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WWF RAW 7/30/2001

WWF Raw is War Results
July 30, 2001
Live from: Philadelphia
Commentators: Jim Ross and Paul Heyman
Reported by: Paul Nemer of

Raw starts off with footage of last week’s Raw, when Vince McMahon said that he reinstated The Rock. Then, they show footage of Smackdown, when Shane McMahon sent a message to the Rock and pointing out the stuff Vince has put the Rock through and trying to convince him to side with ECW/wCw alliance.

Match #1
Tazz vs Chris Jericho

Tazz, Tommy Dreamer and Paul Heyman came out. Heyman and Dreamer surround the announcing table. Tazz tells Dreamer to escort Michael Cole backstage and he does. Paul Heyman takes his place. Asshole chants broke. Tazz said that tonight will be a historic night for the alliance. He said, not one, but two things will happen. He said Booker T will get the wCw title back from Kurt Angle and bring it back to the alliance. The second is that The Rock will come join the alliance. Tazz personally guarantees it.

Jericho’s music hits and he comes out. Jericho said that he is sick an tired of hearing Tazz talk. Tazz would you please shut the hell up. Jericho says that Tazz has a big head because he is the star of Tough Enough. Jericho says that he should be a star of another episode called jackass..

Jericho runs to the ring and the fight is on. Clothesline by Tazz. Tazz puts the tazzmission, but Jericho low blows him. Bulldog by Jericho, followed by a lionsault and Jericho gets the win. yes the match was this short.
Winner: Chris Jericho

Vince McMahon was shown backstage in the Rock’s locker room all decorated by Vince. Banners saying “Welcome Back Rock” William Regal and Tajiri walk in. Tajiri was carrying pie. Vince asks about what he is carrying. Regal shows him cherry pie, apple, etc. Vince said The Rock likes another kind of pie. Vince opens a box of pie and there was a piece missing and Tajiri ate it. They told Tajiri to leave and to get ready for his Hardcore title match.


Match #2
Hardcore Title
Rob Van Dam vs Tajiri

The match starts with Tajiri applied a head lock. RVD escapes, take down by Tajiri. Tajiri kicks RVD and knocks him to the outside. Tajiri went on the apron, then RVD kicks him and leg drops him. RVD gets a chair and goes on the ring apron, then Tajiri drop kicks the chair on his face. Tajiri gets the chair and hits RVD with it. Tajiri puts RVD up side down and puts the chair in his face and Tajiri does a baseball slide on it. Tajiri covers, 1,2 but RVD kicks out. German suplex by Tajiri, 1,2 byt RVD kicks out once again. Tajiri takes down RVD and does a submission move on RVD, a neck grab with a hammer lock on, RVD gets up and slams him and does a moonsault, 1,2 but Tajiri kicks out. He got the steel chair and put it on Tajiri and did the frog splash and got the win.
Winner: Still WWF Hardcore Champion, Rob Van Dam

Shane, Stephanie and Austin were shown in another locker room and they had tons of decoration for the Rock. They had signs for him, ballons, etc.. Austin said they have four bottles of champagne. Debra baked cookies for him. Nick Patrick notifies them that the Rock is on his way in the limo and will be there in five minutes. Austin was giving a speech to Booker T telling him he shouldn’t do his spinarooni, because it wastes time and that’s what caused him the match. While Austin was giving Booker T a few tips, Booker T tastes one of the cookies Debra made and he was about to throw up. It was a pretty funny skit.


Vince McMahon is shown backstage and Big Show asks Vince for his opinion on something and Vince tells him that he is in a hurry. Show tells him this will take a minute. Big Show is trying to figure out a name for his tag team with Billy Gunn. Big Show started saying a bunch of names. Vince told him, he doesn’t care if they call themselves “Double trouble crap on a stick” and Vince leaves. Big Show is like “Double Trouble, hmmm that’s got potential”.

They show highlights of how Kurt Angle won the wCw world title on Smackdown.

Michael Cole interviewed Kurt Angle and asks him about the no DQ match against Booker T tonight. Kurt says he is confident because he knows he can beat Booker T. He said he can’t stand a man that cries after he loses. he said crying after you win, is ok. But not after you lose, that makes you a two time loser. Kurt Angle said he is a better wrestler, singer, then Steve Austin. Kurt challenged Austin for a WWF title match at SummerSlam and he said he will bring back the WWF title where it belongs and that’s not a wish, not a promise….that’s true!

Shane, Stephanie, Vince, the press were outside waiting for the Rock. Vince and Shane started arguing about what side the Rock will choose. Then a limo pulls up and the press started to take pictures, then, the U.S. champion Kanyon comes out and was happy and thought the whole thing was for him.


Match #3
Matt Hardy & Lita vs Torrie Wilson & Huricane Helms

The match starts with Lita and Torrie. Lita takes down Torrie. Torrie grabs her by the hair and does a wrist lock. Lita knocks her down and covers, but Torrie kicks out. Matt tried to go in but the referee held him back, and that allowed Helms and Torrie to double team Lita. Torrie kicks Lita in the corner, then chokes her. Torrie gets the tag and so does Lita. Matt knocks down Helms. Lita attacks Torrie. Helms does a neck breaker. He tried to go for the superkick, but Matt blocks it and Lita does a hurricanrana on Helms. Twist of Fate by Matt, then Torrie low blows him, which allowed Helms to do a inside cradle and gets the win.
Winners: Torrie Wilson & Hurricane Helms

Austin points at his WWF title and asks Booker T what’s this? Booker T says it’s gold. Booker T said he has butterflies in his stomach and Austin said it’s because of the stupid cookies he ate. Austin said that the last time he ate cookies that Debra made, he crapped for three days. Then he encourages Booker T about his match against Kurt Angle tonight.


Test was shown at WWF New York and Jim Ross asked him where he stands now. Test said that he was pissed for getting beat up for no reason. He had two weeks to cool off and he said that he is still friends with Shane, but he will remain with the WWF. He said he wants to see Kurt Angle win tonight and wants to see The Rock back in the WWF, where he belongs.

Match #4
No Disqualification
wCw World Title
Kurt Angle vs Booker T w/ Shane McMahon

The match starts on the aisle. Then, members of the alliance came out and beat on Kurt Angle. Rhyno Gores Kurt. The WWF wrestlers come out to even things up. WWF Officials came out to try to stop the fight. While that fight was on, Booker T and Shane where hiding behind the security rails in the crowd.


Order has been restored as Jim Ross says. The match continues. Booker T is in control on the outside. They go in the ring and the bell rings and the match is officially under way. Kurt Angle fights back and does a belly to belly over head suplex. Kurt hammers on Booker T in the corner. Shane goes in the ring and Kurt chases him and Shane goes to the outside. Kurt turns around and Booker T knocks him down. They exchange a few punches, but Booker T low blowed Kurt. Booker T kicks Kurt and knocks him down and covers, 1,2 but Kurt kicks out. Booker T puts a sleeper hold on Kurt. Angle gets up and tries to fight back, but Booker T nails him with a forearm hit. Booker T delivers a couple of chops to the chest of Kurt and stomps him in the corner. Angle gets up and fights back and hits a suplex. Both men are down. They show a clip of what’s happening backstage, and the WWF is fighting against the alliance. Booker T gets a chair, swings but Kurt ducks and knocks him down. Angle manages to hits the Angle slam on Booker T. Ankle lock by Kurt Angle, Stone Cold comes out and Kurt hits him and shoves him into Earl Hebner. Booker T knocks down Kurt and covers, referee Charles Robinson comes out and counts, 1,2 but Kurt kicks out. Angle slam again, but Austin gets back in and delivers the stunner and Booker T covers and Hebner does the three count. Kurt Angle chases Austin after the match. Austin runs and gets into his truck and leaves.
Winner: New wCw World Champion, Booker T


Kurt Angle is walking backstage and Debra was carrying the cookies. Kurt tells her that he will tell her something that Austin doesn’t have the guts to tell her. “These cookies suck!”. Then he tells her that next time he meets Austin in the ring, consider this as his ankle, he takes a cookie and breaks it.

Match #5
Edge & Christian vs Chris Kanyon & Lance Storm

Lance Storm does his usual talking. He said nobody enjoys a party more then he does, but their..then they attack him. Edge starts off against Kanyon. He makes the tag to Christian and they double team Kanyon. Shoulder tackle by Christian. Christian gets in and knocks Storm him down. Lance does a number on Christian, then tags Kanyon. Suplex and Kanyon covers, 1,2 but Christian kicks out. Kanyon does a modified version of the Boston crab. Storm gets the tag and sends Christian to the ropes, Christian does a crossbody. Kanyon puts a sleeper hold on Christian. Neck breaker by Kanyon. Kanyon whips Christian to the turnbuckle and Christian elbows him. Reverse DDT by Christian. Edge gets the tag and Kanyon does the tag to Storm. Edge fights both men and takes them down. Spear by Edger on Storm. Christian knocks Kanyon to the outside. Storm tries to hit Edge with the IC title, but Edge ducks and does the DDT. Kanyon goes in and drops Edge’s head on the belt and Storm got the win.
Winners: Chris Kanyon & Lance Storm

The alliance were celebrating backstage because Booker T got his title back, then Kurt runs in and attacks everyone and chases Booker T.


William Regal walks into Vince’s office and Vince was upset. Vince said the title was stolen from Kurt Angle. Then regal tells him that he spotted The Rock’s car. Vince said how does he know it’s him this time? Regal said the license plate says “Rocky1”. Vince said that’s the car he gave to the Rock, so he has to be coming to the WWF. Vince and Regal went to meet up with him.

Match #6
Title vs Title
wCw Cruiserweight Title vs WWF Light Heavyweight Title
X-Pac vs Billy Kidman

The match starts with X-Pac delivering a couple of hits. X-Pac sends him to the outside. X-Pac jumps on him. Kidman hits X-Pac on the outside and takes control. They go back in the ring. Kidman slams X-Pac and goes on the top rope attempting to do the splash, but X-Pac moved. X-Pac took control. X-Pac catches Kidman in mid air and powerbombs him. Bronco buster by X-Pac. X-Pac goes on the top rope and jumps, but Kidman does a drop kick. Kidman covers, 1,2 but X-Pac kicks out. X-Pac delivers a bulldog. X-Pac goes on the top rope, but Kidman catches up and trips him and he was about to do the hurricanrana, but X-Pac does the X-Factor from the top rope and gets the win.
Winner: New wCw Cruiserweight Champion, X-Pac.

Vince McMahon, Shane, Stephanie and everyone else were waiting for the Rock’s car. The car pulls up and the press started to take pictures and Howard Finkle comes out and says he lost the directions on where to pick up the Rock. Shane said that Vince is out there ready to kiss the Rock’s ass. Shane said they will meet the Rock in the ring once he gets here. Vince tells The Fink to get his ass back in the car and to get the Rock.


They show highlights of last week’s Raw, when Undertaker accidently hit Sara with the chair.

The Coach interviews the Dudleyz. Devon said that the only reason that they asked for a table match against Undertaker and Kane is because Undertaker will bring sara with him and she will go through a table.

The Rock is shown outside, a couple of blocks away from the arena.


Match #7
Tag Team Table Match
Undertaker w/ Sara & Kane vs The Dudley Boyz

The match starts on the outside. Back in the ring, Kane does a side walk slam on Devon. Kane goes on the top rope and clotheslines Devon, while Undertaker is beating on Bubba on the outside. Bubba goes in the ring and they double clothesline Kane to the outside. Undertaker goes in the ring and beats on Bubba. Devon tries to go after Sara, but the Undertaker gets out of the ring and goes after Devon. Bubba goes after Undertaker and holds him while Devon delivers a few shots. Back in the ring, The Dudleyz do a neck breaker on Undertaker. Dudleyz get the table in the ring and Devon starts hitting on Undertaker. Kane and Bubba are fighting on the outside. Undertaker twists Devon’s arm and does the Old School walk on the top rope thing. Undertaker was about to chokeslam Devon through the table but Nick Patrick removes the table. Undertaker goes after Nick Patrick, then DDP came out and low blowed Undertaker. DDP handed Sara to Bubba and Bubba was about to powerbomb her through the table, but Kane took her away and Undertaker choke slammed Bubba from the top rope through the table.
Winners: Undertaker & Kane

Vince McMahon was talking on his cell phone and says that he will meet the Rock in the ring. He tells the person he’s talking to, to make sure the Rock gets proper treatment.

A white Limo pulls and it’s The Rock.


The Rock Returns!

No Chance music hits and Vince McMahon comes out. Once Vince entered the ring, Shane McMahon and Stephanie came out. The Rock’s music hits and Rock comes out and everyone goes nuts.

Shane McMahon gets right into it and reminds the Rock that Vince screwed him out of the WWF title. He reminds him of Raw, the day after WrestleMania and tells him that he was screwed. He also reminds him of WrestleMania. He takes him back to a year prior to WrestleMania, and Shane tells him that Vince screwed him again. Shane tells him that if he chooses to go to the WWF, he will get screwed over and over again by Vince McMahon.

Vince McMahon takes the microphone and said that he made a lot of good decisions in the past and he made some bad decisions. Vince said that he made a bad decision by siding with Austin. Vince said that he is not here to offer apologies for the past. Vince is there to offer him to come back to the WWF. Vince said that he has no intentions of screwing him again. Vince said that if he has to screw the Rock once again to do what’s right with the business, he will. Vince tells him if he comes back, Vince will try to earn his respect. Vince said that Rock might not trust him, but Vince is okay with that. Vince tells the Rock to trust himself and to trust each and everyone of those people. Vince McMahon tells him that his future is with these people and the World Frestling Federation. Shane interrupts and says that his future is with the people but not the WWF. Shane said that the alliance is a progressive company. Shane said that his future is with the alliance. Vince tells Rock to give the people what they want. Rock does the Rock bottom on Vince McMahon. Rock stares at Shane and they shake hands, but Rock pulls Shane and does the Rock bottom on him. Rock does the People’s elbow on Shane.

The Rock takes the microphone and says “Finally, The Rock has come back to the WWF”. If you smell what the Rock is cookin’.

So there you have it. The Rock is back with the WWF.


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