TNA Impact 9/29/2011

TNA Impact Wrestling
Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
September 29, 2011
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact Wrestling opens up with highlights focusing on Kurt Angle’s attempts to cause dissension in Fortune and those subsequent matches. It really focuses on the AJ-Daniels drama and Storm’s match with Angle last week, and Roode ending Impact last week holding the World Title up in the air.

We cut to the arena where Sting’s music hits and the Icon makes his way down to the ring. Sting is wearing a Hulk Hogan t-shirt again. Sting says not long ago he stood in the ring and put over everything that he felt out about Angle and how much he respected him and he meant every word, but since then Hogan has brainwashed Kurt Angle. Sting says Angle is now going down a road of lies and now he’s trying to get Fortune to turn on each other. Sting talks about the Roode-AJ match happening later tonight and he says Kurt’s plan will backfire and then he asks Roode to come down to the ring.

The #1 contender doesn’t make the legend wait very long. Roode seems to be confused as to why Sting is calling him down. A “Bobby” chant starts and Sting says that’s called momentum. Sting says Roode has fought for everything he’s gotten and he’s proud of him. Sting believes Roode can beat Angle for the belt at BFG and a “so do we” chant starts. Sting says Roode has fought for 13 years to get here and he believes he’s looking at championship caliber in the ring. Sting says Roode has to stay focused and not let Angle get into his head because if he does he’ll fall short. Sting says Roode needs to convince everyone that Roode is focused and ready for Kurt Angle at BFG.

Roode says the last few weeks of his life have been amazing and the support he’s gotten from the fans and the wrestlers in the back have been overwhelming. Roode calls Sting “the freaking man” and says he can’t even explain to him how much the words Sting just said to him mean to him. Roode says Sting is right about Angle attempting to get in his head and he says he also knows that opportunities like he has BFG don’t come around every day. He says he promises everyone and most importantly himself that at BFG he will walk out the World Heavyweight Champion. A “next World Champ” chant starts and Roode says he needs Sting to make him a promise too. He asks Sting to promise him that he’ll take care of Hogan. Roode says if they take care of Angle and Hogan at BFG then they can FINALLY get this company back to where it belongs. They shake hands and AJ Styles music hits!

The Phenomenal One makes his way down to the ring as Sting and Roode look on. AJ tells Roode to take his opportunities whenever he gets them, and he knows he has butterflies and his head is spinning but he has to take the opportunity and make the best of it. AJ says he can tell him that from first hand knowledge because as a former World Heavyweight Champion, he’s never even had another shot at the belt since he lost it. He tells Roode to beat Kurt Angle because unless you’re friends with the “right people, BROTHER” there is no telling when he’ll get another shot. AJ tells Roode to do it. Kurt Angle’s music interrupts AJ and the World Champ walks out onto the stage.

Angle says this is exactly why he booked AJ to face Roode because if he beats Roode tonight he will get his shot after BFG. Angle says he’s a man of integrity no matter what Sting says and he’s just pissed off because his former boss made him look like a jackass (Dixie). Angle says she will never take control of TNA ever again. Angle reiterates to AJ that if he beats Roode he will get his shot again and he knows that’s all that matters to AJ. Angle smiles as AJ and Roode look at each other.

In the back Hulk Hogan arrives to the building.

———————————COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————-

Back from commercials Austin Aries has joined Tenay & Taz at ringside. The new #1 Contender to the X-Division Title is about to be crowned.

TNA X-Division Title #1 Contenders Ladder Match
Kid Kash vs. Jesse Sorensen vs. Alex Shelley vs. Zema Ion vs. Brian Kendrick

Winner of this one meets Aries at Bound for Glory for the X-Division Championship. Kendrick charges at Zema as he comes into the ring but he sidesteps Kendrick and he goes flying out to the floor. The match is underway! Kash and Sorensen go right after each other and Zema and Shelley pair off. Kendrick drags Zema out to the floor and then attempts to whip him into the guardrail, but Zema reverses it and sends Kendrick crashing into the rail. In the ring Kash whips Jesse into the ropes but Jesse holds onto them. Kash then charges at Jesse but he sidesteps him and Kash goes crashing to the floor. Shelley baseball slide dropkicks a ladder into Zema’s face as Zema tried to bring it into the ring. Shelley grabs the ladder and tries to bring it in but Jesse dropkicks it into Shelley now. Kash brings a chair into the ring and hits Jesse with it and then blasts Kendrick with it. Jesse tries to grab the ladder but Kash kicks him and then pulls the ladder into the ring and DDT’s Jesse onto it! Kash taunts Jesse and the fans and then grabs the ladder and sets it up in the center of the ring. Kash climbs it but Kendrick dropkicks Kash off of it. Kendrick then climbs the ladder but Zema pulls him down hard to the mat. Zema tosses Kendrick back to the floor and then he starts climbing the ladder! Shelley pulls Zema down off the ladder and then hits him with an STO into the ladder! Shelley goes for a Superkick but Zema ducks and Shelley kicks the ladder. Zema then exchanges forearms with Shelley! Shelley gets the advantage and goes for a Roaring Elbow, but Zema ducks it and hits a Jawbreaker. Zema then charges at Shelley in the corner but Shelley backdrops him over the top rope. Zema lands on the apron and Kendrick grabs his leg but Zema kicks him away. Zema hits a BEAUTIFUL Springboard Asai Moonsault off the corner turnbuckles onto Kendrick on the floor! Kash Knee Drops Jesse and then eats a Superkick from Shelley! Shelley climbs up the ladder now and almost grabs the contract but Zema dives off the top with a Missile Dropkick knocking Shelley off the ladder! Kash hits Zema with a Roundhouse Kick and shoves the ladder over into the corner. Kash getting tons of heat. Kash and Zema play tug of war over the ladder so Kash shoves it into the corner sending Zema crashing into it. Kash then hits Zema with a NASTY set of chops. Kash then tries to whip Zema into the ladder but Zema stops himself! Kash then charges at Zema but he Hip Tosses Kash onto the ladder! Zema kicks Jesse and sets up for a Suplex but Jesse counters into his Roll of the Dice onto the ladder! Jesse sets up the ladder in the ring and climbs up it but Kash THROWS the chair at him! Kash then Powerbombs Jesse off the ladder! Kash taunts the crowd again and then starts climbing the ladder. Kendrick dives off the top and pulls Kash off the ladder! Kendrick then climbs up the ladder but Shelley climbs up the other side! Kendrick punches Shelley repeatedly knocking him off the ladder! Kendrick reaches up and grabs the contract and pulls it down just as Kash pushes the ladder over!

Winner & NEW X-Division #1 Contender: Kendrick via pulling down the contract

After the match Kendrick signs the contract immediately and tosses it at Aries. Aries had actually left the announce table as Kash was climbing the ladder, saying he was going to go congratulate Kash thinking that he was about to win. Aries freaks out as Kendrick won it.

In the back Kazarian says he has a lot of mixed emotions right now because his two best friends AJ and Daniels are each others throat and also AJ and Roode are facing each other tonight. Karen Jarrett then bursts in and Jeff Jarrett follows her. Jeff tells Kaz to get his ass to the ring because he has something to tell him and walks out. Karen says Kaz should have never messed with her.

Hogan is shown walking backstage.

———————————COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————-

In the back Flair is talking to someone on the phone about some decision. Flair says he’s coming to this persons office right now.

Jeff Jarrett’s music hits and the AAA World Heavyweight Champion makes his way down to the ring with his wife, looking one too happy. Jarrett tells Kaz to get his ass to the ring and to bring his skanky little lady with him. Kaz doesn’t make him wait long either.

Jarrett says “formally” introduces himself to Kaz and he says he’s the guy that handpicked Kaz off the indy circuit and gave him a shot with “his” company. Jarrett reminds Kaz when he jumped the ship and went to the other company thinking grass was greener on the other side. Jarrett says Kaz begged for his job back and he gave it back to him. He says that Kaz was whining about not getting the spotlight he thought he deserved and requested his release, TNA gave it to him and then 3 days later Kaz was crying for his job back. Jeff says once again he gave him his job back. Jeff calls Traci a skank and she knows all of this better than anybody. Jeff says he’s the only one that gave Traci an opportunity and how does she repay him, by disrespected his wife. Jeff says there were 100’s of women begging to serve her and she CHOSE Traci to do it. Jeff says they’re both ungrateful bastards. Kaz shoves Jeff and calls him and son of a bitch. D-Lo Brown and Simon Diamond along with some referees run out to make sure nothing happens. Jeff says what he should do is fire both of them right now but Kaz says he can’t. Jeff says instead he’ll make both of their lives miserable and he’ll start tonight. Jeff then says what he’s about to do tonight but as he says “why don’t you take that 10 cent whore…” Kaz punches him in the mouth! The referees and agents get between them as Karen and Traci are trying to scrap as well! Security is out as well separating Kaz and Jarrett. Gunner runs down and attacks Kaz from behind! Gunner hits the F5 on Kaz! Gunner continues to stomp on Kaz as Jarrett laughs.

———————————COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————-

Clips of the tattoo parlor brawl between Mexican America and Ink, Inc. are shown from last week.

“Super Mex” Hernandez w/Mexican America vs. Jesse Neal w/Shannon Moore

This is Jesse Neal’s first match since May when he injured his neck in a match with Mexican America. Before the match Anarquia jumps Shannon Moore on the ramp with Rosita and Sarita right behind him. Hernandez jumps Neal and LIGHTS him up with a chop and then tosses him into the ring steps. Hernandez slams Neal into the steps again and Sarita slaps Moore as Anarquia holds him. Hernandez chops away at Neal again and then whips him into the steps yet again. Hernandez holds Neal so Sarita can kick the crap out of him. Anarquia drags Moore into the ring and hits a Back Suplex and then Hernandez dives off the top with a HUGE Frog Splash! Mexican America does the same to Neal! Mexican America stand tall in the ring and then Rosita & Sarita spray paint “MA” on Neal & Moore’s back’s in Mexican colors.


The Mexican flag falls down from the ceiling as Mexican America eats up the heat from the crowd.

In the back Bully Ray says he knows what Hogan is going to announce tonight and he was the first person Hogan told. Ray tells the camera guy to get out before he smacks him in the face.

———————————COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————-

In the back Storm says everyone keeps asking him if he’s upset with Bobby winning the BFG Series, but they both went into it saying that one of them will win it no matter which it is. Storm says part of him will be in the ring with Roode at BFG because Beer Money is forever, and Roode will show everyone why it “pays to be Roode.”

Ric Flair is arguing with Hogan in his office about the announcement tonight. Flair wants Hogan to rethink his decision but Hogan says he’s made his mind up. Flair says this is not acceptable and it’s not a good decision.

A nice video package highlighting the history between Tara and Madison Rayne is shown. They face each other tonight in the final Queens Qualifying Match to see who will be the 4th competitor in the 4-Way Match at BFG for the Knockouts Title.

———————————COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————-

Crimson is shown arriving to the arena as we come back from the break.

Queen’s Qualifying Match
Madison Rayne vs. Tara

Madison is flirting with Earl before the match. The two lockup and Tara forces Madison into the corner. Earl breaks it up and Madison starts flirting with him again. Madison starts screaming at Tara and pointing her finger at her, but Tara grabs her finger and starts bending it. Madison grabs the ropes and starts screaming for Earl to pull her off. Madison swings at Tara but Tara ducks and swings at Madison, but Madison ducks and then hits the ropes but eats a shoulder block from Tara. Tara locks in a side headlock and then hits a Side Headlock Takeover. Madison gets to her feet but Tara hits another Side Headlock Takeover. Again Madison gets to her feet and everytime Earl looks in to check if it’s a choke Madison kicks Earl or slaps him on the back making Earl think it’s Tara. Earl gets in Tara’s face and tells her to stop putting her hands and feet on him. Tara goes to hit Madison but Earl blocks it (thinking that she’s going to hit him) and Madison belts Tara with a foreram. Madison tosses Tara into the corner and then starts flirting with Earl again. Madison chokes Tara in the corner and then she flirts with him yet again. Madison hits a Running Hip Attack on Tara in the corner followed by a Running Bulldog. She goes back to flirting with Earl again and then she hits her Push Up Head Scissors Facebusters on Tara. Madison puts the boot to Tara but Tara catches her foot and picks Madison up into the air by her throat. Madison slaps Earl on the back of the head again trying to make him think it was Tara but he catches her this time. Earl tells Tara to get her! Tara goes nuts on Madison. She whips her into the ropes and hits a clothesline followed by a Snap Suplex! Tara then hits a Chokeslam and then goes for the Widow’s Peak, but Madison trips her with a double take takedown and then she uses her feet on the ropes for leverage! 1…2…3!

Winner: Madison via pinfall

Crimson is walking backstage, headed to the ring.

———————————COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————-

Christopher Daniels says he’s not wrestling tonight so he’s leaving. Daniels says he doesn’t care to see AJ-Roode and the camera guy tells Daniels that there is a chance he might get AJ again at BFG. Daniels asks if AJ has heat with the office because he already beat AJ. Daniels says, “if I beat him again at the biggest PPV of the year, wouldn’t that be a kick in the nuts! Oh wait… you can ask AJ about a kick in the nuts can’t you?”

Crimson makes his way to the ring. This is our first time seeing Crimson since Samoa Joe put that medieval ass whooping on him before No Surrender. Crimson says Joe fractured his ankle and he took him out of the BFG Series but he damn sure didn’t take him out for good, so enough talk it’s time for Joe to get his ass out to the ring so they can settle things.

Samoa Joe walks out onto the stage and asks if Crimson really dares to put his name in his mouth after what he’s done to Crimson. Joe laughs at Crimson and says Crimson should consider himself lucky that he allowed Crimson to walk and that he’s not still in a hospital. Joe said he should consider himself lucky that he’s still able to come out and run his mouth in front of all the “mouth breathing, slack jawed imbeciles.” He calls Crimson’s undefeated streak a farce and says the only reason he allowed Crimson to live was because without Crimson who else would be his bitch? Crimson goes after Joe!

He spears Joe on the ramp at full speed! Crimson slams Joe into the guardrail and puts the boots to him! Crimson is on fire as he takes it to Joe, but Joe catches his foot as he went for a kick and slams the foot into the guardrail. That’s the same foot he injured before. Joe kicks Crimson in the nuts and then tosses him into the ring. Joe continues to stomp on the foot and then starts slapping Crimson in the face repeatedly. Joe goes right back to stomping on the foot and then he flicks off the crowd and locks in the Heel Hook on Crimson! Joe screams at Crimson as he twists on the ankle saying he’ll break the ankle off. Matt Morgan’s music hits!

Morgan runs down to the ring and starts brawling with Joe! Morgan goes for the Carbon Footprint but Joe bails out to the floor! Joe retreats to the back as Morgan checks on Crimson. Morgan helps Crimson up.

———————————COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————-

AJ says his match tonight is very important because it’s his job to get Bobby ready. He says if Bobby can beat him, he can damn sure beat Angle. AJ says it’s time to see if Bobby is in the zone and he won’t cut him any slack.

“The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero vs. Mr. Anderson

This is a pretty interesting matchup, remember that last year it was Mr. Anderson who ‘injured’ The Pope after Lockdown and they really never settled that whole thing because Pope was out for awhile. Also, Pope never really recovered in terms of his place on the card after that. The two actually faced each other in 2010 in the 8-Card Stud Tournament in the Finals (which led Pope’s shot at Lockdown) and then again in the Semifinals of the TNA World Title Tournament at last year’s No Surrender. Anderson will face Ray at BFG. Pope and Anderson lockup and Anderson gets Pope in a wristlock but Pope reverses into one of his own. Pope transitions into a hammerlock and then a Side Headlock Takeover. Anderson counters into a Head Scissors. Pope fights out of the hold but Anderson quickly locks on a side headlock. Pope shoves him into the ropes and then leapfrogs Anderson. Pope goes for a backdrop but Anderson stops and tosses Pope back into the ropes. Pope rebounds off the ropes and nails Anderson with a Shoulder Block. Pope then hits the ropes again and kicks Anderson and goes for a clothesline, but Anderson ducks and then goes for a Roundhouse Kick. Pope ducks and Anderson spins into a Spinning Enziguri on Pope! 1…2…NO Pope kicks out! Anderson picks Pope up and hits him with a series of Knee Strikes and then he goes for a Scoop Slam, but Pope blocks it and then hits the 4-Uppercut. Anderson rolls out to the floor and Pope follows. Pope beats Anderson up around ringside and then he goes to slam Anderson into the apron, but Anderson blocks it and slams Pope into it. Anderson tries to whip Pope into the guardrail but Pope stops only to turn around right into a clothesline from Anderson. Anderson picks Pope up goes to hit him but Devon’s son grabs Anderson’s arm to stop him. Earl Hebner runs down to tell them to chill out and then the other son shoves Anderson! Devon runs down and asks them what the hell they’re doing. Pope tries to calm him down but Devon tells him to stay out of it and concentrate on his own stuff (his match). Ray sneaks up behind Anderson in the ring with a kendo stick and NAILS him with it as the referee was trying to handle Devon’s sons! Pope slides into the ring and covers Anderson for the pin!

Winner: Pope via pinfall

Pope shrugs at Anderson being laid out in the ring and leaves.

In the back Roode says what he’s thinking about is that World Heavyweight Championship, but he’s also thinking about AJ bringing his a-game tonight. Roode says the only way he can prepare for a guy like Angle is to face a guy like AJ who has beaten Angle in the past. Roode says if he can beat AJ tonight then he knows he can compete with Angle at BFG. He says he wants AJ to bring his best. The camera guy asks if he’s looking at the next World Heavyweight Champion and Roode says “without a doubt.”

———————————COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————-

In the back Devon is arguing with his sons and Pope. Pope says it was Devon that started training them to be wrestlers so they’re going to do stuff like that. Devon says he calls the shots and he tells them when to jump. Devon tells Pope he better make sure something like that never happens again.

An EXCELLENT video package hyping up Bobby Roode is shown. It shows Roode training in Canada and talking about how bad he wants the title, as well as his wife talking about how hard Roode has worked in his career. She says people don’t understand how hard Bobby has worked for this. Clips of Bobby actually watching an old Kurt Angle match (with AJ actually) are shown as she says that Bobby has been watching countless hours of old Angle matches preparing for this. Roode is shown with his kids as he talks about all of the things he’s sacrificed going out on the road. Roode says after he comes home from BFG he’ll be wearing the World Heavyweight Championship. His sister talks about all of the hard work her brother has put in to get here. Roode says that at one point Angle was in his shoes, getting ready for his first World Title match and he needs to remember how hungry he was then because that’s how hungry Roode is. Angle puts over Angle and calls him the greatest wrestler of all time and facing Angle is the perfect match for his first shot. That was an EXCELLENT video package right there.

Main Event
“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles vs. Bobby Roode

AJ and Roode haven’t faced each other many times one-on-one in the past, strangely enough despite both being in TNA since the very early days (AJ since day one). This one gets the boxing style intros. AJ and Roode shake hands and then lockup with AJ getting the advantage with a wristlock. AJ then transitions into a side headlock but Roode counters it into a wristlock of his own. AJ rolls through and counters into a hammerlock. AJ transitions into a side headlock takeover but Roode immediately counters with a head scissors. AJ fights it off and quickly gets to his feet and hits another Side Headlock Takeover. Roode fights to his feet and shoves AJ into the corner. Roode then hits a Snapmare Takeover and then goes for Rolling Neck Snap, but AJ drops back to his back to avoid it. AJ then gets to his feet and hits another Side Headlock Takeover. Roode fights to his feet yet again and attempts to counter it with a Back Suplex, but AJ lands on his feet. AJ then punches Roode in the back and locks on another side headlock. Roode shoves AJ into the ropes and then goes for a backdrop but AJ backflips OVER Roode! AJ then grabs Roode in a Waistlock but Roode quickly gets to the ropes and bucks AJ off of him. AJ rolls backwards and then leapfrogs a charging Roode and goes for the Phenomenal Dropkick but Roode saw it coming and hung onto the ropes to avoid it. Roode goes for an elbow drop but AJ rolls out of the way and connects with a dropkick. 1…2…NO Roode kicks out! AJ immediately grabs Roode in a chinock. AJ transitions into another side headlock. Roode tries to shove AJ off but AJ holds onto it tight. AJ squeezes on Roode’s neck and this time Roode shoves him into the ropes. Roode goes for a Hip Toss but AJ blocks it and goes for one of his own but Roode blocks his! Roode then Hip Tosses AJ over the top rope! AJ lands on the apron and connects with a shoulder block through the ropes as Roode charged at him! AJ goes for the Springboard Flying Forearm, but Roode catches him on his shoulders and obliterates AJ with a Gutbuster! 1…2…NO AJ kicks out! Roode whips AJ into the ropes and connects with a big knee to the gut. Roode then attempts to whip AJ into the ropes again but AJ counters into a back elbow that sends Roode crashing through the ropes to the floor. Roode climbs back on the apron and AJ tries to suplex him back into the ring but Roode blocks it and shoves AJ away. Roode comes back into the ring but AJ dropkicks his legs. AJ grabs Roode by the legs but Roode kicks him away. Roode then goes to grab AJ but AJ counters him with a drop toe hold. AJ then locks in a Bridging Death Lock/Crossface! Roode fights the hold and AJ finally releases it as Roode refuses to tap. AJ kicks Roode with several leg kicks and then Roode answers with a forearm. The two exchange right hands and forearms with Roode getting the better of AJ! Suddenly AJ strikes with a Leaping Enziguri out of nowhere! AJ swings with a clothesline attempt on Roode but Roode counters with the Rock Bottom! 1…2…NO AJ kicks out! That looked VICIOUS! Roode hits AJ in the corner with several shoulder blocks and then he lifts AJ up onto the top rope. Roode attempts to climb up with AJ but he falls off selling the knee. AJ then punches him repeatedly and climbs up on the ropes. Roode levels AJ with a forearm smash knocking him off the ropes to the apron! Roode grabs AJ but AJ connects with a big forearm of his own followed by the Springboard Flying Forearm! 1…2…NO Roode kicks out! AJ grabs Bobby and hits a Backbreaker! AJ climbs to the apron and goes for the Springboard 450! Roode rolls out of the way and AJ eats every single bit of the mat! Roode goes for the Double-R Spinebuster! AJ counters out of it and goes for the Styles Clash! Roode counters out of it with a backdrop, but AJ holds onto Roode and rolls him up! AJ picks him up for the Clash instead of going for a pin! Roode blocks it and rolls AJ up! 1…2…no AJ kicks out! AJ goes for a clothesline, Roode ducks, Roode goes for a clothesline, AJ ducks, AJ goes for the Pele! Roode sidesteps it and immediately pounces on AJ and locks in the Crippler Crossface! Oh man what a sequence! AJ is dead center in the ring! AJ fights it but he has to tap!

Winner: Roode via submission (Crippler Crossface)

After the match Roode and AJ shake hands and then hug in the center of the ring. AJ tells Roode he’s ready and he’s the next World Heavyweight Champion! Roode thanks AJ and they slap hands and we go to replays of the excellent match.

———————————COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————————-

In the back AJ tells Roode it’s not about him right now, it’s about Roode. AJ says he won’t lie he had doubts but Roode is definitely in the zone. Roode asks AJ if he brought his best and AJ promises he brought everything he’s had. AJ mentions that he never misses the Pele (you could probably count on one hand how many times he’s legit not hit). AJ says Roode is in the zone and he had to do what he had to do. AJ says Roode is the next world champ and he asks him to promise him one thing, when he beats Kurt give him a shot. AJ smiles and Roode says he’s got it.

Hulk Hogan’s music hits and the Immortal one makes his way down to the ring. Hogan says he feels like he has a million pounds lifted off his shoulders and he’s done a lot of soul searching lately. Hogan says everything in life has to do with your run and how long it will last. Hogan says while soul searching he realized that the Hulkamania run has been the best run of all time. Hogan says Hulkamania goes back 3 decades ago and he says he thought about the very first time he got into the ring when Hiro Matsuda broke his leg and taught him about respect and what it meant to get in the ring. Hogan talks about wrestling in little high schools and then he got his big break and wrestled in front of 90,000 people against Andre. He says he can’t think about all the times he sold out MSG and all the great feuds and rivalries. Sting is shown in the back. Hogan says Hulkamania could go on forever. He says he got the chance of a lifetime last year to come to TNA with over 3 decades of knowledge and make a difference. He says when he came to TNA all he saw were hungry eyes and now he sees guys like Kaz, Storm, Rodoe, AJ, Daniels, RVD, Jeff Hardy finally back on track stepping up he realizes that every minute he spent in TNA was worth it. Hogan says what we don’t see is what goes on backstage where he taught guys how to survive in the business. He claims he gave his soul to TNA and he says a lot of them took the information and he feels that he gave everything he got. Sting in the back says “am I the only one that sees this? I knew the first time I saw him in Suburban Commando he was a phenomenal actor.” Okay I will admit the Suburban Commando line got me. Hogan says he has finally made the decision that enough is enough and this is the end of the road for him. He says he wanted to tell the fans this first, he hasn’t even told his wife yet. He says at the end of the day when he bottomed out financially and with his family and his health, the only thing he didn’t lose were the fans. Hogan says the only thing that’s been with him since day one and never turned their back on him were the fans. Hogan says no matter how far he fell the fans were always there, and then when he went to work the boys in the back had his back. Hogan says there is nothing more for him to do in TNA and next week in Knoxville he’s inviting all of the fans, his friends, and family because they will have a celebration because he will formally announce his retirement. Hogan says he loves the fans and leaves.

In the back Sting says he’s talking about all of his acquaintances over the years, and you better believe he’ll be there to celebrate with the Hulkster.


I really have to say TNA had me right up until the end. That made Hogan look very sympathetic and I know that they can come back next week and Sting show how it was all bull, but still that just didn’t come off very well to me. I really wish it was true and Hogan was done but we all know that’s not the case. I understand Hogan and Bischoff’s contracts are supposedly up next month but I find it hard to believe they’re going anywhere.

As for the rest of the show I really enjoyed it tonight. They threw a ton of stuff at us at break neck speed like regular, but there is so much going on right now in TNA that it’s understandable.

I loved the opening segment with Sting, Fortune, and Angle. Sting put Roode over awesomely and AJ and Roode set up their match for later. Angle continued to play mind games. I love how they’ve decided to build toward Angle/Roode with Angle playing mind games rather than attacking him from behind every 5 minutes or having pull apart brawls every week. He can play mind games with Roode while having him also face his buddies in tough matches.

The X-Division match was a spotfest but it had some really great action and they didn’t O.D. on high spots. Fun match and Aries-Kendrick should have another great match at BFG. Kash continues to be awesome in his heel role.

I like the Kaz-Jarrett stuff, it got really personal there tonight but this gives Kaz something of substance to do since he lost the X-Division Title and the first thing of substance for Jeff to do since the feud with Angle.

The beatdown by Mexican American on Ink, Inc. was perfect. It was short but effective. They got their heat back after getting jumped by the babyfaces last week, and that is so much more effective than a singles match with an over booked finish.

Tara-Madison had a funny comedy style match with Madison still coming out on top.

Pope-Anderson had a solid match until that overbooked stuff I was just talking about crept in. I have a feeling we’re headed toward Pope turning back heel and taking Devon’s kids with him. That feud will not be pretty, I don’t think. Anderson-Ray continue their beef.

I absolutely LOVED the vignette on Roode, that was so awesome. It had that “Before the Glory” or “HBO 24/7” type of feel to it bringing you inside his real life as well as seeing him train and putting over how bad he wants this. More things like that need to be shown, really well done.

Roode-AJ was awesome, they built it slowly and really paced it well and put over that they know each other so well. Roode needed the clean win and it doesn’t hurt AJ at all. I’m glad they went that route rather than having Daniels come out and screw AJ over.

– Promo/Segment of the Week: Fortune/Angle/Sting
– Match of the Night: AJ vs. Roode (***1/2)
– Overall Grade: B

Scheduled for Next Week:
– Bobby Roode vs. James Storm

Bound for Glory Lineup:
– TNA World Title: Kurt Angle (c) vs. Bobby Roode
– Sting vs. Hulk Hogan
– Full Metal Mayhem: RVD vs. Jerry Lynn
– Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson
– AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels
– TNA Knockouts Title Fatal 4-Way: Winter (c) vs. Velvet Sky vs. Mickie James vs. Madison Rayne
– TNA X-Division Title: Austin Aries (c) vs. Brian Kendrick
– TNA Tag Team Titles: Mexican America (c) vs. Ink, Inc.

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