WWF RAW 1/29/2001

WWF Raw is War Results
January 29, 2001
Live from: Pittsburgh, PA
Commentators: Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler
Reported by: Paul Nemer of Wrestleview.com

Opening Segment
Kurt Angle comes out and receives a pretty good pop since it’s his home town. Angle then bashes his home town and then he shows some footage from last year when he was in Pittsburgh and they show the footage when he said something like Pittsburgh has no more hero, cause Lemieux is retired and the new Hero is Kurt Angle, then Angle says that Lemieux did come back and takes credit for Lemieux’s comeback. He said tonight he will not be defending his title, instead, he will defend it on Smackdown between the winner of the fatal four way tonight. The Rock comes out and says that Angle has to forgive him for interrupting his interview. The Rock came out here to correct him. He said that he said he had something to do with Lemieux’s success and comeback. the Rock said it’s the biggest bunch of Penguin pipi he has ever heard. The Rock said that he found some footage of his own, Rock told him that everyone knows that Angle doesn’t like pie. Then they show a pizza commercial with Kurt Angle in it. Rock asks Kurt what in the hell was that? The Rock tells him that he is one of the participants of the fatal four way tonight and Rock will whip his ass and then Big Show attacked the Rock and then close lines him on the entrance ramp.


Match #1
Tag Team Titles
Dudley Boyz vs Edge & Christian

Edge and Christian came out and they didn’t have their wrestling gear on and Christian said that it’s written in their contract that since they are former tag champs they can get a title shot anytime they want, but unfortunately, Edge is unable to compete tonight due to the food poisoning he had in Alabama last week. Then Edge introduces Kaentai and they do their usual lines.
The match starts with Buh Buh and Devon throwing Kaentai around. Then Buh Buh does a back body drop on Taka, then beats on him. Devon then gets the tag and beats on Funaki, then he covers and Taka makes the save. Devon then does a big leg drop and covers 1,2 but Funaki kicks out. Then Funaki makes the tag and they double team Devon. But that would take no affect, because then Devon makes the tag and Buh Buh Ray beats on both men. Then they do the Wazuupp thing and then they beat on Taka and Edge does a spear on Devon and Funaki covers 1,2 but Devon kicks out. Then they do the 3D on Funaki and they get the win.
Winners: Dudley Boyz

The Coach interviews Vince McMahon backstage and Vince said if Rock is unable to wrestle, it will be a triple threat match but we will have a number one contender tonight. Then HHH and Stephanie and HHH’s Lawyer walk in and HHH asks where is Austin and then HHH introduces his Lawyer to McMahon and McMahon tells him he doesn’t shake hands with an Attorney. Triple H continues to look for Austin because he wants the contract signed for No Way Out.


Cole interviews Billy Gunn backstage and Gunn speaks about chyna and says she is trying to keep her mind about the positive stuff she has accomplished…

Match #2
Val Venis vs Steve Blackman

The match starts with Blackman beating in Val. Then Blackman delivers a few hits and then he throws Val in the corner and knocks him down right after. Steven Richards tried to interfere but Blackman knocks him down, then Val hits Blackman and takes control of the match by choking him in the corner. Val then throws Blackman to the outside and Richards takes a cheap shot on Blackman. They go back in the ring and Val delivers a suplex and covers 1,2 but Blackman kicks out. Then Val puts a sleeper hold and then Blackman manages to get out of it, but then right away, Val close lines him. Then Blackman does a suplex on Val Venis and then he delivers a few punches on Val. Then Blackman does a powerslam and covers 1,2 but Val kicks out. Then Richards tries to distract Blackman and Blackman turns around and Val rolls him up and gets the win. After the match, RTC beat on Blackman and then Hardcore Holly comes out with a fire extinguisher and sprays everyone, then he beats on RTC with a kendo stick. Blackman and Holly stare at each other and they leave.
Winner: Val Venis

They show some clips of fans sending in their videos for the Tough Enough contest.


Vince is shown talking on his cell phone talking to someone and then Regal walks in and gives him a cup of tea.

Table, chairs and a carpet are setup in the ring for the contract signing between Austin and HHH.

HHH is shown talking to his lawyer backstage and is telling him that if he screws this up he will beat his ass.

Austin was asked about the contract signing and then he says that he will sign it and in fact, he will be the first one to sign the contract.


Contract Signing

Vince McMahon comes out first with the contract in his hands. He says that tonight there will be a contract signing for a match up to take place at No Way Out and the type of match has not yet been determined. In the contract they cannot provoke one another, in other words they can’t touch each other until the PPV. If the rule is broken, there will be a 6 months suspension and Austin won’t get his title shot at Wrestlemania. HHH, Stephanie and HHH’s lawyer came out first. Then McMahon introduces Austin. Austin comes out and stands up on the table and gives HHH the middle finger, then Austin sits down on a chair. Then they all sit down. Then Austin asks for a coupel of beers. McMahon said that since both have read the contracts they should sign it and Austin signs it, then HHH gives it to his lawyer and his lawyer reads it before HHH signs it. Then HHH hits Austin with a briefcase and then he pedigrees him. Then Vince tells him that he just got suspended for 6 months, then HHH tells him that he never signed the contract, then he signs it and he leaves.


They show HHH leaving the arena.

Match #3
Acolytes w/Jacqueline vs Hardy Boyz vs Goodfather & Bull Buchanan

The match starts with Lita and Jacqueline beating on each other on the outside. In the ring it’s Buchanan does a back breaker on Matt Hardy. Then Matt kicks him in the face and then Jeff gets the tag and beats on Buchanan. Then the Acolytes are on the outside beating on Goodfather and Jeff, and in the ring it was Buchanan and Matt, then Bradshaw goes in and does the close line and covers but he gets pulled out. Then Jeff does the Senton bomb on Buchanan and gets the win.
Note: It will be the Hardy Boyz vs The Dudley Boyz on Smackdown.
Winners: Hardy Boyz


Jim Ross says that Lita vs Jacqueline match has been added for tonight.

Cole asks Rock is he will compete tonight and Rock tells him to shut up because the Rock is competing tonight. Rock said that Big Show pissed him off.

Match #4
Hardcore Title
Raven vs Crash Holly w/ Molly Holly

The match starts with Holly running after Raven and Raven hits him and Holly falls beside the entrance ramp. Then Raven threw all sorts of stuff on Holly. Then they go and fight between the crowd. Then they go backstage and they kept exchanging hits, then Crash sends Raven head first into the wall. Then they go outside and Crash does a Bulldog. Then Crash covers Raven and this masked women gets out of the car and breaks a stick on Crash’s back and Raven gets the win. Molly goes after her but Molly gets nailed.
Winner: Raven

Tazz interviews Benoit backstage and Benoit said he will take on all of them in the fatal four way.

Match #5
Undertaker w/Kane vs Haku w/ Rikishi

The match starts with both men exchanging fists, then Undertaker knocks him down and does a leg drop and covers 1,2 but Haku kicks out. Then Undertaker twists Haku’s arm and goes and walks on the ropes and jumps. Then Undertaker goes to the outside and beats on Rikishi, then Haku goes after him and beats on him, then he brings him back in the ring. Then Haku beats on Undertaker in the corner, then give him a headbutt and he covers 1,2 but Undertaker kicks out. Undertaker tries to fight back and he delivers a huge close line. Then Taker delivers a DDT, then Taker picks him up and Rikishi goes onthe apron and Kane knocks him down. Then Rikishi gets a chair and hits Rikishi, then in the ring, Undertaker does the chokeslam and gets the win over Haku. Then Undertaker hits Rikishi and Haku hits Taker with the chair, then Rikishi knocks Undertaker down with it and Taker is busted open. Then Undertaker gets up and cleans house.
Winner: Undertaker


Backstage, Undertaker makes a challenge to Haku and Rikishi into a first blood match for Smackdown. So I guess it’s Rikishi and Haku vs Undertaker and Kane for Smackdown.

Dean Malenko is shown at WWF new York.

Match #6
Lita vs Jacqueline

Ivory came out to do a little color commentary for this match.
The match starts with Lita kicking on Jacqueline, then Jacqueline knocks down Lita and then she chokes her on the ropes. Then Jacqueline close lines Lita to the outside. While Ivory was sitting and commentating, Lita and Jacqueline jump her and they beat on her and Lawler tries to break up the fight. The winner of this match was suppose to face Ivory on Smackdown but we will wait and see what happens.
Winner: No Contest


Match #7
Fatal Four way
Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho vs Rock vs Big Show

Kurt Angle comes out to do some color commentary for this match.
Jericho comes out first and he said that 18 months ago he said he came here to save the WWF, but now he is here to save the WWF title and he bad mouths Angle. Then they put a commercial.
Back from commercial, Benoit comes out and him and Jericho go at it, then the Big Show comes down and headbutts Jericho and beats on Benoit, then Rock comes out right away the Big Show choke slams the Rock and covers 1,2 but Benoit kicks Big Show. Then Jericho goes on the top rope and jumps but Big Show catches him and drops him. Then Benoit goes after Big Show and he gets nailed. Then Rock throws Big Show to the outside. Benoit delivers a few chops to the chest on Rock while Jericho and Big Show fight on the outside. Rock does a Samoan drop on Benoit and covers 1,2 but Big Show hits Benoit. Then Jericho drop kicks Big Show from the top rope. Then Benoit puts the Cripplers crossface on Big Show and Rock hits Benoit. Then Rock does the spine buster on Benoit and puts the sharpshooter on him and Jericho hits Rock. Then Jericho does the Lionsault and covers but Rock makes the save. Then Jericho puts the Walls of Jericho on Rock, then Big Show grabs Jericho by the hair and Benoit low blows Big Show. Then Jericho pushes Big Show and Benoit to the outside and he turns around and Rock does the Rock Bottom on Jericho and gets the win.
Note: Rock will face Kurt Angle for the WWF Title on Smackdown.
Winner: The Rock

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