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WWF Smackdown 12/7/2000

Written by: Adam King

Thursday, December 7th, 2000

Taped (12/5) from Madison Square Garden in New York City, NY

List of WWF Champions at the time:
●  WWF World Heavyweight Champion: Kurt Angle (10/22/2000)
●  WWF Intercontinental Champion: Billy Gunn (11/23/2000)
●  WWF World Tag Team Champions: Bull Buchanan & The Goodfather (11/06/2000)
●  WWF European Champion: William Regal (12/04/2000)
●  WWF Hardcore Champion: Steve Blackman (9/24/2000)
●  WWF Women’s Champion: Ivory (11/02/2000)
●  WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: Dean Malenko (4/27/2000)

Smackdown comes on the ir with highlights of Vince McMahon’s “State of the WWF” address. We then see a limo pulling into the garage with Kurt Angle, Rikishi and the Hemlsleys filing out of it when Commissioner Mick Foley walks by with Debra and tells the group that today is their lucky day. Foley tells Triple H and Rikishi that based on their actions Monday they’ve earned a one-day suspension and Triple H protests but Foley orders Triple H and Rikishi to get in their car and leave. Triple H then accepts it, saying they could use the night off to rest up forArmageddon because it takes a lot of energy to end careers. Triple H and Rikishi head in the limo and Angle starts to leave with them but Foley stops him and tells him he doesn’t have the night off. Foley tells Angle he keeps igonring his constant demands to stop interfering in other matches so even though the pay-per-view is this Sunday he’s defending the title tonight against The Rock, Steve Austin and The Undertaker in a fatal-fourway match.

~ We then go to the intro with Michael Cole welcoming us the show along with Jerry “The King” Lawler. Cole reminds up we’re just 72 hours from Armageddon while buzzing about tonight’s main event.

  • “The One” Billy Gunn & Chyna vs. Val Venis & Ivory – Intergender Match

Ivory tried to help Val beat Billy on Raw when Chyna came to his aid but Val beat her up so here we are. During the match Cole announces that Chyna also will meet Val Venis one-on-one at Armageddon. Billy meets Val at ringside and throws him in the ring then whips him into a corner and hits a press slam. Chyna tags in and helps Billy hit a double neckbreaker for a two count then beats Val down in a corner and chokes him with her boot. Chyna goes for a whip but Val reverses it and hits a spinebuster. Ivory tags in and unloads on Chyna but her blows have no effect as Chyna gets to her feet. Ivory quickly tags Val back in and Chyna hammers him with forearms then goes for a whip but Val reverses and hits an elbow. Val hits an elbowdrop and follows up with a suplex for a near fall. Val whips Chyna but lowers the head and Chyna kicks the face and hits a DDT. Chyna crawls to her corner and makes the tag to Billy and Billy hits a pair of clotheslines then whips Val and powerslams him for a two count. Billy whips Val again and hits a tilt-o-whirl slam for anotehr near fall then tags Chyna in and the two whip Val into a double backdrop. Chyna pops Ivory off the apron then catches Val with a clothesline. Suddenly Chris Benoit comes out to the ramp and gets everyone’s attention while Ivory whacks Chyna with her Women’s title belt. Val then covers Chyna for the three and Benoit prevents Billy from making the save. (3:51) Benoit and Billy start fighting on the outside and Benoit slaps Billy in the Crossface on the floor. Billy starts tapping out but Benoit refuses to release the hold then finally lets go and glares down at Billy with a smile.DUD

~ Backstage we find Dean Malenko dressed up and carrying a bushel of roses as he heads into the Hardys’ dressing room and presents Lita with the flowers. Matt and Jeff tell Lita they’re there for her if Malenko lays a hand on her but Malenko assures them that Lita is in good hands then promises Lita a night she’ll never forget. Lita returns the favor and Matt warns Malenko not to get fresh with her as they head out on their date as we go to commercial.

~ Back form break we find Lita and Dean Malenko in the back of a taxi cab when Malenko asks Lita if she’s cold then offers her his jacket. Malenko then offers to keep Lita warm himself but Lita shoves him away and denamds they get on with this date. Malenko asks Lita to have some patience before telling the cab driver to take to a steakhouse.

~ Back at the arena Cole and Lawler start hyping the six-man Hell in a Cell match this Sunday before showing clips of The Rock running through his impressions of the other five men onRaw.

~ Steve Austin then makes his way to the ring and gets on the mic to possibly sell the big match on Sunday. Austin says people have been asking him if he’s ready for Armageddonbefore saying that he is. Austin brings up The Rock’s interview from Monday before saying that he sees the match differenty so he decides to remind Rock of who is in the Cell so he doesn’t take them lightly. Austin says Kurt Angle may like milk and cookies but he also took Rock’s WWF Title and Rock has yet to get it back. Austin says Rikishi may have a big rear end but he’s shown that he will do whatever it takes to be WWF Champion. Austin mentions Triple H put him out of action for a year and dominated the WWF in his absence, plus The Undertaker has a decade of destruction under his belt for a reason. Austin says every Cell match he’s seen have been bloodbaths and Taker survived three of them. Austin also points out how the Cell has cut short both Shawn Michaels’ and Mick Foley’s careers. Austin says he’s willing to suffer and bleed to become WWF Champion just like the other five men and is about to wrap up when Kurt Angle comes out to the stage. Angle gets on the mic and tells Austin he agrees with what he said as Austin goes out and grabs his cooler of beer. Angle brings up the way Rock made fun of them when Austin throws a beer at him, narrowly missing him. Angle tries to talk but everytime he says something Austin throws another beer at him. Eventually Angle gets fed up but Austin continues throwing beer as he walks up the ramp and one of the cans even takes out the screen on the back of the stage.

~ Back from break we get a look at the New York City skyline.

~ Backstage Edge & Christian are complaining about Mick Foley making them face Road Dogg & K-Kwik again because he thinks they cheated. Edge calls Foley a “gearbox” for making this rematch when Ashton Kutchner from That 70′s Show comes into their lockerroom claiming to be a fan. Ashton starts plugging his (then-)new movie Dude, Where’s My Car? when E&C suddenly ask Ashton where his car is. Ashton tries to explain it’s just the movie’s name but Edge and Christian keep thinking he really lost his car. Christian figures Ashton can’t find his car so he made a movie about it but can’t get to the premiere. Ashton continues to explain but E&C soon think Ashton is accusing them of stealing his car and storm off. Tazz then walks off thinking Ashton lost his car and offers to hook him up with Joey Numbers.

~ We then see Susan Sarandon in the crowd tonight as we go to the next match.

  • Trish Stratus vs. Molly Holly – #1 Contender’s Match

The winner of this match gets a shot at Ivory’s Women’s Title at the pay-per-view. Trish charges at Molly to start but runs into a drop topehold and Molly wrenches the arm then goes into a hammerlock. Trish counters with a snapmare but Molly lands on her feet then comes off the ropes with a shoulderblock. Molly hits a hip toss and Trish rolls out to the floor to regroup then snaps Molly’s neck on the top rope. Trish goes back in the ring and throws Molly across the ring by the hair then hits a vertical suplex for a two count. Test and Albert come out to ringside as Trish throws Molly into a corner and hits a Frankensteiner for another near fall. Trish argues with the referee when Molly fights back with chops then hits a Northern Lights suplex but Albert puts Trish’s foot on the bottom rope. Crash runs down with a trash can lid in hand and works over Albert and Test with it but Test nails Crash with a forearm and nhe and Albert beat him down. Molly looks over to see Crash getting double-teamed and climbs to the top rope but Trish plls her off as Albert press slams Crash onto the barricade. Test passes the lid to Trish and Trish whacks Molly with it but that gets herself DQ’ed. (2:24) That was actually a solid match for the two minutes it lasted. Molly technically won the match but the announcers feel it didn’t decide the #1 contender. Now what usually happens in this type of situation? **

~ Backstage a limo pulls up and Pat Patterson opens the door to reveal Vince McMahon who comes out with a cane. Patterson helps Vince into a wheelchair and Vince heads off somewhere as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break Mick Foley is playing with some stuffed puppies when Crash comes in ranting that Molly is the rightful #1 contender and had the match won until the inteference. Crash says Molly is mad at Trish and also mad at not getting the title shot before asking Foley to do something. Debra comes up with an idea and decides to have Molly vs. Trish vs. Ivory for the title at Armageddon, this way Molly will get her hands on both Trish and Ivory and Crash happily agrees. So Trish gets the title shot without actually winning the match. Okay. Crash walks off and Foley asks Debra to tell him a secret in his missing ear. Eww.

  • Chris Jericho & Hardcore Holly vs. Kane & William Regal

Regal gets on the mic and proclaims he’s no longer besmirched since regaining his rightful European title on Monday. Jericho and Hardcore charge in the ring and go right after their respective pay-per-view opponents. Hardcore stomps Regal out of the ring while Jericho works Kane over in a corner. Jericho goes for a whip, Kane reverses him into the opposite corner and charges but eats a boot. Jericho hops to the middle rope and leaps off but Kane catches him in a bear hug. Jericho floats over Kane and goes for a whip but Kane reverses and hits a boot. Regal tags in and whips Jericho into an elbow. Regal goes for a whip, Jericho reverses Regal into a corner then goes for the bulldog but Regal ducks it. Regal misses a forearm and Jericho comes off the ropes and this time hits the bulldog. Hardcore tags in and hits a clothesline then whips Regal into a corner and Regal staggers into a backdrop. Hardcore pops Kane off the apron then suplexes Regal and covers but Kane breaks up the pin. Jericho knocks Kane through the ropes then goes out after him while Regal goes for his inverted neckbreaker but Hardcore counters into a sleeperhold. Regal is eventually rendered unconcious and that actually gets the win. (1:53) Too short to be anything plus when does a sleeperhold win a match for anybody but Roddy Piper? Lawler claims Hardcore’s metal-plated arm was the reason Regal was put out. So now he’s Lex Luger all of a sudden. 

Kane tries to come in the ring but Jericho grabs a chair and whacks Kane in the back and the head with it. Jericho gives Kane some parting words then whacks the ringposts with the chair on his way to the back.

~ We then cut over to Nick and Stef’s steakhouse to check on Lita and Dean Malenko’s date. Malenko tells Lita she’s so beautiful it hurts to look at her and Lita says likewise. Malenko checks Lita out before trying to flatter her with sweet talk and the two decide to order with Malenko offering to get champagne.

~ Vince McMahon is shown motoring on his wheelchair somewhere as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break Vince McMahon wheels his way to ringside along with the Stooges and Pat Patterson helps Vince out of the chair and in the ring while Gerald Brisco holds the ropes open. Vince gets on the mic and talks about the indignity of beind stuck in a wheelchair. Vince says last Monday he was supposed to give the State of the WWF but it turned into a nightmare after Steve Austin, The Rock and The Undertaker all abused him with their finishers. Vince says that’s not supposed to happen to a man like him who should be respected and admired by the fans. Vince says he was dealt with contempt on Raw and promises it will never happen again. Vince then clams Austin, Rock and Taker would never have taken liberties with him if not for Mick Foley who he accuses of allowing and encouraging the incident and protecting those responsible. Vince says all he was doing was making everyone realize the danger the six men face in the Cell when Mick Foley meakes his way to the ring to offer a rebuttal. Vince threatens to beat up Foley tonight but needs help to jet get his coat off. Foley says when he retired in February after No Way Out he vowed he wouldn’t return to the ring but if he ever made an exception for anyone, it would be for him. Foley says he has someone who Vince might want to listen too before bringing out … Linda McMahon. Linda gets on the mic and tells Vince he respects his opinion but also respects Foley’s opinion. Linda says she knew Vince would disagree with Foley being named WWF Commissioner but Foley became the most popular commissioner ever. Linda then tells Foley that she is concerned about the six participants in the Hell in a Cell and Foley says he and Vince have one major difference other than what the fans chant at them. Foley claims Vince only sees the six men as investements while he sees them as great athletes and while people are going to be hurt in that match, all of them want it, except for Kurt Angle. Foley then says injuries are part of the game and he will take full responsiblity for them then promises if someone gets seriously hurt, he will take responsiblity and resign as WWF Commissioner. Foley turns to Vince and says there may be a day where they go at it, but until then have a nice day.

Foley heads out of the ring and Linda starts to leave but Vince stops her and accuses her of embarassing him by siding with Foley after his humiliation on Raw. Vince says he gave his life to WWF fans, cared for his family and proved he had a heart in his marriage but he’s not going to take it anymore. Vince says he’s tired of giving and not going to give anymore then turns to Linda and tells her right to her face that he wants a divorce! Linda is shocked as Vince repeats his demand before ordering Linda to get out of his ring. Linda leaves the ring crying (or trying to) as Vince tells her to get out of his life and never come back. Vince then continues ranting before the Stooges escourt him up the ramp. Well that was 20 minutes I’ll never get back. Plus Vince pulling a super heel-turn on his wife only shows how much he wanted to be back on television, feeling he can save the ratings.

~ Back from break we get a replay of the preceeding interview and Vince’s divoprce demand. We then get footage of Linda trying to cry as she climbs into her limo and departs during the break. However this segment doesn’t quite come off so well due to Linda’s inability to show emotion.

  • Edge & Christian vs. Road Dogg & K-Kwik

Now when a rematch occurs just days after the original match what does it usually mean? Edge and Christian come out first and get on the mic to cut another rap about the Rangers and Patrick Ewing. Road Dogg & K-Kwik come out doing their rap but E&C attack to interupt them. Edge throws K-Kwik through the ropes and helps Christian double-team Road Dogg before taking over on him. Christian tags in and snapmares Road Dogg to the mat then kicks him in the back and chokes him. Edge tags back in and E&C whip Road Dogg looking for a double flapjack but Road Dogg counters with a DDT on both men. Road Dogg manages to tag K-Kwik in and K-Kwik takes it to both men. Edge whips K-Kwik but K-Kwik comes back with the headscissors. K-Kwik wails on Christian and goes for a whip, Christian reverses him into a corner but K-Kwik lifts hismelf up then backflips across the ring and hits a gourdbuster. Edge breaks up the pin before Road Dogg throws Christian through the ropes then goes out while Edge and K-Kwik fight in the ring. Edge goes for a spear but K-Kwik ducks and Edge spears Christian off the apron. Road Dogg sets Edge up and K-Kwik connects with a Memphis sidekick for the three. (2:18) Yep, Road Dogg and K-Kwik just had to get their win back. *

~ Backstage Johnsathan Coachman interviews The Undertaker asking if he’s ready for this Sunday. Taker says one has to compete in the Cell to truly understand the brutality involved because winning is secondary to surviving especially when your career is on the line. Taker says you have to take as much punishment as you give out which happens to be his specialty. Taker then says with five other men in there, anything can and will happen in there and the match will show who the real bad dude is. Taker tells Coach that he’s looking at him and promises to show what he means in the fatal four-way later.

~ Back from break Steven Richards is in the ring with Val Venis and Ivory and has the mic saying today is a new day and the sun shines brighter on all the fans. Ivory takes the mic and talks about the lost finding their way home and the blind beginning to see because two new memebers have joined their side ready to fight the good fight against violence. Ivory then brings out the newest members of the Right To Censor: The Dudley Boyz! Bubba Ray and D’Von Dudley come out to the ring dressed just like the other RTC members. D’Von takes the mic and says the Dudleys were lost but the RTC have shown them the path while Bubba claims they’ve seen the light at the end of the tunnel and realize violence is wrong. Bubba then says if putting people through tables is wrong…then they don’t want to be right just before they punk out Richards and Val. Well what do you konw, it was a swerve. Val goes for a whip but D’Von reverses and the Dudleys hit the 3D. Bubba then grabs Richards by the tie and orders D’Von to get a table which he does ad sets up. Bubba hops to the middle rope when D’Von passes Richards to him and Bubba superbombs him through the table. Bubba and D’Von then celebrate pulling a fast one on the RTC. Uh, that swerve still doesn’t excuse the Dudleys from screwing the Hardys out of the tag team titles on Monday. For some reason the bookers never followed up on that. Oh, but it was all meant to swerve the RTC which apparently makes it all better. Whatever.

~ Back at the restaurant we find Lita has apparenly ordered one of everything from the menu and Malenko complements her appetite since she’s going to need her energy later. Malenko tells Lita not to deny her feelings for him, that she knows there’s chemistry between them and that he’s everything Lita would want in a man. Malenko asks Lita not to hide it anymore and Lita tells Malenko that she is attracted to him and can’t stop thinking about the two of them together. Lita tells Malenko she wants him now and Malenko calls for the check as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break we find Tazz still bugging Ashton Kutchner about finding his car. Ashton continues to try and explain his movie but Tazz still doesn’t get it. Suddenly The Kat runs up to Ashton and claims to be a big fan of his as Tazz walks off. Ashton tries to leave but the Kat asks to see a private screening of his movie.

~ Out in the arena Cole and Lawler announce a four-corners match for the tag titles has been added to Armageddon featuring The Dudleys, Road Dogg & K-Kwik, Edge & Christian and Bull Buchanan & The Goodfather. Why aren’t the Hardys included after what happened on Raw? Oh, that’s right, they’re in another storyline right now.

~ The Rock is shown pacing in his lockerroom as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break we get replays of the Mick Foley/Vince McMahon/Linda McMahon segment. Kevin Kelly then interviews Foley backstage about what went down earlier tonight. Foley says he made a dangerous match several weeks ago that he’s getting critized for and reiterates his promise to resign should any of the six men get seriously hurt. Foley then says people may feel he’s responsible for the McMahons’ marriage collapsing and he’s one of them, blameing himself for their marital troubles. Foley says he feels he has the wieght of the world on his shoulder then excuses himself from the interview to get some fresh air and walks off.

~ We then cut to a hotel room and find Lita and Dean Malenko about to get intimate (with Malenko still wearing his socks, mind you). Lita points out the ring on Malenko’s finger asking how his wife feels but Malenko asks Lita to not worry about her and to concentrate on him. The two of them get close and Malenko turns off the light but Lita then says she likes the lights on. So Malenko turns the lights back on…and finds Matt Hardy standing above him with a champagne bottle which he breaks over his head. Matt and Jeff beat Malenko up and throw a bed over him while Lita says she promised Malenko an unforgettable night before she leaves with the Hardys.

~ Back at the arena Cole and Lawler hype Sunday’s main event by showing clips of Kurt Angle and his allies ambushing Austin, Rock and Undertaker on Raw. We then find Angle heading out to the ring for his title defense as we go to commercial.

  • WWF World Heavyweight Title: Kurt Angle © vs. Steve Austin vs. The Rock vs. The Undertaker

So we have 2/3 of Sunday’s main event right here while the remaining 1/3 “have the night off”. After the three challengers make their entrances, Angle comes out but refuses to get in the ring as Taker awaits him. Austin and Rock go out and approach angle from the sides and Angle quickly finds himself surrounded when Taker pulls Angle in the ring by his medals. Taker lets go of Angle and Angle looks around to find himself boxed in by Austin, Rock and Taker who each get in a shot. Taker works Angle over in a corner then whips him into the opposite corner and hits a clothesline. Rock hits his own clothesline and Austin follows up with an elbowdrop then he and Taker whip Angle but Angle bails out to the floor. Taker goes out and Angle backs away but finds Austin cutting off his retreat so eat eats a right hand from Taker. Taker throws Angle into the ringsteps before throwing him in the ring where Austin and Rock double-team him. Austin and Rock whip Angle into a boot from Taker then Rock covers Angle but Austin pulls him off and the two of them exchange angry looks. Taker covers Angle but Austin and Rock pull him off and the three of them shvoe each other. Austin and Rock double-team Taker and hit a double elbow then Rock clotheslines him over the ropes. Austin plants Angle with a spinebuster and covers Angle but Rock pulls him off and the two share a look. Angle charges but misses Rock and sails over the ropes while Rock and Austin continue their staredown. Rock and Austin finally start going at it and Austin gets the advantage in a corner. Rock fights back and goes for the Smackdown but Ausitn ducks it when Taker clotheslines both Rock and Austin. aker clotheslines Austin over the ropes then sets Rock up for the Last Ride but Angle comes in and pulls Rock down. Angle drops Rock with a right hand and lays the boots to him then goes for a whip and Rock counters into a DDT. Austin pulls Rock out of the ring then goes in and starts exchanging shots with Taker. Rock comes back in and takes turns with Taker hitting Austin but Austin ducks and Taker nails Rock with a forearm. Austin and Taker hammer Rock and Rock catches Taker for a Rock Bottom but Taker fights out of it. Austin looks for a Stunner but Rock shoves Austin into Taker who grabs him by the throat. Before Taker can hit the the chokeslam Angle rolls Taker up from behind for a two count.

Austin tees off on Angle when Triple H and Rikishi come out of the crowd to ringside. Taker goes out to meet Triple H and Rikishi on the floor but the two of them overwhelm him and ram him into the announce table. In the ring Austin and Rock work over Angle when Triple H heads in with a chair in hand and nails Austin with it while Rikishi hits Rock with the sitdown splash. Taker goes in and grabs Rikishi by the throat but Triple H hits him with the chair. Angle climbs in with his WWF Title belt and poses over his fallen opponents with his allies. Angle then turns and waffles Rikishi with the belt but Triple H whacks him with the chair. Looks like that alliance is done. Triple H then hits Austin with a neckbreaker on the chair and stands talls as the show ends. (~6:33) Just there to sell the six-man Cell but was actually fun until the non-finish. Too bad Angle couldn’t have gotten the pin on one of his opponents, which would have let him look strong and gave us an idea that he might stand a chance at the pay-per-view. But no, it’s Triple H who’s left standing over his five fallen opponents and the world champion is left looking weak yet again. **

Conclusion: About what you’d expect with the go-home show for a thrown together pay-per-view. There was lots of talking and very little in the way of wrestling, with only 16 minutes of actual in-ring action and most of it used by the main event. And we have even more lazy booking, especially with the Dudleys/RTC segment. The segments with Lita and Malenko were pretty funny but then you have the Foley/Vince/Linda segment showing how desparate Vince was to solve the falling ratings, ensuring we’ll be seeing lots more of him the following weeks. And once again you have Triple H making himself look like the strongest guy out of the six Cell participants at the expense of the world champion who should be the one having the most momentum going into the pay-per-view. So overall thumbs down for this show.


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