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UPDATED 9/3/2011:

WWE SummerSlam 2011

WWF House Show 2/15/1987 (Savage/Steamboat)
WWF House Show 9/10/1988 (Hogan/DiBiase)
WWF House Show 12/29/1991 (Hogan/Flair)

WCW Nitro 11/2/1998 (Luger/Giant)
WCW Thunder 11/5/1998 (Luger/Steiner)
WCW Nitro 11/9/1998 (Giant & Hall/Nash & Luger)
WCW Nitro 11/10/1998 (Hall/Giant)
WCW Thunder 11/12/1998 (Konnan/Giant)
WCW Nitro 11/16/1998 (Goldberg/Bigelow)
WCW Thunder 11/19/1998 (Konnan/Hart)
WCW Nitro 11/23/1998 (Goldberg/Giant)
WCW Nitro 11/24/1998 (Wrath/Horace)
WCW Nitro 11/30/1998 (Hart/DDP)
WCW Thunder 12/3/1998 (Hall/Steiner)
WCW Nitro 12/7/1998 (Nash/Bigelow/Goldberg)
WCW Thunder 12/10/1998 (Benoit/Kanyon)
WCW Nitro 12/14/1998 (Nash/Bigelow/Goldberg)
WCW Thunder 12/17/1998 (Hall/Luger)
WCW Nitro 12/21/1998 (Goldberg/Hall)
WCW Nitro 12/28/1998 (Flair/Bischoff)

WWF RAW 11/2/1998 (Shamrock//Rock)
WWF RAW 11/9/1998 (Shamrock/Mankind)
WWF RAW 11/16/1998 (Rock/Austin)
WWF RAW 11/23/1998 (Pac/Rock)
WWF RAW 11/30/1998 (Rock/Snow)
WWF RAW 12/7/1998 (Rock & Taker/Mankind & Austin)
WWF RAW 12/14/1998 (Rock/HHH)
WWF RAW 12/21/1998 (Shane/Mankind)
WWF RAW 12/28/1998 (Dogg/Mankind)

MLW Revolutions 5/9/2003 (Funk/Corino)

FIP Eddie Graham Memorial Battle Of The Belts 3/10/2007
FIP International Impact Phase One 4/20/2007 (Briscoe/Butcher)
FIP International Impact Phase Two 4/21/2007 (Singo/Yamato)
FIP Stronger Than Ever 5/25/2007 (Strong/Butcher)
FIP Melbourne Meltdown 5/26/2007 (Delirious/Butcher)
FIP Hot Summer Nights Night One 6/29/2007
FIP Hot Summer Nights Night Two 6/30/2007

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