010 ROH on HDNET 5/23/2009

ROH on HDNet – Episode 010 – 23rd May 2009

Ring Of Honor is in a solid run with it’s television product. I can’t say they’ve produced much in the way of ‘jump out of your seat’, ‘must see’ high end stuff, but the last three weeks have been consistent, watchable and entertaining fare. With the Tag Title Tables Match and the ROH Title fourway in the coming 2 weeks, there’s some quality stuff coming up too. Which makes me interested in seeing this episode in particular – as it has the job of building up those two high calibre main events. We return to Philadelphia, PA with Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak.

Straight to the ring, where a table has been ominously positioned. The American Wolves head to the ring to join it. Richards gloats about putting El Generico through a table last week. Steen and Generico interrupt, and manage to grab Shane Hagadorn as the Wolves bail. Shane gets powerbombed through the table to send a message.

In the studio Prazak and Hogewood announce that next week we have Steen and Generico against the Wolves in a Tables Match with the Tag Titles on the line.

From there we go to a terrific little video package with Jerry Lynn being interviewed about the World Title fourway in a couple of weeks.

Kenny King vs Kenny Omega vs Jay Briscoe

This one has lots of potential. Last week we saw Jay impressively dispose of Sami Callihan as he continues to build a singles niche for himself whilst Mark is injured. King was also impressive last week, albeit in defeat (along with Rhett Titus) to the Tag Team Champions, whilst Omega has had some terrific matches on HDNet thus far without managing to score a victory. All three have something to prove and will want to climb the ranks with a win here.

‘It’s no fun unless there’s sportsmanship’ – Omega demanding handshakes all round. He gets thrown straight to the floor for that attitude, but he runs back in…then sprints straight to the floor with a RUNNING SOMERSAULT SENTON! Briscoe waits for him to get back to his feet before levelling him with a sliding kick from the apron. SINGLE LEAP CORKSCREW SENTON OFF THE APRON by King! Jay ends up on the floor clutching his knee in discomfort after that. Leapfrog Bulldog from Omega to Briscoe gets 2. King levels Jay moments later with a capoeira kick and gets his own nearfall. DOUBLE crossbody out of the corner by Omega…into a DOUBLE HURRICANRANA! But he lines up another running dive to the floor and is viciously cut off with a clothesline from Briscoe. KING WITH A SPRINGBOARD BLOCKBUSTER/DDT COMBO! Jay’s eye has been busted open somewhere in all of this. Somersault into a TOP ROPE LUNGBLOCKER from Omega to King…and Jay nearly steals the pinfall whilst Omega recovers. Briscoe to the top rope now but King levels him with a standing enzi kick to the side of the head. Coronation countered by Omega…TO A JACKNIFE PIN! OMEGA WINS! He gets his first HDNet win at 09:30

Rating – *** –
I’ve seen some surprisingly high ratings for this match. Not that it’s not a blast, but some people REALLY liked it. I thought it was decent, I loved the non-stop action, and I loved how they really increased the pace as the match wore on. It suffered a little from classic triple threat syndrome with one guy standing around whilst others work, but to open an episode you couldn’t have asked for much more. Great to see Omega getting a win…

Irish Airborne vs Dark City Fight Club

The Crist brothers make their first HDNet appearance. They have their work cut out for them to defeat the undefeated Dark City Fight Club though.

Dave holds Chavis in position for a running neckbreaker from Jake…only for Davis to MOW through both of them. Total Elimination on Dave. DARK CITY STREET CUTTER ON JAKE! SLAP THAT AQUATIC WILDLIFE! DCFC win at 01:40

Rating – ** –
At less than 2 minutes, and for a total squash, I liked that. The Crists, who’ve never really gotten over as a permanent member of the ROH roster, made Davis and Chavis look terrific here. A couple of exciting cameos from IA, before a fun demolition of them by the Fight Club. Davis, in particular, is a beast.

Kyle Durden asks Necro Butcher and Delirious about their main event match with Age Of The Fall. Delirious appears to say that it’s going to be out of control.

COMMERCIALS – Oasis, Coldplay, Snow Patrol and Queen (+ Paul Rodgers). British rockers taking over Concerts on HDNet it seems. Admittedly I only really like Queen, but that line-up looks better than some of the crap they’ve shown!

NEXT WEEK – Steen/Generico vs Richards/Edwards in a Tables Match, plus the Women Of Honor in action. Edwards promises that the ‘hunt’ ends next week.

Jimmy Jacobs tells Kyle Durden that Delirious and Necro Butcher are ‘lost’ without his leadership.

Another World Title match hype video is next, this time focusing on Bryan Danielson’s preparations for the big match. He’s training to become the first 2-time World Champion.

Chris Hero vs Eddie Kingston

This is a major opportunity for Eddie, who burst back onto the ROH scene with a great match against Sami Callihan a few weeks ago. He goes back with Hero a long way, and wants the chance to work him on HDNet. Chris, on the other hand, thinks King is beneath him, and wants to put him in his place

Kingston doesn’t wait for any formalities, and storms to the ring like a crazy man determined to get at Hero. He chases Hero around ringside, landing multiple chops and kicks. That is until Sara Del Rey distracts Eddie, leaving him wide pen to a BASEBALL SLIDING KICK TO THE HEAD! Floor Mat Senton follows that as Chris takes control. BIG chops exchanged but Hero grounds King again with the Flash Kick. Kingston starts to shake off the effect of Hero’s repeated elbow strikes and nails an implant DDT to leave both men reeling. BACK DROP DRIVER NAILED! He hammers Hero in the corner and refuses to let him up…so Todd Sinclair disqualifies him at 05:22

Rating – *** –
Personally I hated the finish, but I’ve chosen not to let it impact my rating since the latest house show DVD’s imply that we’re going to get a feud between these two guys. After his two recent showings on HDNet, more of Eddie Kingston in ROH is fine by me. Fun match before the disappointing conclusion, much as with King/Callihan, there was lots of striking and major intensity between the two men.

King lays out the ref whilst Hero and Del Rey flee to higher ground.

In the back Kyle Durden talks to Brent Albright about his loss to Claudio Castagnoli last week. Understandably he’s not happy at The Embassy’s actions. Colt Cabana (in a Big Daddy shirt) ambles in to cheerfully declare his dislike for Nana and Osiris after they ruined his HDNet debut.

Jimmy Jacobs/Brodie Lee vs Necro Butcher/Delirious

The premise is simple here – the current Age Of The Fall line-up against two of Jacobs’ former disciples who have subsequently left the group disillusioned and unhappy with Jimmy’s leadership and creative direction. All four men have been involved in some wild battles over the last year, and this one is sure to be no different.

Split-screen brawl to get us started with the combos of Necro/Brodie and Jacobs/Delirious pairing off to fight each other. Jimmy and Delirious legally start the match by actually entering the ring, whilst Lee stabs at Necro’s back with a chair. The big beardy guys take centre stage next, laying into each other with repeated punches until Necro back body drops Lee all the way to the floor. SUICIDE FLIP onto AOTF by Delirious. Butcher sets up some chairs in the ring, only to be DOUBLE SUPLEXED OFF THE APRON! That leaves Delirious alone with his opponents, and the numbers advantage quickly overwhelms him. Much as he used to do when they were a team, Jimmy leads Delirious around the ring by the tassels, feeding him to the physical Brodie as the camera pans to a still motionless Necro. Delirious manages to drive a torpedo headbutt to Jacobs’ ribs, only to be held in the corner and hammered by Lee’s Big Boot. Necro returns, but behind his back Jimmy starts scattering thumb tacks. Butcher grabs a handful of the tacks and THROWS THEM IN LEE’S FACE! TACK SLAM! SHADOWS OVER TACKS! Delirious pins Lee at 08:46

Rating – *** – Not one of the most memorable ROH on HDNet main events thus far (although it was far better than the mundane Lynn/Brodie match) but it was a step above most of what this combination of guys have been doing in brawls with each other. I liked how they worked a chaotic brawl without necessarily disregarding the rules too greatly. Even the use of tacks at the end was slightly less morally reprehensible given that it was Jacobs that brought them into play.

Tape Rating – *** –
This makes it four weeks running that ROH has got it right with their TV show. Although it was lacking that blowaway match, this was such logical, well-thought out episodic television that I really enjoyed it. The last episode ended with the Wolves attacking the champions. Rather than not having us see Richards and Edwards again for three episodes…they were the FIRST guys out this time around to answer the questions that attack left. The hot opening segment set up next week’s main event very well. There were great video packages adding to the slow build to the main event for Episode 012 (Lynn/Aries/Black/Dragon), the DCFC push continued nicely, the start of the Hero/Kingston feud, the best AOTF vs Necro Butcher/??? Tag match we’ve seen in ages and the best opening match in HDNet history. If ROH can somehow start putting together GREAT matches with this format then this show will start to become a can’t miss product.

ROH on HDNet Episodes 6-10 – Top 5 Matches

5) Austin Aries vs Roderick Strong (*** – Episode 007)

4) Kenny Omega vs Kenny King vs Jay Briscoe (*** – Episode 010)

3) Kevin Steen/El Generico vs Kenny King/Rhett Titus (*** – Episode 009)

2) Bryan Danielson vs Tyler Black (**** – Episode 006)

1) Bryan Danielson vs Tyler Black (**** – Episode 008)

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