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WWF RAW 2/26/2001

WWF Raw Is War Results
February 26, 2001
Live from: Phoenix, Az
Commentators: Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler
Reported by: Paul Nemer of

Raw starts with some highlights of the WWF title match at No Way Out.

Opening Segment

Raw kicks off with the new World Wrestling Federation Champion, The Rock coming out. Rock takes the microphone and says “Finally, The Rock has come back to Phoenix”. Then he says, Finally The Rock is once again WWF champion. He said that Kurt Angle showed The Rock two sides of his personality, he said he saw a man who kicked out of the People’s elbow and the Rock respects that but then after the match, we saw the other side of Kurt Angle. The other side, walking up the ramp crying and complaining. Then Rock makes fun of Kurt Angle and said he never had sex with a women before. He said that he beat Angle last night and he is going to Wrestlemania. Then Rock says if Kurt Angle wants to bitch, he can come out and bitch at The Rock. Then Austin’s music hits and Steve Austin comes out. Austin grabs the microphone and says that the reason he is out here is because he has a couple of things he wants to get off his chest. First he congratulates the Rock and he said that Kurt Angle can cry all he wants, but the better man won. Austin said he has some advice for the Rock and that’s to stay healthy for Wrestlemania then Austin was about to leave and the Rock tells him not to leave. Rock said that he appreciates his advice and that Rock has some advice of his own and that’s two words “Get Ready, if you smell what the Rock is cookin'”

William Regal is shown waiting in the parking lot, then Stephanie shows up and tells him what he’s doing out there and Regal tells her that he wants to try to work things out with Vince McMahon. Stephanie tells him that Vince will not let him out of the match and he should get ready.


Backstage, Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit get into an argument and Eddie said that Benoit let a title come between their friendship, then Dean Malenko tries to be a peace maker. Then Benoit tells Guerrero that they have a match tonight and they should concetrate on that.

Match #1
X-Pac and Justin Credible vs Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero

The match starts with Eddie and Credible and they exchange a few hits. Then Justin does a DDT, then Eddie gets up and does a suplex and makes the tag to Benoit and Benoit goes after Credible. But then Credible does German suplex but only gets a two count and X-Pac gets the tag and Benoit knocks him down and attempts to do the crossface but Justin breaks up the hold. Then Eddie gets the tag and does a suplex on X-Pac and only gets a two count. Chris Benoit gets the tag back and they double team X-Pac. Then Eddie gets back in, then X-Pac does a spinning heal kick and then attempts to do the bronco buster but Eddie moves and then X-Pac receives a back breaker. Then Justin gets in and him and X-Pac do a double super kick and X-Pac covers Eddie, but Eddie kicks out. Then Benoit gets the tag and beats on x-Pac and then he does a suplex on Credible, then he does a couple of German suplexes on Justin and Benoit attempts to do the diving headbutt, but X-pac pushes Justin out of the way and Benoit misses and X-Pac rolls up Benoit and gets the win. Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero left without together but they did not talk to one another.
Winners: X-Pac and Justin Credible

A limo is shown pulling in the back and it’s Vince McMahon and Trish Stratus. Then Vince tells her that he hopes she enjoyed the ride as much as he did. Then Regal shows up and tries to apologize and tells him that he wants to talk about what happened last night. Vince tells Regal that he didn’t know what to do last night, but Vince said that he knows what to do tonight and the match is on.


Kurt Angle is shown walking backstage and The Coach tries to get a word with him, but Angle refuses to talk and kept walking.

Match #2
#1 Contendership for the Women’s title
Molly Holly w/Crash vs Lita w/Matt Hardy

The match starts with both ladies locking up, then Molly knocks down Lita. Then the both exchange a few moves. Then lita rolls up Molly but Molly kicks out at two. Then Molly takes down Lita again, then Molly does a suplex and she goes on the top rope and jumps but Lita moves. Then Matt and Crash get into an argument and Molly back body drops Lita on Matt, then the referee is distracted and Raven’s mystery driver comes in the ring and she DDT’s Molly, then Lita does the moosault and she gets the win.
Winner: Lita

Vince is shown backstage talking to Trish and Vince had a mop and was mixing up some dirt and mud and he said they will use that in their match tonight. Kurt Angle comes in and tells McMahon that he wants a rematch with the Rock tonight and he wants to hurt the Rock and Vince tells him that he will take it under advisement.


Vince was talking to Stephanie and told her that if she gets in the ring she knows what might happen and he points at the mud.

Regal is then shown knocking at Trish’s locker room and she opens the door and he tries to talk to her and she tells him that after what he did to her last night, he can go to hell.

Al Snow is shown a WWF New York and he said that he is campaigning to be WWF commissioner. Then Jim Ross asks him if he becomes commissioner what he will do differently and Al Snow said that he wants to bring in more midgets.

Dudleyz are shown walking backstage.


Big Show walks into Vince’s locker room and asks for a title shot against the Rock. Vince said that he should be suspended for interfering in the main event last night. Then Vince makes a triple threat match for tonight between Big Show, Kurt Angle and Rock and he tells him that his Hardcore title is on the line.

Match #3
Tag Team Titles
The Dudley Boyz vs Rikishi & Haku

As soon as both teams entered the ring, Kane’s music hits and both Kane and Undertaker came out. Haku starts off by punching D-Von, then D-Von knocks him down, but then Haku slams him and makes the tag. D-Von knocks down Rikishi and makes the tag to Buh Buh Ray. Then, Buh Buh tags back D-Von and they double team Rikishi. Then haku gets the tag and he beats on D-Von. Then Haku makes the tag and Rikishi puts D-Von in the corner and beats on him. Rikishi makes the tag back to Haku. Haku continues to punish D-Von, then Haku goes for an elbow drop but misses and D-Von tags Buh Buh Ray and Rikishi gets the tag too. Buh Buh clothelines Haku to the outside and Rikishi kicks Buh Buh and attempts to sit on him but he misses and then the Dudleyz do the WAZZUUUP thing and they call for the tables, but then Haku was about to hit D-Von but he moves and accidently hits the referee Teddy Long. They do the 3D but the referee is down. Then Rikishi squashes D-Von with the banzai drop, then kane and Undertaker go in the ring and they beat up Rikishi and Haku. Kane chokeslams Haku and D-Von covers and the referee gets up and makes the three count. After the match, Kane and Undertaker chokeslam D-Von and Buh Buh ray and they leave.
Winners: Still Tag Team champions, The Dudley Boyz

Cole tells the Rock about the match Vince made tonight and what The Rock thinks about that match. Then Rock insults Michael Cole and then he asks him if he can read and Cole said “yeah” then Rock tells him to read what is on his shirt and Cole read what was on and it said “It Doesn’t Matter.” He got his answer.


Match #4
Stephanie and Regal vs Vince McMahon and Trish

Vince and Trish come out and Vince is carrying that bucket full of mud and dirt or whatever there is in it…Trish kisses McMahon at the beginning, then Trish takes down Stephanie and sends her face first into the top turnbuckle. Trish attemots to bulldog her, but Steph pushes her into the turnbuckle and Steph suplexes her and she covers, but Trish kicks out. Then Steph DDT’s her and covers again but Trish kicks out. Then Trish makes the tag to Vince and Vince walks in and Steph was about to make the tag to Regal, but Regal goes to the outside and Stephanie is on her knees begging for Vince not to hit her. Then Vince takes the microphone and starts talking and then Vince throws Trish in the ring and Vince, Stephanie and Regal surround Trish and Steph slaps her and Vince tells Steph to get the mop and mop the ring with her. Vince said that Stephanie is Vince’s little girl, but Trish was daddy’s little toy and he got tired of her. Vince is back with Stephanie.
Winner: No Contest


Match #5
Light Heavyweight championship
Dean Malenko vs Taka Michinoki

Kaentai came out with some lady and they do their usual talking and then Taka said that the lady is his girlfriend and Funaki does his “Indeed”….

The match starts with Taka putting a head lock on Dean. Dean goes to the outside and he clothelines Funaki. Then Taka rolls up Malenko but only gets a two count. Then Malenko knocks down Taka. Then Malenko puts Taka on the top rope and does a superplex but right away Taka covers him and only gets a two count. Taka does the Michinoku driver and Malenko kicked out. Then Dean capitalizes on a mistake Taka did and gets him in the Texas cloverleaf and gets the win.
Winner: Still Light Heavyweight champion, Dean Malenko

Kurt Angle requested an interview backstage and Kevin Kelly interviewed him. Kurt Angle said that he loves the hardcore match tonight. He said that after last night’s match, he doesn’t feel like playing by the rules. He said he should still be the WWF champion. Then he tells the Big Show, how dare he interfere in his match last night. Angle said that he might not be walking to Wrestlemania as WWF champion, but he said that he will make sure that the Rock is not walking period.


In the parking lot, a white van pulls up and Right to Censor came out and had Kat dressed up like Ivory.

Match #6
Raven vs Chris Jericho

Raven said that since he is the greatest hardcore champion he wants to talk about his favorite moment as hardcore champion. Raven starts off by saying how he beat Al Snow, Crash…Then Jericho’s music hits. Jericho says welcome to “Raw is Jericho” Then he said what was my favorite Raisin moment, was it when he got his head in the toilet? Or was it when Y2J told him to please shut the hell up.

Raven does a baseball slide on Jericho and brings him in the ring and Jericho does an inside cradle but he kicks out. Then Jericho beats on Raven. Then Jericho puts the Walls of Jericho on Raven and the mystery women comes out and distracts the referee and Molly Holly comes out and tries to push her off the apron, then the mystery women accidently hits Raven with a 2×4 and Jericho gets the win. Molly tries to take her mask off, but Raven pulls her out just in time.
Winner: Still IC champion, Chris Jericho


RTC were being interviewed and Richards basically did all the talking and he said that they will teach the Kat how to be a member of RTC…


Match #7
Right to Censor vs Acolytes & Jerry Lawler

Tazz joins Jim Ross for commentary since Lawler is wrestling.

The match starts on the entrance ramp, then they go in the ring and it’s Farooq beating on Buchanan. Then Bull hits him and makes the tag to the Goodfather. Then Val Venis and Goodfather double team Farooq behind the referees back. Bradshaw gets the tag and so does Bull Buchanan. Bull hits Bradshaw and makes the tag to Val Venis. Bradshaw beats on Val. While on the outside, The Kat beats on Ivory and Richards tries to break up the fight, In the ring, Bradshaw does the clotheline from hell on Val Venis, and Lawler jumps off the top rope and lands on Val and gets the win. RTC took Kat away and she was crying.
Winners: Acolytes & Jerry Lawler


Match #8
Hardcore Title
The Rock vs Big Show vs Kurt Angle

Big Show and Rock exchange a few hits, then Kurt Angle does a back suplex on Rock. Then Big Show hits Kurt Angle, then angle tries to fight back, then Rock nails Kurt Angle and Big Show nails the Rock. Big Show and Rock fight on the outside and Big Show picks up the Rock and was about to make him land on the steps, but the Rock pushes Big Show into the steel post. Then Angle throws Rock in the ring and stomps on him. Rock fights back and does the sharpshooter, but Big Show nails the Rock to prevent Angle from tapping out. Big Show does a headbutt on Angle and Rock hits Big Show. Kurt Angle tries to suplex Big Show but he couldn’t, then Rock helped him and they double suplexed the Big Show. Angle and Rock fight on the outside, and Blackman came and hits Show with a kendo stick and covers, but Show kicks out. Then Hardcore Holly gets involved, so does Albert, Saturn, Gunn…fights everywhere. Then Big Show takes on everyone near the entrance ramp, then Essa Rios comes out and gets nailed by Show. The Billy Gunn hits Show with a chair. Then Hardcore Holly gets a fire extinguisher. In the ring Saturn, Angle and Albert beat on the Rock. But Rock fights back, but then they knock him down. Big Show is then fighting, Gunn, Blackman, Holly and Essa Rios backstage. Then Big show picks up Rios and puts him against the wall and his shoulders were on the wall and the referee counts to three. In the ring, Rock tries to fight back against three men. Then Angle puts the ankle lock submission on Rock, then Austin comes out to help out Rock and they clean house.
Winner: Still Hardcore champion, Big Show


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