WWF RAW 2/12/2001

WWF Raw is War Results
February 12, 2001
Live from: Continental Airlines Arena
Commentators: Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler
Reported by: Paul Nemer of Wrestleview.com

Opening Segment
Triple H comes out with Stephanie. HHH says to Stephanie, that every time they come to New Jersey it’s the same damn thing and he says that new Jersey is the armpit of America. He basically bashes New Jersey and the fans. Then HHH said that he has a confused look on his face and there are a lot of things he doesn’t understand about his match with Austin. HHH says he understands many things that Vince McMahon is doing. But the one thing that he cannot understand is why Vince would choose to represent him, the one man that he hates and that’s the Rock. HHH says that normally the Rock is the people’s champion, but tonight the Rock will not represent these idiots (the fans) he will represent HHH. HHH says that Austin will not know how to deal with the stipulations HHH is going to come up with. HHH tells Rock that he better get the job done tonight and he told him not to do anything stupid. Then The Rock comes out on the entrance ramp and the Rock says that HHH just told the Rock not to do anything stupid, and this comes from a man that married slut. Rock says that the fact of the matter is this, the rock does not care about HHH’s stipulations. The Rock says that at No Way Out, he guarantees he will become WWF Champion and he will defend it at Wrestlemania. Rock said that he wants to talk about tonight, not that the winner will have 5 minutes with your wife, because everyone already had that. Rock said that if HHH keeps running his mouth, the Rock will stick his shoe up his ass. Then Stephanie started talking and Rock made his way to the ring. Then Rikishi’s music hits and Rikishi comes out and says that he is confused…Rikishi said why is the Rock after HHH, he should be worried about Rikishi. Rikishi said that he will represent Austin tonight and Austin knows he can’t steer him wrong. Then Austin’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring too and Austin grabs the microphone and says that since HHH is having a hard time understanding things, he gives him the middle fingers, then he tells Rikishi that he is representing Austin and Austin will be sitting at ring side and will make sure Rikishi gets the job done. Then HHH says that Austin will not be sitting alone at ring side and that HHH will be sitting there too and HHH tells the Rock that he better knows his role. Then Rock attacks HHH, then Rikishi hits Rock and then he hits Austin and leaves the ring.


Match #1
Intercontinental Title
Chris Jericho vs Eddie Guerrero

The match stats with both men locking up and then Jericho knocks down Guerrero. Then Guerrero puts a sleeper, but Jericho suplexes him. Then Eddie elbows Jericho while bouncing off the ropes and he puts him in the corner and beats on him, then he suplexes Jericho and grabs his arm and puts a submission move. Then Guerrero suplexes Jericho again and he goes on the top rope but Jericho catches up and hits him and Jericho does a superplex from the top rope. Then Jericho delivers a couple of chops to the chest and then takes down Guerrero and Jericho attempts to do the Lionsault but Guerrero pulls up his knees, then he rolls Jericho 1,2 but Jericho kicks out. Eddie Guerrero was going for a somekind of hurricanrana and Jericho somehow gets him in the Walls of Jericho and gets the win. AFter the match X-Pac comes out and beats on Jericho.
Winner: Still Intercontinental Champion, Chris Jericho

In the parking lot a limo pulls and Vince McMahon, Trish and Regal come out.


Backstage, Edge and Christian are talking to Kurt Angle and Michael Cole tells Angle that Essa Rios has challenged him again. Then Kurt said doesn’t Essa Rios know when to quit? Angle tells Rios to get a partner and Angle will get a partner and they will fight tonight and Angle said who is he going to get some of his spanish dudes? Then he laughed and then Edge and Christian started saying how they will become 6 times Tag team champions…

HHH goes in Rikishi’s locker room and asks Rikishi if he can lay down for the Rock tonight and Rikishi said that he doesn’t lay down for no one and he can’t do that. Then HHH said it’s ok then HHH grabs a briefcase and was about to hit him but Haku comes in and HHH puts the briefcase down and tells Rikishi good luck.


Match #2
Hardy Boyz/Lita vs Saturn/Terri and Chris Benoit

As soon as the match started, Dean Malenko’s music hits and he comes out. Then Benoit beats on Jeff and then he tags Saturn and they double team him. Then Saturn does a suplex. Then Jeff does somekind of moonsault on Saturn and tags Matt and Matt delivers a few right hands and then a swinging neck breaker. Then Matt Hardy does a clotheline on Saturn from the second rope and then Matt knocks down Benoit to the outside. Then Terri jumps on Matt and Matt grabs Terri and tags Lita. Lita does a hurracanrana on saturn and she does the twist of faith on Terri followed by the moonsault and gets the pin. After the match, Saturn knocks down Lita and Malenko comes in the ring and helps Lita up and clothelines her.
Winners: Hardy Boyz and Lita


Match #3
#1 Contendership for the Tag team Titles
Edge and Christian vs Kane and Undertaker

The Dudleyz Boyz come out to do a little color commentating for this match.
Edge and Christian attack Kane and Taker and then Kane and Undertaker beat on them. Kane and Taker clean house and then Undertaker goes on the outside and beats on Edge and he gets into an argument with the Dudleyz and then in the ring, Christian sneaks in and nails Kane with a chair and Edge covers 1,2 but he kicks out. Christian gets the tag and goes after Kane but then Kane beat on him and Kane went on the top rope but Edge trips him and hits Edge and goes on the top rope and clothelines him. Then Undertaker gets the tag and he takes care of Edge and Christian. Then Taker does a chokeslam on Christian and he covers 1,2 but Edge made the save. Kane pushes Edge on the Dudleyz on the outside and all hell broke loose. All 6 men beat on each other.
Winners: No Contest

Backstage, Michael Cole asks Angle if he is prepared and if he got a tag team partner and Kurt says that it’s Essa Rios he is talking about and he is not worried at all. Then Angle said that anyone would love to be his partner and he sees this old lady and asks her if she wants to be his partner and she says “huh” and Angle took that as a yes and then Raven comes in the interview and tells Angle he would be more then happy to be his tag team partner.


The Coach interviews Billy Gunn and asks him about HHH’s attack on Smackdown and asks him what is going through his head and he said “payback, revenge, what the hell do you think is going through my head”.

Cole walks in on McMahon and asks who are the #1 contenders for the tag team titles? Vince mcMahon said at No Way Out it will be a triple threat match.

Match #4
Triple H w/Stephanie vs Billy Gunn

The match starts with both men exchanging hits and Gunn throws him to the outside and he goes after him and clothelines him. They go back in the ring and Billy Gunn does a gorilla slam and covers 1,2 but HHH kicks out. Then Billy Gunn drop kicks HHH and covers but HHH kicks out and then Gunn starts punching HHH. Then HHH pushes Gunn to the outside. Then HHH sends him into the steel steps. They go back in the ring and HHH stomps on Billy Gunn and then chokes him. HHH then drops his knee on Gunn’s face and covers 1,2 but Billy Gunn kicks out. Then both men exchange hits but after, Gunn does a one arm slam and covers 1,2 but HHH kicks out. Billy Gunn does a jackhammer and covers 1,2 but HHH kicks out. Then Gunn was going for the famasser, but HHH picks him up and drops him and then does the pedigree and gets the win.
Winner: Triple H


Backstage, Cole asks Essa Rios if he made up his mind and The Big Show shows up and tells him “let’s go”.

Match #5
X-Pac vs Scotty Too Hotty

The match starts with X-Pac knocking Grand Master out of the ring and he goes after Scotty Too Hotty, then Grand Master takes down X-Pac behind the referees back and Scotty does the WORM and covers 1,2 but X-Pac puts his foot on the rope. Then Scotty was doing a back flip and lands on his foot and hurts himself. Then X-Pac grabs the microphone and says he has been waiting 3 months to kick somebody’s ass. Then he challenged Grandmaster since Scotty is injured and the match is under way. They go in the ring and Grand Master delivers 10 punches on X-Pac and he gets down and the referee tells him to back off and X-Pac kicks Grand Master in the stomach and does the X-Factor and gets the win. After the match, Jericho comes out and beats on X-Pac, then Justin Credible comes out and nails Jericho with a steel chair and leaves with X-Pac.
Winner: X-Pac

Kevin Kelly tries to get a few words with the Rock and the The Rock said there is times for questions and answers but there is also time for The Rock to kick Rikishi’s ass.

Backstage we see Al Snow dressing up as Mick Foley.


Al Snow segment

Al Snow comes out dressed like Mick Foley with the Mankind mask. He said he is out here to protest. He talks about the subject “screwed”. Then he says he is not talking about McMahon screwing Trish he is talking about Foley. He said Mick Foley is his best friend. He said the way Vince fired Mick Foley was not nice, polite or fair. Al Snow says that Foley lives in him tonight. Then he said that he will have a sit down strike until Vince comes out. Then Al Snow starts a Foley chant. Then Vince McMahon comes out and he just snaps the microphone out of Al Snow’s hand. Vince said that as far as Trish Stratus is concerned, he and her are just friends. He tells Snow either he can leave on his own or Vince will remove him on his own. Then Regal comes out and says that McMahon is a man of class and he doesn’t have to do this in a violent way. Regal tells Snow that McMahon is a wonderful human being. Regal said that Trish Stratus is his girlfriend. Then Vince McMahon low blows Al Snow and Regal beats on Snow.


Austin is talking to Vince backstage and tells Vince what about Austin does a match and the winner gets to tie a chain around his grape fruits and tie it to a truck and let those SOB’s rip right off.

They show highlights of the XFL.

Then they show the Kat at WWF New York wearing her bra and panties. Then they show Richards watching it on TV and each member of RTC tell him that they have to put a stop to this.

Kurt Angle is shown walking towards ringside and Raven tells him he wants out of the match because he is facing Big Show and Angle said not to worry, he will take on Essa and Raven will take on Big Show and Raven was like “come on”.


Match #6
Kurt Angle and Raven vs Big Show and Essa Rios

The match starts with Raven knocking Essa down. Then Essa squares off against Angle and Angle does a suplex to prevent him from makin gthe tag. Raven gets the tag and he beats on Essa. Big Show gets the tag but the referee did not see it. Then Show went after Angle and then Angle ran in the ring and did the olympic slam and Raven covers for the 1,2,3. After the match, Raven and Angle beat on Big Show and the mystery women comes out and brings a shopping cart with a bunch of weapons in it and Show gets nailed with a 2 by 4, then Big Show snaps and choke slams Raven and Kurt Angle runs away.
Winners: Kurt Angle and Raven


Match #7
Rock vs Rikishi

Triple H and Stephanie came out first and they will be in Rock’s corner for this match. Then Austin came out and he will be in Rikishi’s corner.

The match starts with Rock knocking down HHH off the ring apron and Rikishi attacks the Rock and the match starts. Then Rock fights back and knocks down Rikishi and Rock was going for the Rock bottom but Rikishi elbows the Rock. Then Rikishi squashes the Rock in the corner. Then Rikishi kicks Rock to the outside, then Rock smashes Rikishi’s head into the steel steps. Then Rikishi and HHH get into a little confrontation and HHH throws Rikishi and Rikishi bumps into the Rock and Rock goes over the security rails. Both men go back in the ring and Rikishi does a leg drop. Rikishi pressures the Rock in the corner and beats on him. Rock tries to fight back but Rikishi hits the Rock in the corner and then Rock explodes and clothelines Rikishi and does the spinebuster and covers 1,2 but Rikishi kicks out. Then both men knock each other down and Stephanie distracts the referee and HHH goes in and puts Rock on Rikishi, then Austin goes in and reverses that and the referee covers 1,2 but Rikishi kicks out. Then Stephanie slaps Austin and Austin was going to go after her, then Rock does the Rock Bottom on Rikishi and gets the win. After the match, Rikishi and HHH attack Rock and Austin stuns Rikishi and gets in HHH’s face.
Winner: The Rock, Therefore, HHH gets to choose the stipulation.

Thanks for reading,
Paul Nemer

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