WWF Superstars 2/23/1991

Written by: Tom Hopkins

Vince and Roddy are calling the action and the highlight tonight is Virgil’s first ever WWE match.

-Big Boss Man vs. Martin-

The jobber is announced but I couldn’t hear his name, though it is Martin something, or something Martin. Martin is dropkicked to the outside as the Mountie gives us a pre-recorded comment about the Boss Man. The Boss Man slam ends this at 1:07. DUD. Boss Man would be wrestling Mr. Perfect at Wrestlemania but they were building to the Summerslam match with the Mountie already. Amazing.

We look at the Tag Team Battle Royale from last week with comments from Power & Glory and the Legion of Doom. The two teams will battle at Wrestlemania with the LOD squashing Slick’s team.

-Undertaker vs. Tommy Angel-

Again the jobber’s name isn’t shown. Undertaker makes his first in-ring appearance with Paul Bearer in his corner. Undertaker just kills the jobber as we get a pre-recorded comment from Paul Bearer (before he did the high-voice) about their Wrestlemania match with Jimmy Snuka, or #1 in the winning streak. You know how this goes, ropewalk and a Tombstone finishes this at 2:01. ½*.

Mean Gene is at Toys R’ Us to shill some WWE merchandise. Gene runs into the Bushwhackers there. We then head to Sean Mooney at the event center with Texas Tornado talking about his upcoming match with Dino Bravo. We also hear from the Warlord and his upcoming match with the British Bulldog.

-Haku vs. Virgil-

Haku has Million Dollar Man and Bobby Heenan in his corner while Virgil has Roddy Piper in his. Virgil pounds on Haku in the corner and follows with a hiptoss and a clothesline that sends Haku reeling into the arms of his managers. Virgil shoulderblocks a returning Haku down but Haku sidesteps a charge and Virgil is sent outside. DiBiase and Piper both yell at the fallen Virgil, though Piper’s words are words of encouragement. Virgil returns to the ring and is clotheslined down. Haku follows with a gut-wrench suplex and stomps at the former bodyguard of DiBiase. Haku atomic drops Virgil and RAKES HIS BACK! Haku suplexes Virgil but Piper jaws at Haku and distracts him enough for Virgil to schoolboy Haku for the pin at 3:36. That’s a weird way for him to get his first win as a face, needing the help of his manager. DiBiase is pissed but doesn’t accept an offer to get into the ring with Virgil.

We go to Sean Mooney at the Event Center and comments from the Nasty Boys and the Hart Foundation and their upcoming tag title match. Bret mentions the Dungeon in his promo, too.

-British Bulldog vs. Jobber –

The jobber isn’t even announced, and the announcers don’t tell us who it is. British Bulldog finishes this with the powerslam at 1:30. ¼*.

Let’s go to Brother Love! Brother has Macho King Randy Savage as his guest this week. Macho will take Warrior’s career at Wrestlemania.

Speaking of Wrestlemania, let’s go to the Wrestlemania report and rundown the card. We hear from Hulk Hogan who swears on God he’s gonna win the title and when Slaughter surrenders he will rip him apart. We also hear from Rick Martel, Jake Roberts, and Ultimate Warrior.

There’s another Dragon vignette, too.

-Sgt. Slaughter vs. Dale Wolf-

Sarge attacks the jobber with his helmet and brutalizes the poor kid before the Camel Clutch ends this at 1:26. Slaughter attacks him with a chair, afterwards and the kid does a stretcher job.

We head to Mooney and more promos. We hear an Earthquake promo as well as one from the Rockers. We end with a preview of next week’s episode, with the arrival of The Viking, who would become the Bezerker.

-The Bottom Line-
This was okay. It wasn’t great and it didn’t suck. If you have an extra 45 minutes you won’t mind watching it, but if you miss it, you probably wouldn’t mind either. Thumbs in the middle.

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