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WWF Prime Time Wrestling 6/8/1987

Written by: Man of Steel from Place To Be

Prime Time Wrestling
June 8, 1987
Gorilla Monsoon & Bobby Heenan


Gorilla & Bobby welcomes us to Prime Time this week, as Gorilla asks the Brain where his “attorney” is, who ran off at the end of last week’s program. Outback Jack and the Honky Tonk Man on the program this week. Bobby says people in Memphis want to know where Honky Tonk Man is and that everyone wants his autograph. Gorilla laughs that off and we go to our first match.

Bob Orton vs. Frankie Lane
Maple Leaf Gardens, 5/17/87
Gorilla Monsoon & Bobby Heenan

The battle of the “Cowboys” to start the show this week. I don’t even remember this Frankie Lane guy when I was a kid. They lock up and grapple for a bit. Lane with an arm drag but Orton reverses into a front facelock into an armbar. Orton turns it into a head scissors. Orton with a body slam and a stomp. Orton’s getting face pops here. Orton with a headlock. Lane with some hair reverses into an armbar. Lane with some forearms, but off the ropes Orton with a right hand. Lane rolls onto the broadcast table and Orton slams his head into the bell. Orton suplexes him over the ropes from the apron to the canvas. Crowd’s really into Orton here, as he drops a knee. Orton goes to the top rope and hits a forearm to the face. Orton with right hands as Lane fall over the ropes to the Garden walkway. Orton keeps clubbing away and Lane starts walking away down the ramp. Lane returns to the ring and Lane with a chop and some forearms but Orton with right hands and Lane goes down. Orton lifts Lane up and drops a powerslam for the win. WINNER: Bob Orton with a powerslam at 4:42

Back in studio, and Gorilla asks about Harley Race, and Bobby says he’s doing fine. We then go to a segment with Mr. Fuji and Killer Khan. It was about 2 minutes of Khan meditating and Fuji whispering. Bobby’s still wearing the neck brace and he says it still hurts. We then go to a Special Report with Craig DeGeorge and the next chapter in the “Superstar” Billy Graham saga. Back in studio and the guys pimp the 1987 calendar, which is now free if you send a postcard. Of course the year almost half over, so they must be trying to get rid of them.

Young Stallions vs. Shadows
Spectrum, 5/9/87
Dick Graham & Lord Alfred Hayes

Hopefully this is better than that clusterfuck match in Houston recently. You can’t tell the Shadows apart here. Powers starts with a shadow and they lock up. They roll around the ropes and a clean break. They lock up again and another clean break. They lock up yet again and the Shadow with a headlock. Some rope work and Powers with a back drop and drop kick into a headlock. The other shadow comes in and Powers kicks him. Tag to Roma and he keeps the headlock. Roma keeps kicking the other shadow’s arm out the way, then he head scissors one shadow while keeping the other in the headlock and rolls them over. Roma keeps the headlock on a shadow but he wanders to the wrong corner and the Shadows tag. Roma gets the headlock back and takes him down. They lock up again and Roma goes back to the headlock. The Shadow with a shoulder block but Roma with a leapfrog double mule kick. The Shadows talk things over and they lock up again. Roma goes back to the headlock but after a leap frog exchange the Shadow goes for the double mule kick and Roma stomps his head. The Shadows tag and this shadow whips Roma into the corner, but Powers gets on the turnbuckle and cushions Roma’s corner hit. They did that in their last match against these guys. Roma with a shot to the gut and when the Shadows try the same turnbuckle trick Powers kicks the corner shadow in the gut and both Shadows bail. This is pretty much the same match as last week’s PTW match in Houston. The Shadow punches Roma down but misses a splash. Tag to Powers and they make a wish to the Shadow. Powers works over the leg with elbow drops. Powers blind tags Roma as the ref was talking to the Shadow in the corner. Shadow gets on the second rope but Powers shakes the second rope on the other side and the Shadow hits the deck. The Stallions are dominating this match as Powers continues to work the leg. The Shadow finally tags the other Shadow and Powers goes after his leg. Tag to Roma and he straddles the leg onto the rope. Roma continues to work the leg as we go to break. We return and Roma keeps working on the leg. Tag to Powers and a double hammy pull. Shadow’s trying to get to his corner but he can’t. Powers with a Figure Four. The other Shadow drops an elbow to break the hold. The Shadows tag and this Shadow works Powers over with a clothesline. Shadow with a neckbreaker for 2. Shadow with a punch some right hands and now a headlock. Powers gets to one knee, then to his feet and he tries to fight out of it and the Shadow with a punch and front face lock. Powers tags Roma and hits some right hands. Roma whips the Shadow into the corner but Roma misses the blind charge. Some double team action by the Shadows in the corner. Roma kicks one Shadown down and breaks the choke. Roma with a slam and a tag to Powers. Powers with a right hand but the Shadows tag and this Shadow gets hit with right hands but he whips Powers out to the floor. A Shadow starts attacking him outside and throwing him into a table. The Shadow suplexes him back in for 2. The Shadows tag and continue working Powers over with a headlock. More double-teaming and cheating in the corner. Shadow with a boot to the face. A tag to the other Shadow and a bear hug on Powers. Powers arm stays up at 2 and tries to punch out of it and does but the Shadow with a reverse elbow. Shadow with a body slam but a splash ends on Powers’ lifted knees. Powers with an enziguiri and tags Roma. Roma goes off on the Shadow, then the other Shadow. Tag to Powers and an Abdominal Stretch. The other Shadow breaks it and all four guys are in. Eventually Roma’s dumped to the floor but Powers hits a cross body on one shadow for the 3 count as Roma holds the other shadow down. WINNERS: Young Stallions when Jim Powers pins a Shadow with a cross body at 16:53 (one break)

-Bobby’s scared that a visitor is in the building, thinking its Ken Patera. Gorilla wants to know about something with Miss Betty and Victor. Hijinks ensue as Bobby is petrified. We return and the visitor is none other than future WWE Hall of Famer Koko B. Ware. Gorilla talks to Koko about his barnburning feud with Danny Davis. Koko puts Frankie on Bobby’s back. Hysterical.

Dave Barbee vs. Lanny Poffo
Madison Square Garden, 5/18/87
Gorilla Monsoon, Bobby Heenan & Lord Alfred Hayes

Poffo does a poem about Jerry’s Kids, which is weird since this is May and the telethon is in September. They lock up and let go, then do it again. Barbee looks like Harley Race, ala 1975. Barbee with a body slam. Lock up again, and Poffo with a headlock. Shoulder block is neutral, and Poffo with a front facelock. Barbee pushes Poffo in the corner and works him over with clubbing blows. Poffo with a boot to the gut and an elbow. Poffo throws Barbee into the turnbuckles. They lock up again and Barbee with an eyepoke. More clubbing blows to the back, then a whip in the corner and a reverse elbow. Poffo’s dropped on the top rope, then more forearms to the back. Barbee with a neckbreaker, then an elbow drop. Poffo with kicks to the gut and chest knock Barbee down. They lock up and Poffo pushes him into the ropes. They break and lock up again as we go to break. We return and Barbee with a press slam. Barbee with a fistdrop for 2. Barbee whips Poffo to the floor. Poffo gets back in and Barbee with a clothesline and another fistdrop for 2. More clubs to the back. Poffo fights back with kicks and he throws Barbee to the floor. Barbee gets in, then Poffo whips him back out. With all the great wrestlers on the roster in 1987, why are we watching these two stiffs? Barbee gets back in and Poffo stomps him. Into the ropes and Poffo misses a drop kick. Barbee with an elbow drop and some right hands. Barbee with a suplex for 2. Barbee with a right hand but Poffo with some kicks and a slam. Poffo hits his top rope backflip and this is finally over. WINNER: Lanny Poffo with a top rope backflip at 8:05 (one break)

-We go to Mean Gene and an interview with Jimmy Hart, who’s joined by Honky Tonk Man and Danny Davis.

Sam Houston vs. Mike Sharpe
Sam Houston Coliseum, 5/16/87
Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan

This is from that same crappy card that had the Shadows/Stallions match from last week where Gorilla & Bobby are clearly dubbed into the video. They lock up and Houston with a hammerlock. Sharpe throws him down, and they lock up again. Houston with a full nelson but Sharpe breaks out of it and locks one of his own. Houston drops to his butt and kicks Sharpe in the face. Couple of arm drags and Sharpe bails to the floor. A lock up and Sharpe with an eye gouge and some punches . They do the old trick where Houston can’t arm drag Sharpe, so he flips over and then arm drags him. Sharpe goes to the floor as I realize how easily predictable watching some of these 80’s matches were. Sharpe gets back in and he wants a test of strength. The crowd gets on Sharpe’s nerve but Houston won’t do it. Houston locks and Sharpe takes control. Houston gets back to his feet but Sharpe boots him in the gut. Houston to his feet, Sharpe boots him in the gut again. Sharpe tries the kick again but Houston catches the leg and and an Atomic Drop for 2. They work in the corner and Houston goes for the Bulldog but Sharpe throws him into the turnbuckles. Sharpe gets a two count, then off the ropes Houston hits the bulldog off the ropes but very sloppy. WINNER: Sam Houston with a bulldog at 5:03

-Back in studio and Gorilla throws digs at Bobby’s attorney Lance Wilshire.

Frenchy Martin vs. Outback Jack
Maple Leaf Gardens, 5/17/87
Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan

**This match is from the Prime Time 2 weeks ago. They really needed to recycle a match? Here’s what I wrote from that show.**

Ugh. Frenchy looks ripped. I wonder what medicine he got from the doctor..hmmmmm. They lock up and Frenchy with a low shot. They point at each other, and lock up again. Outback throws Frenchy to the ground. They posture with each other and lock up again. Outback sets up a right hand and Frenchy backs off. Typical 80’s WWF match. Frenchy with a headlock but his shoulder block does nothing and then Outback crushes Frenchy with a shoulder block. Frenchy begs off and heads outside. Frenchy gets back in and then begs off into the ropes. They lock up and Frenchy with an eye poke. Frenchy with chops and an elbow. Outback with a punch but Frenchy with a boot. Outback punches back and Frenchy with another eye poke. Frenchy rams Outback’s head into the turnbuckle. Frenchy with right hands but Outback reverses an irish whip with a reverse elbow. Outback with more right hands and a hip toss. Outback with a clothesline. More talking to the fans, and then hits the boomerang clothesline for the win. WINNER: Outback Jack with the Boomerang at 4:21

Back to Mean Gene and an incoherent interview with George “The Animal” Steele.

Billy Jack Haynes vs. Honky Tonk Man
Spectrum, 5/9/87
Dick Graham and Lord Alfred Hayes

According to and our good friend Graham Cawthon, Haynes was subbing for Jake Roberts in this match. Honky’s still got that stupid suspenders gear on. Honky stalls and walks around the ring jawing with the fans. Some posturing as Honky won’t lock up with Haynes. Honky with a boot to the gut and an elbow. Honky works Haynes’ shoulder over. Haynes reverses the armbar and beats on Honky’s shoulder. Honky pulls the hair and Haynes goes to the canvas but Honky misses the elbow. Haynes with right hands and chops. Honky hits the floor and more jawing with the fans. Jimmy Hart comes to the mike and says Haynes’ chops are illegal. Honky’s back in the ring and they lock up again and Honky with a right hand. More posturing. They lock up again and Honky with a side headlock and another punch. Honky with a headlock but Haynes blocks the punch and back body drops Honky. Haynes with a snap mare and a headlock of his own. Honky gets to his feet and tries to pull the hair but Haynes lets go, comes off the ropes and hits a shoulder block. Haynes with a snap mare and back to the headlock as we go to break. During the break Gorilla actually acknowledges that Jake was supposed to be in the match but due to injury was replaced by Billy Jack. Back to the match and Haynes still with the headlock. Honky gets to his feet and whips Haynes into the ropes where Jimmy Hart trips him and distracts him, which allows Honky to hit a cheap shot knee. Honky whips Haynes into the ropes and goes for a back drop but Haynes with a sunset flip for 2. Honky with a clothesline. Honky with a double axe handle to the back, and an elbow to the back. Honky with a knee lift and Haynes falls to the Spectrum floor. He gets back in the ring and Honky works him over in the corner. Off the ropes and Honky hits a reverse elbow. Honky starts cranking on Haynes’ neck. Haynes fights to his feet and comes off the ropes with a cross body at 2. Honky with some more shots to the back on the neck. Honky starts choking Haynes with the top rope. Honky with a body slam. Off the ropes and Honky misses a fist drop. Haynes with right hands but Honky with rights of his own. In the corner Honky starts pounding. But Haynes grabs him and hits a reverse Atomic Drop. Honky recovers and hits a back suplex for 2. Honky goes for Shake, Rattle & Roll but Haynes back drops him. They exchange right hands but Haynes gets the upper hand and punches Honky to the canvas. Haynes hits a reverse elbow off the rope, then a nice suplex. Haynes tries for the full nelson but Jimmy Hart goes to the apron. Honky tries a Pearl Harbor job but Haynes ducks and Honky whacks Jimmy Hart. Haynes with a roll-up gets the win. WINNER: Billy Jack Haynes with a roll-up at 13:28



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