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WWF RAW 12/25/2000

Written by: Adam King

Monday, December 25th, 2000

Taped (12/22) from Chatanooga, TN

List of WWF Champions at the time:
●  WWF World Heavyweight Champion: Kurt Angle (10/22/2000)
●  WWF Intercontinental Champion: Chris Benoit (12/10/2000)
●  WWF World Tag Team Champions: Edge & Christian (12/18/2000)
●  WWF European Champion: William Regal (12/04/2000)
●  WWF Hardcore Champion: Steve Blackman (9/24/2000)
●  WWF Women’s Champion: Ivory (11/02/2000)
●  WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: Dean Malenko (4/27/2000)

Raw comes on the air and goes right to the intro with Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcoming us and wishing us a Merry Christmas. Tonight Steve Austin goes one-on-one with Kane and … that’s all we have for right now.

~ Things kick off with Stephanie McMahon strutting her way to the ring since she just has to lead us off as always. Stephanie gets on the mic and talks about how the McMahon family is truly celebrating the Christmas spirit, that even as they speak her father is volunteering his services at a soup kitchen back in Greenwich. Stephanie also says her injured husband encouraged her to be here tonight and that she baked a friutcake for Linda. Stephanie mentions an brewing issue on Smackdown and shows footage of Rock and Undertaker losing the tag titles, claiming Rock and Taker are wondering which of them is the better wrestler. Stephanie feels we’re thinking the same so she decides to answer that question for everyone by having Rock and Undertaker fight one-on-one tonight. Stephanie feels they’ll welcome this match, that Rock doesn’t fear the Last Ride and Taker doesn’t fear Rock Bottom. Stephanie then brings out Kurt Angle, Edge and Christian and this segment doesn’t look to be ending anytime soon. Edge takes the mic and gives Stephanie their holiday greetings then calls it a shame that Mick Foley isn’t here before Christian says Stephanie should have fired Foley tonight so he’d be like the fat unemployed people of Chatanooga. E&C then brag that Christmas came early for them when they regained their titles on Thrusday and even shows a clip. Angle then takes the mic and talks on being the Christmas spirit but doesn’t want to spend it with the foul-smelling fans so he’s flown his family in. Angle decides to bring them in the ring so everyone can meet them and as five people dressed just like Angle climb in the ring Angle introduces Stephanie to his brothers and a cousin. Angle puts over his family before the Angle clan starts singing “Winter Wonderland” with E&C playing their kazoo.

Eventually Chris Jericho comes out to interupt thier song and gets on the mic asking the Angle clan to please shut up. Jericho feels they should be singing “The 12 Days of Christmas” which he uses to make fun of eveyone in the ring. Jericho then says what he wants for Christmas is a WWF Championship match tonight. Stephanie denies his request but instead offers to allow Jericho to find two tag team partners for a six-man against Angle, Edge & Chrstian. Jericho responds by telling Angle to have his partners bring their kazoos while his partners will bring the tables. So pencil in Jericho & The Dudleys vs. Team ECK for tonight as this segment finally wraps up after 15 minutes.

~ Back from break we find Kurt Angle leading his faimly on a tour of the building when they bump into K-Kwik. Angle introduces him as a good friend of his but can’t seem to remember his name and K-Kwik has to remind him. The Angles say hi to K-Kwik in unison before they depart and K-Kwik feels that’s a very white Christmas there. Incidentally Road Dogg was nowhere to be found, I guess he was already fired by then.

~ Elsewhere the Hardys head to the ring when they ask Lita to stay in the back for their match with the Radicalz. Lita tells Matt and Jeff she appreciates them looking out for her but insists on being in their corner tonight. Seeing Lita is dead set on accompanying them the Hardys give up thier argument and they head out.

  • The Hardy Boyz (w/Lita) vs. Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko

The previous night on Heat Malenko got a cheap pinfall win over Matt after Lita teased giving him a kiss but gave him a slap instead. Once the Hardys come out Matt goes right after Malenko and Benoit cuts him off so Jeff jumps Benoit in turn. Jeff decks Malenko off the apron then helps Matt whip Benoit but Malenko pulls Benoit to safety on the floor. So Matt drops to the mat while Jeff launches him and over the ropes, hitting the Poetry in Motion on both guys. Jeff tosses Benoit back in the ring and wails away on him then comes off the ropes and hits a headscissors. Jeff decks Malenko again but Benoit comes back with a Dragon legwhip then slams Jeff’s knee into the mat. Malenko tags in and stomps away on Jeff’s knee then applies a toe hold before working the knee some more. Malenko pops Matt before tagging Benoit back in then slams Jeff and Benoit covers for a two count. Benoit chops Jeff down then goes for a whip but Jeff counters into an Oklahoma roll for a near fall. Malenko tags in and helps Benoit whip Jeff for a double suplex but Jeff flips out of it and dropkicks both guys. Matt gets the tag and spears Malenko then tees off him with rights. Benoit breaks it up and whips Matt but Matt comes back with a bodyblock then goes back to pounding on Malenko while Jeff wails away on Benoit. Jeff helps Matt whip Malenko and hit a double suplex but Benoit throws him into a corner and works him over. Matt sets Malenko up for the Twist of Fate but Malenko drives him into a corner. Malenko sets Matt on the top rope then goes up looking for a superplex but Lita comes in and nails Malenko below the belt to stop him. Malenko falls to the mat while Matt connects with the guilltine legdrop and grabs the pin for his team. (4:05) Another fun match in this series. **½

Matt gets his hand raised but Benoit nails him from behind allowing Malenko to put him in the Texas Cloverleaf. Lita tries to pull Malenko off Matt but is unsuccessful when Benoit pulls her off and puts her in the Crossface! Eventually Benoit and Malenko leave Matt and Lita laying with Benoit grinning back at his handiwork.

~ Back from break we get a replay of Lita in the Crossface and the Hardys helping her to the back during the break. We then see Lita getting checked out by the EMTs with Matt saying this is why he didn’t want her out at ringside. Benoit then shows up glatoing when Matt rushes him but Benoit gets the better of him as the referees separate them.

~ Elsewhere Michael Cole greets the just-arriving Rock and tells him about his match with The Undertaker tonight. That gets Rock’s attention for a moment before he heads in the building without saying a word.

~ Elsewhere Kevin Kelly interviews Debra about staying on as Lt. Commissioner even after Vince fired Mick Foley. Debra says she doesn’t know Vince’s motives but promises to continue to be fair just the way Foley taught her to be. Debra then says things aren’t the same now that Vince back is in charge and she misses how Foley made her job fun. Debra wants Foley to be proud so she books Steve Blackman, Hardcore Holly and Raven for the Hardcore Title.

~ Again elsewhere we find Stephanie on a speaker phone talking with Vince from the Greenwich soup kitchen with Vince praising her for making the six-man tag. Vince remarks how the homeless people there have such nice cars then asks Stephanie to hold on … before we hear a voice in the background that sounds almost like Trish Stratus! Uh-oh! Stephanie wants to know who that was but Vince claims it’s just some giddy homeless lady who’s had too much soup. Stephanie wants to speak with the woman but Vince tells her he’s needed back in the soup line and hangs up on her. Stephanie tries to keep Vince on the line but he’s already gone so she slams the phone down as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break Michael Cole interviews Steve Austin on facing Kane after Vince made the match on Smackdown. Austin says he’s getting exactly what he wants for Christman and offers Kane a can of whoop*** with his name on it. Austin promises to show Kane what a Stone Cold Christmas is all about and that’s the bottom line.

  • WWF Hardcore Title: Steve Blackman © vs. Hardcore Holly vs. Raven

Hardcore and Raven decide not to wait for Blackman and go right it before Blackman can make his entrance. Hardcore whips Raven who swings a trash can lid at him but Hardcore ducks it and clotheslines him down. Blackman makes it in the ring and dukes it out with Hardcore who whips him into Raven and rolls him up for a near fall. Blackman tosses Hardcore over the ropes but Raven waffles him with the lid in turn and stomps him in the head. Raven whips Blackman who goes for an O’Connor roll but Raven ducks down shoving him through the ropes where Hardcore whaks him with his own lid. Hardcore hits Raven causing him to headbutt Blackman below the belt. Hardcore pulls Raven out to the floor and hammers him with some lids when Blackman hits a baseball slide on both guys. Raven grabs a fire extinguisher and sprays CO2 at both his opponents then nails them in succession with a lid. Raven tosses Hardcore over the barrier with Blackman following and the three of them brawl among the fans. Hardcore throws Blackman into a piece of guardail when Raven whacks him from behind with a full trash can. Blackman superkicks the can into Raven’s face and hits him with a lid as the three head behind the curtain. Blackman throws Raven into a case before Hardcore hits him with a broomstick and breaks it over his back. The three of them then attack some backstage guys who were just walking by and dump them into a gurney. Blackman kicks Raven into the interview set and kicks Hardcore down then throws Raven into a soda machine. Raven and Hardcore head through a door and fight on the stairs before Blackman throws Raven down the steps. Hardcore brings Blackman up the stairs to the parking lot and rams him into a car. Hardcore grabs a nearby 2×4 and swings it but misses and Blackman plants him with a bridge suplex onto the car for the pin to retain. (3:41) Okay but still not much different from the usual Blackman match. *

Blackman takes his belt before heading back inside the building … and yet we’re still following him. And we soon see why as Raven amushes Blackman with a 2×4 right to the back of the head! Raven covers Blackman as another referee appears to count 1..2..3! The 24/7 rule lives as Raven has won the Hardcore title! (0:32) Apparently the wrestlers only remember the 24/7 rule when the writers do. Still feel Raven should have won the title straight up onSmackdown.

~ Steve Austin and Kane are both shown heading to the ring for their big confrontation as we go to commercial.

~ Today’s Royal Rumble Replay is Shawn Michaels’ win from 1995 thanks to the ‘one foot on the floor’ decision.

~ Back from break we find William Regal making his way to the ring and looking to take up some time on the mic. Regal says the fans indulge themselves too much during the holidays as well as breaking wind and belching at the table. Regal feels the fans don’t know any better and asks them to set an example for their children who are their future. Kane’s pyro then interupts Regal’s tirade so Regal heads out to the announce table to provide some guest commentary.

  • Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Kane

Austin rushes the ring and goes right to work on Kane when Kane grabs him and throws him into a corner. Austin quickly escapes from there and continues working over Kane then rams him repeatedly into a buckle. Austin goes for a whip and Kane reverses him into the other corner but Austin comes back with a clothesline. Austin straddles Kane on the middle rope then clotheslines him over the ropes but Kane lands on his feet and pulls Austin out to the floor. Kane hammers away on Austin with uppercuts but Ausitn fights back while Regal decides to get involved. Austin goes for a whip and Kane reverses it but Ausitn ends up clotheslining Regal instead. Austin stomps away on Regal when Kane comes over but Austin decks him, knocking him right on top of Regal. Austin rams Kane him into the announce table then unloads on him with rights before throwing him in the ring. Austin drapes Kane on the apron and elbows him in the chest as we see Regal trying to recover on the floor. Austin heads in and goes for a whip but Kane reverses it and hits a boot followed by a short-arm clothesline. Kane whips Austin for another boot but Austin catches it then trips Kane by the leg then stomps away at his thigh. Austin knocks Kane through the ropes but Kane comes back and trips Austin then wraps his leg around the post. Austin jabs Kane’s eyes but Kane climbs to the top rope and connects with the flying clothesline for a near fall. Kane follows it up with a backbreaker then whips Austin hard into a corner and lays the boots to him. Austin starts fighting back and goes for a suplex but Kane blocks it and hits his own suplex for a two count. Kane whips Austin and grabs him in a bear hug so Austin grabs at his mask then manages to fight out of the hold. Austin whips Kane and hits the Thesz Press then wails on him with rights and follows up with the elbowdrop. Austin goes for a whip when Kane reverses and grabs him by the throat. Austin fights out of the chokeslam and goes for the Stunner, Kane shoves him away. Kane scoops Austin up for the Tombstone but Austin slips out then tries the Stunner again and hits it. Regal hops on the apron but Austin rams him into the buckles and decks him off the apron. Kane grans Austin by the throat again but Austin kicks him below the belt. Ausitn pounds on Kane when Regal goes in and nails Austin from behind and that’s going to do it for the match. (7:21) Solid match but could have had a better ending, like Regal helping Kane to a cheap win over Austin to fuel a potential feud with Regal. **

Regal and Kane double-team Austin before Regal goes out and brings a chair in. Kane holds Austin while Regal readies a swing but Austin cuts him off then nails Kane with a mule kick below the belt to escape. Austin grabs the chair and whacks Regal and Kane with it then heads out with a can of beer in each hand because he always has to get in the last word.

~ Back from break Michael Cole interviews The Undertaker, asking if he’s surprised to be facing The Rock tonight. Taker says nothing surprises him anymore except for the McMahons trying to stir things up between him and Rock. Taker says he and Rock never liked each other and that Rock has a loud bark but he’s the dog with the big bite. Taker says he doesn’t need a reason to fight, he just needs someone to fight because he’s all about hurting people. Taker says the two big dogs will fight tonight to see who’s yard it is and if Rock tries him he’ll make him famous.

~ Out in the arena The Kat comes out to the announce table and gets on the mic to wish JR a merry Christmas then gives him a present. JR opens it to find a copy the latest WWF Divas video. Kat then tells Lawler she has a special present for him and gives him a look then flashes the crowd as well.

~ Backstage Stephanie barges in on T&A and not seeing Trish Stratus anywhere asks Test and Albert where she is. Test tells Stephanie Trish isn’t going to be here tonight and Stephanie feels that proves it and storms out of the room. Test and Albert then figure that Trish must be at a certain soup kitchen enjoying soup with a certain promoter.

~ Back from break we find Kurt Angle and his family calling up their mother and asking how their singing earlier was. Angle claims their mother said cousin Jimmy was a little flat while he as the best and they just roll their eyes at him.

  • T & A vs. Too Cool

Test pounds away on Grandmaster Sexay to start as we see Stephanie making her way out for whatever reason. Test whips Sexay into a corner and eats a boot then Sexay hops to the middle rope and hits a missile dropkick. Scotty 2 Hotty tags in and helps Sexay hit a double suplex but Test regains the advantage. Albert tags in and whips Scotty then lowers the head, Scotty goes for a Sunset Flip but can’t get him over. Albert goes for the sitdown splash but misses and Scotty dropkicks him in the face. Scotty covers but Albert powers out of it and plants Scotty with the chokebomb. Albert covers Scotty but Sexay saves it so Test tags in and beats Scotty down while glaring out at Stephanie. Albert tags back in and whips Scotty but lowers the head and Scotty fights back. Scotty hits a flying forearm then both men start crawling toward their corners and Albert tags in Test while Scotty makes the hot tag to Sexay. Sexay wails away on Test on a corner then catches Albert coming in with a dropkick before going back to Test. Albert goes for the Avalanche but misses Sexay and nails Test. Sexay clotheslines Test over the ropes and Albert clotheslines Sexay over but Scotty drills him with the bulldog and follows up with the Worm. est nails Scotty with the big boot then goes to whip Sexay who reverses and Stephanie grabs Test’s ankle. Test yells at Stephanie but that disracts him as Sexay rolls him up from behind and grabs the tights for the pin. (3:38) Not much doing here. Stephane walks off with a smile on her face while Test is left fuming in the ring. *

~ Chris Jericho and the Dudleys are shown heading to the ring for the six-man match as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break Stephanie gets a visit from Albert who tells her he has no heat with her over what she did to Test. Albert tells Stephanie that Test can be a a hothead and he doesn’t know if the rumors of Vince and Trish are true, but if she needs him for anything he’s good to go and Stephanie thanks him for the offer. Sounds like a certain tag team doesn’t have much of a future left.

  • Chris Jericho & The Dudley Boyz vs. Kurt Angle, Edge & Christian

The participants file out to the ring as we see the Angle clan has somehow scored some front row seats. Jericho takes a swing at Angle on the apron but that allows Christian to nail him from behind to start us off. Christian pounds away on Jericho and Angle gets in some shots as the referee tries to hold back the Dudleys. Christian whips Jericho but Jericho comes back with a flying forearm then gets in his shots. Jericho whips Christian who goes for a Sunset Flip but Jericho rolls out of it and catcpults him into a right hand from D’Von. Jericho rolls Christian up for a near fall then brings him to his corner and tags D’Von in for a double-team. D’Von gets an arm wringer but Chrsitian jabs his eyes to break it then Edge tags in but he runs into a hip toss. D’Von whips Edge and hits a flying shoudertackle that gets a two count then rams him into Bubba Ray’s boot. Bubba tags in and hammers Edge with right hands then whips him and drops him on the ropes with the Stun Gun. Bubba pops Angle and Christian and the referee keeps them out while Bubba slams Edge and sets him up as D’Von climbs to the top rope and connects with the “Wassup” headbutt. Bubba sends D’Von to fetch a table and D’Von gets a table ready on the floor when Christian nails him. Angle goes out as well but Jericho cuts him off with a clothesline while Edge spears Bubba in the ring. Christian tags in and goes for a whip but Bubba hits a backdrop. Both men crawl toward their corners and Christian tags in Angle while Bubba makes the hot tag to Jericho. Jericho comes off the ropes with a clothesline then goes for a whip, Angle reverses but Jericho slides under him and hits a double-arm backbreaker. Jericho covers Angle but pops up to nail Edge and also decks Christian. Jericho goes to whip Angle who reverses it but Jericho kicks the face the clotheslinbes him over the ropes. Jericho tosses Angle back in the ring when Eric Angle reaches over the barricade and shoves Jericho’s face. So Jericho pulls Eric over the barrier and the Dudleys collect him while the other Angles swarm over Jericho and this match has really broken down now. Jericho tries to fight off the Angles but Kurt nails him from behind when we then see D’Von passing Eric over to Bubba and Bubba superbombs Eric off the steps and through the table. Jericho and Angle contiune fighting when Jericho whips Angle into the ringpost and tosses him back in the ring. The Dudleys and E&C brawl up the ramp while Jericho climbs to the to top rope and hits a missle dropkick. Jericho goes for the Lionsault but Angle gets his knees up to block it then hits the Olympic Slam and gets the pin. (5:07) Decent enough match and hey, the world champion gets a clean pinfall for once. I just don’t see why Jericho had to do the job again.**½

The rest of the Angles pour in to celebrate with Kurt while Eric is left laying in the table wreckage on the floor. The Angles hold Jericho up for Kurt to get some free shots and Jericho spits in his face but gets beaten down. The Dudleys make it back in the ring to clear out the Angles but the damage has already been done to Jericho.

~ Back from break we get a replay of the Angle clan getting involved in the six-man tag and Eric Angle’s table ride. We then cut backstage and find the Angles tending to Eric with Kurt regretting bringing him to the arena tonight. Angle says the Dudleys ruined their Christmas and Edge promises that he and Christian will get even with them.

  • The Acolytes (w/Jacqueline) vs. Bull Buchanan & The Goodfather (w/Steven Richards & Ivory)

Buchanan gets on the mic chastising the fans for buying merchandise that promotes violence and vulgarity, using the APA t-shirt as an example of this, before urging the fans to turn away from WWF propaganda. Goodfather takes the mic and talks on how he feels the internet has become a harbinger of filth and decay while begging the fans to open their eyes. The Acolytes rush the ring and all four men pair off to start when Faarooq sends Buchanan through the ropes while Bradshaw whips Goodfather into a corner and clotheslines him. Bradshaw does the same thing in the other corner and hits a suplex followed by an elbowdrop for a near fall. Faarooq tags in to take over and whips Goodfather into an elbow for a two count. Faarooq goes for another whip but Goodfather counters it and hits a crescent kick then boots Faarooq in the head before. Buchanan tags in and hits a backbreaker and an elbowdrop for two then comes off the ropes but runs into a spinebuster. Bradshaw gets the tag and hits Buchanan with a shoudlertackle then whips him and connects with an elbow. Bradshaw hits a Russian legsweep then climbs to the top rope and nails Buchanan with a flying shoudlertackle. Bradshaw decks Goodfather then goes for the ropes when he bumps into Ivory. So Bradshaw pulls Ivory up on the apron when Buchanan rolls Bradshaw up from behind and gets a two count while Jackie pounces on Ivory on the floor. Faarooq knocks Buchanan through the ropes while Bradshaw nails Goodfather with the Clothesline from Hades. Richards comes in looking to hit the Stevenkick but Bradshaw catches him and nails him with the Clothesline. But Val Venis runs in as usual and DDTs Bradshaw while Buchanan follows up with an axe kick for the pin. (2:32) The usual stuff from these guys. DUD

~ We the find Kevin Kelly standing outside The Rock’s door waiting to again be embarassed as we go to commerical.

~ Back from break we get an exterior shot of the arena as JR hypes the Rock/Undertaker match to come later.

~ JR then mentions he got to speak with Chyna earlier today as clips are shown of the RTC spike pileviring her two weeks ago. We then get the sit-down interview JR had earlier today with Chyna as she’s sporting a neckbrace to sell the injury. JR asks about her future in the WWF and Chyna says she first lost feeling in her arms and hoped it was just a stinger but the MRI showed three ruptured discs in her neck which was worse then they anticipated. Chyna says her options are either never wrestling again or fusion surgery which would also cut short her in-ring career. JR tries to console Chyna by mentioning she has other things to fall back on like her movies and her book. Chyna mentions everything she overcame to be in the ring only to have the Right To Censor take her life away from her. Chyna says she hates the RTC for what they did to her and really hopes that she can come back to the ring someday. I can imagine this whole angle rubbed everyone the wrong way, especially after Steve Austin took a similar (and not to mention legit) piledriver from Owen Hart but had the fusion surgery and was able to continue on for many years. I’d go on about the WWF constantly exploting fake injuries for storylines and such but I don’t want to make this review longer than it has to be. Let’s just move along.

~ Backstage Kevin Kelly interviews The Rock asking if he’s afraid of taking The Last Ride when Rock cuts him off and starts with the usual. Rock says he’s felt Undertaker’s move before and would rather just avoid it altogether. Rock then says he sees through the game Vince is trying to play but the fact remains he isn’t afraid of anything. Rock then says he doesn’t want to talk about what he fears and offers to instead tell his favorite Christmas story. Rock then busts out a version of “Ruldolph” making fun of Kevin and Santa Claus and the jabronees being jealous. Rock then tells Taker that his yard will always be on the People’s planet, if you smell and you know the rest.

  • The Rock vs. The Undertaker

Before the match Lawler mentions two names are already entered in the Royal Rumble: Kane and Undertaker. Both men have a staredown to start when Taker gets in the first shots before knocking Rock over the ropes. Taker goes out and continues his assault when Rock tries to fight back but Taker rams him into the barricade. Taker drops Rock on the barrier and rams him into the announce table then finally throws him back in the ring. Rock again fights back when Taker stops that then whips him but Rock comes back with a flying clothesline. Rock gets in more offense then goes for a whip when Taker reverses it but Rock hits a swinging neckbreaker. Taker scoops Rock up but Rock floats over him and hits a Russian legsweep that gets a two count. Taker nails Rock with a big boot and hits an elbowdrop for a near fall. Taker hits some forearms to the back and whips Rock into a corner then eats an elbow but hits a sidewalk slam for two. Rock starts to rally and goes for a whip, Taker reverses but Rock comes back with a DDT that gets a near fall. Rock goes for another whip but Taker reverses and hits an elbow then goes back to working over Rock’s back. Taker applies a hold not unlike a bow-and-arrow with his knee in Rock’s back then whips him and grabs him with a bear hug. Rock begins to fade as Earl Hebner checks the arm and it drops once, twice but stays up on the third time. Rock fights out of the hold and whips Taker but lowers the head and Taker drills him with a DDT for a near fall. Taker readys for a chokeslam but Rock blcoks it and wails away on Taker, capping off with the Smackdown. Rock grabs Taker for the Rock Bottom but Taker fights out of it and hits Rock with the Chokeslam instead. Taker readies for the Last Ride … when we see Rikishi coming down the ramp, making his triumphant return from being chokeslammed off the Cell. Taker goes over and decks Rikishi on the apron then goes for a whip but Rock reverses and hits a spinebsuter. Rock goes for the People Elbow but falls over the ropes after Rikishi pulls them down and there’s the bell.(9:34) Okay match but not the best from these two. Then again Rock and Taker have never been known for good matches against each other. **

Rikishi stomps away on Rock on the floor before tossing him in the ring. Rikishi nails Taker with a superkick then takes Rock out with a superkick as well and hits sitdown splashes on both guys in succession. Rikishi then stands over both his fallen foes showing that he’s indeed back as the show goes off the air.

Conclusion: With this being aired on Christmas night and with WCW taking the holidys off, the WWF unsurprisingly decided to just phone it in and as a result we got a show that’s decent but not much to it. The in-ring action was decent and the three main matches were solid enough but two of them ended in lame DQ’s. There also wasn’t any lasting developments other than Rikishi’s return and Raven’s Hardcore title win and no real build toward the Royal Rmuble, though that event was still five weeks away. Plus couldn’t they have ended the show on a more uplifting note? I mean it was the Christmas show and I though holiday episdes were required by law to have happy endings. Overall this is a okay episode to check out but you wouldn’t miss anything by skipping it.


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