WWF RAW 7/16/2001

WWF Raw is War Results
July 16, 2001
Live from: Providence, RI
Commentators: Jim Ross and Michael Cole
Reported by: Paul Nemer of Wrestleview.com

Raw starts off with highlights of Smackdown. Vince McMahon telling Austin that he needs the old Stone Cold back…

Steve Austin was shown at the Friendly Tap bar. He was sitting, drinking beer and thinking about what to do.

Opening Segment
Spike Dudley’s special announcement

Spike takes the microphone and tells the fans that he won’t take much time, but he has something that he has to take off his chest. Spike calls out Molly Holly. Molly comes out and Spike tells her that she has heard him say he likes her and that he really really likes her. He tells her that he loves her. Molly tells him that she loves him too. Spike hands her a flower. Molly tells him that she has something for him too, but she can’t give it in the ring. Spike and Molly were just about to leave, and Paul Heyman comes out. Paul asks for a chair, he tells Spike to have a seat, but Spike tells Molly to sit down. Paul Heyman reminded Spike that five years ago, he gave him a job in ECW. He told Spike that it’s time for him to come back to ECW, so he can have his moment with Molly, but tomorrow morning he should kiss her goodbye and head over to ECW. Spike told him he can’t leave Molly, then Heyman said that there is a place for her in ECW and he talks trash to her, then Spike gets in his face. The Dudley Boyz come out. Bubba told him that last time they saw him was when he cost them the tag team titles. He told him it’s a shame that he is not coming back to ECW. Devon and Bubba attack Spike, while Heyman was holding Molly back. Molly low blowed him and hit Bubba with a chair. They tied Spike to the ropes and Devon held Molly while Bubba got a table and they put her through a table. (TSN censored that part).


Kurt Angle was backstage, rehearsing a speech that he will say to McMahon about being leader for the WWF in the Invasion. Vince shows up and asks for Stone Cold. Kurt Angle tells him that he’s drinking beer at some bar and that Kurt is more then happy to be the leader of the invasion for the WWF. Vince asks him what bar, and Kurt tells him the name and Vince leaves to go meet up with Stone Cold.

Match #1
Chuck Palumbo vs Faarooq

The match starts with Palumbo attacking Faarooq. Clothesline by Faarooq. Faarooq whips him into the ropes and does a running powerslam. Drop kick by Palumbo and then throws Faarooq to the outside. Back in the ring, Palumbo applies a sleeper hold on Faarooq, but Faarooq reverses it into a suplex. O’Haire tries to get involved, but Bradshaw takes care of him. Shoulder tackle by Faarooq on Palumbo. DDT by Palumbo and covers, 1,2 but Faarooq kicks out. Spine buster by Faarooq. O’Haire distracts Faarooq and Faarooq turns around and Palumbo does a super kick and gets the win.
Winner: Chuck Palumbo

Kurt Angle is complaining to the Brooklyn Brawler about him not being the leader of the invasion. Raven interrupts and makes fun of Kurt and challenges him. Kurt accepts the challenge and Raven says that the match is under ECW rules and Kurt says ECW doesn’t rule, the WWF rules.


The WWF Boot of the Week. (Highlights of when Edge and Christian helped the Hardyz at Smackdown).

Match #2
Mike Awesome w/Storm vs Edge w/ Christian

Lance Storm takes the microphone and says “If I can be serious for a minute”. He issues a challenge to Edge and Christian for the Invasion PPV. He makes fun of their cheesy glasses, etc..and Edge and Christian interrupt. Edge accepts the challenge for the PPV against Storm and so totally not Awesonme.

Awesome starts hammering on Edge, Edge answers back with a flying clothesline. Awesome sends Edge to the outside and works on his back. He sends Edge into the steel steps and tossed him back in the ring. Awesome continued the punishment. Awesome goes on the top rope and jumps, but Edge drop kicks him in mid-air. Edge fights back and drop kicks him again. Edge slams Awesome. Edge sends Awesome face first into the mat. Awesome gets up and delivers a suplex to Edge. Awesome was going for the Awesome bomb, but Edge gets out and does the Buzz killer and covers, 1,2 But Lance puts Awesome’s foot on the ropes. Edge and Christian were about to hit Awesome with chairs, but the referee took the chair from Christian and Lance Storm sneaks in and super kicks Edge and Awesome gets the pin.
Winner: Mike Awesome

Stephanie compliments Booker T like crazy. Jericho comes in the way and congratulates her. He said now we know what ECW stands for “Every Customer Welcome”. Booker T got mad and challenges Jericho for tonight and Jericho tells him that it has to be a title match and Booker T accepts.


William Regal is talking to Tajiri about teaching Tazz a lesson tonight. Tajiri started talking fast, then Regal, pretending he understood, tells him yes he can commentate during his match tonight.

Stephanie, Heyman, and Shane were talking. He said that their five best guys will be up against the five best WWF guys, but one of their guys is not at his best (referring to Austin).

Vince walks in the bar and finds Austin. He talks to Debra and Debra tells him that she hasn’t seen Austin like that in a long time. Vince asks Austin to lead the WWF into Invasion for this Sunday. Vince begs, but Austin turns his head. Vince tells him that he’s going back to the arena and he hopes that he sees him there tonight. While Vince was leaving, he tells Debra to help him out and Debra told him that she’ll try.


Match #3
Tazz vs William Regal w/ Tajiri

Tajiri joins the commentating team.

Regal attacks Tazz on the outside and throws him in. Regal pummels Tazz. Regal beats on Tazz in the corner. Tajiri was commentating and it was funny. Suplex by Tazz. Tajiri goes in the ring and takes of his shirt and had an ECW shirt. Tazz was happy, then Tajiri attacks Tazz and does the tarantula and Regal throws a few punches on Tazz.
Winner: by DQ, Tazz

DDP tells Rhyno that tonight will be a night to remember. He said when they face Kane and Undertaker and Kane tonight, something big will go down. DDP tells Rhyno to go get the guys because he has a tape of Sara called “The King of Badda bing’s best of Sara”.


Steve Austin was shown at the bar and referee Tim White gave him another beer and told him that he knows he will make the right decision. Jim Ross added, that Time White owns that bar.

Match #4
WCW World Title
Booker T w/ Shane McMahon vs Chris Jericho

Booker T goes for a kick, but Jericho moves out of the way. They lock up, then Booker puts Jericho in a head lock, Jericho twists Booker T’s arm. Then Jericho takes down Booker T. Spring board drop kick by Jericho and sends Booker T to the outside. Baseball slide by Jericho. Jericho delivers a chop to the chest and sends Booker into the steps. Jericho tosses him back in the ring and does a cross body, 1,2 but Booker T kicks out. Spinning kick by Booker T. Booker T delivers a couple of chops to the chest of Jericho. Jericho puts him in the corner and hits him. Jericho takes him down and was going for the Walls of Jericho, but Shane was up on the apron and Jericho went to hit him but missed. Booker T nailed Jericho with a kick. Booker T does a modified powerbomb on Jericho and covers, 1,2 but Jericho kicks out. Booker puts a sleeper hold on Jericho. Jericho fights his was back up. Jericho picks up Booker T and lets him go and Booker T lands face first to the mat. Both men get up and exchange fists. Elbow hits by Jericho. Jericho delivers a few chops, then goes on the top rope and does a mistle drop kick, 1,2 but Booker T kicks out, then he covers again and referee Nick Patrick couldn’t count because of his shoulder. Jericho does the bulldog. Booker tried to go for an axe kick, but Jericho moves and Jericho does the walls of Jericho and Booker T taps out, but the referee turned his back. Earl Hebner comes out and nails Nick Patrick and Booker T was tapping and Earl was about to signal for the bell, but Shane clotheslines Earl and Booker T rolls up Jericho and Nick Patrick does a fast three count.
Winner: Still wCw champion, Booker T


Saturn was holding a mop and looking at it. Terri is talking to him, then Heyman walks in and asks her if he can talk to Saturn and Terri says ok and leaves. Paul Heyman tells Saturn about joining ECW and Saturn replies by saying “Snausages”. He then tells him “you’re welcome”.

Match #5
Under ECW Rules
Raven vs Kurt Angle

Raven came out with a shopping cart full of weapons. Kurt Angle takes down Raven and punches him. Raven hits Kurt with a trash can lid. Clothesline by Raven. Raven trips Kurt and Kurt lands face first on the garbage can. Suplex by Kurt. Kurt delivers a few vicious forearm blows. He nails Raven with a street sign. Angle hits him with a garbage can. Angle slam and he goes for the ankle lock and Raven taps out. After the match, Kurt Angle does a couple of different submission moves on Raven. Kurt gets a steel chair and stomps on Raven. Kanyon comes in and Kurt nails him with a chair. Stasiak and Credible came out, but they ran back when Kurt used the chair.
Winner: Kurt Angle


Austin was shown once again at the bar, this time playing pool.

Match #6
Hardy Boyz vs Dudley Boyz

The match starts with Devon and Matt. Devon beats on Matt in the corner. Matt fights back and whips him to the ropes and takes him down. Jeff gets the tag and beats on Devon. All four men were fighting at the same time and Devon knocked down Jeff. Then Bubba went back out and same for Matt. Devon tags Bubba. Elbow hit by Bubba. Bubba puts Jeff up side down on the turnbuckle and stomps on him. Devon gets the tag and they double team him. Bubba gets the tag back and knocks down Jeff. Bubba goes on the top rope, but he trips him and Jeff throws him in the ring and covers, 1,2 but Bubba kicks out. Matt gets the tag and DDT’s Bubba. Boot to the face on Devon. Leg drop by Matt on Devon, 1,2 but Devon kicks out. Twist of Fate on Devon. Swanton bomb on Devon, 1,2 but Bubba pulls him out. Jeff jumps on Bubba. Sunset flip by Devon, Rob Van Dam comes out and pulls Devon’s hands so he can apply pressure on the pin and he gets the win. After the match, RVD, and the Dudleyz do a number on the Hardyz.
Winners: Dudley Boyz

The Acolytes are upset and they ask Vince about it. They ask Vince if Steve Austin is coming and Vince said that he doesn’t think he’s coming. Vince tells the APA to get all the WWF wrestlers because they need to team up and do something about this Invasion.


Stephanie has all the wCw and ECW wrestlers backstage and she is telling them that there are no chances, this is their last chance to prove themselves. Stephanie tells them that her and Shane sold their WWF stocks and they want them to take out the WWF forever at Invasion. Shane tells them that the WWF will never take them back. This is ECW and wCw. He tells them that this is the biggest threat the WWF ever had. Paul Heyman says that Jeff Hardy knows nothing about hardcore like Rob Van Dam. Vince McMahon and the APA talk to the WWF wrestlers. Faarooq said that they have to show them tonight. Bradshaw said that starting tonight, they are taking shit from anyone. Vince said, that no one in this room has been threatened like this. Vince said that ECW and wCW wants to eat the WWF alive. Vince brought up Austin, then Undertaker interrupts and says that the hell with Austin. He gives the WWF guys a little speech and encourages them. The Brooklyn Brawler brings Classie Freddie Blassie in the room, in a wheel chair. Classie gets up and tells them that there comes a time where they have to fight for what they believe in.

Austin is then shown at the bar watching that on TV, and he leaves the bar. Debra asks where he was going and he didn’t respond.


Match #7
Trish Stratus vs Terri

Terri slaps Trish. Trish takes her down and picks her up by her feet and does a giant swing. Terri pull sher by the hair and throws her. Jaw breaker by Terri. Terri tries to pin her, but Trish kicked out. Bulldog by Trish and she gets the win. After the match, Trish went after Terri, then Torrie and Stacey Keibler came out and beat on Trish. Lita comes out and knocks Torrie and Stacey down. Twist of Fate on Stacey.
Winner: Trish Stratus


Match #8
Kane & Undertaker vs DDP & Rhyno

The match starts with Kane and Undertaker cleaning house by knocking them out of the ring. Rhyno and Kane square off. Kane throws him in the corner and beats on him. Kane picks him up and does a running power slam. Kane knocks Rhyno down again. Kane was about to chokeslam Rhyno, but Rhyno fought back, then Kane delivered a boot to the face. Undertaker gets the tag and he clotheslines Rhyno. Undertaker twists Rhyno’s hand and does his old school move. Undertaker goes after DDP, then Rhyno knocks him down. DDP sends Undertaker into the steel steps and throws him back in. DDP gets the tag and stomps on the Undertaker. Undertaker fights back and delivers a side walk slam. he covers, 1,2 but DDP kicks out. Kane beats on Rhyno too, then the Dudleyz and Booker T came out and beat on Kane and Undertaker. Some WWF wrestlers came out, then wCw and ECW guys come out and they out number the WWF. Everyone is beating on everyone. In the parking lot, the Hollys are being hammered. Austin pulls over and he beats up ECW stars with a pool stick. Austin goes backstage and beats up Stasiak and Helms. In the ring, ECW and wCW are in control. Austin comes out and strikes DDP first and hammers everyone that got in his way. He delivered a few stunners. Kane and Undertaker chokeslam Kanyon and Chavo. WWF cleans house and Undertaker, Kane, Austin, Jericho and Angle are left standing in the ring. Undertaker helps Kurt Angle up.
Winners: By DQ, Kane & Undertaker

Shane McMahon and Stephanie stop Classie Freddy Blassie backstage and they told him that the stuff he said to the WWF wrestlers meant nothing. Stephanie told him that him and the WWF have one thing in common. They are both about to die.

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