WWF RAW 8/13/2001

WWF Raw is War Results
August 13, 2001
Live from: Chicago, IL
Commentators: Jim Ross and Paul Heyman
Reported by: Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com

TSN decided to show TENNIS INSTEAD OF RAW for the first 18 minutes! If you want to email TSN about their programming, you can do so by e-mailing them to this address: audiencerelations@tsn.ca They want to keep their exclusive rights to air Raw and they won’t allow any other channel to air it, when they don’t even air it themselves. We do get TNN in Canada, but TSN won’t allow TNN to air it because TSN are the ones with the exclusive rights to air it. It’s definitly not the first time TSN does that, they have aired curling instead of Raw in the past.

Here is what happened in the first 18 minutes of Raw that Canadian viewers missed.

Thanks to Adam Martin of WV for the first 18 minutes

“Bodies” by Drowning Pool hits as all of the WCW/ECW Alliance make there way down to the ring and surround it. The glass shatters and the WWF Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin makes his way down the ramp with a clipboard in hand and gets into the ring. He jumps up onto the turnbuckle and salutes the fans as he speaks. Austin says how proud he is of the Alliance. He is proud of Test joining the Alliance on SmackDown. He also salutes other members of the Alliance like Tommy Dreamer, Dudley Boyz and DDP, Chris Kanyon. Rob Van Dam gets brought up and Austin makes a match between him and Kurt Angle with the WWF Hardcore Title on the line. Then he brings in Raven, Hugh Morrus, and Tazz into the ring. He first talks to Hugh Morris and asked him who beat his ass on SmackDown. Hugh said Y2J and Austin says he is pathetic. Austin then asks Raven who he lost to on SmackDown. Raven says Saturn and the fans laugh as Austin tells Raven he makes him sick. He asks Raven how he could lose to a man that has a sexual relationship with a mop. He then taunts Raven going “What About Me? What About Raven”. Then he drops the clipboard and walks up to Tazz. Calling him the Human Suplex Machine, and the Red Hook Thug. He then shows footage from SmackDown where he allowed The Rock to Rock Bottom Shane McMahon through the announcing table. He asks how he could watch the man who signs his checks go through a table in front of him.

(The rest of the report is typed by me.)

Raw joins in progress after 18 minutes of Tennis on TSN…

Austin is talking to Tazz in the ring. The alliance is surrounding the ring. Austin said they all look up to him and he has to whip Tazz to prove a point. He tells Tazz to take his shirt off and take the beating like a man. Austin repeats himself again, and slapped Tazz. Austin kept telling him to take the shirt off so he can whip him. Tazz was about to attack Austin, but Austin kicks him and he calls O’Haire and Palumbo to kick his ass. Then he calls the Dudleyz in and they beat him too. Austin calls Rhyno and Rhyno Gores Tazz. They all hold Tazz and Austin whips him with a belt.


Edge and Christian were talking backstage about how they were going to take care of Justin Credible and Lance Storm.

Match #1
Tajiri vs Albert

The match starts with Albert taking down Tajiri. Tajiri fights back and kicks Albert, but didn’t take long for Albert to take control. Gorilla plex slam by Albert. Albert sends Tajiri into the turnbuckle., and sends him into another, Albert runs, but Tajiri jumps and applies the Tarantula. Tajiri goes on the outside and X-Pac tries to kick him, but Tajiri ducks and spits the green myst in X-Pac’s face. Back in the ring, Albert was shocking Tajiri and Regal goes in and trips Albert. Tajiri spits red myst in Albert’s face and jumps from the top rope on Albert and gets the win.

Winner: Tajiri

Michael Cole was questioning Kurt Angle’s ankle. Angle said he will not stand here and cry about it. His ankle is bad and he is in pain, but he said he has gold medals, and yes he accepts his challenge. Hugh Morrus jumps Kurt from behind, then Kurt fights back and pits the ankle lock on Hugh Morrus. Referees came to stop him.


Match #2
Edge & Christian vs Lance Storm & Justin Credible

The match starts with Christian and Storm. Christian knocks Storm down, followed by a shoulder tackle. Christian picks up Storm, and Storm makes the tag, Justin comes in and stomps on Christian. Storm gets the tag back. Spinning kicks by Christian. Christian makes the tag to Edge. Edge comes in and takes down Justin and Storm. Christian was on the apron and Edge sends Justin to the ropes and accidently hits Christian. Christian falls to the outside and hurts his leg. Storm kicks Edge, and covers, 1,2 but Edge kicks out. Justin was going for the super kick, Edge ducks and he gets Lance Storm by accident. DDT by Edge Justin and he gets the win. After the match, Lance applies the Maple Leaf on Edge.

Winners: Edge & Christian

Austin is giving a few tips to RVD about Kurt Angle. He tells RVD that it’s his chance to show Kurt Angle. Shawn Stasiak comes in and tells Austin how he was inspired by his words. Stasiak tells Austin that he will do something that Austin will never forget.


Kanyon is talking to O’Haire and Palumbo. He is encouraging for their match against Undertaker and Kane. DDP tells them to try to go out their make an impact, like he and Kanyon made.

Kurt Angle is in William Regal’s office. Regal tells Kurt that he isn’t at 100%, and he should take the night off. Kurt says that he respects his concern, but he’s an American, he doesn’t back out from challenges. Shawn Stasiak runs in and was about to hit Kurt Angle, Angle moves out of the way and Stasiak ran into a setup of a knight in Regals’ office.


Match #3
wCw Tag team Titles
Cage Match
Undertaker & Kane vs Sean O’Haire & Chuck Palumbo

The match starts with O’Haire and Palumbo attacking Undertaker. Kane closes the cage door on O’Haire. Chokeslam by Kane on O’Haire. DDP and Kanyon came out on the ramp to watch the match. Undertaker sends Palumbo into the cage. O’Haire tries to climb up, but Kane got him down. Palumbo has been busted open bu the Undertaker. Kane chokeslams O’Haire again. DDP and Kanyon walk closer to the ring. Kane and Undertaker are completely in control. Undertaker does the Last Ride on Palumbo. DDP and Kanyon chase Sara. Sara decides to climb the cage. DDP and Kanyon were climbing too, but Undertaker throws Palumbo on the cage and DPP and Kanyon fall down. Sara made it to the top of the cage and stayed there. Undertaker and Kane double pin O’Haire and Palumbo and get the win.

Winners: Still wCw Tag team champions, Undertaker & Kane


Stephanie McMahon Segment

Stephanie McMahon comes down to the ring with Rhyhno. Stephanie takes the microphone and says that she feels good. She says that she doesn’t feel good, she feels great…After seeing Rhyno doing the Gore on Jericho on Smackdown. She said she saw it like a million times and she can’t get enough. They play it again. Stephanie says that Rhyno might of knocked Jericho’s screws lose, because Jericho was stupid enough to accept his challenge. Stephanie says that Rhyno always beat Jericho, and she will be in Rhyno’s corner this Sunday to watch him beat Jericho. She asks to see the video one more time, and Jericho’s music hits and he comes out.

Jericho says that he is still feeling the effects from the Gore last week. He said Stephanie is right, he has never beaten Rhyno, but at SummerSlam he will take care of that smelly greasey animal and he will get you too Rhyno. Jericho says that Stephanie said Rhyno will get the job done. Jericho says that Stephanie is the one who gets the JOB done. Jericho asks them to put a picture of Stephanie from last year. (they show her breast) Then he says let’s see Stephanie from last week, and they show a picture of her breast. Jericho said it’s not “Let the bodies hit the floor” it’s “Let the boobies hit the floor.” Stephanie denies it. Jericho says that maybe they should discuss this over dinner at Hooters. Rhyno tells him to stop and to show respect to Stephanie.

Boker T’s music hits and he comes out. Booker T tells Stephanie that he knows how it feels being disrespected. Booker T says that Stephanie is all natural. Booker T says “Damn you’re looking fine Stephanie”. Booker T says that there is a new opening for a backstreet boy. Jericho makes fun of him and tells him that he should join A-TEAM. Booker T changes the subject and says that at SummerSlam he will take the Rock to school. Rock’s music hits and he comes out.

Rock says that Booker T wants to take the Rock to school at SummerSlam? Rock makes fun of him by saying Booker T was the ony 27 year-old in high school. He says that The teacher asked Booker T what was 2 + 2 and Rock says that Booker T “Thomas Jefferson sucka!” Rock talks about how he kicked Shane McMahon’s ass. Jericho cuts the Rock and says that we got a man beast and a whore beast. We’re dealing with the Gore and the Whore. Stephanie interrupts and says why wait for SummerSlam? There will be a match tonight. Rock and Jericho vs Rhyno and Booker T. Jericho says “Thank you Stephanie, you’re the breast I mean best!”. Rock makes fun of Stephanie’s breast. He said they will whip their ass in Chicago if you smell what the Rock is cookin’. (Very funny segment, a must see).


Hurricane Helms walks in Austin’s locker room. Helms says he was inspired by Austin’s speech. Austin asks him about his tattoo and Helms explains, then Austin makes fun if his tattoo… Then, Austin tells him to go out and make a name for himself.

Match #4
Test vs Spike Dudley w/ Molly Holly

Spike delivers a couple of right shots on Test. Test picks him up and throws him to the outside. Test goes to the outside and beats on him. Test kept running Spike’s back into the ring post. Back in the ring, Test goes on the top rope and jumps, but Spike gets out of the way. Spike goes on the top rope, hurricanrana by Spike. Spike was about to go for the Dudley Dog, but misses. Test delivers a vicious boot to the face and gets the win. Test delivers a powerbomb after the match. He was going for another, but Molly came in, Test was about to powerbomb her, but The APA came out. The Dudleyz came out to help, but the APA cleared the ring.

Winner: Test


Matt Hardy and Lita talk to Kurt Angle. They try to change his mind about getting into the ring tonight, because he is injured. Kurt Angle starts talking about Austin’s speeches and talks about Helms. Helms comes in and confronts Kurt and spills his milk. Kurt Angle picks him up and drops him on the table and nails him with a cookie plate.

Match #5
Hardcore Title
Rob Van Dam vs Kurt Angle

The fight starts on the aisle. Kurt knocks down RVD. Kurt sends him into the ring post. RBD sends Kurt over the security rails and Kurt lands in the crowd. RVD jumps and nails Kurt with a kick. RVD covers, 1,2 but Kurt kicks out. RVD gets a chair and places it between the ropes. Kurt drop kicks RVD on the chair. Kurt covers, 1,2 but RVD kicks out. RVD fights back. Kurt is on the top turnbuckle and does a clothesline on RVD. Kurt puts the ankle lock, but Raven and Tommy Dreamer came out. Jeff Hardy came out to help. Jeff does the Swanton Bomb on RVD and gets the win, while RVD was landing on the mat and Kurt had the ankle lock on Tommy Dreamer.

Winner: New Hardcore champion, Jeff Hardy.


Debra is talking to Stasiak. Stasiak is asking if he should apologize. Debra says he’s in the washrrom, he should go in now and apologize. Stasiak was going in and Austin opens the door and the door hits him and Austin doesn’t realize what happened.

Match #6
Rhyno w/Steph. & Booker T w/Shane vs Rock and Chris Jericho

The match starts between Rhyno and Jericho. Jericho delivers a couple of chops to the chest of Rhyno. Cross body by Jericho. Jericho puts him in the corner and delivers more chops. Jericho drops kicks Rhyno from the second rope. The Rock gets the tag. Rock delivers a couple of right hands and clotheslines Rhyno. Rock tags back Jericho. Jericho delivers more chops. Modified Bulldog by Jericho, then Booker T clotheslines Jericho, which allowed Rhyno to take control of the match. Booker T gets the tag. Booker T continues the punishment. Jericho makes the tag and so does Booker T. Rock comes in and beats on Booker T. Rhyno lowered the ropes and Rock goes to the outside. Rhyno sends Rock into the steel steps on the outside. He throws him back in. Rhyno covers, 1,2 but Rock kicks out. Booker T gets the tag. Rock fights back, but then Booker T delivers a kick and nails the Rock down. Booker T drives the knee on the chest of The Rock. Rock fights back with a few right hands, but Booker T fights back too with a scissors kick. Spinaroonie by Booker T. Booker makes the tag to Rhyno. Rock fights back and knocks down Rhyno. Both men are down. Rock makes the tag to Jericho and Jericho comes in and takes down Rhyno. Spinning kick by Jericho. Swinging neck breaker, 1,2 but Booker T interrupts the count. Booker T knocks down the referee. Jericho was about to do the lionsault, and Stephanie nails him with a chair. Nick Patrick comes out, Rhyno covers 1,2 but Rock pulls out Nick Patrick. Rock was about to do the People’s elbow, but Booker T pulls him out. Jericho puts the Walls of Jericho on Rhyno and Rhyno is tapping out. A WWF referee came out, but Shane knocked him down. Stephanie comes in and Jericho was about to put the Walls of Jericho on her, but Rhyno low blows him and rolls him up and referee, Charles Robinson make sthe three count. After the match, Rhyno Gored Jericho. Rock beats up Shane and delivers a Rock Bottom to wCW referee, Charles Robinson. Rock does the Rock bottom on Rhyno. Rock was about to Rock Bottom Shane, but Booker T sneaks up from behind and does the Rock bottom on The Rock. Shane puts a steel chair on the mat and Booker T Rock Bottoms the Rock again, but this time on the chair.

Winners: Rhyno and Booker T

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