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WCW Worldwide 10/12/1991

Written by: Matt Peddycord

WCW Worldwide
October 12, 1991

The current WCW Champs were as follows:
World Champion: Lex Luger (7/14/1991)
U.S. Champion: Sting (8/25/1991)
World Television Champion: Steve Austin (6/3/1991)
World Tag Team Champions: The Enforcers (9/5/1991)
U.S. Tag Team Champions: The Patriots (8/12/1991)
World Six-Man Tag Team Champions: The York Foundation (10/8/1991)

This week, we open the show with highlights from the Cactus-Eaton match from last week!

Your hosts are Tony Schiavone & Magnum TA!

  • WCW U.S. Tag Team Champions The Patriots vs. Rip Rogers & Paul Lee

For the first time on Worldwide, the Patriots are announced as the U.S. tag team champions. Rip Rogers and Paul Lee are of course, lower mid-card territory heels from the ’80s. Firebreaker Chip wrestles 99% of the match before he tags in Champion for his jumping back elbow for the win. (2:06) At least Chip doesn’t botch everything.

It’s time for the WCW Top Ten for the weekend of October 12!
10. Bobby Eaton [-]
9. Diamond Studd [v1]
8. Johnny B. Badd [same]
7. Cactus Jack [same]
6. Dustin Rhodes [same]
5. WCW World TV Champ Steve Austin [same]
4. El Gigante [same]
3. Barry Windham same]
2. Ron Simmons [same]
1. WCW U.S. Champion Sting [same]
WCW World Heavyweight Champion Lex Luger

Wow. Basically, nothing has changed.

Let’s go to Gordon Solie in the WNN newsroom. He announces that Scott Steiner is returning to WCW and will be participating at Halloween Havoc in the “Chamber of Horrors” cage match. Of course, the Steiners will be looking to regain the WCW World Tag titles when they return. For now, the Freebirds are also looking to regain the tag belts as Gordon shows a clip of the Freebirds getting into a fight with the Enforcers. Back to the “Chamber of Horrors” match, Gordon introduces a clip of Paul E and Missy Hyatt doing more investigative reporting on what exactly the “Chamber of Horrors” is and where it is being constructed. Apparently, it wasn’t New Jersey and now Paul E and Missy are in east LA. They end up in another abandoned warehouse thanks to Missy’s sources. When Missy heads up some dark steps, Paul E slips on a wolf man mask and scares the crap out of Missy. Why doesn’t Gordon ever laugh? By the way, who is this WCW Phantom guy? Not even Gordon knows. We’ll find out at Halloween Havoc!

  • PN News vs. Tony Mello

Tony mentions that PN News recently took One Man Gang out of WCW. I always thought that was El Gigante who did that, but whatever. During the match, the Axl Rotten makes his WCW debut and cuts a pre-taped promo saying that he’s here for PN News. Belly-to-belly suplex followed by the BROKEN RECORD splash wins it. (0:59) I’m not too scared of the Rotten-News (har har) since Axl Rotten was only in WCW for about a month.

  • Larry Zbyszko (w/Arn Anderson) vs. Jimmy Garvin (w/Michael PS Hayes)

I don’t know why they didn’t just book the Freebirds/Enforcers match for Halloween Havoc instead of giving the Enforcers a tag title shot. Garvin controls to start, but then whiffs on a dropkick. Larry Z delivers some turnbuckle smashes until Garvin blocks one and comes back with one of his own. Ten-count corner punch and an eye poke gets two. Hayes complains to the ref about Anderson hopping up on the apron and that gets Garvin nailed by Arn into a back suplex for 1-2-3. (2:08) Way too short to be anything, but nothing wrong with it. Hayes clears the ring of the Enforcers with left jabs. ½*

Lex Luger and his entourage talk about how much trouble Ron Simmons is in and that he just might not make it to Halloween Havoc.

  • Brian Pillman & Mike Graham vs. Terrence Taylor & Thomas Rich (w/Alexandra York)

Criss-cross from Taylor and Graham leads to a blind tag to Pillman for a dropkick. Pillman grabs a headlock on Taylor, kicks Rich away and then backdrops him over to set up a double-headscissors takedown. Awesome. The York Foundation regroup and isolate Pillman for a bit, but he comes back with an armdrag and a dropkick on Rich. Graham tags in and hits a powerslam on Rich to set up a figure-four, but Taylor breaks it up with a boot to the face. Rich delivers a reverse neckbreaker for Graham to do the old school electro-shock sell before tagging in Taylor. He quickly ducks low off a whip and allows Graham to make the HOT TAG TO PILLMAN! He gives the York Foundation a double-noggin knocker, but they fight back and attempt the cross-corner double-whip, but then Graham ducks and Pillman goes high and hits a crossbody on Rich for the 1-2-3. (3:48) Good match, great finish. **

Van Hammer’s premiere music video is coming soon! All I can do is laugh.

  • WCW World Television Champion Steve Austin (w/Lady Blossom) vs. Steve Armstrong

It’s the battle of the STEVES! Armstrong works a headlock and an armbar early on. Austin applies a hammerlock, but Armstrong flips out and catches Austin with a dropkick for two. Austin explodes to his feet with a clothesline for two and then grabs a chinlock. Armstrong elbows out and connects with a shoulderblock. He goes back to the armbar, but Austin slugs out. He misses a clothesline though and gets nailed with another dropkick. Lady Blossom gets up on the apron as Armstrong sets up for a flying bodypress. He connects, but can’t cover and get thrown off the ropes into Lady Blossom to knock her to the floor. Austin nails him from behind to set up the Bossman straddle and pins Armstrong with his feet on the ropes. (4:24) Another good match with a great finish. **

Next up, they show a great video showcasing Ron Simmons getting prepared at Florida State for his title match at Halloween Havoc. It’s football season! Shouldn’t the Seminoles be practicing?

  • Rick Steiner vs. Lou Fabiano

Lou Fabiano is one fat hairy mess, by the way. Powerslam from Rick sets up a Steinerline. Apparently, Rick doesn’t wear deodorant and rubs his armpits in Fabiano’s face. Rick puts Fabiano away with the BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPERPLEX. (1:22) Scott Steiner is coming back soon!

Next week, Dustin Rhodes takes on Mr. Hughes along with Harley Race!

Final Thoughts: Even with the three star-powered matches, they were all just too short to mean anything. Pretty average show this time around with the Freebirds/Enforcers confrontation really being the only thing of note.

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