WWF RAW 2/5/2001

WWF Raw is War Results
February 5, 2001
Live from: Atlanta, GA
Commentators: Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler
Reported by: Paul Nemer of Wrestleview.com

Raw starts with some footage of what happened between Austin and Triple H on Smackdown Xtreme.

Match #1
Intercontinental Title
Matt Hardy w/Lita vs (c) Chris Jericho

The match is about to start and Malenko’s music hits and he watches the match from the entrance ramp.
The match starts with both men locking up, then the referee breaks it up. Then Jericho puts Matt in a headlock, then Jericho twists Matt’s arm, but Matt threw Jericho to the outside. They go back in the ring and Jericho goes on the top rope and jumps on matt and covers 1,2 but kickout. Jericho does a back breaker and covers but Matt kicks out. Then Jericho puts Matt on the top rope and Jericho is attempting to do a superplex but Matt throws him off and clothelines him. Then Matt kicks Jericho in the face and he goes on the top rope and does a leg drop and covers 1,2 but Jericho kicks out. Dean Malenko is walking slowly towards the ring. Then Jericho took control of the match and stomped on matt in the corner, then Lita goes on the top rope and she does a hurricanrana, then Matt covers 1,2 but Jericho kicks out. Then Malenko comes to ring side and pushes Matt on Lita and beats on Matt and throws him in the ring and Jericho does the Lionsault and gets the win. After the match Matt attacks Malenko, then Saturn comes out to help Malenko, then Jericho helps out Matt Hardy and then Eddie Guerrero comes out through the crowd and attacks Jericho, then all three men beat on Jericho while Matt was knocked out on the mat. Then they place the intercontinental title on Jericho’s face and Eddie Guerrero goes on the top rope and does the frog splash on Jericho’s face.
Winner: Still intercontinental champion, Chris Jericho

Rock is shown entering the building and Kevin Kelly tries to get a few words with The Rock but Rock ignored him and kept walking to the ring.


Rock, HHH, Kurt Angle and Vince McMahon segment
Rock made his way to the ring and he looked upset. The Rock said that since the beginning of times there has been some questions that have been unanswered. Why are we here and are we alone on this universe. Then Rock said the question is why is HHH is such a horse’s ass. The Rock said that since HHH got involved in rock’s match, so did Austin. The Rock tells Austin that when he took the referees hand and counted to three, he screwed HHH, but he also screwed the Rock. Then the Rock said that HHH can play his games on everyone time’s but not on rock’s time and he caused the Rock the WWF title. Then Rock calls out HHH and the Rock said that HHH doesn’t have the balls to come out alone so he can bring that @!$@!@ wife of his with him too. Stephanie McMahon comes out alone and tells the Rock who the hell he thinks he is? Then Rock insults Stephanie and HHH comes out and says that he will remind Rock who the hell he is. He said that he is the man that has beaten the Rock’s ass ever since he came here. HHH said, unlike Rock he earned his shot at the WWF title. Then HHH said that he was screwed by Austin, he said Austin did not screw Rock, he screwed HHH. HHH said that since he can’t beat Austin’s ass he will beat Rock’s ass, then just when HHH is about to go in the ring, Kurt Angle’s music hits and he comes out and says that this is ridiculous, both men want to have a match to see who faces Angle. The Angle said that neither one of them, can beat him. he said it’s really not a hard concept. He said even the 3% of the people here tonight who have a high school diploma can even understand that. Angle said if they both want a match to see who will face him, they can go ahead but he said that he will still beat who ever wins. Then Vince McMahon comes out and says that in the interest of fairness, then Rock interrupted him and said to stop with that interest of fairness crap and to go get a brand new XFL football and shove it up his ass. Kurt Angle says that he thinks McMahon is always fair. Then Vince said that tonight Rock will face HHH, but not exactly like they think. He said that HHH should team up with Austin here tonight and Rock will team up with Kurt Angle. Then Angle said it’s not fair, then Vince leaves. So it’s Austin and HHH vs Rock and Kurt Angle.


Match #2
Edge and Christian vs Kaentai

Then Edge and Christian start making fun of Kaentai and they do the same type of talking they do, it was pretty funny. Then Kaentai came out and did their usual promo. The match starts with Edge and Christian beating on Kaentai, then Edge beats on Funaki. Edge does a neck breaker on Funaki, then Christian gets the tag and Christian starts kicking on Funaki. Then Christian makes the tag back to Edge. Edge puts Funaki up side down in the corner on the ropes and Edge and Christian double team on him. Christian gets the tag back and Christian takes him down and covers 1,2 but Funaki kicks out. Then Edge gets the tag and they do a sidewalk slam. Then Funaki somehow rolls up Edge, 1,2 but Edge kicks out. Then Funaki does a spinning head scissor and makes the tag to Taka and take takes down Edge and Christian. Then Taka does the Muchinoku driver on Edge and covers 1,2 but Christian makes the save. Edge then spears Funaki and Edge and Christian do a stack plex and they get the win.
Winners: Edge and Christian

Stephanie is shown talking to the makeup artist and is saying that Vince is making her sick and that the made found an earing in Vince’s hotel room and she said it was his wife’s but Stephanie was telling the makeup artist that Linda does not wear that kind of earrings and that she is going to talk to Vince right now because she has had enough. When Stephanie left, we see Regal in the mirror reflection who has heard the conversation.


They show Vince talking on the phone and Stephanie interrupts him and she tells him that she wants to know what is going on between him and Trish Stratus. Vince said that Trish and him are just friends. Then Regal walks in and right away tells Vince thanks for letting me use your hotel room last night and he sees the earring in Stephanie’s hand and Regal takes it and thanks her for finding it and leaves. He just saved Vince McMahon from a huge argument.

Austin is shown entering the arena and Kevin Kelly tells Austin that Vince made a match between Austin and HHH against Rock and Angle. Austin said “We will see about that”.

Kat enters APA’s office and she tells the Acolytes that she needs protection and then Farooq says that he doesn’t use protection, then Kat tells him not that kind and Bradshaw says you got money and she says no, then she disrobes herself and says that can be the payment and the Acolytes agree.


Michael Cole interview Molyl Holly in the parking lot and Molyl says she is waiting for the mystery driver to come so she can beat her.

Match #3
Tag Team Titles
Dudley Boyz vs Undertaker and Kane

The match starts between Kane and D-Von and Kane does a sidewalk slam. Then Kane sends him in the corner but D-Von hits him and D-Von tries to fight back but Kane does a back drop. Then D-Von does a short drop kick and makes the tag to Buh Buh Ray delivers a few right hands on kane. Then Kane knocks him down and Kane goes on the top rope and does a clotheline and covers 1,2 but D-Von breaks the count. Undertaker got the tag and beats on Buh Buh Ray. Then Undertaker twists Buh Buh Ray’s arm and he goes on the top rope and jumps. Then Undertaker attempts to do an elbow drop but Buh Buh Ray moves out of the way. Then the Dudleyz do the WAZUUUPP thing on Undertaker and then Dudleyz are about to do the 3D on Undertaker but Undertaker gets D-Von right in the DDT and covers 1,2 but Buh Buh Ray makes the save. Kane gets the tag and beats on D-Von. Then Kane does a suplex, followed by a leg drop and covers 1,2 but Buh Buh Ray makes the save. Kane then delivers the boot into the face of D-Von, then Kane makes the tag and Undertaker is back in, D-Von tried to fight back, but Undertaker does a high flying clotheline. Then D-Von capitalizes on Taker’s mistake and does a swinging neck breaker and makes the tag to Buh Buh Ray. Then Buh Buh Ray does a suplex and covers 1,2 but Undertaker kicks out. Then Undertaker gets pushes to the outside by Buh Buh Ray and Kane and D-Von fight on the outside, then Taker and Buh Buh Ray came back in the ring and Edge and Christian came and tried to hit Undertaker with the chair, but Undertaker hits Edge and Christian and beat them with the chair and then Taker covers Buh Buh Ray, but the referee calls for the bell and thought Undertaker hit Buh Buh Ray with the chair.
Winners: Still Tag Team champions, The Dudley Boyz


Vince is shown backstage with Trish and then Austin walks in, then Vince tries to explain, then Austin said he loves the match and he has no problem, then Vince is like I am not trying to screw you out of the title and Austin said that Vince is trying to screw someone else.

The Kat came out with the Acolytes. Kat said that the human body is a beautiful thing and should not be covered with clothes. She said it’s time to say no more Right to Censor and it’s time to say Right to Nudity. She said that why can’t we come in naked? Why can’t we walk on the street naked? She said that Right to Nudity will let them be themselves. Then RTC came out and the Acolytes beat on them and then Steven Richards went in the ring and called Kat a slut then Kat kissed him and he turned around and Bradshaw clothelined him. Then just when Kat was about to strip, Ivory hit the Kat but Kat chased Ivory.

Molly is shown doing push ups and Raven comes and Molly says where’s your woman? and Raven says she’s not his woman and he said that he does not have a woman..yet.


Vince is shown demonstrating a couple of moves on Trish, then Al Snow walks in and tells Vince that he is not happy with the decision he made about firing Foley. Vince tells Al SNow that he is competing tonight.

Molly was still waiting and a car pulled up and it was the mystery woman and Molly attacked her, then raven tried to get in the fight and Molly low blowed him and then the mystery women hit Molly and she threw raven in the car and they both left.


(From earlier today)
Cole is shown interviewing Too Cool and they say Rikishi has changed and that they don’t need him anymore. Then Haku walks in and interrupts them. Then Rikishi shows up and tells them what’s up?

Match #4
Haku and Rikishi vs Too Cool

The match starts with Rikishi taking down Grand Master Sexay, then Grand Master fights back and then he does a short drop kick on Rikishi. Then Rikishi does a huge clotheline on Grand Master. Then Haku gets the tag and so does scotty Too Hotty and Haku beats on him and makes the tag to Rikishi and Rikishi continues to beat on him. Then Rikishi tried to squash him in the corner but Scotty moves and tags Grand Master, but Haku went in and knocked down Scotty. Then Grand Master went on the top rope but Haku trips him, then Scotty does the WORM on Rikishi but then Haku throws him out. Then Grand Master does the Tennessee Jam and covers Rikishi 1,2 but Grand Master went up and punched Haku. Then he turned around and Rikishi did a belly to belly suplex and then did the Bonzai drop and got the win.
Winners: Rikishi and Haku

Kurt Angle is shown backstage looking for the Rock and he sees Essa Rios and asks him and he replied back in Spanish and pointed to somewhere down the hall to the left..and Angle went.


Kurt walks in Rock’s dressing room and Kurt says that they have to cooperate in this match and that if Rock does well, Kurt will ask Vince to put Rock in a #1 contenders match. Then Rock tells Angle that sooner or later the Rock will have his WWF Title and that Kurt Angle’s days are numbered as WWF champion.

Match #5
Chris Benoit vs Al Snow

The match starts with both men locking up, then Benoit puts Snow in the corner and beats on him. Then Al reverses it and does the same to Benoit. Then Benoit sends Al shoulder first into the ring post. But Snow fires back, then Benoit hits him and throws him to the outside. Benoit beats on Al Snow on the outside, them he brings him back in and Benoit is in control. Then Al Snow hits Benoit does a back suplex and then Snow sends him to the ropes and does a flying back body drop on Benoit. Then Al Snow does two moonsaults on Benoit and covers 1,2 but Benoit kicked out. Then Benoit somehow applies the Crippler’s Crossface on Al Snow and gets the win.
Winner: Chris Benoit

Stephanie walks into Vince’s locker room and she says that Austin is so calm about this match and he is up to no good. Stephanie says that Austin is planning to lose his title shot as Wrestlemania and getting HHH suspended for six months, then Vince is like that would be a double suicide. Vince tells her to calm down.


Chyna is shown at WWF New York and Jim Ross asks her how she is doing and Chyna said that she is taking Billy’s advice and she is spending time with her fans.

Then they show a whole bunch of highlights from the XFL.

Stephanie is shown talking to Triple H and Austin walks and just wishes Triple H good luck.


Match #6
Rock and Kurt Angle w/Trish vs HHH and Austin

Austin starts off by beating on Kurt Angle. Then Austin elbows him, then jumps on him and delivers a few punches. Austin puts Angle on the top rope and does a suplex and Austin tags Triple H and HHH is upset by the way Austin tagged him and then HHH turned around and Rock beat on him, then HHH puts Rock in the corner and punches him, then rock fires back. Then Rock does the DDT, then Angle tags himself in and Rock punched Angle out. Triple H tagged Austin and Austin beat on Angle. The Austin does a spinebuster then Austin threw Kurt to the outside and Austin went after him and beat on him, and in the ring Rock did the spinebuster on HHH, then Angle hits both of them and Big Show’s music hit and Big Show came out and beat on the Rock and left. Then Austin went back in the ring and threw Angle to the outside and HHH and Austin took care of Kurt Angle on the outside by smashing his head into the announcing table. They go back in the ring and HHH is sent to the ropes by Angle and Austin lowers the ropes and HHH falls to the outside and Austin checks to see if he is ok, then HHH pushes Austin. Then HHH pedigrees Kurt in the ring and Austin distracts the referee and HHH tried to punch Austin but Austin ducked and Angle low blowed HHH and hit him with the chair and got the pin on Triple H. After the match Austin did the Stone Cold Stunner on Kurt Angle.
Winner: Rock and Kurt Angle

Thanks for reading,
Paul Nemer

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