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WCW Thunder 12/3/1998

Written by: Kevin Kindelberger

WCW Thunder 12/3/98

They show Hogan back in 94 coming to WCW and winning the title. Now they go to his feud with the Giant and then joining the nWo. Now to his presidential run and his “retirement” from wrestling.

Steiner is talking about becoming the king of the world. He continues how great he is and discusses his freaks. He is still going. He is the new head of the nWo. He calls out Scott Hall.

Match 1: Ciclope v. Eddie Guerrero

Eddie runs him around the ring beating on him. He dropkicks him and then hammers him in the corner. Ciclope knocks him to the floor and then after a few chops, rolls him back into the ring and strikes with a missile dropkick. Eddie comes right back with a brain buster. Eddie climbs up top and then just jumps down and the bell rings, as he called for it and here comes the lWo. Eddie gives him the lWo salespitch and Ciclope joins.

** Not much.

Match 2: Giant v. Renegade

Giant kicks him in the gut and drops him with a huge forearm shot. Giant ducks so Renegade can uppercut him in the throat. Giant goozles him, places him up top and chokeslams him off the top rope.

* Squash.

Giant mocks Renegade being the Warrior! He turns to DDP and calls him leather faced, makes fun of him being the people’s champion. He continues and DDP runs down and knocks him to the floor with a few chair shots. He wants the Giant get back in the ring and he refuses and leaves.

Match 3: Mike Enos v. Chavo Guerrero

Enos is slaughtering him; He powerbombed him off the top rope. Enos connects with a fall away from the middle ropes and does not pin him. Chavo reverses the powerslam in mid air and after a two count, retreats to the floor to regroup. Chavo sneaks in from behind and rolls him up for two. Chavo is able to get the win~

*1/2 For Chavo getting a win.

Enos chokes out Chavo in anger and security pulls him off.

Match 4: Rey Mysterio v. Villano V

They have been going back and forth for a while. Villano has gotten in some offense. Villano drops the legs and now a backsplash. He somersaults off the top rope and misses. Rey hauls him up and hammers him but is sent into the corner but he moves and Villano hits the corner and Rey Bronco Busts him. Rey sits on his back and Rey springs into him and gets the win.

**1/2 Fun match.

Schiavone is with Rey at the top of the ramp. Tony calls him a man of his word despite not wanting to be a part of the lWo. Eddie has robbed him of his title shot. Eddie comes out. He wants Juve to get the title shot and starts yelling.

Match 5: Wrath v. Jobber

Rather long but Wrath wins.


More Kanyon and Raven wallowing time.

Match 6: Kanyon and Raven v. Chris Benoit and Mongo

Kanyon is carrying the load as Raven wallows. He and Benoit are going back and forth. Raven still refuses to tag. Okay, sorry reading up on the Fingerpoke and its impact. But I did watch the match. Kanyon was in the entire match and gave a good account. Raven was tagged and just left and Benoit put Kanyon in the Crossface.

*** Decent.

Match 7: Disco Inferno v. Konnan (c)f for WCW TV Title

Okay this has been back and forth. Disco has had a lot of offense. He has hit from the top rope and then drives him into the mat and gets another near fall. He goes for his finisher but Konnan counters with kick to the gut and bulldog, Sunrise finishes it off.

**1/2 Fun match, non stop action.

Match 8: Scott Hall v. Scott Steiner

Hall decks him early and then knocks him to the floor where Steiner complains about being punches. Scotty gets back in the ring and beats on him. He hangs him upside down and then chokes him out with the ropes. Steiner continues to pound him in the corner and puts him in a sleeper. Hall reverses it but is back suplexed. Both are down, and Hall is up and ducks a blow, chokeslams him and would have the win but the nWo ref slow counts. He boots Steiner and then bulldogs him and another slow count ensues. He goes for the Edge and Hall finally has him up and the ref pulls him down. So Hall kicks the ref and gives him the Edge! Steiner clotheslines Hall and puts him in the Recliner but there is no ref.

**1/2 Actually pretty good.

**1/2 Just average, nothing really stood out.

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