WWF RAW 7/2/2001

WWF Raw is War Results
July 2nd, 2001
Live from: Tacoma, WA
Commentators: Jim Ross and Paul Heyman
Reported by: Paul Nemer of Wrestleview.com

Raw starts with highlights of Raw and Smackdown.

Opening Segment

No chance music hits and Vince McMahon comes out. He says that on July 22, 2001, will mark the greatest single day in sports entertainment history. He said that’s the day where WCW is against the WWF. He said there will not be an invasion there will be an annihilation. He said how can you compare WWF to WCW? He said let’s compare the WCW champion, Booker T to the WWF champion, Stone Cold Steve Austin. He said booker T has no integrity, he said Austin is a man among men. Vince guarantees that at invasion…then Kurt Angle’s music hits and he comes out. Kurt apologizes for interrupting him, but his words were so moving, he couldn’t help himself. He said, he wishes everyone had a boss like him. He said that Booker T is not only lacking integrity, but intelligence and intensity. Then Kurt Angle says let’s see the trouble Booker T caused since he came in, then they show a bunch of highlights of when Booker T attacked, Austin, Vince… Kurt says the point is, that Booker T made Austin look like a jackass. Austin’s music hits and he comes out. Kurt tells Steve that he knows he is angry at Booker T, he tells Austin that he will make a promise that he will not allow Booker T to attack him or Vince. Austin said how can Kurt stop booker T when Austin will have his foot up Angle’s ass. He said the problem is not Booker T, it’s Kurt Angle. Austin said that Austin/McMahon is a team, he doesn’t fit in the equation and they don’t need Kurt. Austin calls him a jackass, and says the Fans and Vince think Kurt is also a jackass. Kurt said he’s a heroe not a jackass. Hero, jackass, hero, jackass, hero, jackass…it was so funny. Then Vince tells them to fight. Kurt hugs Vince McMahon, that angered Austin. Austin hugs Vince. They start pushing each other. Shane McMahon’s music hits and he comes out. Shane said that we have an Olympic gold medalist and a WWF champion, fighting over a hug, is this Raw? or an episode of sesame street? He said tonight’s show is an “I” for Invasion. Shane tells Vince to put his best guys on one side, and Shane will put his best guys on one side and they will fight. Shane says that tonight, Booker T will defend his title against Buff Bagwell. He tells Vince, that Linda is watching with her attorneys and it would be a very bad idea for Austin to interfere in the main event.

The APA were talking backstage about who let Booker T in the building…They went to try to investigate who’s letting the WCW wrestlers in the arena.


WWF boot of the week: DDP attacking Undertaker, and ripping Sara’s hair.

Match #1
Intercontinental Title
Undertaker (w/Sara) vs Albert

The match starts with both wrestlers staring at each other. Albert starts off by delivering a few hits, then the Undertaker delivers a suplex. Undertaker whips Albert in the corner and Taker delivers a few hits, then Albert catches Taker in a bear hug. Undertaker gets out of it, then Albert kicks Taker in the face and covers, 1,2 but Taker kicks out. Flying clothesline by Undertaker. Undertaker chokeslams Albert and calls for the last ride. DDP comes out and hits the Undertaker with a chair and gives him the Diamond Cutter. Sara goes after DDP and she pushes him, then Kane comes out and beats up on DDP. Sara low blows DDP and Kane sends him in the ring. Undertaker beat son him, then Albert hits Undertaker, then Kane comes in and cleans house.
Winner: by DQ, Undertaker


Torrie Wilson is walking backstage, and Howard Finkle introduces himself and she asks where Vince McMahon’s office is and he tells her.

Match #2
Molly Holly vs Crash Holly w/ Jackie

Hurricanrana by Molly, followed by a roll up, 1,2 but Crash kicks out. Molly hits him and then Jackie drags her to the outside. Back in the ring, Crash takes down Molly and grabs her by the hair, then he suplexes her. Spike gets up on the apron and Crash nails him. Jackie goes in and puts Molly on the top rope, then Crash goes to get Molly, but she jumps on him and gets the pinfall. After the match, Jackie gives Crash a tournado DDT.
Winner: Molly Holly

Vince, Kurt, Austin, and Debra were talking and Vince is saying that they have to get along. Torrie Wilson walks in and Vince was happy to see her. She asks Vince is they can talk about her contract and before Vince left, Austin hugged him. Then Kurt and Austin get into an argument. Austin told him that Vince left because he can’t talk business in front of big mouth Kurt Angle, then Kurt said Vince trusts him then Austin asked him why he thinks Vince left and didn’t want to talk in front of him, and Kurt says “Your wife” and Austin said “you got a point there”.


Christian is shown with the KOTR trophie, and Edge tells him what he was doing and Christian tells him that he could’ve won the KOTR tournament. Edge tells him well he didn’t, then Christian says that he will win the Light heavyweight title tonight so they can both have something and Edge told him that he will be right in his corner to make sure that happens.

William Regal is shown warning Tajiri about Scotty 2 Hotty’s w-o-r-m. The Dudley Boyz come in and Bubba asked him why they are facing Jericho. Regal talked about loyalty…Then Regal simply asks them to put Jericho through a table and they agreed.

APA are talking to Hardcore Holly, and Holly told them that he’s not the stooge they are looking for. Holly told them to find out who wasn’t there when they beat up O’Haire and Palumbo, he told them to try to find out, who wasn’t there when they chased the limo…Faarooq told Bradshaw that he is right.

Vince is talking to Torrie in the shower, and she is telling him how badly she wants to be a WWF. He asks Torrie, how badly does she wants to be a WWF superstar. Austin interrupts them and wants to talk about Invasion. Then Vince tries to make him understand he wants to be alone..Austin tells Vince he will go get them a coffee and will be back.


Match #3
Scotty 2 Hotty vs Tajiri w/Regal

The match starts with Tajiri giving Scotty a headlock. Back suplex by Scotty. Scotty drops the elbow a few times and covers,, 1,2 but Tajiri kicks out. Tajiri puts him in the corner and hits him, then Tajiri does the tarantula. Then both men exchange chops, Scotty knocks down Tajiri to the outside, followed by a baseball slide. Back in the ring, Scotty takes down Tajiri and does the w-o-r-m but he misses and Tajiri spits the green myst in Scotty’s eyes and kicks him and gets the win.
Winner: Tajiri

Vince and Torrie enter a mop closet, then Kurt Angle walks in the mop closet and says he heard some noise and Kurt tells her about his medals, then she left and Vince gave Kurt a bad look and also left and Kurt said to himself “I think she likes me”.


Booker T was shown at the vending machine, then Test walks by and Booker T introduces himself and asks him if there is a chance for Test coming to WCW..and Test said it depends, he might be th eone facing him for the title one day. It also depends on the money.

Match #5
Handicap Match
Chris Jericho vs Dudley Boyz

The Dudleyz attack Jericho and they beat on him on the corner. Jericho fired back, and throws Devon to the outside. But Bubba knocks Jericho down and the Dudleyz do the wazzupp…Devon sends Jericho and replies with a clothesline. Bubba gets the tag and takes a few shots at Jericho. Devon gets the tag back and they double team him. Then Bubba gets the tag and continues the punishment. Devon gets the tag back and Jericho pushes him on Bubba. Elbow shot by Jericho on Devon. Jericho drop kicks Bubba to the outside. Walls of Jericho on Devon, Bubba pulls out the referee and Devon taps out but it was too late. Bubba gets a table and then Spike comes out and does the Dudley Dog on Bubba and Bubba lands on Devon. Jericho gets up and does the lionsault on Devon and gets the win.
Winner: Chris Jericho

Vince and Torrie start making out in the washroom and then someone flushes the toilet and Saturn comes out. Vince and Torrie leave, then Saturn says “You’re welcome.”


They show higlights of Chris Benoit’s injury…

Match #6
Light Heavyweight Title
Christian w/Edge vs X-Pac w/ Credible

The match starts with X-Pac putting a head lock on Christian. Clothesline by Christian. Christian works on X-Pac’s arm, but X-pac gets out, then Christian does a running powerslam. Christian sends X-Pac to the ropes and X-Pac replies back with a spinning kick. Sleeper hold applied by X-Pac. X-Pac puts Christian in the corner and gives him a few hits, then X-Pac goes for the bronco buster, but Christian gets up and kicks him. Gut buster by Christian. Credible goes on the apron and Edge knocks him off, then Credible goes in the ring and Edge nails him, then Christian does the reverse DDT and covers, but the referee was busy telling Edge to get out of the ring, then X-Pac gets up and nails Christian with the belt and covers him for the pin.
Winner: Still Light Heavyweight champion, X-Pac

APA were backstage looking for Test and they bump into a referee and he tells them the last time he saw Test, he was talking to Booker T.


Match #7
Rhyno vs Test

Rhyno attacks Test. He takes him down with a clothesline. Then a bunch of the wrestlers come out on the entrance ramp. Rhyno continues the beating on Test. Then, Test knocks him down and beats him in the corner. The WWF wrestlers surround the ring. Rhyno hits Test several times on his back, but Test answers back with a boot to the face. Bradshaw clotheslines Test and Rhyno does the gore and gets the win. Then the WWF wrestlers get in the ring and beat up test. Bradshaw powerbombs Test.
Winner: Rhyno


Match #8
Intergender Tag team Match
Big Show & Trish vs Matt and Lita

Show starts by beating up Matt. Gorilla plex slam by Show. Trish gets the tag and she hits Matt, then Matt gets the tag. Trish slaps her, then Lita knocks her down. Lita tries a hurricanrana on Show, but Show caught her, them Matt drop kicks him. Jeff tried to jump on Show, but Show knocks him down on the outside. Trish goes for the bulldog, 1,2 but Lita kicks out. Trish tries to go for another, but Lita throws her. Show gets in, and grabs Matt and Lita, then they low blow him and DDT him. Lita does the twist of fate, followed by a moonsault and she gets the win. After the match, big Show yells at Trish and Jeff drop kicks him and leaves.
Winners: Matt and Lita

Vince is shown talking to Torrie and tells her maybe after the event tonight…Torrie told Vince she knows a place where they didn’t think of and they can go there.

Shane McMahon wishes Bagwell good luck and Bagwell tells him he doesn’t rely on luck, he relies on skill and after tonight he will be the new WCW champion. Shane again wishes him good luck.


The WWF wrestlers were shown having a party backstage. SGT. Slaughter walks in and tells them that Test is not the guy that let the WCW stars in. He tells them Test was with him last week, so it can’t be him.

Jim Ross and Paul Heyman leave the commentating table.
Shane McMahon’s music hits and he comes out and tells everyone “welcome to history in the making, welcome to WCW”. Shane McMahon introduces the commentators for the match, accompanied by Stacey Keibler, Double A, Arn Anderson and Scott Hudson.

Stacey Keibler introduces Nick Patrick as the referee. Then Regal’s music hits and he comes out. Regal said that there will be a WCW match, but Shane is not allowed to be at ring side. Regal calls out security and Shane said he doesn’t want to have the spotlight always on him, like his dad, he will walk out on his own.

Match #9
WCW World Title
Buff Bagwell vs Booker T

The match starts with Buff hammering on Booker T, but Booker fights back. Buff kicks Booker in the mid section, followed by a DDT. Booker delivers a boot to the face followed by a spinning kick. Buff gets up and does a swinging neck breaker. Buff takes a few shots at Booker T in the corner. Suplex by Buff and covers, 1,2 but Booker T kicks out. Buff applies a sleeper hold. Booker t fights his way back up, but Buff kicks him and puts him in the corner, then Booker T delivers a few punches and knocks Bagwell down. Booker kicks Bagwell and delivers a couple of clotheslines. Axe kick by Booker T. Steve Austin and Kurt Angle come down and they beat up on Booker T. Bagwell helps them. Austin sends Booker T into the steel steps. All three men beat on him all the way back to the entrance ramp.
Winner: By DQ, Booker T…or you can say no contest..there wasn’t an official word on the winner.

Vince McMahon and Torrie are shown in the laundry room. Torrie takes off Vince’s shirt. Vince tells her that he feels she will climb the ladder of success right on top of Mr. MacDaddy. She strips Vince naked, then she tells him to close his eyes. Then he opens them and Linda is standing there. Vince tells her this doesn’t seem what it looks like…Then he trips over his pants and call for Linda and she leaves.

Backstage, Bagwell, Kurt and Austin were still beating on Booker T. Then they throw Booker T outside and they attack Buff Bagwell.

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