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WWF RAW 4/24/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
From: Omaha, NE

1.) The Smoking Gunns defeated Barry Horowtiz & The Brooklyn Brawler
2.) Bertha Faye defeated La Pantera Serena
3.) WWF World Champion Diesel defeated Bam-Bam Bigelow to retain the title
4.) Aldo Montoya defeated Black Phantom

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. A video promoting Bam-Bam Bigelow’s issues at the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania XI. Bigelow doesn’t know where he stands with the Corporation.

2. Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler promote the featured match. Lawler believes that Bam-Bam Bigelow will get the job done tonight.

3. The Smoking Gunns had little issue picking up a win this week. They finished the Brooklyn Brawler off with a back suplex/neck breaker combo.

4. Backstage, Bam-Bam Bigelow tells Ted DiBiase that he is going to make him proud. Bigelow is sporting a black and blue eye. DiBiase knows that Bigelow can win the title tonight.

5. Backstage, WWF World Champion Diesel says that he is feeling pretty good tonight and that he will get his revenge on Bigelow tonight.

6. Harvey Wippleman is now managing Bertha Faye. Faye won her first match after connecting with a gorilla press slam and a big splash.

7. Todd Pettengill is back with the In Your House Report. Razor Ramon & 1-2-3 Kid will meet WWF Intercontinental Champion Jeff Jarrett and the Roadie in a tag match. Also, Bret Hart squares off against Hakushi.

8. Backstage, Psycho Sid says he will be only happy when he wins the WWF World Championship. “Tonight, I have friends in low places.”

9. Diesel kicks off the match working on Bigelow with knee lifts and elbow strikes. Bigelow recovers and scoop slams Diesel followed by a falling head butt. Diesel nails Bigelow with a leaping clothesline for a near fall. They end up on the floor where Bigelow rams Diesel into the ring post back first a few times. Bigelow nearly wins the title following a Samoan Drop. After Bigelow hit’s a snap suplex on Diesel, Tatanka makes his way down to the ring. Tatanka ends up accidentally tripping Bigelow as he runs the ropes. Diesel big boots Bigelow and hit’s the Jackknife Power bomb to win the match. After the match, Ted DiBiase gets on the microphone and calls Bigelow an embarrassment to the Corporation. DiBiase fires Bigelow. Tatanka attacks Bigelow but Bigelow is able to send him to the floor. Bigelow tells DiBiase he quits but is attacked by IRS from behind. Psycho Sid enters the ring and dangerously power bombs Bigelow. Diesel runs back out and the Corporation bail from the ring. The title match had it’s moments but is was rather average. I think this more focused on making Bigelow a baby face.

10. Aldo Montoya picked up the win over Black Phantom following a springboard bulldog. The crowd was dead following the lat match, so they didn’t care about this one.

11. A video promoting Hunter Hearst Helmsley is shown, but he doesn’t say anything.

12. Footage from earlier in the night where Bigelow ended up shaking hands with Diesel.

13. Lawler talks about Bret Hart being gutless for not signing a contract for a match against him.

Final Thoughts: It was a fine episode of RAW. The program was driven by one segment. Diesel vs. Bigelow was average with a hot aftermath to try and get Bigelow over as a baby face. It should be interesting to see if Bigelow can get over in a baby face role.

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