WWF Superstars 1/19/1991

Written by: Tom Hopkins

This episode aired on the same day as the Royal Rumble, so these guys are in full sell mode. Honky, Piper and McMahon are calling the action here, with Honky and Piper riffing on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

-Jake Roberts vs. Bob Bradley-

Jake still has the contact in his eye thanks to Rick Martel’s Arrogance spray. Bradley takes it to Jake early, but Jake comes back with a knee lift and works the arm of Bradley while a pre-recorded comment from Jake runs in split screen. Bradley goes to the bad eye of Roberts, which is a really smart move. He misses a hand spring elbow in the corner leading to a short-arm clothesline (which Bradley sells poorly). A DDT finishes things at 2:23. Bradley going to the eye was a smart move. *. Jake drapes Damien over Bradley post-match.

Okerlund tells us about the DiBiase/Virgil vs. The Rhodes’ tag match at the Rumble, with comments from both teams.

-Earthquake vs. Randy Hunter-

Dino Bravo gives a prerecorded comment and he is coming after Earthquake. Earthquake finishes this with the butt splash at 1:40. The jobber takes another butt splash and does the stretcher job. Totally uninteresting. DUD.

Did you know the Royal Rumble was tonight?

-Hart Foundation vs. Black Bart and WT Jones-
The Harts are tag champs but I think this is non-title. Anvil and Bart start, with Bart getting bodyslammed down. The Harts talk about tonight’s Rumble in a pre-recorded spot as Hart comes in and hiptosses Bart. Jones comes in for a few seconds before the Hart Attack ends this at 1:54. 1/2*.

Sean Mooney tells us about some sort of Rumble going on tonight. We get comments from the Warlord, Greg Valentine, Shane Douglas, Hawk and Power & Glory.

-Mr. Perfect vs. Kevin Reno-

They didn’t show the jobbers name so that is the best I could make out. Perfect was the IC champ at the time, having beat Texas Tornado a few weeks before. Perfect is dropkicked to the apron early on so he takes a breather. Perfect goes to work on the leg of Reno as a prerecorded comment from the perfect one airs. A perfect-plex finishes this at 1:59. I love watching this guy work, even against a jobber like this. 1/2*.

Mooney talks about some event going on tonight. Mooney introduces us to the Barbarian/Boss Man match, with comments Boss Man. We also hear from the Orient Express and the Rockers.

-The Bushwhackers vs. Dennis Allen and the Gladiator-

Why do I have to sit through this? The Bushwhackers talk about their upcoming Rumble participation in a pre-recorded comment as they do their crappy offense and stupid march to the delight of the fans. The battering ram/double gut buster finishes this mercifully at 2:06. DUD

Up next is the Brother Love show with none other than Sgt. Slaughter. Slaughter will beat Ultimate Warrior and will parade with Sadam Hussein.

Ultimate Warrior gives a pre-recorded comment afterwards. Okerlund runs down the Rumble participants with promos from Martel, Macho King and Hulk Hogan. Okerlund also runs down the singles matches, including comments from the Barbarian.

And that will end our show.

-The Bottom Line-
There was an incredible amount of shilling going on here, but when you get Mr. Perfect and Bret Hart on the same show you are always in good shape. This was a totally harmless episode.

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