WWF Superstars 1/26/1991

Written by: Tom Hopkins

This was the first episode following the Royal Rumble and the opening video is a bit outdated since it shows Ultimate Warrior as the champ. Vince is all by himself to start off as he talks about Sgt. Slaughter winning the title. He introduces Roddy Piper who is livid at the events of the Rumble.

So let’s go back to the Rumble itself. We hear part of the Macho Man interview where he says he’s the #1 contender, Sherri’s interview with the Warrior, and a good portion of the match, including the Macho King’s involvement. A good 15-minutes is spent on the title match itself.

-Mountie vs. Reno Riggins-

Is this the Mountie’s first match? If not, it is one of his earliest matches. Vince actually mentions the Fabulous Rougeaus and Roddy asks when he became a Mountie. Roddy mentions that Mountie’s always get their man, a line that wasn’t yet used in his entrance music. Mountie tosses around Reno and pins him with a chokeslam type move at 2:08 Mountie handcuffs his victim post-match then shocks him with the shock-stick he holds. ¼*.

We head to Sean Mooney who introduces us to a Hart Foundation promo and a Barbarian promo.

-Legion of Doom vs. Doug Vines & Cleo Reed-

The LoD attack the jobbers from behind and Animal powerslams jobber 1. Hawk comes in and chops him down. Once they’ve had enough of that jobber they toss him to the jobber corner so the other jobber can tag in. Animal charges with a clothesline in the corner and the Doomsday Device finishes this at 2:18. ½*.

We’re back with Sean Mooney who brings us more promos. We hear from Brother Love and the Undertaker, as well as Tugboat, who cuts a promo against the Undertaker. I would like to see that match-up. We also hear from some fans prior to the Rumble about the troops in Saudi Arabia. They also show the celebration of Hulk Hogan after winning the Rumble as well as Okerlund interviews with Hulk Hogan and Sgt. Slaughter.

-British Bulldog vs. Joe Turner-

Bulldog works the arm as Vince and Roddy discuss instant replay being introduced into the WWE. British Bulldog casually walks to the corner where Turner is stationed, we have what seems like a long pause, and finally Turner boots the Bulldog. Bulldog comes back with a long suplex for two. Warlord tells us in a pre-recorded interview that when he puts the Full Nelson on him, Davey Boy can’t escape. Turner misses a blind charges and a running powerbomb finishes things at 2:20. This was a weird match. It didn’t look like Turner knew what was going on. DUD.

-Rick Martel vs. Allan Reynolds-

Vince and Roddy discuss who should be the number 1 contender. Martel posts Reynold’s knee and works the knee before the Boston Crab finishes the match at 1:44. A rare case of psychology in a jobber match. *.

We’re back with Mooney who gives us more promos! Yes! We have Earthquake (with Jimmy Hart), as well as Hacksaw talking about his title match against Sgt. Slaughter coming up. Hacksaw is very patriotic, too.

This week is done, though next week does feature a Texas Tornado/Mr. Perfect match-up which looks interesting. Texas Tornado vows to win back his title.

-The Bottom Line-
There wasn’t a lot going on since this was the Royal Rumble post-show, but it was an enjoyable card overall. I don’t think there’s anything to go out of your way for but as a first reaction to the 1991 Rumble, it’s really good.

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