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WWF Superstars 3/2/1991

Written by: Tom Hopkins

Vince and Roddy are calling the action and both guys are excited about Wrestlemania which is three weeks away and Piper is pissed at Macho Man still.

-Jake Roberts vs. Terrence Blaylock-

This match is highlighted by a Martel pre-recorded interview. He’s still pissed that he didn’t read the contract carefully enough to see it was a blindfold match. Jake hits a back suplex followed by a short-arm clothesline. That’s the set-up for the DDT and that’s what follows. This opener is finished early with Jake picking up the win at 1:02. ¼*.

We head to Gene and a Wrestlemania Update. He then brings us to an episode of the Wrestling Challenge that featured Slaughter setting a poster of Hogan on fire. We also see Slaughter beating up a medic after his match last week. Hogan has a response for Slaughter.

-The Viking vs. Tommy Landel-

This is The Viking’s debut. He would later go on to be named the Bezerker. He had his Viking helmet, sword and shield. That’s a good gimmick considering we haven’t seen a Viking in over 600 years. Viking yells HUSS a bunch and we even get a prerecorded comment from him. He sounds a lot like Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Viking kills Landel, hitting a bodyslam with mustard (or the World’s Greatest Slam that Mark Henry is using now). The Viking doesn’t have a finisher I guess, because he just dumps Landel over the top to the outside to win via countout at 2:18. How does that strike fear into someone? I will get you counted out! He does follow with a slingshot kneedrop to the outside which as pretty cool. He should’ve rolled him in and covered after that. Not too bad from the Viking… ½*.

Mean Gene is at Toys R’ Us to shill some WWE merchandise. Gene runs into the Big Boss Man. We then head to Sean Mooney at the event center with the British Bulldog, the Mountie and Tito Santana concerning their Wrestlemania matches.

-The Rockers vs. Jerry Oates & The Brooklyn Brawler-

This is the first time I’m seeing the Brooklyn Brawler wrestle on Superstars. Marty and Oates start this off with Marty getting caught in a side headlock. They proceed to criss cross and then Marty leapfrogs Oates a few times before hitting a cross body. Oates tags in the Brawler as Heenan cuts a promo against the Rockers with his two guys, the Barbarian and Haku doing an evil laugh. So Shawn comes in and suplexes the Brawler before grabbing a chinlock. Brawler breaks and tags in Oates and they double-team Michaels. That doesn’t last long as Oates takes a double crescent kick. Jannetty hits the Rocker Drop (the Fame-asser) and the double fist-drop ends this at 2:38. Jannetty missed by a mile by the way. ½*.

We go to Sean Mooney at the Event Center and comments from Power and Glory and they are not scared of the Legion of Doom. The LOD respond and they aren’t scared either. We also hear from The Texas Tornado.

-Mr. Perfect vs. Pez Whatley-

Perfect is the IC title-holder, though the title isn’t up for grabs here. Perfect chops Whatley but Whatley comes back with a hiptoss out of the corner and Perfect is out bailing to the outside. Perfect regroups and goes to work on Whatley as we hear from Heenan and Perfect in a pre-recorded comment taunting the Boss Man. Perfect gets his neck snap in before missing a blind charge in the corner. Whatley clotheslines Perfect down but Perfect comes right back with a knee to the gut and quickly ends this with the Perfect-plex as 2:32. Perfect always sold like a champ, even for jobbers like Whatley. *.

Let’s go to Brother Love! Brother brings out the former WWE Champ, The Ultimate Warrior. Warrior says he will end Macho’s career at Wrestlemania and will start destroying careers right now and he does so by tearing down Brother Love’s curtain and then attacking Love with clotheslines multiple times and following with his shoulderblock/splash combo. He’s cheered for this, too. See, this is completely unprovoked and had it happened in real life would be a felony. Even McMahon and Piper shared a good laugh at this. What bastards.

It’s Wrestlemania Report time! Savage has a few words for Warrior. He responds to the Warrior’s attack on Brother Love. We hear from Sgt. Slaughter, Ted DiBiase, and the Hart Foundation. We also hear from a faux Queen Elizabeth saying Warlord would beat the British Bulldog. That was just weird.

There’s another Dragon vignette and this time you could see his face even if just for an instant.

-Earthquake vs. William Ford-

Earthquake hiptosses Ford and dropkicks him! A dropkick? Incredible. Hammer has some words for Earthquake but every fan knew this guy had no shot against Earthquake. Earthquake bodyslams the poor jobber and the butt splash ends this at 1:21. ¼*, just for the dropkick. Earthquake preps for another butt splash but some costumed guy runs out to save the jobber again. I am anxious to see who this guy was. Earthquake is actually knocked out, too.

Mooney brings us to the event center with Paul Bearer and Undertaker chiming in with an interview (Paul still didn’t have the white-powdered face yet). We also hear from the Big Boss Man. We end with a look ahead to next week, though it doesn’t look terribly interesting.

-The Bottom Line-
This was an enjoyable show. The squash matches were fun and the Wrestlemania hype was in full gear. You can see the unbridled fury of the Ultimate Warrior (which was completely unprovoked by the way) and a fun time is to be had by all.


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