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WWF House Show 10/28/1991

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation House Show
From: New York, NY

1.) Texas Tornado defeated Big Bully Busick
2.) The British Bulldog fought IRS to a 20 minute draw
3.) The Mountie defeated Jim Neidhart
4.) Ric Flair defeated Roddy Piper
5.) Big Bossman defeated Col. Mustafa
6.) WWF Intercontinental Champion Bret Hart defeated The Berzerker to retain the title
7.) Tito Santana defeated Hercules
8.) WWF World Tag Team Champions Legion Of Doom defeated the Natural Disasters by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. The action starts off with the Texas Tornado taking on Big Bully Busick. Bully cheap shots Tornado on the test of strength after a few moments of stalling. Tornado missed a spear in the corner and hit the ring post. Bully leaps off the middle rope but Tornado put the claw on him. Bully is able to block the tornado punch. Late in the match, Bully runs into a big boot and Tornado hit’s the tornado punch for the win. It was a rather dull opener.

2. IRS warns all the fans they will get caught for cheating on their taxes. IRS scoop slamed and hip tossed Bulldog to get the early advantage. Bulldog comes back with a scoop slam and a clothesline to send IRS to the floor. Bulldog continues to have IRS’s number after sending him to the floor again following a dropkick. IRS counters a headlock with a head scissors and used the ropes for leverage. Bulldog gets up but IRS soon sends him through the middle rope to the floor. IRS sends Bulldog into the steps. IRS begins to work on Bulldog’s left knee. IRS backdrops Bulldog and taunts the fans because he can. IRS misses a running attack and crashes to the floor. Bulldog rams IRS into the ring steps and looks for the running power slam back in the ring but IRS counters and lands on top of Bulldog for a near win. IRS rolls to the floor after being back dropped and grabs a rope. IRS chokes Bulldog with it but Bulldog gets out of it and grabs a second rope to choke IRS. IRS low blows Bulldog to break free. Bulldog cradles IRS but the time limit expires during the pin attempt. Honestly, it was a pretty good match. Typically matches that end in draws seem to drag along, but this one had enough action to keep it interesting. I liked it.

3. After a few moments of stalling Jim Neidhart is able to scoop slam Mountie. Mountie continues to go to the floor after being shoulder blocked several times. Jimmy Hart distracts Neidhart to allow Mountie to get the advantage. Mountie works on Neidhart with a leaping elbow smash and a clothesline. Neidhart counters a backdrop with a face buster. Neidhart misses a running knee strike in the corner and is rolled up by Mountie who uses the tights for leverage.

4. Yeah, Flair vs. Piper went on this early. Flair actually got a good baby face reaction from the crowd. Piper slaps Flair as the fans are red hot for this match-up. Flair backs off to a corner after being slapped a second time. They trade several chops and jabs until Piper knocks Flair down. Piper rams Flair head first into the guard railing and ring steps. The referee grabs Piper’s arm in the corner so Flair can knee lift Piper for the advantage. Flair sends Piper to the floor a couple times with Piper staying there on the third toss. Piper fights back on the apron and enters the ring chopping Flair! Piper backdrops and clotheslines Flair to the floor. Flair begs Piper in the ring to back off. Piper tries a running bulldog but Flair sends Piper into the referee. Piper rolls Flair up but the referee is down, unable to make the count! Piper nearly school boys Flair as a second referee comes out. Flair flips in the corner and is clotheslined off the apron by Piper. Flair has a chair and whacks Piper on the head. Piper manages to kick out at two on the cover attempt. Flair counters a sleeper with a back suplex. Piper stops Flair on the top and slams Flair to the canvas. They trade several blows until Piper hit’s a swinging neck breaker. Piper has a chair. The referee takes the chair away and Flair nails Piper with a right hand. Flair uses the ropes for leverage to pin Piper. After the match, Piper hits Flair and the referee with the chair. This was a really fun match since the fans were red hot for it and the feud has been getting quite interesting. I’m actually disappointed that these two didn’t have a singles pay per view match during this era. The only negative for the match may be the weak finish considering Flair just hit Piper with a right hand.

5. Backstage, Sean Mooney is with WWF Intercontinental Champion Bret Hart. Hart considers the WWF to be the jungle. He says the Berzerker is unpredictable and nuts. Hart isn’t going to be fooled by him.

6. Backstage, Sean Mooney is with the Natural Disasters. Jimmy Hart says the Legion of Doom will lose the tag team titles to his team tonight.

7. Backstage, Sean Mooney is with the WWF World Tag Team Champions Legion of Doom. Animals says they beat the Nasty Boys at Summer Slam and with the fans behind them they will retain the titles tonight. Hawk believes they will survive again.

8. Backstage, Sean Mooney is with Bobby Heenan and Ric Flair. Flair tells Hulk Hogan that he is in his backyard. He says that Hogan can run but he can’t hide from him. Flair is waiting but is becoming very impatient. Flair is going to run wild on Hogan!

9. IRS comes back out before the next match. He says that Bossman shouldn’t be able to wrestle because he is a tax cheat. Col. Mustafa hammers away on Bossman to start the match. Bossman clotheslines Mustafa and chases after IRS to the backstage area. Bossman returns to the ring and hits Mustafa with a spine buster to win the match.

10. Bret Hart absorbs being choked and dropkicked by Berzerker to the floor. Hart delivers a few atomic drops causing Berzerker to go to the floor. Berzerker stops Hart with head butt to Hart’s gut. Berzerker chokes Hart on the floor with a television cord. Berzerker plants Hart with a pile driver. Hart makes his comeback with a back breaker, middle rope forearm drop and kicks Berzereker to the mat. Berzerker blocked the Sharpshooter but Hart is able to pin Berzerker with a crucifix pin.

11. Tito Santana was able to overcome the powerful Hercules with a leaping forearm smash.

12. Typhoon rams Hawk into a corner bur runs into a big boot. Hawk almost wins following a middle rope double axe handle shot. Animals drops Quake with a leaping shoulder block. Animal fails on a scoop slam attempt. Quake hit’s a belly to belly suplex. Quake clotheslines Animal to the floor from behind. Disasters work on Animal with bear hugs. Hawk gets the tag but the referee didn’t see it happen. Quake power slams Animal for a near fall. Animal nails Quake with a clothesline to tag in Hawk. Hawk cleans house shoulder blocking Quake. Hawk is sent shoulder first into the ring post by Quake. Disasters splash Animal but Typhoon tosses the referee to be disqualified. Quake hits Typhoon on accident. Hawks hit’s a top rope clothesline on both men to end the show. The finish was obviously just a way to keep the Disasters strong since they weren’t going to take the belts of LOD this soon. Though, it also makes them look dumb by shoving the referee.

Final Thoughts:
Aside from the IRS/Bulldog and Flair/Piper matches this house show is rather lackluster. A lot of the top names aren’t on this show, so who knows how good this show could’ve been if they had the main squad of guys competing on it. I just though that the whole show was boring and the placement of Flair/Piper was poor. Having the best match on the show go on fourth is just asking for the rest of the show to stink.

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