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WWF Prime Time Wrestling 6/1/1987

Written by: Man of Steel from Place To Be

Prime Time Wrestling
June 1, 1987 (Drama’s 14th birthday)
Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan


Gorilla and Bobby welcome us to this week’s show, as well as Heenan’s attorney Lance Wilshire. He’s got his own desk to Bobby’s side of the set, a typical shyster-looking ambulance chaser. Gorilla clearly objects to this, and he goes over the action, including a title match with Hulk Hogan. He also tells us about Billy Graham’s hip surgery. Let’s go to the first match:

Magnificent Muraco vs. “Leaping” Lanny Poffo
Maple Leaf Gardens, 5/17/87
Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan

They lock up and break. Muraco has his left hammy taped. Muraco with a hip toss but Poffo breaks with a head scissors. They lock again and Muraco has a headlock. Poffo to the ropes and Muraco breaks clean. The repeat it again. The third time and Muraco with a cheap shot. More chops from Muraco and a sitdown neck snap. Muraco with a takedown and a headlock. Poffo turns it into a hammerlock but Muraco powers back to the headlock. Poffo powers to his feet, but Muraco gets a hammerlock. Poffo reverses into one of his own. Muraco’s fighting to get to the ropes but Poffo takes him down. Poffo chickenwings the arm while still working the hammerlock. Long rest hold here, but then again it is 1987. Muraco gets to his feet but Poffo hip tosses him back into an armbar. Muraco to his feet, then lifts Poffo up and hits a Samoan Drop. Muraco with some clubbing right hands and Muraco works him over in the corner. Muraco misses a shoulder block and goes into the steel post. Poffo with some right hands and a turnbuckle shot. More right hands and a body slam. Poffo hits the backflip splash off the top rope but gets only 2. Poffo with a drop kick, but on the second Muraco catches him and hits a body slam. He points at Heenan, and hits the “dedicated” piledriver for the win. WINNER: Magnificent Muraco with a Piledriver at 7:04

-Back to the studio and Bobby chuckles at the “Braindriver” as Bobby and his attorney continue to antagonize Gorilla, who just brushes them off.

The Can-Am Connection vs. Islanders
Anaheim Convention Center, 5/12/87
Vince McMahon, Bruno Sammartino, & Jesse Ventura

Haku and Rick Martel start and they lock up. They exchange hammerlocks and Haku with a drop toe hold and a headlock. Off the ropes and Martel with a hip toss. Martel does a head scissors flip for 2. Haku with a body slam but on another attempt Martel with a small package for 2. Martel is whipped in the corner but he bounces off and hits a second rope splash for 2. Tag to Tom Zenk. He and Haku lock up and Zenk with an armbar. Haku with a chop and a body slam but misses an elbow and Zenk goes back to the armbar. Off the ropes and Haku with a kick on a blind Zenk. Tag to Tama and he and Zenk to a leapfrog sequence that ends with Zenk with a roll-up for 2. Suddenly Bobby Heenan comes out of nowhere and starts pointing to the Can-Ams behind their corner. Out of nowhere the Islanders attack both Zenk and Martel. Both get whipped outside and Tama hits a flying head butt on Zenk. Zenk is counted out as Heenan gets in the ring and celebrates with his new team. WINNERS: The Islanders by countout at 3:53

-Back to the studio and Gorilla gives Bobby crap for doing things underhanded. Gorilla starts to recognize Lance Wilshire but he doesn’t know where. From here we go to a Mean Gene interview with the Killer Bees. Typical generic spotlight interview, as B. Brian Blair does an awful Hulk Hogan impersonation. We then go to the News Update where George Steele tours the ice cream factory where those cool ice cream bar was made. Next is “Special Report”, where Craig DeGeorge shows the “uncomfortable” footage of Billy Graham’s hip replacement surgery. Yeah that was pretty bloody.

Sam Houston vs. Johnny K-9
Maple Leaf Gardens, 5/17/87
Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan

K-9 with a shove. They lock up and break. Lock up again and Houston pushed in the corner. K-9 with low knee drops but in the other corner Houston leapfrogs out of the way and hits a right hand. K-9 looks like Dwayne Gill on steroids. They lock up and K-9 with a slam but a missed elbow. Houston with a series of arm drags and K-9 bails. Some posturing, and they finally lock up again. K-9 gets leapfrogged and drop kicked. Houston goes back to the armbar, but K-9 gets to the rope. Another lock up and Houston with a headlock. Off the ropes and Houston with a shoulderblock and back to the headlock. God this is horrible. K-9 throws Houston into the corner but Houston with a cross body for 2. Back to the headlock but off K-9 pushes off and K-9 with a low knee. K-9 with a clothesline and another low knee to the breadbasket. Houston off the ropes and K-9 with a bear hug. K-9 with a reverse atomic drop. K-9 with a body slam for 2. K-9 goes back to the bear hug. The crowd could really care less. Houston with what I think was a head butt. K-9 with a forearm and elbow. Houston fighting back with right hands. K-9 whips Houston into the opposite corner but Houston ducks away and K-9 shoulder blocks the steel post. Houston with right hands for 2. K-9 whips into the ropes, but misses a clothesline and Houston hits the bulldog to end it. WINNER: Sam Houston with a bulldog at 7:39

-Back in studio and Bobby’s on the phone trying to get co-host replacements for Gorilla. He laughs.

Paul Roma & Jim Powers vs. The Shadows
Sam Houston Coliseum, 5/16/87
Gorilla Monsoon & Bobby Heenan

Wow this looks like home movie footage. It’s also clear that Gorilla & Bobby are being dubbed in here. Powers starts with a Shadow and they lock up, then break. This better be quick because the bad video is giving me a headache. Shadows talk things over then lock up again. Shadow #1 with a headlock. Off the ropes with a shoulder block, then off the ropes again and Powers with a hip toss/drop kick combo. They lock up again and Shadow #1 with a headlock, then a shoulder block off the rope. Shadow #1 with a hip toss and a tag to Shadow #2 as Powers tags Roma. He locks up with #2 and #2 with a headlock. God this is dreadfully boring. Roma now with the headlock. Wow they keep showing the crowd and there are some fugly people out there. #2 with the headlock, then a leapfrog sequence by Roma that ends with a monkey flip. The Shadows talk things over, then when #2 tries the monkey flip Roma stomps on his head. The teams exchange tags and its Powers with #1. They lock up again and #1 with forearms. Nice teamwork as Powers is whipped into the turnbuckle but Roma lays over it to cushion the blow. #1 misses a charge as #2 comes into the ring and both Stallions clean the ring of them. Gorilla & Bobby talk about Paul Boesch, the legendary Houston promoter. Later in the year WWF would do a tribute show to him that’s aired on 24/7. More conferencing from the Shadows. #1 works Powers over in the corner but Powers whips him into the other corner. Powers tries to take the mask off but #1 escapes. #1 and Powers lock up again, but more shoulder block/leapfrog sequences but Powers gets out of a slam attempt and Powers tries to take the mask off as we go to break. God can’t this mess end. We return and both teams are standing around. The ring looks tilted. What a mess. #1 tries a test of strength with Powers, but Powers slides under #1’s legs, drop kicks #2 off the apron, then drop kicks #1. Powers with a headlock. #1 pushes Powers into the corner works him with right hands. Powers ducks a charge and works #1’s legs over. Tag to Roma but the ref doesn’t see it so both guys with a wishbone spread on #1 and Powers works the left knee. Terrible comedy move as #2 tries to stretch for #1’s hand on a tag and falls over the top rope. God this is awful. Tag to Roma and he works #1’s leg over. #2 gets in the ring thinking the tag is good but the ref didn’t see it. Roma & Powers does the wishbone stretch again and Roma keeps the pressure on the leg. Powers and Roma exchange with the ref not looking. Gorilla applauds it since it’s the faces. This whole package should never have aired. The ref turns to talk to Roma and #2 comes into the ring and both Shadows work Powers over. But #2 misses a clothesline and Powers goes back to the leg. Tag to Roma and they drape the leg over the bottom rope and sit on it. Powers ratchets a Figure Four but Roma turns the ref by accident and #1 elbows Powers to break the hold. #2 now starts giving Powers the business with a body slam but goes for a splash and lands on Powers’ raised knees. Powers with a karate kick and a tag to Roma. Roma with right hands and a drop kick, then a tag to Powers and an Abdominal Stretch. The other Shadow comes in to break the hold. Now all four guys are in the ring and Roma’s pitched to the floor. Both Shadows hit the ropes, one is tripped by Roma outside, the other gets hit by a Powers’ cross body and the 3 count. WINNERS: Jim Powers & Paul Roma when Powers pins a Shadow with a cross body at 14:34 (one commercial break).

-We’re back (finally, that crap was way too long) in studio as Lance Wilshire keeps telling Gorilla he’ll be out of a job. Gorilla says he’s not sweating it. We go to a Mean Gene interview with Slick, the Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff. Oh yeah, they were feuding with Duggan. Hahaha…Volkoff calls him “Doogan”. Awesome.

Women’s Championship: Fabulous Moolah © vs. Angie Minelli
Sam Houston Coliseum, 5/16/87
Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan

This is joined in progress. Do we have to do another match from this venue? My eyes are bleeding because the quality is so bad. Minelli has a wristlock on Moolah. She misses a splash and Moolah with some weak forearms. Hair pull snap mares follow. Double axe handle and more hair pulling. Moolah gets up and stomps her. Chokes and stomach punches follow. Moolah chokes her on the top rope. Minelli with a drop kick but Moolah comes back with forearms, then tosses her out of the ring. Minelli gets back in but Moolah kicks her out. Moolah’s jawing on the other side of the ring, so Minelli comes in and drop kicks her out of the ring. Moolah gets back in by Minelli over the rope but Moolah grabs Minelli’s nose and a Moolah stomp. Minelli with knees to the gut and a monkey flip. If I paid a ticket to this show I’d want my money back. Minelli with a body scissors. Multiple attempts by Moolah to get out of the move fails. She finally does and stomps Minelli in the gut. More choking on the top rope. Minelli’s neck is wrapped in the top two ropes. Moolah with a wristlock, then off the ropes with a forearm. Minelli off the ropes again hits two drop kicks and a body slam for 2. Another body slam attempt but Moolah hooks the leg ala Steamboat to Savage at Wrestlemania III and gets the three count. WINNER: Fabulous Moolah with a small package at 6:09 (partial)

-Back in studio and Bobby and his attorney are cackling but Gorilla says it’s time to pull tricks up his sleeves.

Ron Bass vs. Jesse Cortez
San Diego Sports Arena, 5/13/87
Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan

Bass starts quick with turnbuckle shots, then tosses Cortez out of the ring. Outside Bass slams Cortez on the floor and stomps him. Bass with some shots to the back, then into the ropes for a low knee for a 2 count that stops when Bass lifts him up. Bass with some choking. Off the ropes and Bass hits a reverse elbow. Another knee to the gut on Cortez. Cortez tries some right hands but it doesn’t help. Bass with a body slam and a knee drop, but Bass lifts him on the 2 count again. Bass with a clothesline. Cortez with useless right hands and Bass with another reverse elbow. Bass hits what is a Pedigree without the arm hooks and it’s over. WINNER: Ron Bass with the Texas Gourdbuster at 3:08

-Back in studio and Lance and Bobby keep flirting with each other. We return from break and Gorilla’s done with Mr. Wilshire so Gorilla takes the phone. Gorilla calls City Hall and tells Bobby and Lance that former Philadelphia police chief and Mayor Frank Rizzo is going to Gorilla’s house later in the evening. With that, Bobby’s attorney bolts from the studio and Bobby’s flustered. Main event time.

WWF Championship: Hulk Hogan © vs. Bob Orton
Anaheim Convention Center, 5/12/87
Vince McMahon, Bruno Sammartino, & Jesse Ventura

I actually remember watching this match on both Superstars and All-American Wrestling back in 1987 on Memorial Day weekend. Orton pushes Hogan in the corner they exchange right hands. Hogan with a chop and right hands. They roll around the ropes and exchange headlocks. Off the ropes and Orton ducks a right hand, turns around and Hogan clotheslines him over the ropes to the floor. Back in the ring and they lock up again. Orton pushes Hogan into the corner but Hogan reverses the whip into the other corner and Orton flips. Hogan with right hands and Orton is whipped over the top turnbuckle. Hogan with a body slam and a series of elbow drops. Hogan postures, and an elbow to the head. Hogan with a clothesline for 2. Hogan with a front facelock. Orton pushes Hogan into the corner and gets a right hand, but Hogan whips Orton into the other corner and hits a clothesline. Mr. Fuji gets on the apron and Hogan shakes him, but Orton blindsides Hogan and hits a backbreaker. Orton knee lifts Hogan out of the ring and Fuji with some cane shots to the throat. We go to break and Bobby is gone. Gorilla puts the weasel toy on the chair. We return and Bobby is back, sullen and on the phone. Back to the match and Orton putting the knees to Hogan’s back, then an elbow to the throat and Jesse points out the top rope is broken. More elbows to the back of the neck by Orton. Orton goes to the headlock. Orton lets go and hits an elbow drop. I just noticed Fuji’s got the Demolition face paint on. Orton goes for a pin and gets 2. Orton with more blows to the back. Orton with a short right to the face. Back to the headlock. Pretty good match, for Hogan anyway. Hogan gets to his feet and hits low elbows to break. Hogan ducks and Orton hits a punch to the throat. Great comment by Jesse, who says Orton can’t uses the Superplex because the rope is broken. Orton with a side suplex for 2. Orton goes for a turnbuckle shot but Hogan’s fighting it and Hogan throws Orton into the back and forth turnbuckles. Orton however keeps punching, but the end is near. Hogan bulks up, wags the finger, three punches, big boot, leg drop, done. Hogan celebrates with the fans by waving the flag on Memorial Day. WINNER: Hulk Hogan by leg drop at 8:54 (one commercial break).

-Back to the studio and Bobby says Mr. Wilshire had a very serious family emergency. Gorilla’s loving every minute of it. Final segment and Gorilla scares Bobby by saying he may have his own guest next week, and it may be Ken Patera. Bobby’s shaking and we’re out. The studio stuff with the attorney was great, but other than Hogan and the Islanders heel turn, the matches were crap.



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