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WWF RAW 8/20/2001

WWF Raw is War Results
August 20, 2001
Live from: Sacramento, CA
Commentators: Jim Ross and Paul Heyman
Reported by: Paul Nemer of

Earlier Tonight
Debra was bringing Austin into the locker room. The Alliance were waiting in the locker room to surprise Steve Austin. Austin entered the locker room and they started cheering him. Austin said that he lead by example ever since he joined the alliance. He said he will continue to lead by example tonight. They started to cheer Austin while he was leaving the locker room.

Match #1
Stacy, Ivory & Torrie vs Jacqueline, Lita & Molly

The match starts with Ivory and Molly. Shoulder take down by Molly. Molly twists Ivory’s arm, Ivory reverses it. Jacqueline gets the tag. Jacqueline nails Ivory with her elbow, 1,2 but Ivory kicks out. Torrie Wilson gets the tag. Jacqueline takes her down and stomps on her. Stacy kicked Jacqueline while she was sent to the ropes. Jacqueline tags Lita and Ivory gets the tag back. Ivory works on Lita, then Lita delivers a kick to the back of the head and tags Jacqueline. Ivory took her down and put her on the top rope. While on the top rope, Jacqueline grabs Ivory’s head and does a tournado DDT and gets the win for her team.

Winners: Jacqueline, Lita & Molly Holly


The Dudley Boyz were telling Test that he did an awesome job last night and that he can tag with them anytime. Stephanie walks in and asks them to be alone with Test. Stephanie wanted her and Test to put their differences a side. Stephanie asked Test for a favor. She said Rhyno couldn’t take out Jericho last night and she wants him to do it. Stephanie told him that she can be a real witch if she doesn’t get things her way. Test told her not a witch, but a bitch. But a good bitch. He told her that he will get the job done tonight.

The Rock segment

The new wCw champion, The Rock comes out to the ring. Rocky chants broke out. The Rock does his usual, “Finally, The Rock has come back to Sacramento”. The Rock said, Booker T came out last week and said he was going to take the Rock to school. He said, last night The Rock took Booker T to school. The Rock said that Booker T can try to talk and act like the Rock, but there is only one and The Rock means one Rock and that’s the Rock. Rock says that Booker T might feel bad after what happened last night and then Rock tells Booker T to come out and to face him eye to eye, and maybe, just maybe the Rock can make him feel better. Booker T’s music hits and a midget dressed like Booker T comes out. Rock asks him how he feels and the midget says “How do you think I said? Sucka! Rock tells him to do the spinaroonie. The midget does the spinaroonie. Rock tells him to moon walk, and the midget does. Rock tells him, he knows he feels better, then the midget says “No Sucka!”. The Rock asks him one more time, “Can you did that” and the midget says yea. Rock asks him if he wants to keep dancing.

Lance Storm comes out and said that this is a sad display and a sad day in this business. Storm says no one enjoys a good laugh better then him, but tis isn’t funny. Lance Storm said the only joke is The Rock carrying the wCw title. Storm challenges the Rock for the wCw title tonight.

Rock says “Who in the blue hell are you?” The Rock says that he knows what Storm is saying, and the Rock says, “Just bring it!”. They exchange a few words, then the Rock closes the segment by saying “If you smell what the Rock is cookin'”. Storm kicks the midget and leaves.


They showed highlights of last night’s SummerSlam, when Shane took down Bradshaw with a chair. Then they show when Bradshaw nailed Shane with the clothesline from hell.

Match #2
Big Show, Billy Gunn, Spike Dudley and APA
Dudley Boyz, Chuck Palumbo, Sean O’Haire, Tommy Dreamer & Hugh Morrus

The match starts off with Faarooq and Palumbo. Palumbo starts hammering Faarooq. Faarooq nails him down and makes the tag to Scotty 2 Hotty. O’Haire gets the tag from Palumbo. Then Hugh Morrus gets the tag and Scotty 2 Hotty does a double clothesline. Billy Gunn comes in and cleans house, then Devona nd Bubba attack him and where about to do the What’s Up?, then Bradshaw does a fall away slam from the top rope on Devon. Dreamer and Spike get the tag. Dreamer beats on Spike and applies a half crab. Bubba gets the tag and does a back body drop on Spike. Devon gets the tag and they double team Spike. Cover, 1,2 but Spike kicks out. Hugh Morrus gets the tag and nails Spike with a clothesline. Boot to the face by Spike, followed by the Dudley dog. Big Show gets the tag and cleans house. Then everyone goes on the outside and the fight broke out everywhere. In the ring, The Dudleyz 3D Spike. Billy Gunn comes in and helps Spike, but Gunn gets hit, then Hugh Morrus went for the moonsault and Gunn got out of the way. Scotty 2 Hotty came in and did the WORM on Hugh. Tommy Dreamer came and DDT’d Scotty 2 Hotty, then Big Show came in and choke slammed Dreamer and got the win.

Winners: Big Show, Billy Gunn, Spike Dudley and APA

Since this is a Stone Cold appreciation night, they decided to put small segments of members of the Alliance saying a small speech.

Stone Cold Tribute moment:

Hurricane Helms was talking about Austin and basically suckin up to him. He said that Steve Austin showed him how great a hero can be.


Match #3
Chris Jericho vs Test w/ Stephanie

Jericho comes out and says that last night at SummerSlam, Y2J beat the vicious Rhyno. Jericho said that after seeing Test reunite with Stephanie it made him sick. He said how can a guy have a name short for testicles have no testicles at all.

The match starts with Both men exchanging hits. Full Nelson slam by Test. Test hammers on Jericho in the corner. Test was about to powerbomb Jericho, but Jericho got out of it. Modified bulldog by Jericho. Jericho was going for the lionsault, but Stephanie trips him. Jericho sends Test to the outside. Jericho grabs Stephanie, Rhyno comes out and Jericho goes after Rhyno and sends him into the steel steps. Jericho ran in the ring to continue the chase and Test out of no where nails him with a boot to the face and gets the 1,2,3.

Winner: Test


Christian talks to Edge and tells him that he will win the European title tonight.

Stone Cold Tribute moment:

Shawn Stasiak says that Austin inspired him. Stasiak tried to do his speech for over 41 times and couldn’t get a speech right.

Mick Foley is shown at WWF New York. Foley said that he never kicked out of the stunner when he used to wrestle Austin, but Angle kicked out three times. He said that Kurt is unstoppable.


Match #4
wCw Title
Rock vs Lance Storm

The match starts with Storm attacking the Rock. Rock delivers a few hits, followed by a Samoan drop. Super kick by Storm. Storm punches the Rock and Rock fights back, but Storm hits the Rock and goes on the top rope. Storm jumps and knocks the Rock down. Both men exchange fists, then Rock delivers a spine buster and both men are down. Rock delivers a couple of right hands. DDT by the Rock, 1,2 but Storm kicks out. Out of no where the Rock does the Rock Bottom and gets the win.

After the match, The Rock calls out the midget (Storm is still on the mat). He tells him to do the People’s elbow. The midget goes for it and screwed up. Rock picks up Lance and does a spine buster and tells the midget to do the people’s elbow again. The midget goes and does the elbow on Storm. The midget does a spinaroonie.

Winner: Still wCw champion, The Rock


Match #5
European Title
Christian vs Matt Hardy

Christian said that they are paying tons of money to get the NBA all star Chris Webber and he won’t win them any championships. Christian said he will bring them some gold tonight.

Christian attacks Matt. Hardy gets up and knocks him down. Neck breaker by Matt. Christian throws Matt to the outside. Drop toe hold on the outside by Christian and Matt’s head goes head first into the steel post. Christian throws him back in the ring and tries to pin him several times, but Matt kicked out. Matt fights back and takes down Christian. Christian knocks down Matt and covers him while he had his feet on the ropes, but the referee saw it. Christian does a DDT and covers, 1,2 but Matt kicked out. Christian was about to do the impeller and Matt reverses it and does the Twist of Fate and gets the win.

Winner: Still European champion, Matt Hardy

They shows picture-highlights of the WWF title match from last night.

Booker T is shown entering the arena and everyone was laughing at him.


Michael Cole interviews DDP and asks him about his match against Sara tonight. DDP said that last night he wasn’t successful. DDP said that Sara requested the match against him tonight and Sara doesn’t want to hurt him, she wants to be with him. Cole tells him that Undertaker will be at ring side and DDP said that it doesn’t concern him.

Stone Cold Tribute moment:

Tazz said that it’s because of Austin that the old Tazz is back. It’s Austin’s tough love that helped Tazz.

Tajiri was talking with Regal. Booker T came in and asked for a rematch and Regal told him it’s too late and he said he came a little short (Regal started laughing). Booker T asked him why everyone is laughing at him and Regal told him about the midget. Booker T said that he will put his frustration on someone tonight, then he looks at Tajiri and challenges him. Booker T said he won’t even bring his gear for his match against Tajiri.


Match #6
Booker T vs Tajiri

Booker T came out without his wrestling gear. He said that ever since he came to the WWF, he was always disrespected. Tonight, all that will change because he wants his respect. He calls Tajiri out.

Tajiri came out and Booker T told him that he got out of the frying pan into the fire. Booker T attacks him. He sends Tajiri to the outside. He sends Tajiri into the ring post. Then he sends him into the steel steps. Back in the ring, Booker T pts Tajiri up side down and chokes him with his shirt. Booker T shoves the referee and the referee calls for the bell. Scissors kick by Booker T on Tajiri.

Winner: by DQ, Tajiri

Sara was stretching and getting ready for her match against DDP that’s coming up next.


Match #7
DDP vs Sara w/Undertaker

DDP says that he has something to say to Sara before this starts. He said that he will give Sara the first shot and she smacked him. She hits him again and he pushes her. DDP grabbed her and brought her in the corner. Undertaker grabs DDP to the outside and choke slams him and sends him back in the ring and all Sara had to do was cover him and she did just that and got the win.

Winner: Sara


Stone Cold appreciation segment

Debra, Stephanie and Paul Heyman came out together and Debra had some cookies baked. The ring had a red carpet. The ECW/wCW wrestlers came out and surrounded the ring. Paul Heyman said tonight is Stone Cold Steve Austin appreciation night. Paul Heyman said there has never been a man that lead a force like the Alliance, like Steve Austin. Heyman introduces Austin.

Austin comes out and Paul Heyman told him that Hurricane Helms has a gift for Austin. Helms told Austin that after SummerSlam last night, Austin is his new idol. Helms also gives Austin his green lanner t-shirt. Heyman says that there are more presents. Kanyon comes in the ring and tells him that he is choked up and he can’t believe he is in the same ring as Austin. Kanyon said that there has been a question for a while “Who’s better then Kanyon?” and he said that it was answered. It’s Austin. Kanyon offers a t-shirt t Austin saying “WHo’s better then Austin”.

Paul heyman says that behind a great man, there is a great women. Debra had the plate of cookies and said that from the bottom of her heart, she stayed up all night to bake him cookies. She told him to taste one. Austin hesitates to eat them. Paul Heyman told him that before he eats those, the Alliance did a tribute video for Austin. They show the video and it’s different highlights of events where Austin either stunned someone, won a match….etc..

Paul Heyman thanks Austin and introduces Stephanie. Stephanie says that this night is not about her, it’s about Austin. She tells the members of the Alliance to get in the ring right now. They all get in. Stephanie says that the Alliance have put a little song for him. Stephanie calls in Lilian Garcia and tells her to sing the song and the lyrics where on the screen. Lilian was singing it and Stephanie stops her and tells her that they need a better singer. Stephanie says she will sing. Stephanie starts singing. She asks the members of the Alliance to join and sing.

Austin said that this is the proudest moment of his life. When he looks at this ring, he sees a family. Austin said when he beat Angle last night, he did it for them. Everyone had a Austin shirt or wCw shirt except Tazz. Tazz was wearing his Tazz shirt. Austin tells him to take off the shirt.

Kurt Angle’s music hits and he comes out in a truck and parks it right beside the ring. He starts throwing milk cartons on them. Then he brings a big hose and sprays the Alliance with milk. Kurt Angle sits on top of the truck and drinks his milk.

Thanks for reading,
Paul Nemer


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