WWF RAW 1/22/2001

WWF Raw is War Results
January 22nd, 2001
Live from: The Cajundome
Commentators: Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler
Reported by: Paul Nemer of Wrestleview.com

Opening Segment

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon came down. HHH had a sledge hammer in his hand. HHH took the microphone and said usually there is nothing that he hates more then coming to a small piece of crap place like this. He said that he has been looking forward to this town for a long time, because this was suppose to be his night and he was suppose to be holding the WWF title. he said tonight was his night, he would have been the champion but one man stopped that from happening and it wasn’t Kurt Angle, he said it was that piece of crap Steve Austin. He said that he had the match won last night, but Austin screwed him. He said that he is tired of it, he is sick and tired of Austin. He said as soon as Austin arrives tonight, he then holds the sledge hammer in his hands and said that he will be waiting. He said the fact of the matter is that when Austin arrives, he will bust him open with the sledge hammer. HHH said that he will have his night tonight. He said his moment will be him standing on top of Austin’s bloody ass. Then Kurt Angle comes out and tells HHH that his name should be Triple W, Whannn, whannn, whann..and he makes fun of his whinning. He said there is one person that cost him the belt and that’s him. Angle said that Austin did not cover HHH for the pin, it was him and his hand was raised. He said that it’s not his fault that Austin and the rest of the world hates him so much. He said if he quits whining maybe he can be a winner. Then HHH tells him to come in the ring. Angle tells HHH that HHH always beats people with pipes, sledge hammer but never with natural ability. Then HHH said that after he beats Austin, he will drop the sledge hammer and will tell Angle to come to the ring and put his belt on the line and he said that he will beat Kurt Angle with his hands. Then Trish comes out and says that if they all come out and issue challenges, then she has one of her own. Then she challenges Stephanie for tonight. Stephanie accepts the challenge. Stephanie tells her that it’s no secret that she’s a bitch, but tonight Trish will be Stephanie’s bitch.

A limo pulls in the back and Vince McMahon makes his way backstage.


Michael Cole told Vince what happened and Vince McMahon said that he is the boss and these matches may happen and they may not.

Match #1
European Title
William Regal vs Test

Regal comes out and bad mouths Test. He said tonight he will beat on Test. Test comes out and delivers a few right hands on Regal. Then test close lines Regal and they fight on the outside. They go back in the ring and Regal delivers a few hits on Test. Then Test sends Regal to the ropes and gives him a boot in the face. Test then goes on the top rope and drives the elbow and gets the win.
Winner: New European Champion, Test

Backstage, HHH walks into Vince’s locker room and tells Vince that he can’t take the match away from him tonight. Vince tells him he will take it under advisement. Vince tells him that there is a good chance that he will get a match against Angle.


Match #2
Hardy Boyz vs Acolytes

The match starts with Bradshaw Jeff Hardy. Jeff then goes on the top rope but Farooq catches up to him and throws him off. After a while, Matt and Jeff get into a little argument then Bradshaw hits Matt. Then Matt does a spinning neck breaker on Bradshaw. Bradshaw makes the tag to Farooq and Farooq beats on Matt, then Bradshaw gets the tag again and Bradshaw covers 1,2 but Matt kicks out. Then Farooq gets tagged back in, but then Matt does a DDT and makes the tag to Jeff and they double team Farooq. Then Farooq comes in and is about to do the dominator while Bradshaw was about to hits Jeff but Jeff ducks and he hits Bradshaw by accident. Then Matt does the Twist of Faith and Jeff does the Senton Bomb on Bradshaw and Jeff turns around and Farooq does the dominator and gets the win.
Winners: Acolytes

HHH is shown backstage talking to Stephanie and complaining to her about Vince’s decision and the fact that he has to take it under advisement. Then HHH tells her to go talk to him and then HHH says that he is going to wait for Austin.


Backstage, Stephanie tries to convince Vince into letting the match between HHH and Angle. Then she asks him about her vs Trish, then Vince said that he is worried about Stephanie. Vince said that both of them embarassed him at the Royal Rumble, but he tells her to go dress up for her match, but he said he will still take it under advisement.

They show highlights of the Rumble, when the Big Show took on everyone.

Michael Cole interviews The Rock and Rock said that he is disappointed that he got eliminated. Rock said that he was kicking ass all the way to the end but he didn’t win. He said this was his opportunity and he should be celebrating but instead he is sitting next to a roody pooh NSync wannabe. Cole asks the Rock “Where does the Rock go from here?” Then Rock tells him that he is about to punch him out for asking such a stupid question. Rock said that he doesn’t care what happens, but one day the Rock will once again become WWF champion.


Match #3
Chris Benoit & Big Show vs Chris Jericho & Rock

The match starts with Benoit beating on Jericho. Then Jericho explodes with a close line, then Big Show hits Jericho from behind and Benoit does a snap suplex. Then the Big Show gets the tag and does the gorilla plex slam, then Benoit gets the tag back in. Then Jericho kicks Benoit in back of the head and makes the tag and the Rock does a Samoan drop on Benoit followed by a running power slam. Then Rock punches the Big Show and turns around and Benoit does a suplex. Then Jericho and Big Show fight on the outside and Jericho gets choke slammed. In the ring, Benoit is still in control against Rock. Then Benoit makes the tag to the Big Show. Jericho is being helped out with two referees because he suffered a choke slam on the floor by the Big Show. Big Show make the tag back to Benoit, then Benoit does another snap suplex and covers 1,2 but Rock kicks out. Benoit continues to stomp away on the Rock. The Rock tries to fight back, but then Benoit does 3 consecutive belly to back suplexes and covers 1,2 but Rock kicks out. Then Benoit goes on the top rope and delivers a diving headbutt and covers 1,2 but Rock kicks out again. Big Show gets the tag and does a sidewalk slam and covers, 1,2 but Rock kicks out again. Then Rock tries to fight back and kocks the Big Show down with a close line. Big Show makes the tag and Rock does a DDT on Benoit, then rock knocks down the Big Show and turns around and Benoit hits him, but then rock does the spine buster and covers, 1,2 but Big Show pulls him out and Rock hits Big Show with the ring bell. Rock goes in the ring and Benoit applies the Crippler’s cross face but Rock gets to the ropes. Rock sends Benoit over the top rope to the outside and Jericho makes his way back and beats on Benoit and sends him into the steel steps. Then Jericho throws Benoit in the ring and Rock does the Rock Bottom on Benoit and gets the win. After the match, the Big Show does the choke slam on the Rock. Then Jericho hits Big Show, but Big Show hits him back and choke slams him. Then Benoit yells at the Big Show and blames the loss on him and pushes him, then Show delivers a choke slam on Benoit.
Winners: Chris Jericho & The Rock


Kurt Angle is shown talking to Trish backstage and saying that Vince should let the match go tonight and he is still keeping it under advisement. Trish said that she will give Vince all the advisement he needs.

They show highlights of the Rumble last night and how Chyna collapsed.

Match #4
WWF Women’s Title
Ivory w/Steven Richards vs Molly Holly

Ivory came down with a copy of Chyna’s book. Then Ivory said that after she beat Chyna, she decided to read her book. She said after she read page after disgusting page, there was something missing and that was Ivory in the book. She said that she’s the 10th wonder of the world. Molly Holly comes out and tells Ivory that she will do everyone a favor and shut her mouth. Molly takes the early advantage. Then Molly delivers a few chops to the chest. Then ivory pulls Molly down with her hair and ivory delivers a leg drop and covers 1, but Molly kicks out. On the outside, Crash Holly beats on Steven Richards, then Molly goes on the top rope and Richards trips her while the referee was arguing with Crash and Ivory gets the win.
Winner: Still Women’s Champion, Ivory

They show clips that people sent in for WWF Tough Enough.

They show Rikishi making his way towards the ring.


HHH is shown in the parking lot with a sledge hammer waiting for Austin.

Trish is shown entering Vince’s locker room.

Match #5
Rikishi vs Kane

They start fighting on the outside. They exchange a few hits, then Rikishi sends Kane into the steel steps. They go in the ring and Rikishi does the super kick on Kane and then a leg drop. Then Rikishi runs and squashes Kane in the corner and Rikishi runs towards Kane but Kane kicks him in the face and Kane goes on the top rope and close lines Rikishi. Then Kane choke slams Rikishi and covers 1,2 but then Haku (Meng) comes out and beats on Kane and Rikishi and Haku double team Kane. Then Undertaker comes out to help Kane and Undertaker close lines Haku to the outside and Kane and Taker do a double choke slam on Rikishi.
Winner: By Disqualification, Kane

The Dudleyz were shown walking backstage with their tag team belts.


Rikishi challenges Undertaker to a no holds barred match for Smackdown.

We hear some noises from Vince’s locker roon and we hear Trish saying “Oh this is nice, it feels really nice”.

Then they show highlights from the Rumble and when Drew Carey competed.

Match #6
Tag Team Titles
Lo Down w/ Tiger Ali vs Dudley Boyz

D-lo Brown attacks Buh Buh ray and delivers a few right hands. Then Chaz gets the tag and he beats a little on Buh Buh and makes the tag back to D-lo. Then Buh Buh does the Buh Buh bomb and makes the tag to Devon while Chaz gets the tag too and Devon does a power slam on Chaz and covers 1,2 but he kicks out. Then the Dudleyz do the WAZZAPP thing on Chaz, then Buh Buh asks Devon to get the tables. Then they setup the table and D-lo gets the tag belt and Buh Buh Ray takes it away from him and hits D-lo with it and the referee calls for the bell. After the match, the Dudleyz do the 3D on Tiger Ali threw the table.
Winners: By Disqualification, Lo Down

Trish is shown walking out of Vince’s locker room.


Michael Cole is shown waiting for Vince mcMahon in front of his locker room and he said that Vince will be joining him shortly.

Match #7
Hardcore Title Match
Raven vs Al Snow

Al Snow and Raven fight on the entrance ramp, then they go under the stage and Raven sets off the fir extinguisher on Snow. Then they go backstage and Al Snow sends raven into the coffee table. The match was everywhere backstage. Then they go outside and Al Snow sends raven into a bunch of security rails. Then Al Snow hits Raven with a steel pipe and gets the win, then a lady wearing a black mask and dressed all in black, knocks out Snow and puts Raven on Snow and Raven gets the pin to re-capture the belt.
Winner: Raven

Cole asks Vince if he made up his mind. Vince said that yes he made up his mind and it will be Stephanie and Triple H vs Kurt Angle and Trish.


Stephanie tells HHH that it will be a tag match and he was pissed.

Match #8
Tag Team Match
Triple H & Stephanie vs Kurt Angle & Trish Stratus

The match starts with HHH doing a baseball slide and sending Kurt into the security rails. Then HHH sends Angle head first into the announcing table. Then they go back in the ring and HHH is in control and then he drags down Angle and snaps his leg into the steel post. Then HHH keeps working on Angle’s leg. Then HHH runs towards Angle but Kurt kicks him in the face followed by a swinging neck breaker on HHH. Then Trish gets the tag and she goes on the top rope and jumps on HHH and HHH catches her but Angle drop kicks her on HHH. Then Angle hits Stephanie by accident and Stephanie slaps him. Trish gets the tag and Stephanie comes in and throws her off the top rope and Trish and Stephanie go at it while HHH and Angle are on the outside. Then Stephanie kicks Trish and close lines her. Then Trish pushes her and delivers a bulldog on Stephanie. Then HHH pedigrees Trish and Stephanie covers and gets the 1,2,3. After the match, Austin comes and beats on HHH and then stuns him.
Winners: Triple H & Stephanie

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