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WCW Thunder 6/4/1998

Written by: Kevin Kindelberger

WCW Thunder 6/4/98

Giant comes out with both belts around his waist. He starts off with a Hey Yo, and while he can live with Sting’s decision to join the Wolfpac, though he tells him that the colors do not fit him and never will. He cannot live with being bodyslammed on national TV. He rants and raves for a moment about Sting and how he does what he wants and can carry both belts. He is now going to choose his partner and calls out Brian Adams and gives him one of the belts. Adams wants everyone to get off their seats and cheer the champs, he and the Giant are not going to duck anyone as they are too big, powerful and too sweet. Giant has the mic again and warns Sting to not stick his nose in his business again. He tells Lex to find anyone and they will put the titles on the line tonight!

Match 1: Reese v. Van Hammer

They lock up and Reese shoves him off with ease. Hammer does some odd strut to mock Reese who charges him, Hammer dodges and hammers him with some kicks and punches but Reese grabs the arm and flings him across the ring, holding onto the arm the entire time. He slams him and now chokes him out in the corner. Reese suplexes him and gets a two count. Hammer counters with a jawbreaker but Reese comes right back with some clubbing blows, only to miss the clothesline and Hammer pounds him, rocks him with a clothesline. A second one sends him down and he backs right into a stop sign over the head via Horace and Reese double-handed chokeslams him.

*1/2 Damn that was slow moving.

Flock comes in and mauls Hammer. Juve runs out and gives them a hand and he wants a piece of Reese as he is held back.

Match 2: Alex Wright v. Eddie Guerrero

Eddie has the mic and tells Chavo that his grandma wants him to relax and take some time off and Eddie tells him to take a couple of months off.

Alex attacks and they go back and forth as a crazy acting Chavo comes down, slapping himself in the head. Chavo runs in and Eddie ducks and Alex back drops him to the floor. Eddie acts confused and the bell rings. Eddie backs off as Chavo walks towards him begging him to hit him and yelling at him to hit him and then apologizing!

No Rating: Angle Advancement

Tony calls out Lex and he does not need to do a survey as he claims the crowd is behind the Red and Black….the crowd is rather silent. Lex is all excited about Sting being a part of the Wolfpac and he is now head of recruitment. Seeing as the Giant is making his own rules, he accepts the challenge. His partner might be a surprise and the guy has made the most rapid ascension in the sport and he shows the Diamond Sign and tells DDP that he has a Red and Black shirt for him too!

The Benoit match is missing from this Thunder…..I cannot find it! WTF. Stevie Ray had come down and distracted Benoit allowing Booker to get the win. I feel that they did not show it at all, like it was a dark match. Not sure if that is the case….oh well.

Match 2: Psychosis v. Fit Finley (c) for WCW TV Title

They go back and forth, until Fit takes off his head with a giant blow and then drops him throat first onto the top rope. Fit gets two and puts him in a rear chinlock. It goes on for quite some time. Psychosis fights free but is dropped and finished with the Tombstone.

** Okay. Nice to see Fit get a long squash.

Match 3: Glacier v. Saturn

As Glacier does his dance, Saturn appears from behind. Glacier has no idea and he is grabbed and spiked with a German suplex and is nearly pinned. Glacier retreats to the floor. Saturn works him over there and they get back in the ring and after getting battered, Glacier mounts a comeback but is caught on the float over and bashed into the top buckle. Glacier is on the apron, and Saturn stands on the ropes suplexing him back into the ring. He is down too, and Glacier headbutts the gut and then sweeps the leg. Lodi is on the apron and Glacier grabs him and then Saturn nails him and down goes the ref. Saturn kicks Glacier in the skull and goes to pick up the ref and realizes yells for another ref. He grabs Glacier and Kanyon has a wig on, dressed as a ref and he spikes Saturn. He leaves and a wobbly Glacier is up and he kicks Saturn’s head off and gets the win.

** Okay. Angle Advancement.

Curt comes out and asks if the crowd if they like Goldberg and they do. They also want to see him beat him up when he asks. Curt’s knee is still not healed and it will be two more weeks, so he cannot face him at the PPV. Curt goes on about how close the Wolfpac are. He calls out Konnan who does his usual and wants to make sure he is hurt and that he would do it for Konnan and Curt agrees. Konnan will give him the first shot at the US title….ah, Curt!

Match 4: Silver King v. Dean Malenko (c) for WCW Cruiserweight Title

Dean has him down, works over the head for a bit. King is up and he takes down Dean and unleashes some chops. But misses in the corner and Dean gets two after a back suplex. One chop sends King down and Dean kicks him in the corner a few times as Jericho comes down. Jericho rings the bell, gets in the ring and has a book. He tells Dean that his reign of terror and mediocrity is over. Jericho has an NWA rulebook from 1934 that he found in the Library of Congress. It is the Ed “Strangler” Lewis rule and it states that the champ has the right of refusal and he never agreed to fight Dean. He wants JJ to get his fat butt down here. No JJ, and so Jericho demands Dean give it back and not desecrate his father’s name anymore and he stomps over and over screaming for the belt and so Dean gives it to him upside the head. I swear the book was empty as it flies open and Jericho shuts it and whines he will get vindication.

Match 5: Disco Inferno v. Raven

Raven attacks him before the bell but runs into an elbow and then chokes him out with some tape. Disco kicks him and gets two after a swinging neckbreaker. Disco sends him for the ride, telegraphs the back drop and is kicked and sent to the floor. Raven whips him into the steel steps, tosses a chair into the ring, rolls him back into the ring. He wedges the chair into the corner, whips Disco into it. Sets up the chair and wants to hiptoss Disco into it but it is blocked and Raven gets faceplanted into it. Disco stomps a hole in him. But this time a drop toe hold sends him face first into the chair. He finishes Disco.


He whines for Kanyon to come out…..he does not.

Match 6: Hugh Morrus v. Goldberg (c) for WCW US Title

The announcers act like Goldberg has never faced Morrus. Both Morrus and Barbarian attack him but Goldberg kicks Barbarian in the head. He runs over Morrus, and Jimmy goes up top and is grabbed and tossed into Morrus and Barbarian and he spears them all! He Jackhammers both men and pins Morrus!!

*** Pretty cool, so much for Barbarian’s minor push.

Match 7: Giant and Brian Adams (c) v. Lex Luger and DDP for WCW Tag Titles

Luger and Adams start off, Adams is clotheslined. DDP gets the tag and he ducks a boot after some give and take. He grabs Adams and powerslams him getting two. He still has the arm, tags in Luger who hiptosses Adams but he telegraphs the back drop and he is grabbed and given an awkward piledriver. The Giant gets the tag and he stomps on Luger, works over the neck and then chokes him out with the boot. He Russian sweeps him. Adams gets the tag and he stomps away some more. Drops the elbow and gets two. He and the Giant continue to punish him. Giant slams him, tags in Adams again who drops the knee. Adams has him in a bearhug, Luger tries to power out but is given a backbreaker. Adams tags in the Giant who misses the elbow drop. Adams is back in but DDP gets the hot tag and he goes off, taking both heels down. Giant though grabs him and shoves him down. But Sting wearing Black and Red paint runs down and taps the Giant who chases him and this allows DDP to hit the DC and finish off Adams and Giant runs over but it is too late.

**1/2 Not bad.

Dillon is on the phone. He is babbling about the tag titles and the match was not sanctioned. Giant will face Sting at the PPV and then that will unify the tag titles or something like that.

**1/2 Not happy that ten minutes were cut off. Oh well, the show was not great anyway. The wrestling was lackluster and of course the ending was overbooked.

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