. (3:39) Naturally Scotty celebrates with a little dancing. Fun match for what it was. Shame D’Lo’s push had really stalled by this point. **½

~ We cut back to New York where Pat Patterson yells at Gerald Brisco for hunting for souvenirs instead of Crash while Mike Chioda just stands back and watches. Crash suddenly walks by in the foreground and Chioda tries to alert the Stooges about their target but they both tell him off.

~ We then find Kane pacing in the back wondering who his mystery opponent is as he go to commercial.

~ Back from break Kane make his way to the ring and awaits his opponent which turns out to be …. Chris Benoit.

Kane vs. Chris Benoit

They don’t say whether the Intercontinental Title is on the line or not so I’ll just assume the match is non-title. Kane kicks Benoit to start and throws him into a corner but Benoit hits an elbow. Benoit switches positions and gets in some some kicks and chops but Kane no-sells them and throws Benoit in the corner. Kane pummels Benoit before hiptossing him across the ring and hitting a clothesline. Kane scoops Benoit up but Benoit floats over him and shoves him into the ropes. Kane comes back with an uppercut then whips Benoit and Benoit slides under a boot but Kane connects with a second boot. Kane goes for an elbowdrop but misses it and Benoit starts to fight back then goes for a whip. Kane reverses it when Benoit trips him with a drop toehold and dropkicks him in the head but Kane powers out of the cover. Benoit whips Kane into a corner and gets a waistlock but Kane fights out of it. Benoit then tries to go for a suplex but Kane blocks it and hits a front suplex and follows up with a sidewalk slam. Kane whips Benoit, Benoit rolls under a boot and goes for the Crossface but can’t bring Kane down to lock it in. Kane grabs Benoit by the throat and goes for the chokeslam but Benoit counters and tries the Crossface again but still can’t get Kane down. Benoit goes for a whip but Kane counters it with a short-arm clothesline. Benoit rolls out to the floor to regroup and grabs his IC belt but Kane follows him out and chops him down then tosses Benoit (and the belt) in the ring. Kane climbs to the top rope and leaps off for the flying clothesline but Benoit holds the belt up to block Kane’s flight and that draws a DQ to end this. (3:23) Match was getting good until it was cut down. ane is down as Benoit grins at his work but Kane suddenly sits up. Benoit waffles Kane with the belt a second time but Kane again sits up so Benoit decides to do the smart thing and just leave the ring as Kane glares at him. **½

~ Backstage we find Christian admiring a hockey stick and muttering about midgets, still sore about the tag title loss. Edge comes into the room saying he just spoke to “Mom” who’s proud about his victory but Christian says he didn’t get a call after his match. Edge then suggests to Christian they just may get in the good graces of the “Facton” if they beat the Dudleys tonight. Christian agrees with that saying they may just get a tag title shot as well but then asks if they weren’t call the Regime. E & C then go back and forth on the “Facton” vs. “Regime” issue before compromising and settling on “Fac-gime”.

~ Back from break we get footage of a press conference Vince McMahon held to announce Chicago’s XFL franchise. We also get a look at Ken Valdiserri, the general manage of that very Chicago XFL team, who’s in the crowd tonight.

Edge & Christian vs. The Dudley Boyz

Christian first gets on the mic and claims Chicago is called the Windy City because the entire town (*bleep*)s. Edge adds Chicago has a serious case of the uglies such as Oprah Winfrey, Roger Ebert and the Cubs’ record. Edge says he and Christian will offer an extra two seconds to their usual 5-second pose as they proceed with it. The Dudleys then enter and Christian works on D’Von to start then goes for a whip when D’Von reverses it but Christian slides under him and grabs a waistlock. D’Von fights out of it then comes of the ropes and connects with a clothesline. Bubba tags in and whips Christian into a tilt-o-whirl slam and D’Von adds in a splash for a two count. Bubba gets in his shots and whips Christian into a corner then charges but eats a boot. Edge tags in but Bubba plants him with a Samoan Drop and chops him in a corner before he whips him into the opposite corner. Bubba then catches Christian coming in but this allows Edge to hop to the middle rope and hit a missile dropkick. E&C double-team Bubba and whip him into a corner then Edge drops to the mat and Christian hits a flying crossbody. Edge tags Christian in and the two whip Bubba but Bubba clotheslines Christian and nails Edge with a DDT. Bubba clotheslines Christian again before D’Von tags in and takes it to E&C then whips Christian into an elbow. D’Von slams Edge with a Curtain Call but Christian breaks up the pin so Bubba tosses him through the ropes and all four men head out to the floor. The two teams battle up the ramp as the referee ends up counting both teams out. (3:16) That seem kind of a waste. **

The two teams reach the stage where Bubba suplexes Edge then looks out and sees a pair of tables on the floor. Bubba then sets Chrsitian up for a superbomb off the stage when Road Dogg and X-Pac come out for the save and lay out the Dudleys with chairs. E&C work them over while the DX’ers pull out a dumpster and toss the Dudleys into the dumpster. Bubba and D’Von try to fight out but are quickly subdued and the DX’ers tie the lids closed before shoving the dumpster off the stage and through the two tables below. A number of referees and EMTs come out to tend to the injured Dudleys while DX brags about it from above. Haven’t I seen this same thing before?

~ Back from break we get a replay of the DX’ers giving the Dudleys a dumpster ride off the stage like it’s 1998 again. We also get footage of Bubba and D’Von getting stretchered out of the arena during the break.

~ Out in the arena Stephanie McMahon makes her way to the announce table to provide some annoying commentary. Chris Jericho them comes out for his match against his surprise opponent but first gets on the mic and starts to call Stephanie a brutal bottom-feeder again when he’s cut off by the arrival of … Bull Buchanan.

Chris Jericho vs. Bull Buchanan

Both men lockup to start and Buchanan shoves Jericho down then whips him but Jericho chops him back. Jericho goes for a whip, Buchanan reverses it but lowers the head and Jericho kicks the face and hits the bulldog. Buchanan powers out of the cover and whips Jericho into a corner then charges at him but eats a boot. Jericho hops to the middle rope and connects with a missile dropkick. Buchanan rolls out to the apron when Jericho nails him with the springboard dropkick. Jericho goes for a baseball slide but misses it and Buchanan uppercuts him. Jericho trips Buchanan into the steps with a drop toehold then drinks from a bottle and spits water at Stephanie. Jericho turns back toward Buchanan just as Buchanan clotheslines him down before tossing him back in the ring. Buchanan then whips Jericho but Jericho comes back with an elbow then follows up with his own clothesline. Jericho goes for the Lionsault but Stephanie splashes him in mid-move with an entire pitcher of water. Jericho is blinded as Buchanan nails him with the Axe Kick and gets the three. Are you serious? (1:53) I know they’re advancing the storyline but come on, Jericho jobbing to Bull Buchanan? Triple H immediately charges in the ring and beats down Jericho then knocks out the referee as well. The other referees try to break up the melee but Triple H fights them off and lays Jericho out with a Pedigree. DUD

~ Back in New York Pat Patterson tells Gerald Brisco and Mike Chioda to focus since they’re close to finding Crash. Chioda tries to explain they would’ve gotten Crash if they’d listen to him but Patterson tells him to zip it and do his job. Brisco then asks if they could go to a club and Patterson promises a celebration once they have the Hardcore Title.

~ We also check in on Crash Holly who’s looking for someone and heads into WWF New York as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break we get footage of Val Venis and Rikishi brutalizing each other after their match last week. We then find Val in the ring and on the mic talking about how he had Rikishi beaten and bloodied, begging for mercy only for Rikishi to try and end his career by kicking him off the stage and splashing him on the floor afterward. Val says he wants payback and calls Rikishi out to face him and it isn’t long before Rikishi makes his way out. Val goes out to meet Rikishi on the ramp but Rikishi fights him back down to ringside and throws him into the steps. Rikishi tosses Val in the ring along with the steps then clotheslines Val down as the referees come out to break it up. Val rolls out to the floor but Rikishi follows after him and throws him into the steps then clears off the announce table. Val tries to fight back but Rikishi backdrops him onto the table then scoop slams him through the table, breaking it. Rikishi grabs a monitor but a referee takes is away so Rikishi tees off on Val and caps it off with a superkick. However Val grabs a monitor and cracks Rikishi in the head with it repeatedly then whacks him with a chair. The referees manage to pull Val away to end this fight while Rikishi is down as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break we get a replay of the Val Venis/Rikishi brawl as Cole and Lawler sit at the destroyed table. They’ve actually managed to make that feud interesting.

~ We then cut back to WWF New York and find Crash sitting down to have a meeting with … John Shaft? We find it’s actually Samuel L. Jackson but apparently Jackson is playing his character from the new Shaft movie. Anyway Crash asks “Shaft” for protection and Shaft suggests the APA but Crash claims he has heat with them. Shaft then consults with his lady and decides to take the job, making it his duty to protect Crash’s booty. And you though Robert Wuhl appearing on Nitro as Arliss was something.

~ Back in the arena Cole and Lawler chuckle at Crash hiring Shaft before going into the King of the Ring report. On Raw X-Pac cheated his way in over Dean Malenko while Jeff Hardy managed to sneak out a win against Christian. Earlier tonight Edge advanced over Grandmaster Sexay while Scotty was able to beat D’Lo Brown for the last spot. Cole announces the Round of 16 matches will begin this Sunday on Heat and even displays the brackets:
– Kurt Angle vs. Bubba Ray Dudley
– Chris Jericho vs. Edge
– Crash Holly vs. Hardcore Holly
– Bull Buchanan vs. Perry Saturn
– Chyna vs. Eddie Guerrero
– Jeff Hardy vs. Val Venis
– X-Pac vs. Chris Benoit
– Rikishi vs. Scotty 2 Hotty

~ Backstage Kevin Kelly interviews The Rock on facing an unknown opponent tonight. Rock starts with the usual then talks about the opponent the Regime chose for him, suggesting that Kevin Kelly may even be the one he’s facing. Rock asks Kevin if he’s the opponent but when Kevin answers Rock cuts him off saying it doesn’t matter who it is. Rock then rambles on the mystery surrounding this by suggesting the Regime call Sherlock Holmes and Scooby Doo. Rock tells the Regime to do something with Scooby snacks before saying just bring it, if you smell and so on.

~ We cut back to WWF New York just as Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson arrive and ask “Shaft” if he’s seen Crash. Brischo claims Crash has his Hardcore belt but Shaft decks Patterson with a punch that also takes out Brisco. That of course takes us into a trailer for the new Shaft film. Whatever. Are we going to get another match soon?

~ Back from break The Rock makes his way out to the ring for our main event and awaits his mystery opponent as we see the Helmsleys watching this from the back. After some waiting Rock’s opponent turns out to be … Kurt Angle. Angle gets on the mic talking about how the Regime hand-picked the true People’s Champion to be Rock’s opponent then starts to tell a story about raising the bar in the Oympics. Rock cuts Angle off telling him to just bring it and Angle takes exception to that saying he’s been bringing it since 1982 then charges in the ring and the match is on.

The Rock vs. Kurt Angle

Rock greets Angle with a series of right hands then whips him and hits an elbow. Rock lays the boots to Angle when we get an insert showing a concerned Stephanie asking Triple H to go help Angle. Triple H refuses to help him even when Stephanie mentions Angle helping her out in her match. Stpehanie then decides to go out herself and Triple H reluctantly follows her. Back in the ring Rock goes for a whip but Angle reverses and hits a knee to the chest to take the advantage. Angle works Rock over in a corner and goes for a whip, Rock reverses him into a corner but eats an elbow. Rock comes back with a powerslam for a near fall then looks out to see the Helmsleys coming down the ramp, allowing Angle to fight back. Angle goes for a whip and Rock reverses it then lowers the head and Angle kicks the face but Rock clotheslines him down. Rock goes for a whip but Angle reverses it and Stephanie grabs Rock’s ankle. Rock takes a swing at Stephanie but turns into a belly-to-belly overhead suplex from Angle that gets a two count. Angle chokes Rock on the middle rope then distracts Earl Hebner while Triple H gets in his shots from the floor. Rock starts fighting back but misses a right hand and Angle plants him with a back suplex for a near fall. Angle stomps Rock down in a corner and chokes him with his boot and Rock tries to rally backuntil Angle stops it. Rock tosses Angle over the ropes then goes out after him but the Hemlsley also head over there. Stephanie distracts Hebner while Triple H moves in for another shot but Rock catches him with a right hand. Stephanie then nails Rock (very weakly) from behind with her Women’s title but Rock pops up and stalks her. Angle nails Rock from behind and throws him into the ringpost before tossing him back in the ring. Angle then moves in when Rock catches him with a Rock Bottom but can’t cover him and both men are down. Rock gets the advantage then looks for the Smackdown when Angle ducks it but Rock gets it on the second try. Triple H hops on the apron so Rock rams Angle into Triple H, knocking him off the apron onto the barricade. Rock drills Angle with a DDT when Shane McMahon runs out to interfere but Rock decks him on the apron. Bull Buchanan also comes out but Rock dispatches him as well then turn and plants Angle with the Spinebuster. Rock follows up with the People’s Elbow and covers Angle but Triple H comes in to break it up and that’s all. (6:19) Decent main event despite all the interference. **

Shane then bullies Hebner into a corner before he helps Triple H, Angle and Buchanan quadruple-team Rock. Suddenly Kane makes his way out for the save and takes out all four men as they try and attack one at a time. Chris Benoit then comes out and chops Kane down but Kane comes back and plants Benoit with a chokeslam. Kane and Rock rally back but Road Dogg and X-Pac run out branishing clubs and use them to turn the tide. It’s now a 7-on-2 beating as the fans chant for the Undertaker but Taker isn’t coming to save the day tonight. Triple H hits Rock with the Pedgree then does the same to Kane and the heels stand tall as we fade to black.

So to recap, Rock and Kane got beaten down, The Dudleys got destroyed, Jericho lost his match to Bull Buchanan and Undertaker got arrested. Talk about the heels getting even in spades. In fact the only real face victory on the program was Scotty’s win over D’Lo Brown. The in-ring action was decent and they’re trying to make the KOTR main event more interesting with the added stipulation as well as getting some angles going but the fact that the DXWo dominated so much is kind of a downer. Overall thumbs in the middle, leaning down.

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