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WWF RAW 5/1/995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
From: Omaha, NE

1.) Allied Powers defeated Ron Hager & George Anderson
2.) Bob Holly defeated Butler Stevens
3.) Mantaur defeated Sonny Rogers
4.) Razor Ramon fought Psycho Sid to a no contest
5.) Adam Bomb defeated Dave Sigfrid
6.) Men on a Mission defeated Kevin Kruger & Bill Duke

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Davey Boy Smith and Lex Luger kicked off the show competing in tag team action. Smith was able to finish off the extended squash match by pinning Hager following a running power slam.

2. Footage from yesterday’s Action Zone is shown. WWF Intercontinental Champion Jeff Jarrett cheated to beat Bob Holly. However, the match was continued and Holly pinned Jarrett. But, Jarrett’s foot was on the bottom rope. Jack Tunney declared the championship to be held up and that next week on Action Zone Jarrett would meet Bob Holly for the vacant championship.

3. Speaking of Bob Holly, he was in action on RAW. There wasn’t any controversy this time for Holly as he pinned Butler Stevens following a top rope cross body.

4. Todd Pettengill lets us know during the WWF In Your House Report that the 1-2-3 Kid is injured and will not be able to team with Razor Ramon. Thus, Ramon will take on Jeff Jarrett and the Roadie in a handicap match.

5. Next week on RAW, Jeff Jarrett wrestles Doink. Also, Bart Gunn squares off with one half of the WWF World Tag Team Champions, Owen Hart!

6. I didn’t know that Mantaur was still with the company at this point. He pins Sonny Rogers following a gorilla press slam.

7. Man Mountain Rock is coming to the WWF. His hype video was with a guy from NYPD Blue who is trying to figure out if Rock is a wrestler or a rock n’ roll guy.

8. Psycho Sid attacked Razor Ramon during his entrance and hit two power bombs. Before being ran off by WWF World Champion Diesel, Sid had actually ran through the pyro to attack Ramon. Thus, there isn’t a featured bout this week.

9. Adam Bomb hit Dave Sigfrid with a top rope clothesline to earn the win. It was announced that Adam Bomb will meet Mabel at In Your House.

10. Backstage, Ray Rougeau is in the locker room where Ramon is being checked on by referees and Diesel.

11. Hunter Hearst Helmsley promo video is up next. Hunter talks about civility and believes viewers aren’t listening to what he is saying.

12. Men on a Mission are no longer the friendly rappers, if you remember. Mable squashes Kevin Krueger following a belly to belly suplex.

13. Bret Hart comes down to the ringside area to confront Jerry Lawler. Lawler taunts Hart saying he is afraid to wrestle him at In Your House by signing to wrestle Hakushi instead. Bret accepts to wrestle Jery Lawler at the same event. Bret says he is going to send Jerry Lawler straight to the outhouse!

Final Thoughts: Even though the featured match didn’t take place as advertise, I didn’t think the show was all that horrible. I’m inclined to think that Sid vs. Ramon wouldn’t have had been all that good anyway. Still, it wasn’t a good show and I wouldn’t recommend watching this. There just wasn’t anything terrible exciting to see here.

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