WWF RAW 1/9/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
From: Houston, TX

RAW opening video

Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels are on commentary. They talk about this being the second anniversary of RAW being on television. Michaels predicts that Owen will beat Ramon for the WWF Intercontinental Championship! Jerry Lawler will have William Shatner as his guest on Kings Court.

Pre-recorded comments from Lawler and Shatner are shown. Shatner says that Lawler’s segment is more like the home of the Whopper. Shatner is here to promote his new show and wants Lawler to leave him alone. We didn’t see Lawler’s comments.

Opening Contest: Owen Hart defeated WWF Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon by disqualification:
Ramon clotheslines Hart and looks to hit him with the championship but the referee yanks it away. Ramon backdrops Hart and sends him to the floor with a clothesline over the top to the floor. Hart drops Ramon throat first across the top rope but is stopped on the top rope and slammed to the mat. Ramon sends Hart back first into the corner and chest first across the ring for a two count. Hart misses a spear in the corner and hits the ring post. Ramon begins to work on the injured shoulder. Ramon twirls Hart around the ring before slamming him down to the mat. Ramon maintains control to work on Hart’s arm. Hart comes off the ropes but is met with a right hand from Ramon who gets a two count on a pin attempt. Hart slaps Ramon in the face but Ramon catches him as he comes off the ropes to hit a fall away slam. Ramon attempts the Razors Edge but Hart backdrops Ramon to the floor. Hart comes off the ropes and takes Ramon out on the floor with a suicide dive! Hart hits a top rope cross body back in the ring but Ramon roll through for a two count. Hart recovers by hitting a dropkick as RAW goes to commercial. Hart kicks Ramon in the head for a two count. Hart continues to work on Ramon by jumping on the champ while he is hung over the middle rope. Hart stops Ramon with a spinning heel kick but only gets a near fall on the cover. Hart gets a near fall following a leaping cross body. Hart delivers a backbreaker but Ramon kicks out at two. Hart puts a sleeper hold on Ramon and Ramon drops down to his knees. Ramon breaks free from the hold with a back suplex! Ramon covers Hart but only manages to get a two count. Ramon drops Hart with a right hand. Ramon plants Hart with a choke slam! Ramon sets Hart on the top rope but Hart rolls off and crotches Ramon on the top rope causing Ramon to drop to the floor. Hart heads to the top rope and nails Ramon with a missile dropkick! Hart puts the Sharpshooter on Ramon! However, Bret Hart runs into the ring and attacks Owen to cause the disqualification.
After the match, Jeff Jarrett and Roadie run down to send Ramon into the ring post. Jarrett enters the ring and attacks Bret Hart. Ramon returns to the ring and hammers away on Jarrett with Bret. Jarrett bails to the floor while Ramon and Bret stand tall in the ring. (***. The match was a solid bout despite the DQ finish. They put together the best match on RAW in at least a couple of months. The aftermath was done nicely as well.)

Royal Rumble 1995 Report with Todd Pettengill is up next. Pettengill just hypes up the show like he has been doing for a month now. WWF World Champion Diesel cut a promo saying he hopes that Bret Hart is 100% healthy and ready to compete for the title.

Backstage, Jerry Lawler says that if William Shatner doesn’t show him the respect he deserves he will hit him.

Second Contest: Hakushi defeated Matt Hardy:
This is the RAW debut for Hakushi. Hakushi wins the bout following a slingshot splash from the apron. Complete dominance by Hakushi.

Jerry Lawler is in the ring for another edition of Kings Court. Lawler says his guest was supposed to be Bret Hart, but Bret decided to have William Shatner be the guest instead. Shatner is here to promote Tek War, his new television show. Shatner comes down to the ring for the segment and Lawler lists all the things that Shatner has done in his career. Lawler wants Shatner to say that being on Kings Court is the best moment of his career, but Shatner gives him the thumbs down. Shatner says chewing gum yesterday was more exciting than being on the Kings Court. Lawler touches Shatner, who doesn’t like that and says Lawler will be in trouble if he touches him. So, Lawler touches Shatner who slaps his hand away. Shatner puts a hammerlock on Lawler shoves him into the ropes! Shatner takes Lawler down with a catapult and Lawler bails to the floor. Bret Hart comes out and celebrates with Shatner. Jeff Jarrett returns to the ringside area and holds Lawler back from entering the ring.

Third Contest: King Kong Bundy defeated Gary Sabaugh:
Bundy quickly wins the bout following a big splash.

Footage of 1-2-3 Kid and Bob Holly defeating Well Dunn to advance in the tag team title tournament is shown. The Smoking Gunns were replaced by Kid and Holly due to injury.

Backstage, the Bushwhackers hype up Fink for his match. Well Dunn hype up Harvey Whippleman as well.

A video promoting the debut of Kama is aired.

Main Event: Howard Finkel defeated Harvey Whippleman in a tuxedo match:
Yeah, so this actually happened. Harvey is able to rip off Harvey’s tuxedo. Whatever…

Jeff Jarrett comes down to the ringside area and cuts a promo saying that Shatner is a geek. Jarrett tells us that the Roadie will be taking care of Ramon. Jarrett is going to make sure that Bret Hart doesn’t make it to the Royal Rumble.

Final Thoughts:
Easily the best RAW in two months. Owen/Ramon was a good television bout and Kings Court with Shatner was actually entertaining. Get rid of the tuxedo match and this would have been even better. I liked it and next week could also be good if Bret/Jarrett can actually deliver a quality bout.

Thanks for reading.

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