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WWF RAW 7/23/2001

WWF Raw is War Results
July 23, 2001
Live from: Buffalo, New York
Commentators: Jim Ross and Michael Cole
Reported by: Paul Nemer of

Raw starts with highlights of events that lead to the InVasion PPV. They show how Austin took charge on last week’s Raw, then they show some pictures of the main event at InVasion, when Austin turned his back and gave Kurt Angle the stunner, which allowed team wCw/ECW the win.

Opening Segment

Steve Austin, Shane McMahon, Paul Heyman and Stephanie came out. Stephanie starts off by saying that she doesn’t blame any of us for being angry. She said that the truth is a bigger pill to swallow and last night they shut the truth right down our throats. She said that they have already said that wCw/ECW alliance will dominate and they did. She said the WWF is going to die and lose at InVasion and it happened. People started the slut chant. Stephanie said to chant all they want, but they cannot stop the WWF from dying a slow and painful death and it will happen right before out eyes. Paul Heyman takes the microphone and says that he hates to tell us I told you so. He said they were right and they were wrong. Asshole chants broke towards Heyman. He said wCw/ECW alliance has finally taken charge, and all that, thanks to Stone Cold Steve Austin. Shane McMahon said that last night was only the beginning. He said wCw/ECW alliance is a more exciting brand then the WWF. A brand that promises to set new standards of promises for the business. Shane introduces the leader of the alliance, and the most dominate and influential athlete in the history of sports entertainment, the WWF champion, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin takes the microphone and says that there is one thing that Austin is about and that’s appreciation.

Austin said that a hug is special and the hug that Vince and Austin shared with each other, meant something, until Vince went and hugged Kurt Angle. He said every time he turned around, he sees Vince McMahon talking on the phone and he said he knows who he is talking to and he says that’s The Rock. Austin said, why does Vince have to call the Rock. He said that Vince had Austin and he didn’t want him. He said that the WWF fans will not kick him around anymore. He said, he jumped to a team that appreciates Stone Cold Steve Austin. He said he jumped to a team that loves him. He jumped to a team that will find him the best competition in the world. He said that he’s not afraid from competition and will not back down from nobody.

Kurt Angle’s music hits and he comes out. Austin told him to stay on the entrance ramp. He tells him “Look at you, you’re pathetic, captain America, Mr. USA Olympic Hero”. he said the last time he saw Kurt Angle was when he was staring at the lights getting pinned 1,2,3. Austin that Kurt comes out here wanting a piece of Austin, but he said that Kurt is really scared to death. “You want a piece of Stone Cold Steve Austin you sob” come out here. Kurt runs in the ring, the fight is on and Kurt delivers an over head suplex and Austin goes to the outside.


The ECW stars were backstage. Rob van Dam said that the WWF guys want to join their team now. He said that they are the winning team and they can pick anyone they want and they can pick any belt they want. He said that tonight he will beat Matt Hardy.

Match #1
Hardcore Title
Rob Van Dam vs Matt Hardy

Matt attacks RVD on the outside and tosses him in the ring. Matt pulls a ladder from under the ring and brings it in the ring and uses it as a weapon on RVD. Matt picks up the ladder and RVD does a spin kick. RVD does a few flips and lands back first on Matt’s stomach. RVD places the ladder and slams Matt Hardy and climbs up the ladder. Matt Hardy climbs too and they exchange a few hits, them Matt does a hip toss from the top of the ladder. Matt delivers a leg drop from the top of the ladder on RVD and he covers, 1,2 but RVD kicked out. Matt pits RVD between the ladder and kept shutting the ladder on the gut of Rob Van Dam. RVD delivers a low blow. He puts Matt between the ladder and shoves the referee down on him. RVD goes on the top rope and does the five-star frog splash and gets the win.
Winner: Still hardcore champion, Rob Van Dam

Edge and Christian were talking backstage and the Dudleyz interrupt congratulated them on their little win last night, but they said it was nothing like a main event. Christian tells them that the only reason they won was because of Austin. The Dudleyz challenge them to a table match and they accept. Booker T came out and said that he felt insulted by the comments they made about if it wasn’t because of Austin, they wouldn’t of won. Booker T said that they would of won without Austin. Booker T tells them that he will team up with the Dudleyz tonight against them and a partner of their choosing and it will be a tag team elimination table match, meaning all three have to go through a table. Christian asks Booker T if he has any relation to Mr. T. and that angered Booker T and the Dudley Boyz held him back.


Kanyon congratulated DDP on their win last night. Kanyon was wearing a “InVasion MVP” shirt. DDP asks him about his shirt and Kanyon tells him that he basically won the six-man tag team match single handedly and if it wasn’t because of him, they would of lost the InVasion.

Match #2
Intercontinental Title
Lance Storm vs Albert

Lance Storm does the usual if I can be serious…Storm said that once he wins the Intercontinental title he will finally get the respect he wants, then Albert’s music hits and he comes out.

The match starts with Albert throwing Lance in the corner and beating on him. Albert throws him over the top rope, to the outside. Lance Storm throws Albert into the steel post. Back in the ring, Albert fights back and knocks down Storm with a few right hands. Military press slam by Albert. Scissor kick by Albert, then he squashes Storm in the corner. Mike Awesome came and distracted the referee, then Hugh Morrus sneaks up from behind and hits Albert with the IC title Albert and Storm does the super kick and gets the pin. The WWF locker room came out and they did a number on Billy Kidman, and Sean O’Haire.
Winner: New Intercontinental champion, Lance Storm


Shane McMahon was happy about Storm winning the title. Kanyon started talking and Austin is like “Who the hell is that guy” and Kanyon tried to introduce himself and that pissed off Austin. Stephanie got Kanyon out of the way and told him to go get ready for his match tonight.

Torrie Wilson was talking to Stacey Keibler and tells her that Trish knows that Jeff Hardy wants her. She wants to prove to her that the wCw/ECW alliance has a lot more powerful females.

William Regal is talking to Tajiri and telling him that they lost the Hardcore title, IC title…Regal tells Tajiri to take care of Raven tonight.

Edge and Christian asked if Kurt Angle if he can team up with them for the main event tonight and Kurt tells them “You bet your sweet asses” and he leaves. Christian is like “did he just say sweet asses?”.


Match #3
Tajiri vs Raven

The match starts with Tajiri kicking Raven to the outside. Raven gets back in the ring and Tajiri continues with the kicks. Then, Raven clotheslines Tajiri. Tajiri fights back with a whole bunch of kicks and then knocks him down with a kick to the face. Then, Raven begins to take control. He puts Tajiri in the corner and delivers a couple of shots to the chest of Tajiri. They go on the outside and Raven did a Russian leg sweep to Tajiri on the security rail. Back in the ring, Tajiri fights back by taking down Raven. Tajiri goes on the top rope and does a mistle drop kick on Raven and he covers, 1,2 but Raven kicks out. Tarantula by Tajiri, followed by a kick to the back of the head and Tajiri gets the pin.
Winner: Tajiri

Paul Heyman tells Rhyno that the WWF is no longer number one. He said that they got the IC title, WWF title etc.. Heyman said that the legend of the Undertaker is still there and he wants Rhyno to finish off the Undertaker.


APA handed a can of beer to Kurt Angle and asked him to drink it and he said he never had one of those before. They encourage him to drink and he did. Kurt Angle asks them when they started making that stuff and Faarooq replied by saying “Damn!”.

Match #4
Undertaker w/ Sara vs Rhyno

The match starts with the Undertaker delivering punches, then he whips Rhyno to the turnbuckle. Undertaker twists Rhyno’s hand and does the old school walk on the top rope. Undertaker drops the leg on Rhyno and covers, 1,2 but Rhyno kicks out on the count of two. Undertaker grabs Rhyno by the throat, but Rhyno fights back and beats on Undertaker in the corner. Then, they exchange fists. Rhyno delivers a knee to the mid section on Undertaker and then he whips Undertaker into the corner. Rhyno was looking for the Gore, but Undertaker delivers a boot to the face. DDP came out to ring side and Undertaker chockeslams Rhyno and gets the win. DDP tried to chase Sara, then Undertaker went after him and caught up to him and beat him in the crowd and he brought him back to the ring and Sara get kicking DDP, then Undertaker held her back and beat on DDP. Undertaker got a chair and was about to knock DDP, but DDP pushes Sara in the way and Undertaker accidently hits Sara with the chair. Undertaker then started to check if Sara was okay.
Winner: Undertaker


During the break, they show Undertaker carrying Sara.

DDP was running in the parking lot, and the Coach caught up to him and asked him why he did that. DDP tried to make himself look like he is sorry and he said that he had done it this time and he gets in the car and tells him that he has to go.

Match #5
Chris Jericho vs Chris Kanyon

Chris Jericho grabs the microphone and said that even though Kanyon claims to be the MVP of last night’s PPV. He said Kanyon always says “Who’s better then Kanyon?” He mocks that a little then he said that tonight, Kanyon was the most annoying ass clown. Jericho went to ask this kid for his name and the kid says “Kevin”, Jericho says, “Kevin is better then Kanyon”. He asks another guy for his name and the guy says “Darryl” and Jericho said “Darryl is better then Kanyon”. He asks this lady for her name and she says “Jennifer” and Jericho said that “Jennifer is better then Kanyon”. Then Kanyon’s music hits and he comes out running and Jericho clotheslines Kanyon and beats on him. Kanyon sends Jericho into the ring apron. Jericho fights back and throws Kanyon in the ring. Suplex by Jericho. Kanyon does a modified powerbomb on Jericho. Kanyon chokes Jericho on the ropes. A kick to the mid section, followed by a swinging neck breaker by Kanyon. Kanyon drives Jericho face first into the mat. Kanyon puts Jericho on the top rope and climbs up attempting to super plex him, but Jericho knocks Kanyon off the second rope. Jericho does a mistle drop kick and both men are down. Both men get up and Jericho knocks Kanyon back down. Bulldog by Jericho. Jericho tried to go for the Lionsault, but Kanyon had his knees up. Kanyon tried to kicks Jericho, but Jericho catches his legs and turns him into the walls of Jericho and gets the win.
Winner: by Submission, Chris Jericho

A limo pulls up in the back and it’s Vince McMahon.


Vince McMahon Segment

No Chance music hits and Vince McMahon comes out. Vince congratulates the wCw/ECW alliance for their victory at the PPV. He said that was just one victory and one battle. He said the WWF will win many battles and eventually win the war. Vince said that tonight he will drop a bomb of his own. He said he will do something that he should’ve done a long time ago, he will take off a suspension of a WWF superstar. Tonight, he will reinstate the Rock. Vince tells the Rock that he has a challenge for him. He tells the Rock if he can still bring it. If he can still layeth the smack down, if he can still raise the people’s eye brow, if he can still drop the people’s elbow. Is the Rock still worthy of being called the most electrifying man in sports entertainment today? Vince said that the fans are chanting the Rock’s name. Vince said that on behalf of the millions and millions of Rock’s fans, they want him to come back so they can smell what the Rock is cooking.


Kurt Angle and Vince shake hands, then Vince aks if Kurt was drinking.. Kurt tells him that he wants to talk to him. He said he is all for the Rock to come back. He said that Vince someone special, he said he knows the Rock is special, but he needs someone like Kurt Angle, someone that has been to the Olympics and won a Gold medal. He tells Vince that he needs a man with the three I’s. Vince tells Kurt that he might be right, but he doesn’t know, because these days, actions speak louder then words. Kurt says that he’s right. He pushes Vince and tells him if he wants action, he’s got action.

Billy Gunn and Big Show were talking at WWF New York. Gunn and Show were discussing the things they accomplished in the WWF. Gunn says that they need to take action in their own hands.

Backstage, Torrie asks Jeff if Matt is okay. Then she tells Jeff that she has a spanking match tonight and she needs a little practice. Trish shows up and attacks Torrie Wilson, then Jeff holds her back.


Match #6
Spanking Match
Trish Stratus vs Torrie Wilson

The match starts with Torrie tripping Trish. Trish gets up and goes on the second rope and clotheslines Torrie. Torrie gets up and hammers on Trish in the corner. Torrie sends Trish to the outside. Then, Trish chokes Torrie and she climbs up and gets the paddle. Trish takes down Torrie, but then Torrie drives her face first. Torrie drop kicks Trish and grabs the paddle and spanks Trish and gets the win.
Winner: Torrie Wilson

Shane McMahon is telling The Dudleyz and Booker T that tonight they have a chance to make a statement by beating Edge, Christian and Kurt Angle…


Match #7
6-man Tag Team elimination Table match
Dudley Boyz & Booker T vs Edge, Christian & Kurt Angle

Kurt attacks Devon from behind and begins to stomp on him. He sends him into the turnbuckle. Elbow shot by Kurt, Christian gets the tag. Christian takes down Devon and kicks him in the back. Edge gets the tag and they double team Devon. Edge was on the apron and Bubba nails him with a kick. Bubba works on Edge on the outside. Devon makes the tag to Booker T. Booker kicks Edge and makes the tag to Bubba and they double team him. Bubba chokes Edge on the ropes and takes him down. Elbow drop by Bubba. Devon gets the tag and the Dudleyz double team Edge. Devon makes the tag back to Bubba. Bubba goes on the top rope and jumps, but Edge gets out of the way. Edge makes the tag to Christian. Christian knocks down Bubba and Devon. Neck breaker on Devon. All six men started fighting at the same time. Edge gets a table and Bubba sends him to the outside and the Dudleyz do the 3D on Christian through the table. Christian is eliminated. Edge does a double clothesline on the Dudleyz. Booker T gets the tag and beats on Edge. Bubba gets a table and places it in the ring. Kurt goes to the outside and goes after Bubba. Edge spears Devon. Booker T sends Edge through the table. Edge is eliminated, it’s not three on one. Kurt tries to fight back, but they stomp him down. Booker T works on Kurt Angle, then makes the tag to Bubba. The Dudleyz do the wazzuuup drop. The Dudleyz get a table and they toss it in the ring. Booker T places the table and attempts to suplex Kurt, but Kurt fought back. Kurt beats on Bubba and Devon on the outside. Kurt threw Devon on a table, but the table did not break. Angle went after Devon and did a over head suplex through the table. Devon is eliminated. Kurt gets in the ring and Booker delivers a kick in the back to the head. Kurt does a suplex on Booker T and throws Bubba to the outside. Kurt throws Booker T on a table placed in the corner and it breaks. Booker T is eliminated. Low blow by Bubba on Kurt. The referee was accidently knocked down. wCw referee, Nick Patrick comes out to officiate. Bubba throws a table in the ring while Kurt Angle was down. He places the table and Kurt sneaks up and was about to do the Angle slam through the table but Nick Patrick moves the table. Kurt beats on Nick Patrick and puts the ankle lock on him on the announcing table. Steve Austin comes out and beats on Angle and stuns him in the ring, which allowed Bubba to easily powerbomb Kurt through the table. Kane and a couple of WWF guys came out and Austin runs away.
Winners: Dudley Boyz & Booker T


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