WWF RAW 8/6/2001

WWF Raw is War Results
August 6, 2001
Live from: Anaheim, CA
Commentators: Jim Ross and Paul Heyman
Reported by: Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com

Raw starts with highlights of last week’s Raw when Rock said “Finally, The Rock has come back to the WWF.” Then they show highlights of Smackdown and when Rock asked Booker T for his name and when Shane challenged the Rock and when Rock accepted. Tonight on Raw, Rock vs Shane McMahon in a street fight.

Match #1
Hardcore Title
Kane vs Rob Van Dam

Kane attacks RVD and knocks him to the outside. Kane delivers a right hand and sends him into the security rail. Kane attempts to powerbomb RVD, but RVD escaped. Kane gets RVD from the crowd and throws him at ring side, then Kane was going over the rails and RVD kicks him. Then, Kane clotheslines RVD and picks him up over his head and tosses him in the ring. Kane takes the steel steps and throws them in the ring. Kane had the steps, but RVD does a drop toe hold and Kane falls on it. RVD drives the chair into Kane’s face. RVD covers, 1,2 but Kane kicks out. RVD runs towards Kane, and Kane catches him and powerslams him. Kane goes on the top rope and delivers a clothesline. Kane covers, 1,2 but RVD had the shoulder up. Low blow by RVD. RVD was about to hits Kane with a chair, but Kane grabs him and hits him and was about to chokeslam him, but DDP came out and nailed Kane with a chair and RVD does the splash and gets the win.
Winner: Still Hardcore champion, Rob Van Dam

They show what happened between Debra and Steve Austin on Smackdown. They showed Debra giving cookies to the fans, then Austin cut Debra off during her interview, and they showed when Debra knocked Austin down.

They show Austin and Debra entering the arena from earlier tonight.


Booker T was shown at this place trying to audition for a movie. The lady asks for his name and she says “It doesn’t matter what his name is.” She said, she liked how Rock did that to him on Smackdown. Booker T says I am the Booker Man, then the lady says, “did you say Booger Man?” Booker T got mad and just took the papers to fill it out for the audition.

Stephanie McMahon/Chris Jericho Segment
Stephanie McMahon comes out. She said at SummerSlam, the bodies of the WWF will hit the floor. (She was referring to the theme song she came under.) She said that Rock is afraid of Booker T and the alliance. Rocky chants broke. She said that Rock is afraid to face her brother Shane here tonight in a street fight. She said to think about it. The Rock has been away for 4 months and Rock can doubt his ability. Stephanie says that Shane is the one who beat the Big Show and he stood toe to toe with Kurt Angle. She said she has one word to describe Shane, “Gladiator”. Chris Jericho’s music hits and he comes out with a microphone. Jericho says to Stephanie not to sell herself short, Shane always come out on top, but she’s always on the bottom. He said, SummerSlam is a quicky on a hot summer night. He said, when she hits the floor, it’s her naked with a paying customer. Stephanie says Jericho is funny and amuses her. Slut chants broke. She said that Y2J reminds her of a girl. His mouth is going to get him in trouble, just like before.(Referring to HHH, when he beat Jericho). Jericho said that HHH is injured and she must feel lonely. Then he said she formed her private alliance with the pop corn vendor, the commentators, etc. He tells her that she has been with every single human being on planet earth. Jericho said that he will try to set her up with a member of another planet. Planet of the apes. Two guys dressed as apes came down, one was carrying flowers and the other, a gift. The ape hands her the flowers. Jericho said that the alliance might not have The Rock, but she can have the pie! and he puts a pie on her face.

Lita and Debra talk backstage and Lita congratulates her on what she did to Austin. Lita said that she knows that sometimes it’s hard to listen to a man like Stone Cold and Debra took offence to those comments and left.


William Regal is talking to Tajiri. X-Pac comes in and Regal asks what he can do for him. X-Pac says that he wants competition. Tajiri says something and X-Pac asked him what he said and Regal said that Tajiri said that X-Pac sucks. X-Pac challenges Tajiri.

Match #2
Handicap Match
Stacey Keibler & Torrie Wilson vs Jacqueline

The match starts with Jacqueline knocking them down. They get back up and team up on Jacqueline and beat her down. They put her in the corner and beat on her, but Jacqueline fights back and throws Stacey on the mat and beats on Torrie. Stacey kicks her in the back of the head and covers, 1,2 but Jacqueline kicks out. Double clothesline by Jacqueline. She slams them both. Stacey goes on the outside to get a chair and the referee tries to stop her and Ivory sneaks up from behind and DDT’s Jacqueline and she puts Torrie on top of her and they get the win. Ivory has joined the alliance.
Winners: Stacey Keibler & Torrie Wilson

DDP is shown meditating or something in his locker room while he had pictures of Sara on the wall.


Terri is shown at WWF New York. Jim Ross asks her how it feels about being dumped for a mop and right away, Paul Heyman starts screeming at her and insukting her and she left crying.

Debra is telling Austin about what Lita said. She told him that Lita found it funny when she hit Austin. Debra tells Austin that Lita calleds him trash. Debra lied to Austin and told him that Lita said that her boyfriend Matt Hardy can beat his ass any day and that upset Austin.

Booker T is shown again in the studio for his so called movie audition. The guy asks Booker T about his experiences and Booker T wrote in the paper that Rock didn’t have any experience when he filmed the Mummy. The film producer tells him the storyline of the movie and Booker T agrees and he starts showing his acting skills and he left. The guy and the lady started looking at each other and kind of doubting Booker T.


Stephanie and the Dudleyz walk into Regal’s office. Stephanie starts complaining about Jericho. The Dudleyz want Chris Jericho tonight and they tell Regal that they want him in a handicap match. Regal said no and Stephanie said that Jericho can have any partner of his choice and Regal agrees.

WWF Fram Slam of the week: X-Pac winning the wCw Cruiserweight title from Kidman last week on Raw.

Match #3
WWF Light Heavyweight title
X-Pac vs Tajiri

X-Pac sucks chants broke.
The match starts with both men locking up and exchanging a few minor moves. Take down by X-Pac. Tajiri kicks X-Pac in the face. Tajiri attempts to kick X-Pac again, but he moves out of the way and delivers a spinning kick to Tajiri. X-Pac goes on the top rope to celebrate with the crowd and Tajiri powerbombs him. Tarantula by Tajiri. X-Pac knocks him off the ring apron. Cross body by X-Pac. He throws Tajiri back in the ring. X-Pac goes on the top rope and Tajiri trips him and goes on top, X-Pac throws him off, but he lands on his feet. X-Pac jumps and Tajiri spits that green myst and kicks him and gets the win.
Winners: New WWF Light Heavyweight champion, Tajiri.

Lita and Matt Hardy were talking backstage. Austin walks in and yells at Lita for what she supposably said to Debra. Lita said it’s not true and Austin tells her to shut up. Matt told him not to talk to Lita that way and Austin said that he will give an ass whooping to him tonight since he says he thinks he is better then him.


Booker T was once again showed from earlier today in the studio trying to get the acting part. Booker T starts reading the script and the producer tells him that those are stage directions on the script. A lady comes and the producer said that she’s playing the role with Booker T. Booker T calls this lady a sucka. The lady asks him if he is related to Mr. T and Booker T tells the producer that he wants her ass fired.

Match #4
Chris Jericho & Kurt Angle vs Dudley Boyz

The match starts with all four men going at it. Kurt Angle and Devon go at it. Angle goes for the ankle lock, but Bubba interrupts the hold. They double team Kurt. Bubba starts dropped a few elbow shots on Kurt. Devon gets the tag back and slams Kurt Angle. Bubba gets the tag back. German suplex by Kurt on Bubba. Both men are down. Kurt Angle crawls and gets the tag and so does devon. Jericho takes down Devon. Spring board drop kick on Bubba. Bulldog by Jericho on Devon. Suplex by Jericho on Devon. Lionsault, 1,2 but Bubba pulls out the referee. Rhyno comes in and Gores Jericho. Devon covers, 1,2 but Jericho kicks out. Devon puts him up side downand tags Bubba and he stomps Jericho. Devon goes on top attempting to leg drop Jericho, but v moves. Kurt Angle gets the tag and knocks both men down. Belly to belly suplex by Kurt on Bubba. Angle went for the moonsault, but Devon put up his knees. Devon goes on the top rope and Jericho trips him. Kurt Angle gets up and puts the ankle lock on Bubba and gets the win.
Winners: Chris Jericho & Kurt Angle


Austin confronts Lita and Lita tried to explain but Austin wouldn’t listen. Lita said this was stupid and it’s a misunderstanding. Austin said he will see who will look stupid tonight.

Match #5
Intercontinental Title
Christian vs Lance Storm

Christian comes out and says there is something he has to get off his chest. He asks Lance Storm to come out. Christian tells him that his words last week, inspired him. He said from one Canadian to another, he wants to ask him to take a 5 seconds pose and Lance Storm said it would be an honor. They both stand up straight and Edge sneaks up from behind and pulls Storm’s pants down and Christian hits him. The referee tells Edge to leave. The match starts with Christian already in control. Then, Storm fights back and knocks Christian down. Cross body by Christian, 1,2 but Lance kicks out. Storm delivers a knee to the stomach of Christian and sends him into the turnbuckle. Lance tries to suplex Christian, but Christian reverses it and does an inside cradle, 1,2 but Storm kicks out. Back body drop by Christian. Christian missed a clothesline and Storm rolls him up and holds the ropes and Nick Patrick counts to three.
Winner: Still Intercontinental champion, Lance Storm

Undertaker and Sara arrive on a motorcycle. Kane tells the Undertaker that DDP cost him the match tonight. Undertaker tells Kane that the APA will watch Sara while they take care of business.


Kurt Angle talks to the Rock. Kurt says that he doesn’t like him and Rock doesn’t like him neither. Rock tells him that it was the past and now the Rock is back with the WWF. Kurt Angle had a glass of milk and Rock asked him what was that. Kurt says that it has calcium. Rock said that Kurt entered the Rock’s locker room without knocking and offers him a glass of milk? The Rock is going to turn it side ways and… he drinks it and says it’s delicious. He tells Kurt Angle that next time he brings him milk this delicious, he better bring him pie with it.

Austin lies to Debra and tells her that Lita called her stupid, dumb etc.. That angered Debra.

Undertaker runs into DDP’s locker room and it had the pictures on the wall. Undertaker looks at the wall and there was a picture of Undertaker and Sara’s wedding and Undertaker’s picture was cut out and DDP’s faces put put instead. It angered the Undertaker and he started destroying everything in his way. Kanyon walks into the locker room laughing and Undertaker attacks him. DDP sneaks up from behind and beats Taker with a stick or something and Kane runs in to make the save, but the damage had been done.


Match #6
Matt Hardy w/Lita vs Steve Austin w/Debra

The match starts with Matt attacking Austin and throwing him to the outside. Austin goes back in the ring and they lock up. Head lock by Austin. Austin takes down Matt. They lock up again and Matt takes down Austin. Right hand by Matt and Austin goes down. Austin trips Matt and kept hitting Matt’s head on the turnbuckle and beats on Matt in the corner. Matt tried to fight back but Austin delivers a clothesline. Austin stomps on Matt in the corner. Austin is choking Matt in the corner and the referee tried to stop him, but Austin pushed him back, he tried to stop him again and again, but Austin pushed referee Tim White, then Lita went on the ring apron and Debra dragged her down. Lita chased her. Lita goes in the ring and Austin delivers the stunner on her. Matt tried to go for the twist of fate, but Austin pushes him and delivers the stunner to get the win. After the match, Austin assaults the referee.
Winner: Stone Cold Steve Austin


Booker T is shown rehearsing for the movie and he was reading the wrong part of the script again. They tell him that it will not work out. They bring up the Rock and then Booker T says he is taking on the Rock at SummerSlam. The lady says, “you’re taking Rock to SummerSlam? you must be his chauffeur!” That Got Booker T mad and he attacked the producer.

Shane McMahon comes out with a kendo stick and says that people say that he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He said that Stephanie was right, he is a gladiator. Rock is then shown on the oval tron and he says that Shane might of been born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but after tonight, he will leave with Rock’s black boots up his ass.

Match #7
Street Fight
Rock vs Shane McMahon

Shane accidently drops the kendo stick and Rock attacks him and knocks him down. Clothesline by the Rock. Rock sends him to the outside. Rock takes everything off the announcing table. Shane delivers a low blow with a knee to the stomach of the Rock. Rock fights back and sends Shane in the crowd. Rock beats on him in between the crowd. Shane hits the Rock and runs to hide in the crowd. Shane goes through the exit door in the crowd, but the Rock meets him there and beats him down and brings him back to ring side. By the time they got back to ring side, Shane was in control. Shane jumps and clotheslines the Rock on the outside. Shane gets a couple of trash can lids and a garbage can and he nails the Rock with it on the entrance ramp. Shane was about hit the Rock again, but Rock kicks it in Shane’s face. Rock picks up the trash can and beats Shane with it and covers him with it. Rock gets a steel chair and nails Shane with it and Shane goes rolling down to ring side. Rock sends him in the ring. Rock picks up the two trash can lids and squashed Shane’s head with them. Shane low blows Rock and Shane hits the Rock with the lid. Shane picks up the kendo stick and nails the Rock with it. Rock gets right up and goes after Shane and knocks him to the outside. Back in the ring, Rock does the spine buster. Booker T comes in and Rock DDTs him. Shane gets up and the Rock does the Rock bottom and gets the win. After the match, Rock was about to strike down Booker T, but Shane held his leg and Booker T does a spinning kick and knocks the Rock down. Booker T beats up the Rock on the outside. Booker T nails him with the wCw belt. booker T puts the Rock on the announcing table and Shane goes on the top rope and jumps on the Rock and the table broke in half.
Winner: The Rock

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