WWF RAW 7/9/2001

WWF Raw is War Results
July 9, 2001
Live from: Atlanta, GA
Commentators: Jim Ross and Paul Heyman
Reported by: Paul Nemer of Wrestleview.com

Raw starts with highlights of Smackdown’s main event and when Shane and Booker T were attacked in the parking lot.

Match #1
Street Fight
Shane McMahon vs DDP

Shane comes out with a kendo stick and ready to fight. Then just as when DDP was going to come out, Undertaker’s music hits and he comes out with Sara. Undertaker grabs the microphone and says to Shane, with all do respect, Page is his, because he has a score to settle. DDP’s music hits and he comes out with a steel chair. The match starts with DDP attacking Undertaker. Then, Undertaker throws DDP in the corner and stomps him. Undertaker whips DDP into the turnbuckle, then Shane comes in with a kendo stick and hits Undertaker several times, then Undertaker fights back and assaults Shane McMahon. Undertaker was going for the last ride, but DDP hits him with a chair. It was all a setup. Shane and DDP beat on the Undertaker. Sara comes in with a kendo stick and hits Shane several times. DDP sneaks up from behind and does the diamond cutter on Sara. Paramedics come out and take Sara.

Backstage, Shane and DDP were celebrating, then DDP takes Undertaker’s motorcycle and drives out of the building.


The paramedics put Sara in the ambulance and Undertaker tells her that he will get DDP for what he did.

Match #2
WWF Tag Team Titles
Dudley Boyz vs Acolytes

The match starts with both teams exchanging hits. Bradshaw clotheslines Devon to the outside. Bubba squares off against Faarooq. Bubba is in control. Drives the elbow and covers, 1,2 but Faarooq kicked out. Faarooq manages to tag Bradshaw. Bradshaw delivers the boot in the face and covers, but Bubba kicked out. Bubba sends Bradshaw to the ropes and Devon kicks him and Bubba tags him and Devon came in and did a spinning heal kick. Then Bradshaw catches Devon and does a fall away slam. Bradshaw attempts to powerbomb Devon, but Bubba comes in and drags Bradshaw by the hair. They double team him and then Devon continues the punishment and tags Bubba back. Bubba puts Bradshaw in the corner and delivers 6 punches, but Bradshaw does a modified powerbomb and both men are down. Both men get up and make the tags. Spine buster by Faarooq on Devon. The APA are in control. Then, Bubba throws Bradshaw on the outside and they double team Faarooq and they do the wazzzup.. Bubba went on the outside to get a table and Spike comes out andnails him with one of his crutches. In the ring, Bradshaw does the clothesline from hell and gets the pin.
Winners: New WWF Tag Team champions, The Acolytes

Vince McMahon is talking with Austin backstage and Austin like repeated everything Vince said. It was a funny segment. Kurt Angle comes in with his ridiculous hat and brought them presents. He hands them their presents. They open their boxes and it was badges. Kurt opens his own box and it’s a gold badge. Austin asks him if he’s serious. Austin was pissed at Angle for not bringing Debra anything. Austin said the badges are pathetic. Austin told Kurt that he looks like a jackass with that hat and he throws the hat. Austin tells Kurt that he got his ass kicked by Booker T last week. Austin tells Kurt that if he was Kurt, he would go to Booker T’s locker room and tell him that he will kick his ass and that he will face him for the WCW title tonight. Kurt agreed and went to challenge Booker T.


Kane was shown entering the arena.

Match #3
Intercontinental Title
Rhyno vs Albert w/ X-Pac

The match starts with Albert attacking Rhyno. Rhyno fights back and beats on Albert in the corner. Referee checked on Albert, then X-Pac sneaked up from behind and super kicked Rhyno. Albert covered but Rhyno kicked out on two. Both men got up and Rhyno delivered a spine buster. Rhyno delivers a back suplex and goes on the top rope and does a big splash on Albert and covers, 1,2 but he kicked out. Rhyno tried going fo rthe spear but Albert moved out of the way. X-Pac came in and Rhyno speared him. But he turned around and Albert did the scisor kick and got the pin.
Winner: Still intercontinental champion, Albert

Booker T was in his locker room and Kurt goes in and introduces himself as the Olympic Gold medalist. Booker T asked him how he was doing. Kurt said he was pissed off because he hit him on Smackdown last week and he challenges Booker T for the title tonight. Booker T accepts the challenge.


Kane walks into Regal’s office and regal told him that Sara is okay and they will keep her in the hospital overnight for observations. Kane said he wants to take his brother’s place in that handicap match against Mike Awesome and Lance Storm. Regal agrees.

Match #4
Jeff Hardy vs Big Show

Big Show delivers a devastating clothesline. Show throws Jeff over the top rope to the outside. Trish Stratus comes out to ring side. Show runs into the steel post and Jeff throws him in the ring. Mistle drop kick by Jeff. Jeff goes on the top ropes and jumps, but Show caught him and threw him over his head and got the win easily. Trish comes in to check up in Jeff. She kisses Jeff and leaves.
Winner: Big Show

Vince McMahon is encouraging Kurt Angle and tells him he has to win the WCW title. Austin volunteers to be the leader of team WWF against WCW because he is the WWF champion. Kurt disagrees and says that he will win the WCW title tonight so he should be. Then Kurt asks Austin if he ever watches Gilligan’s Island and Austin said yes and Kurt says he’s skipper and Austin is Gilligan, then Austin disagrees and says he is Skipper and Kurt is Gilligan and they argue. Then Kurt finally agrees. Chris Jericho walks in the locker room and tells them that he has been in WCW and he would never go there. Chris Jericho volunteers to be on the WWF team. Austin tells him that he will take it under advisement and Kurt repeated the same thing.


Matt and Lita were shown at WWF New York. Jim Ross asks her for her thoughts about the bra and panties match for Invasion. Matt answers for her and says that Lita does not have a problem stepping in the ring with Stacey and Torrie Wilson but she doesn’t know if she can trust Trish. Lita says that actions speak louder then words.

Vince tells Angle that he has got to beat Booker T tonight. He encourages Kurt a lot. Austin was repeating a lot of things Vince said. Kurt said he did it on his own in 1996 and tonight he will do it on his own and become WCW champion. Vince and Austin had a concern look on their faces.


Match #5
WCW World Title
Kurt Angle vs Booker T

The match starts with Booker T hammering on Kurt Angle in the corner. Elbow hit by Kurt. Kurt sends Booker T to the outside. Shane McMahon nails Kurt from behind. Booker T sends Kurt in the ring and he goes on the top rope and delivers a mistle drop kick and covers, 1,2 but kick out by Kurt. Mid air collision by both men. Booker T gets up and throws Kurt to the outside. Booker picks up Kurt and drops him on the security rail, then sends him into the ring steps. Booker T sends him back in the ring. Kurt throws Booker T into the turnbuckle and delivers a suplex. Booker T delivers a spinning kick on Kurt and covers, 1,2 but Kurt kicks out. Booker T tried to suplex Kurt, but Kurt reverses it and suplexes him. Belly to Belly over head suplex by Kurt. Angle tried to go for the Angle Slam, but Booker T knocks him down with an axe kick. Booker T gets up and Kurt clotheslines him. Both men exchange fists, then Booker T delivers a spine buster. Somehow, Kurt manages to put the ankle lock on him and referee Nick Patrick just turns away and takes a walk. Booker T pushes him on the referee. Angle does the Angle slam and covers, referee Earl Hebner comes out and counts, 1,2 but Nick Patrick pulls him off on the count of two. Earl spears WCW referee, Nick Patrick and they get into a brawl outside. Shane hands Booker T the WCW title and Booker T knocks Kurt with it and covers, then another WCW referee comes and and counts to three.
Winner: Still WCW World champion, Booker T

Kurt Angle was upset that Vince and Austin didn’t help him. Austin said he didn’t need their help..1996..Angle said he didn’t mean it that way. Then Austin said that’s it, he will lead the WWF into the Invasion PPV.

Scott Hudson interviews Torrie Wilson and Stacey Keibler. Torrie said she has old men drooling over her all the time. She said she enjoyed making a fool out of Vince McMahon. Stacey said that they are prettier then Trish and Lita.

APA tried to tell the Dudleyz that they had no clue Spike was going to interfere. They offered them a rematch on Smackdown and free beers for the night. The Dudleyz were upset and walked away.


Match #6
Handicap Match
Kane vs Mike Awesome and Lance Storm

As soon as the match was about to start, Chris Jericho’s music hits and he comes out. He goes in the ring and stands beside Kane and they attack Storm and Awesome. So I guess it’s a tag team match. Awesome squares off against Kane and Kane takes control and delivers a side walk slam. Jericho gets a tag and he delivers a couple of chops to the chest of Awesome. Side head lock by Jericho, but Awesome attempts to throw Jericho over the top rope, but Jericho hanged on and went on the top rope and jumped on him. Storm gets the tag and Jericho beats on him and delivers a couple of chops to him too. Jericho takes down Storm with the modified bulldog. Storm fought back and tagged Awesome. Awesome sends Jericho to the ropes and Awesome picks him up and drops him. Storm gets the tag back, Jericho knocks him down and goes for the lionsault, but Storm had his knees up. Storm tags Awesome. Awesome applies a sleeper hold on Jericho. Jericho fights his way back up. Jericho jumps on Awesome, but he was caught and Awesome does a belly to belly over head suplex. Storm gets the tag and they double team Jericho. Jericho knocks down Storm and tags Kane, Awesome receives a tag too. Kane delivers a back body drop on Storm and squashes Awesome in the corner. Powerslam by Kane on Awesome. Kane goes on the top rope and delivers a flying clothesline and he covers, 1,2 but Storm makes the save. Jericho was knocked on the outside, then Jericho comes right back in and applies the Walls of Jericho, but Tommy dreamer and Rob Van Damn come out and help Storm and Awesome. Then some WWF wrestlers, like Dudleyz, Rhyno, Tazz and Credible came out and they looked at Dreamer, Storm, Awesome, Van Dam and they side with them and they all beat up on Kane and Jericho. Paul Heyman walks in the ring and he high fives everyone. He said now there is time for Jim Ross to have the truth. Heyman said everyone has forgotten Extreme. Heyman said that it looks like Awesome and Storm left WCW, and the rest left the WWF, because they are now in ECW. He said this Invasion got taken into Extreme.
Winners: by DQ, Kane and Chris Jericho


Vince McMahon confronts Shane. Shane said he just lost 2 WCW wrestlers and Vince lost 6 WWF guys. Shane tells Vince that ECW are now 10 guys, so he will get 5 of his WCW guys and Vince takes 5 of his WWF guys and for one night only, they will team up and battle ECW. Vince made it clear just for one night only and told Shanw that at Invasion, WCW is going down.


Match #7
Ligh Heavyweight Title
Scotty 2 Hotty vs X-Pac

X-Pac kicks Scotty, Scotty fightd back and takes down X-Pac. Clothesline by Scotty. Arm drag take down by Scotty. Flying head scisors by Scotty. X-Pac threw him to the outside. X-Pac goes on the top rope and jumps on Scotty. He trhwos him back in the ring. X-Pac gives him a couple of chops to the chest. X-Pac goes for the bronco buster, but Scotty moves out of the way. Atomic drop and knocks down X-Pac. Jaw breaker by Scotty 2 Hotty. He calls for the WORM, and X-Pac gets out of the ring. Scotty goes after him and throws him back. Sunset flip, but X-Pac covers Scotty and holds on to the ropes.
Winner and STILL WWF Lightweight Champion: X-Pac

Vince and Shane are talking to the WCW and the WWF guys.

Match #8
20-men Tag Team Match


Hardcore Holly
Billy Gunn
Big Show



Shawn Stasiak,



Tommy Dreamer
Justin Credible
Rob Van Dam
Mike Awesome
Lance Storm

The WWF and wCw wrestlers started to argue about who was going to start. Then they start fighting against each other. All hell broke loose. The WWF guys clean house. ECW wrestlers came out through the crowd and they were all wearing ECW shirts. The match starts with ECW wrestlers beating on WWF wrestlers, while WCW wrestlers were resting outside. WCW guys go in the ring and they high five the ECW guys and they team up and beat on the 5 WWF guys. Vince McMahon comes out and says “What the hell is going on out here?” and asks them what they are doing. Shane tells him to sit back and enjoy. ECW and wCw guys beat the hell out of the 5 WWF guys. Shane tells Vince that he can never compete with his check book, but he can outsmart him. Shane said that he is responsible for the merger of ECW and wCw. Shane said the new merger of wCw and ECW will kick WWF’s ass. Shane introduces the new owner of ECW and it’s Stephanie McMahon. Vince McMahon cannot believe what he is seeing. July 9, 2001 was an EXCELLENT Raw to watch!

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