WWF Smackdown 8/24/2000

Written by: Adam King

Thursday, August 24th, 2000

Live from the Cajundome in Lafayette, LA

List of WWF Champions at the time:
●  WWF World Heavyweight Champion: The Rock (6/25/2000)
●  WWF Intercontinental Champion: Val Venis (7/06/2000)
●  WWF World Tag Team Champions: Edge & Christian (6/25/2000)
●  WWF European Champion: Perry Saturn (7/23/2000)
●  WWF Hardcore Champion: Shane McMahon (8/21/2000)
●  WWF Women’s Champion: Lita (8/21/2000)
●  WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: Dean Malenko (4/27/2000)

~ Smackdown comes on the air with highlights of Triple H and Kurt Angle’s up-and-down relationship on Raw. Michael Cole then welcomes us to the show along with Jerry Lawler and reminds us SummerSlam is just 72 hours away.

~ Things kick off with the now-former Women’s Champion Stephanie McMahon making her way out to the ring. Stephanie grabs the mic and talks on being a fighter all her life and accomplishing everything she did on her own then calls it tragic how she was robbed of the Women’s title by the “fair and just” commissioner, Mick Foley, who offered to choose an fair and impartial referee for her match and ended up picking The Rock. Stephanie says she carried the title with pride and dignity for 5 months and now some tattooed low-life is the champ. Stephanie tells Foley she doesn’t want an apology, she wants a rematch tonight and isn’t leaving the ring until she gets it. Instead of Foley, Kurt Angle is the one who comes out next and gets on the mic to add his thoughts on the subject and says he understands how Stephanie feels since he cherishes his Olympic medals like they were his own children. Angle chastises Foley for what he did to his friend, that he’d expect something like this from The Rock but not Foley. Angle even says Rock being impartial is as ridiculous as the vile city of New Orleans calling its football team the Saints. Angle tells Stephanie that another person who should take much of the blame for her title loss is her husband, Triple H, feeling if Triple H was a better husband and not so hot-headed and paranoid he would have allowed him to ….

At that point Angle is cut off by Triple H’s music as The Game storms out to the ring ready to pound Angle into the mat. Triple H shoves Angle through the ropes and Angle looks ready to respond when Mick Foley makes his way out and gets on the mic telling Triple H and Angle to stop bickering among themselves because this is about Stephanie. Stephanie accuses Foley of setting her up and Foley claims he didn’t know that Rock wasn’t going to be so impartial. Foley says he wants Stephanie’s respect after her mother selected him and trusted him to be WWF commissioner and also wants Stephanie to like him so he found a pair of medals feeling she’s attracted to men who wear medals. Foley displays them while explaining that one of them is for being the best camper and the other one is for winning a pie-eating contest. Foley wants to grant Stephanie her rematch tonight but figures Triple H and Angle want to get their hands on Rock so he decides to book a mixed tag match pitting Rock and Lita against Stephanie, Angle and Triple H. Foley then realizes that would make it 3-on-2 so to make it fair either Triple H or Angle will have to sit this one out. Foley then tells Stephanie that she will be the one to decide which one of them will team with her in the main event and adivses her to choose wisely. Foley finally wraps this segment up after 12 minutes while Stephanie is stuck between her husband and her friend. Once again a quarter of the show is used to partially set up a main event.

~ Back form break Triple H talks with Stephanie about them teaming being the perfect scenario, because this way he gets to beat The Rock up just before SummerSlam while she gets her hands on Lita. Triple H then offers to gameplan their match but Stephanie feels Angle needs to be part of the discussion as well. Triple H balks but Stephanie tries to convince him that Angle being on his side will help him beat Rock on Sunday and Triple H reluctantly admits that Stephanie is right and allows her to bring Angle into the fold.

  • Rikishi vs. The Goodfather (w/Bull Buchanan & Steven Richards)

After the RTC are out, Rikishi enters next but gets on the mic and scoffs at Richards’ attempts to cover him up lately then offers to show the RTC what they’ll be facing at SummerSlam and proudly displays his backside. Rikishi says he has a couple of good friends to back him up as everyone is thinking Too Cool but instead out comes the Godfather’s former women, Victoria and the blonde. Goodfather isn’t liking this at all and goes out to meet Rikishi on the ramp but Rikishi beats him back and throws him into the ringsteps. Rikishi tosses Goodfather back in the ring to offically start the match then whips him and clotheslines him down. Rikishi whips Goodfather into a corner but Goodfather hits his own clothesline then kicks at him in a corner. Meanwhile Richards and Buchanan start after the ladies on the floor but Too Cool run out to stand in their way. In the ring Goodfather connects with his crescent kick and comes off the ropes but runs into a Samoan Drop. Rikishi then nails Goodfather with the running butt splash in a corner and follows it up with the superkick. Goodfather is down as Rikishi climbs up the ropes and finishes him with the Banzai Drop for the quick win. (1:27) Not sure if squashing one of your pay-per-view opponent is the best way to sell the six-man match. NR

Buchanan tries to come in the ring but Too Cool pull him back out and duke it out with him and Goodfather. Richards goes in and jumps on Rikishi’s back but Rikishi backs himself into a corner to get Richards off him. Richards slumps to the mat but the other RTC’ers pull him out before Rikishi can move in with the stinkface. The RTC then retreat for now while Rikishi, Too Cool and the ladies commence with the post-match dance.

~ Backstage Eddie Guerrero is trying to get Chyna fired up about their match tonight as well as at SummerSlam and Chyna is anxious to tear Trish apart at the pay-per-view. Eddie brings up how whoever gets the pin also gets the Intercontinential title then talks about wanting to be a champion in the WWF but says he would be happy to see Chyna with the title. Chyna responds by telling Eddie that she’s already held that title so she want’s Eddie to be the champion this time. Eddie then says the important thing is they’re both happy and they head out for their match as we go to commercial. Weird how they made Eddie sound like this is his first title oppertunity when it’s just a month after he lost the European Title he held for four months.

  • Steve Blackman, Eddie Guerrero & Chyna vs. Val Venis, Test & Albert (w/Trish Stratus)

I guess Blackman’s in this match because T & A are two of the men who cost him the Hardcore title on Raw. Trish’s team jumps the face team from behind to start us off as we see Shane McMahon watching this from the back. Test and Albert whip Blackman but Blackman hits a double dropkick while Val works Eddie over in a corner. Things settle down to Val and Blackman in the ring when Chyna tags in and hammers away at Val with forearms. Chyna goes for a whip but Val counters with a knee to the chest then comes off the ropes but eats a clothesline. Eddie tags in and helps Chyna hit a double suplex then takes over on Val and stomps him down in a corner. We then cut backstage as Mick Foley warns Shane not to interfere in this match or in any other match tonight, or else his Hardcore Title remtach with Blackman will be tonight instead of Sunday. Back in the ring Val has regained control as he whips Eddie and hits an elbow and an elbowdrop for a two count. Val goes for a back suplex when Eddie flips out of it and gets in his shots then goes for a whip. Val reverses it but both men collide in mid-air and head for the corners and Val tags Test while Eddie makes the tag to Blackman. Blackman hits Test with a superkick then nails Val with a dropkick and connects with a spinkick on Albert. Val clotheslines Blackman and Chyna hammers Val with forearms while Albert hits Blackman with the Avalance. Test hits Blackman with the big boot and covers him but Chyna saves it after clotheslining Val over the ropes. Eddie works Val over on the floor when Trish comes up with some nunchucks in hand but Chyna cuts her off. However Albert nails Chyna from behind and stomps away on her while Val shoves Eddie into the ringpost. Chyna fights back against Albert while Eddie and Val head in the ring where Blackman and Test are battling. Val has the nunchucks and swings them at Eddie but Eddie dodges it and Test ends up taking the hit instead. Blackman comes back and superkicks Val then hides the nunchucks and covers Test for the victory. (3:24) Nothing match that was there to hype two matches on Sunday. *

~ Backstage Kurt Angle is pleading his case to Stephanie on why he should be her partner for the main event, feeling Triple H it a hothead who needs anger management classes since his rage will cause him to make mistakes. Angle says his Olympic wisdom can complement Stephanie’s athletic skills and enable them to beat The Rock and Lita then promises to have Stephanie’s back and not make mistakes. Stephanie assures Angle that she’ll think about it.

~ Elsehwere we find Tazz yelling at a car that’s been tagged with graffiti, demanding someone come out of there. We cut to Cole and Lawler in the arena and they don’t know what’s going on with Tazz as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break Tazz is spraying ’13′ on the car then turns to the camera and asks Lawler if he recognizes it. Lawler says it’s his rental car and Tazz yells back at him for thinking that everything is one big joke to “the funny man”. Lawler isn’t too concerned about the car … until Tazz opens the passenger door to show Jim Ross inside the car. Tazz continues taunting Lawler before telling JR to get out of the car but JR closes the door and locks himself inside. Tazz orders JR to open the door and let him in but JR refuses to so Tazz busts out the window with a lead pipe! Lawler runs out of the arena and into the parking lot as Tony Garea tends to JR who supposedly has glass in his eye. Lawler calls for help when Tazz jumps him from behind and beats on him as the referees run out to try and break it up. Lawler is down on the ground and Tazz walks off laughing at him as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break we get a replay of Tazz attacking Lawler and JR as well as footage of the EMT’s tending to Ross.

~ Out in the arena Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring and grabs the mic to do the hard sell for his pay-per-view match. Jericho talks about his intense hatred of Chris Benoit and relishes the chance to face him in a best-of-three falls match then figures Benoit would be excited as well. Jericho says instead Benoit has interfered in all off his matches over the past few weeks. Jericho says he’ll fight Benoit anywhere he wants and has even put together a little something to help illustrate his point. Jericho then proceeds with a Dr. Seuess-like poem as various funny pictures of Benoit are displayed on the OvalTron. Jericho says he’ll fight Benoit in the ring (pic of Benoit standing in ring) or in the back (Benoit with Shane in the back). Jericho says will fight Benoit on a boat (Benoit rowing a boat) or with a goat (guy with Benoit’s head sitting on a boat), with the score tied (Benoit as baseball player) or as a blushing bride (Benoit in evening gown), Jericho will fight Benoit taking a quiz (Benoit with dunce cap) or as the ja****s that he is (Benoit on donkey’s body). Eventually Benoit comes out to the stage to offer a counterpoint on the mic and gives Jericho a sarcastic golf clap while putting him over for being a funny guy. Benoit then says Jericho’s wit and humor won’t do anything for him come SummerSlam. Benoit says he has a funny picture of his own to show and displays a still of Jericho being choked out in the Crossface which he feels is the only picutre that matters and that he laughs at it every time he sees it. Benoit says he will show he is the superior wrestler tonight and as SummerSlam and dares Jericho to prove him wrong. Jericho says that picture was lame and unfunny but admits he can’t wait for tonight and especially can’t wait for Sunday. Jericho finishes by saying the Wall of Jericho will cause much pain and once he’s done Benoit will never be the same.

~ Backstage X-Pac is walking with Road Dogg trying to apologize for headbutting him through a table on Monday but Road Dogg tells him he doesn’t want to hear anymore sorry’s nor wants to think about their match on Sunday. Road Dogg reminds X-Pac they have bigger fish to fry tonight with Undertakeer and X-Pac slaps hands in agreement. However we hear a rumbling as Taker rides into the scene on his motorcycle and the DX’ers step back to avoid him. We sure are getting a lot of non-wrestling segments all of a sudden.

~ Back from break we get footage of the Acolytes and Kaientai visiting a karaoke bar earlier today. Taka and Funaki are singing Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love a Bad Name” while the Acolytes look on from the crowd. The patrons boo Kaientai until Bradshaw stands up for his pals while Faarooq calls them a lot of fun to watch. Now we’re getting segments that have nothing to do with the pay-per-view.

~ Back in the arena Jerry Lawler rejoins Cole at the announce desk threating harm to Tazz if Jim Ross is blinded. We then go into a recap of the Kane turning on Undertaker 10 days ago to take over the Big Show’s slot in the feud. Did I mention it’s been over 20 minutes since our last match?

  • The Undertaker vs. Road Dogg & X-PacHandicap Match

So this is it, the final team-up of Road Dogg and X-Pac. And you have to imagine there’s still some issues after X-Pac accidentally (?) headbutted Road Dogg through a table on Monday. X-Pac takes a moment to spit on Taker’s bike which is not a good idea as Taker goes out and drops both DX’ers with right hands on the floor. Taker tosses both guys in the ring but gets double-teamed as he heads in. The DX’ers then whip Taker but Taker comes back with a clothesline on both guys to regain the advantage. Taker tosses X-Pac over the ropes when Road Dogg tries to whip him but Taker reverses it and hits a big boot. Taker follows up wtih an elbowdrop for a two count then whips Road Dogg into a corner and clotheslines him. Taker plants Road Dogg with a sidewalk slam and covers him but X-Pac makes it back in and breaks up the pin. X-Pac tries kicking Taker down in a corner but Taker reverses positions, nearly tossing X-Pac over the ropes. Taker works X-Pac over then whips him into Road Dogg in a corner then whips him back the other way and clotheslines him. Road Dogg comes back with a boot and X-Pac follows up with a spinning heelkick but only gets a two count. The DX’ers double-team Taker and choke him on the middle rope then whip him but both men lower their heads and Taker throws X-Pac down then decks Road Dogg and tosses him over the ropes. X-Pac gets in some kicks on Taker and goes for a whip but Taker reverses it and grabs him by the throat then hits the chokeslam as we see Road Dogg walking out of the match and abandoning his DX buddy. Road Dogg then looks back at the ring and grins as Taker finishes X-Pac with the Last Ride for the victory. (3:28) It was Taker almost squashing two men at once. But then again it’s DX so it balances out. *

~ Backstage Stephanie is alone when Triple H comes in asking about her conversation with the “Olympic wonder”. Stephanie tells Triple much of what Kurt Angle said made sense, especially about him being hot headed and emotional and Triple H can’t believe that his wife is actually thinking of teaming with Angle. Stepahnie says it’s worth cosideration but Triple H disagrees and decides to head out and have his own little talk with Angle as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break we get a promo with Mick Foley uring the viewers to go out and vote in the November elections. Cole announces that the WWF’s Smackdown Your Vote campaign has registered 40,000 new voters in three weeks.

  • WWF European Title: Perry Saturn © (w/Terri Runnels) vs. Al Snow (w/Head)

Snow takes a swing with Head but misses and Saturn swing his European belt at him but he whiffs as well. Snow hits a superkick and whips Saturn into an elbow then follows up with a pair of international armdrags. Snow then straps on the European belt and whips Saturn but lowers the head and Saturn throws him to the mat. Saturn removes the belt from Snow when Snow fights back and goes for a whip but Saturn counters with a knee. Saturn whips Snow into a corner but Snow slides to stop himself and hits a suplex then goes into another suplex. Snow tosses Saturn over the ropes then goes out after Terri when Saturn leaps off the top rope with a plancha. Saturn tosses Snow back in the ring and Snow gets in a shot but Saturn hits him with a Northern Lights suplex. Saturn whips Snow into a corner and charges at him but eats a boot and Snow flapjacks him on the turnbuckles. Snow climbs to the top rope and connects with a moonsault, but instead of covering Saturn he points to Head. However Saturn distracts the referee while Terri grabs Head herself and takes a swing at Snow but misses him. Snow tosses Terri through the ropes but Saturn trips him with a drop toehold then slaps on the Rings of Saturn for the submission. (2:52) Match was okay but the fans didn’t care since Val Venis wasn’t the only title holder that suffered from lack of heat.

~ We cut back to the Karakoe bar and find the Acolytes have joined Kaientai in their singing on the stage. Of course all of them are so soused that they don’t notice the entire crowd is booing them as we go to commercial. Seriously, why are we seeing this when they’ve got a pay-per-view to sell?

  • The Hardy Boyz & Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit, Edge & Christian

Christian gets on the mic and informs the fans that there will be no 5-second poses until after SummerSlam. Edge takes over the mic and says that after they climb the ladder in TLC and reclaim their belts they’ll unveil a 37-second pose then assures the fans that they won’t drop the ball on Sunday, unlike Ricky Williams. The rest of the participants file out as we see a couple of the New Orleans Saints sitting in the front row. Jeff starts off with Christian and gets in the first shots but Chrstian comes back and works him over in a corner. Jeff reverses positions and goes for a whip, Christian reverses him into a corner then goes for a backdrop. Jeff lands on his feet and dropkicks Christian then tags Matt in and the Hardys hit the combo legdrop for two. Matt comes off the ropes with a clothesline for another two then whips Christian but Christian kicks the face. Christian hits the Slop Drop and tees off on Matt then tags Benoit in and Benoit whips Matt and hits an elbow. Edge tags in and pounds on Matt then whips him but Matt comes back with a swinging DDT and tags Jericho. Jericho comes off the ropes with a forearm then decks Benoit on the apron. Christian grabs Jericho from behind when Edge moves in but Jericho slips out and Christian takes the hit instead. Jericho rolls Edge up for a near fall when Benoit comes in and pounds on Jericho and everyone is going at it as the referee tries in vain to restore order. Christian passes a chair to Edge when Jeff suddenly launches off Matt’s back and dropkicks the chair into Edge’s face. Jericho takes Benoit out with an enzuigiri then hits the Lionsault on the fallen Edge and there’s the pin. (2:40) Decent but really needed a few more minutes that could have been deducted from that long stretch of filler segments earlier. **

However the battle continues as Benoit and Jericho duke it out on the floor as does Jeff and Christian. Matt slides a ladder in the ring and swings it at Edge but misses while Christian whacks the ladder with a chair. Christian chokes Matt with the chair while Edge keeps Jeff at bay when the Dudleys come out to join the fun. Bubba slams Christian to the mat while D’von climbs to the top rope and connects with the “Wassup” headbutt. The Dudleys then slide a table in the ring and set it up when E&C attack them and toss them through the ropes to fight on the floor. Matt sets his ladder up and Jeff climbs to the top rope then hits Christian and D’Von with a plancha while Matt leaps off the ladder with a plancha on Edge and Bubba. Meanwhile Benoit and Jericho are still fighting on the floor when Jericho shoves Benoit into the ringpost. Jericho and Benoit climb to the top rope to keep fighting but both fall off and crash through the table together.

~ Backstage Kurt Angle is preparing for the main event when Triple H barges into his lockerroom wanting a word with him. Triple H yells at Angle for thinking about being Stephanie’s partner when he is her partner, both tonight and in life. Angle claims he just wants to do what’s best for the match and feels Triple H’s high emotions would result in mistakes. Triple H responds by warning Angle not to press this issue or their alliance may not even make it until SummerSlam. Angle says Stephanie is the one who will choose while Triple H snaps that his wife doesn’t make the decisions. Naturally Stephanie comes in and takes exception to that and demands the two of them stop fighting like children. Stephanie says she will make the decision on which man she teams with and decides … that she’ll flip a coin. Triple H and Angle are both taken aback by that decision and Stephanie heads out to fetch a coin as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break we kill more time an announcement of an XFL press conference than announced the team names and logos. If anybody cares on one side we have the Los Angeles Xtreme, San Jose Demons, Las Vegas Outlaws and the Memphis Maniax. On the other is the Chicago Enforcers, Orlando Rage, Brimingham Bolts and the New York/New Jersey Hitmen.

~ We then check back at the karaoke bar as Bradshaw is performing “Twist and Shout” as the patrons boo him. Taka and Funaki take exception to that and hit one guy with a bottle triggering a brawl that Faarooq quickly quells.

~ Backstage Kevin Kelly interviews The Rock on not knowing who he’s facing in his last match before the pay-per-view. Rock does his “Finally” bit then calls Stephanie the “Big Easy” and goes into a story about boiling and eating crawfish. Rock suggests Stephanie pick the man she likes the least because that guy is going to get beaten up all over the arena. Rock then has words with Triple H and Kurt Angle before talking about SummerSlam and finishing with the usual.

~ Elsewhere Triple H and Angle are with Stephanie as she is about to flip the coin to decide her tag partner tonight. Heads she teams with Triple H, tails Angle is her partner. Angle offers Stephanie one of his medals instead of a coin but Tripe H starts to tell him to shut up about his medals. Stephanie clams things down then flips the coin and it comes up tails meaning Angle gets to be Stephanie’s partner. Triple H storms off while Angle tells Stephanie they can now gameplan their match as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break Cole reminds us that Raw will be on a special later time this coming Monday.

  • The Rock & Lita vs. Kurt Angle & Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley

The participants file out as we get a shot of Triple H wathcing the match from the backstage interview set. Angle comes out last when Rock jumps him on the ramp during his entrance while Lita punks out Stephanie. Rock rams Angle into the announce table but Angle returns the favor and gets in his own shots on the floor. Lita rolls Stephanie in the ring to officially start the match but Stephanie greets her with a series of awful kicks. Stephanie whips Lita when Lita comes back with a headscissors and covers her but Angle makes it in to save it. Angle then grabs Lita by the hair and sets her up for a powerbomb but Rock breaks that up with a clothesline. Rock hits an elbow followed by a Samoan Drop for a two count. Angle starts fighting back with right hands and goes for a whip but Rock counters it with a Dragon legwhip. Rock looks to put Angle in the Sharpshooter when Stephanie slaps Rock to break it up but Rock is unfazed. Still that moment allows Angle to nail Rock from behind. Angle goes for a whip but Rock reverses him right into Stephanie, knocking her off the apron and smacking her head onto the steps! Stephanie is out on the floor as Earl Hebner heads out to check on her while Triple H also decides to head out. Angle shows some concern from the ring when Rock reminds him the match is still going with several right hands. Rock goes for a whip but Angle counters with a back suplex as several officials come out to tend to Stephanie. Triple H is out and shoves the officials away then carries Stephanie to the back while calling for paramedics. Meanwhile Angle pounds on Rock when Rock stages another rally and comes off the ropes but eats an elbow. Angle hits a snap suplex for a near fall as we see Triple H tending to a reviving Stephanie in their lockerroom. Stephanie insists she’s okay and wants to go back out but Triple H tells her to stay there while he helps Angle. Back in the ring Rock has regained control with rights and misses the Smackdown but gets it on the second try. Rock DDT’s Angle for a two count and Angle rakes his face bur Rock comes back with a belly-to-belly suplex. Angle rolls out to the floor but Rock goes out to continue his assault and brings him up the ramp to the stage. Suddenly Triple H appears and decks Rock then fights him down the ramp and he and Angle roll him in the ring. Triple H helps Angle double-team Rock then decks Hebner for good measure and that’s it for this one. (5:57) Can’t really rate this since the match wasn’t the focus of this main event. NR

Triple H and Angle continue working Rock over while Lita just stands on the apron doing nothing to help out. Both men then whip Rock but Rock comes back with a double clothesline then takes it to both men with rights. Rock grabs Angle looking for a Rock Bottom but Triple H breaks it up then whips Rock and hits the facebuster. Angle clotheslines Rock over the ropes when Triple H brings Lita in the ring. Triple H and Angle advance on her when the Hardys come out for the save and take it to Triple H and Angle who quickly regain the advantage. Rock makes it back in the ring and tees off on Angle before knocking him over the ropes with the Smackdown. Rock then DDT’s Triple H and Matt and Jeff each get in a shot on Triple H before Rock clotheslines him down. Rock, The Hardys and Lita all gang up on Triple H as Angle recovers and starts climbing back in the ring when Rock catches him on the apron and dares him to come in and help Triple H. Angle decides to back away instead and heads up the ramp abandoning Triple H as Matt and Jeff hold Triple H up and Rock hits the Rock Bottom. The Hardys and Lita depart as Rock caps it off with the People’s Elbow and gives Triple H some parting words.

But we’re not done yet as we then cut backstage to see Angle heading into the lockerroom and checking on Stephanie while chasing the EMTs away. Angle sobs that he didn’t mean for this to happen and tells Stephanie that he really cares about her and hugs her … before turning his embrace into a passionate kiss! Stephanie tries to resist it at first but then seems to get into it. Angle backs away with a huge grin while Stephanie realizes what just happened as the show fades to black.

Conclusion: Interesting way to take us into the second biggest supercard of the year, wouldn’t you say? As you might expect this show was mostly focused on polishing up the build to SummerSlam and featured a lot of promos and backstage segments with minimal in-ring action, especially that stretch of 20 minutes without a match. However the Triple H/Stephanie/Angle triangle once again took center stage and the closing segment pretty much confirmed what we figured the past few weeks: that SummerSlam is being headlined by a three-way dance, just not the WWF title match. So unless you’re a fan of soap-opera endings this is a pretty skippable episode.

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