WCW Nitro 6/1/1998

Written by: Kevin Kindelberger

WCW Monday Nitro 6/1/98

I started this awhile back, so I have forgotten, what the fuck I was going to write. Wolfpac and nWo are brawling and we are unsure where Sting and even Bret Hart stands. Fuck it, it will come back to me next time. I have so little time right now that let’s roll. Nitro got blasted as it only received a 3.7 while RAW got around a 4.4.

They have a video package of Sting with the soundtrack off! Good one.

Nice “Free Flair” sign!

Match 1: Jerry Flynn v. the Cat

Jesus I feel like I am watching a Shannon Tweed movie on late night Showtime with that music. Flynn kicks him right away but is kicked right back and Cat has the arm. Flynn drives him into the corner and kicks free and then clotheslines him. Flynn chops him in the throat but Cat blocks the kick, takes him down and hammers him only to be grabbed, flipped over and put in a cross armbreaker. Cat squirms to the ropes and Flynn now kicks and punches away. Cat muffs a sunset flip and they bot fall into the ropes. Flynn kicks him in the back a few times and chokes him out with his boot. Cat is wallowing in the corner, is slammed and Flynn gets two after a legdrop. Cat tries to fight back but is kicked only to grab him and slam him and then he finishes him off.

** Okay.

The Wolfpac arrives in a limo and they come out to quite the ovation. Hennig is on crutches. Nash asks DC what is up. He wants to do a new survey: How many came to see Hollywood and the Black and White and they boo and then erupt for the Red and Black attack as Nash calls them. Nash hands it off to Lex and he sees a lot of Red and Black in the crowd and he knows Sting will join and has the crowd chant his name. Sting has yet to join and wants him to take that step. Sting has always been around winners so the choice is obvious and Sting needs to take that step and make the right choice. If he needs any reinforcement they are having fun in the back of the limo (and then repeats it). They have decided to have a match and they really want Hogan and the Giant (he calls Hogan jet flying like Flair but bumbles over the words). The Wolfpac had to draw straws and it was Big Sexy and himself who get to face the Black and White tonight. They have thrown down the gauntlet and Nash does the “Too Sweet” phrase.

Match 2: Public Enemy v. Saturn and Raven

Saturn tears into Grunge, takes him over, tags in Raven who stomps on him a couple of times then tags Saturn back in. Saturn does not appreciate that and stares at him, so Grunge hammers him and he and Rock doubleteam him. Saturn backs off Grunge and then takes him down, but he is doubleteamed. Rock drops the elbow for two and Grunge is tagged in. Rock holds him and Grunge drops the elbow from the middle rope and he gets two. Saturn fights back and refuses to tag and Rock comes back. Saturn is shoved into Raven who tags himself in, and Raven comes over and levels Saturn. It may or may not have been an accident and now they are arguing. They turn to take to Grunge but Rock clotheslines both. They retreat to the floor and Rock flips on top of them. Raven is flung into the steps, inside the ring Grunge hits a swinging neckbreaker. Grunge flips Rock on top of him from the top. Raven is placed on top of the table and Rock flips on top of Raven and the table does not break, and Rock whispers to make sure he is okay. Rock sets him back up on the bent table and flips on top of him. Saturn though whips Grunge into Rock and hits the Death Valley Driver and Raven somehow recovers and pins him.

*** Fun match. The split begins.

Raven calls it a victory for him and then belatedly adds Saturn. Because of Raven they fired Kanyon, and because he has been running ripshod over everyone they decided to rehire Kanyon and he wants to know what about him. Luckily he has Saturn to make sure he is okay, so he has rehired the Flock, and since Kanyon has been reinstated he has signed Saturn to face him at the PPV and Raven calls it a favor and no thanks are necessary!

Match 3: Alex Wright v. Chavo Guerrero

No Eddie. They lock up and Alex shoves him down. Chavo charges off the ropes and is powerslammed. Alex does a little dance. He slams him again, and then whips him into the corner. Alex uppercuts him but Chavo is not happy and he tackles him and then punches him over and over and then chokes him out. The ref has to pull him off and Alex rolls to the floor. Chavo suicide dives right into him and then flings him into the railing then hammers him. Alex runs him into the railing, turns his back and walks away, so Chavo tears into him. Back in the ring, Chavo is sent into the corner and put in a submission hold and he taps right away. Alex is baffled and Chavo grabs his leg and is hit. Chavo attacks him again and Eddie comes down and tries to calm him down. He is back in the family fold and does not need to face Eddie. Chavo wants too though….

** Odd ending. Trying to be like Jericho earlier this year as he tapped right away.

Here comes Macho Man and Liz. Tony is in the ring with them. Tony asks about he and Piper. Macho wonders if he wants to date Piper! Then he calls the Wolfpac the bomb, but something does not sit well with him. Hogan and Hart will be crushed, and he wants to say something to Piper’s face and calls him out. Piper wants to know what Savage’s major malfunction is, and Savage agrees that they will face Hogan and Hart and then crush them. He does not like the reversal of the decision. Piper wonders if he needs psychiatric help. Savage tells him not to go there as he is the Macho Man! Macho wants a piece of him after the match and Piper slurs out an agreement. Savage goes to motion to the crowd and Piper quivers as he calls him back. Piper again asks what his malfunction is and wonders if his parents built the swing facing the wall. He tells Savage that it is all Bret stirring the pot, and he is conning everyone including Hogan and makes a Marion Berry comment (Mayor who bought crack in DC). He reminds him that Hart is not a team player and neither is Hogan but Savage does not give a damn and stalks off.

Tony is with JJ Dillon and he feels like the lone spokesman for WCW, as it is about the two nWo factions fighting. Sting is still a part of WCW. JJ is worried and he tells Sting he cannot make him a star in the movies. JJ knows he had a rough year last year but they always stood by him and during his finest moment. Tony states that was here (Starrcade, nope they fucked that up, but it could have been worse). JJ wants the title to come back to someone who can carry the WCW banner and that is Sting.

A third limo has arrived. Here comes Hogan and the Giant with Bret Hart. Hogan flexes and talks about showing Steiner the ropes and that nothing turns him on more than all his nWo-ites cheering him and knowing he rules the world. He saw that flamingo legged, skinny legged Nash with Luger challenge him and the Giant he got a big smile on his face. Hogan is hot thinking that Bret is being attacked and that he is not to be trusted. Hart responds what does he need to do? He has shown that Hogan is the man and basically his hero and the greatest wrestler. Hart is going to beat up old man Piper and Savage. Hogan states that this proves he has the love for the nWo, and he and Bret are going to beat them down at the PPV, brand them Black and White and own their soul. Hogan grabs Bret, who grins, and he cannot wait to see Bret tear off Piper and Savage limb from limb and they pan away as Bret yells “dig it.”

Match 4: Konnan v. Lenny Lane

They exchange arm holds and Lenny is taken down, Konnan straddles him and then allows himself to be rolled over; he returns the favor and then bulldogs him. Konnan has the arm but is sent into the corner and hit and now he is bulldogged. Lenny shows off his abs. He chokes him out on the bottom rope, then poses for the crowd again. Konnan comes back with a roll up, gets two and then takes him down for two more. Lenny trips him up and has the arm, cradles him for two. Konnan comes back with a slam, he spikes him with a cradle DDT and it is over after the Tequila Sunrise.

** Okay.

Here comes Rude with a gimpy Hennig. Hennig takes tells Schiavone to beat it. Rude has the mic and informs everyone that Curt is challenging Goldberg at the PPV. Rude is going over Curt’s accolades. Rude goes off about how pompous Goldberg is and his streak is weak. Curt has a bad knee but will be better by the PPV. Curt wants Konnan to come back out and he does. He has a proposition for Konnan to take his place at house shows against Goldberg. He asks Konnan to take his place as Rude calls it a WCW conspiracy. Konnan is willing and Curt will be ready at the PPV and is sick of greenhorns coming in and trying his hand at his craft. He starts to call him names and Rude takes the mic away and tells Goldberg he will be done for.

Match 5: Eddie Guerrero v. Fit Finley (c) for WCW TV Title

They exchange some holds, Eddie takes him down and drills him with his knees over and over. Fit mounts a comeback and he slams him with authority. Eddie though nails him, places him up top only to be shoved off; he lands on his feet but is thrust into the corner and slammed with Fit getting a two count. Fit puts him in a rear chinlock. Fit releases the hold and bashes his head into the side of the ring as he lays over the apron. Fit boxes him for a moment, but Eddie ducks after the whip and puts him in a sleeper. Fit though breaks it and has him up and drops him onto the top rope throat first. He misses the elbow and Eddie slingshots into him; he dropkicks him and follows up with some stomps and then runs him into the corner headfirst. Finley ducks a chop, sends him into the other corner, but misses the dive and hits the post. Fit is back suplexed and stomped. Chavo has run into the ring and the match is tossed. Eddie is backing away as Chavo taunts him and then he runs off!

*** This was really good until the ending. But, it did advance angles and kept Eddie strong something he needs going into the PPV.

Jericho is in DC! He wants to get his belt back. He walks up the court steps and they show him leaving and calls it a conspiracy as they did not listen to him. He goes up to some security guards and they tell him to leave! He does. He now claims he talked to Clarence Thomas’ law clerk who will get back to him. He is telling a homeless person his issue. He has a sign that states Conspiracy Victim. He goes up to a gate and wants to see the Chief and he is told unequivocally to leave! He bounds up some steps and is in the Library of Congress and looking for a section on WCW belts in books and looks like he found something….

Here he comes! He is in the ring and claims he has evidence. He wants JJ to come out and listen to what he has to say. He wants justice and he knows how Clinton feels and demands to be reinstated as Cruiserweight champ.

Match 6: Chris Jericho v. Juventud Guerrera

They lock up, and Jericho puts him in a wrist lock but it is reversed and then reversed again. He picks up Juve and slams him by the arm. Jericho runs him over after the whip, after a leapfrog he runs into a chop. Juve is sent to the apron who yanks Jericho down by his hair. Juve nails him with a seated senton from the top rope but he lands hard and he is slow to recover; Jericho strikes with a spinning backbreaker for two. Juve flips over and fucks up the bulldog as he climbed up Jericho and only gets two. He spikes Jericho with the Juve Driver; he has to roll him into position, and this allows Jericho to crotch him and he goes up after Juve but Jericho is shoved off. Juve leaps and is caught and pushed down into the Tamer! But Juve grabs the ropes and then lures Jericho to the floor where he strikes with a flying hurracarana! Both men are slow to get up, Reese has run down and he chokeslams Juve who runs in to pin him.

**1/2 A couple of muffed moves but still solid.

Match 7: Booker T v. Chris Benoit

Benoit won on Saturday Night. I am too lazy to look it up and far too behind right now but he is up 2-1. They are showing highlights and they are no longer in Disney! Benoit missed a diving headbutt and both are down. Booker is up and Benoit grabs him and then pins him with a German suplex!

They lock up and neither can get the advantage. Booker slams him on the second lock up, and then batters him with a few forearms dropping him with a shiver and he gets a two count. Fit is watching and yelling about himself in the third person. Benoit is thrust into the corner but gets his elbow up and runs right into a powerslam where Booker gets a two count. Booker has him in an armbar. He side slams him, goes up top and kills him with a guillotine legdrop. Benoit rolls to the floor but Booker is right behind him, hits him and then rolls him back into the ring. Benoit greets him with a kick and then stomps a hole in him. Benoit gives him a vicious chop, a headbutt and another stiff chop. Benoit drops him but Booker hops up and spinkicks him in the jaw, and he gets a two count. Booker puts him in a rear chinlock. Benoit is up but gets decleated with a shot to the head. Booker is slow to get up, but after the rope reversal he gets another two count after a flying forearm, and goes back to the rear chinlock. Benoit gets to his feet and counters with a nice German suplex and both men are down. Benoit is on the offensive and he gets a two count. But Booker, counters right back with an axe kick, but is slow to cover. He has Benoit up and goes for a back suplex but Benoit snatches him and finishes him with the Crossface!

*** Too short but still solid.


Match 8: Scotty Riggs v. DDP

DDP has faded away as of late. Riggs mocks DDP who just stares at Riggs as he does so. DDP charges out of the corner and shoves him down. Riggs is up and complains to the ref, tries to hit DDP who ducks and pounds Riggs in the corner, stomping him into the mat. No rib covering on DDP! DDP slams him and Sick Boy leaps in, right into a fist and he is tossed out. DDP gutbusts Riggs and motions for the Cutter and he picks him up in a fireman’s carry and hits the Diamond Cutter.

** A surprising squash. But he comes back with a bang.

Sick Boy grabs him from behind and he two eats the Cutter.

Match 9: La Parka v. Goldberg (c) for WCW US Title

Holy shit. Even before his music hits the fans are chanting his name over and over. I mean this guy is fucking over. I mean wow. Goldberg wants La Parka to crack him with the chair and he does so as hard as he can and Goldberg shrugs it off….concussion city. He spears and then Jackhammers La Parka.

** Damn.

Match 10: Giant and Hollywood Hogan v. Kevin Nash and Lex Luger

Lex and Hogan start off. Hogan taunts Nash a bit who taps Hulk on the head. Hogan tears off his shirt and flexes at Luger who rubs his pits with the shirt after it being tossed at him. Nash wipes his ass with it! Hulk not happy. They finally lock up and Lex shoves him down with ease. Seriously? Lex missed Hulk by a mile on the shoulder tackle but Hulk sells it anyway! Lex hits him a couple of times but gets his eye poked. Now Hogan is in command and he hits him a few times. Lex has the arm, and tags in Nash, Hogan escapes and turns towards the Giant. He teases the tag, Nash does not want him to tag and Hogan obliges. Nash knees him in the gut and now it Nash offense time in the corner; he sandwiches him in the corner and Hogan reverses it and sandwiches him in the corner. Hogan makes the tag and Nash escapes the hold and now he circles around with the Giant before they finally lock up. Nash hits him, and hammers him in the corner. Nash is sent into the corner after the reversal and Nash is dropped with the big boot and now a headbutt. Giant headbutt but misses the big elbow drop. Luger is tagged in and Giant begs off! Lex kicks him and now punches him over and over, rocking the Giant. He is sent into the corner and the Giant explodes out with a lariat. He tags in Hogan and they both work him over in the corner. Nash runs in and hits Hogan and now takes it to the Giant. Hogan on the floor has the belt and he nails Nash with it and now Lex too. The bell is rung in a DQ. Hogan tosses out the ref! Hogan and the Giant are choking out Nash. Sting is rappelling down, slowly. Herky-jerky like. He finally unhooks. He is in the face of Hulk and the Giant who are scared and he unbuttons his coat and it is the Black and White! The fans boo and he hugs Hogan only to short-clothesline him and then he hits and bodyslams the Giant! However, he cannot tear off his nWo shirt! Finally he gets it and he is wearing the Black and Red and the fans erupt and the rest of the Wolfpac come down and they celebrate together as the Old Guard is on the floor livid!

**1/2 Short but needed to be as it was angle advancement.

**** Great show. Both Nitro and RAW were awesome this week and this bodes well for the future. They had some decent wrestling. The storytelling was solid. I think they could have had Sting join the Wolfpac at the PPV, get involved in the main event, seeing as they are always overbooked anyway. It would have teased it out for another two weeks, and it was obvious he was joining Wolfpac but at least they teased it well at the end. I am surprised that this show garnered its lowest ratings in months. The time off killed them. I was expecting a dramatic decrease in quality, and while May was iffy at times the shows have been decent and tonight was great. Maybe I am overrating it as I love seeing the guys I grew up with but I have been honest and Nitro has been pretty good and tonight had all the qualities of a great show, wrestling and storytelling.

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