WWF RAW 1/18/1999

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
From: Beaumont, TX

1.)WWF Hardcore Champion Road Dogg defeated Gangrel to retain the title
2.)Billy Gunn defeated Test by disqualification
3.)Steve Blackman defeated Dan Severn by disqualification
4.)WWF World Champion Mankind defeated Big Bossman in a hardcore match by disqualification
5.)Al Snow defeated Goldust
6.)Chyna defeated Pat Patterson & Gerald Briscoe
7.)Kane defeated The Rock by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.Steve Austin opens the show to be interviewed by Michael Cole. The topic of Austin being the first entrant in the Rumble is brought up, but Austin wants to talk about how Mankind pinned Rock for the WWF World Champion on January 4th. Austin is talking as if he will be wrestling Mankind at Mania but tells Mankind that he has no shot against him at Mania. He knows that this Sunday could be his last shot at getting a WWF World Championship shot. The fans want Austin to beat Vince’s ass and win the Royal Rumble this Sunday.

2.Gangrel spits blood into Dogg’s face early on the floor to gain the advantage. They brawl in the crowd briefly until Dogg sends Gangrel over the railing with a back suplex. Back in the ring, Gangrel sends Dogg through a table with a power bomb. Dogg sets another table up on the floor after hitting a DDT, but Gangrel beats him up with a piece of the broken table. Dogg splashes onto Gangrel on the second table several times because it wouldn’t break! Dogg whacks Gangrel over the head with a chair a few times to retain the title.

3.Late in the next match, Gunn was able to counter a pump handle slam attempt and hit the Fame Asser seconds later. However, Ken Shamrock ran down to the ring and attacked Gunn, who he will be wresting this Sunday. Shamrock tossed Gunn off the apron and drove him head first into the announcers table. Shamrock puts the ankle lock on Gunn after ramming him into the ring steps. Gunn is tapping out very quickly.

4.Backstage, Billy Gunn is being checked on by a doctor and he is selling it like his ankle is broken.

5.Backstage, Kevin Kelly is talking to Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart. Jarrett notes all the big wins they’ve had in the past two weeks. Owen says they are going to beat Bossman and Shamrock for the WWF World Tag Team Championships, but they are viciously attacked by the champions.

6.We another video of Vince McMahon training for the Royal Rumble match.

7.Backstage, Big Bossman has attacked the WWF World Champion Mankind. Mankind fights back and sends him into the camera guy.

8.On Heat, Severn attacked Blackman during his Lion Dens match against Owen Hart. Severn gets disqualified after hitting a low blow and locked in a dragon sleeper until officials came out to break them up.

9.Backstage, Mankind and Bossman are still brawling.

10.Outside, The Rock hypes up his match with Mankind at the Royal Rumble in an I Quit match. Rock is going to arrive in his limo and he will regain his WWF World Championship because he will never say that he quits. We also hear previously taped comments from Mankind. He isn’t going t acknowledge the pain and he will not say he quits.

11.A video promoting the I Quit match this Sunday is shown. It looks like they are doing some heavy last minute promotion for that match.

12.Mankind and Bossman squared off in a hardcore match. Mankind got the early control by sending Bossman into the ring steps shoulder first. Bossman splashes Mankind in the corner to gain the upper hand. Mankind with a clothesline and a running knee to Bossman’s face in the corner. Bossman sends Mankind head first into a chair with a back suplex on the floor. He rams Mankind’s head into the ring steps several times as well. Mankind fights back in the ring with a double arm DDT and grabs Mr. Socko! He shoves the sock down Bossman’s throat until the Rock comes out and whacks the champ with a chair. The referee calls for the disqualification despite this being a hardcore match. Rock says he is going to force Mankind to scream that he quits. Rock hits the Rock Bottom on a steel chair! Rock leaves the champ laying in the middle of the ring.

13.Backstage, Mark Henry is begging Chyna for her to not have him admit to something later tonight.

14.Backstage, Vince McMahon is telling Kane and the Rock telling them that they are going to have the match. Rock calls Kane a retard because they want him to do what they want him to do. Kane leaves the room not happy.

15.Chyna comes out and wants Mark Henry to come out to the ring, which he does but he doesn’t look like he wants to do this. His mother is in attendance tonight. Henry says he lied and admits that he didn’t do anything. Chyna apparently has a tape of some sort. Chyna rolls the footage of Henry hooking up with Chyna’s girlfriend Sammy! If that is seriously his mother, then that is quite embarrassing no matter what. Henry found out that she has a penis by touching her there. Henry is completely embarrassed. Chyna once again tells him that she will not have sex with him. Chyna low blows Henry and leaves the ring. Henry’s mother wants him to come over to her and she is spanking her son!

16.Backstage, the Stooges are talking about their match against Chyna tonight.

17.Goldust still has possession of Head and Snow is trying to find a way to get his Head back. Snow is able to roll Goldust up and gets the win to get Head back. After the match, Snow beats down Goldust until the referee gives him Head. Well, that didn’t sound right at all. Goldust avoids a Head shot and drops Snow with a spine buster. Goldust hits Shattered Dreams in the corner. Goldust hits Snow with Head and leaves with Head once again.

18.Mideon comes out to tell the announcers that in six days there will be another sacrifice. The Undertaker makes another appearance and is welcomed with cheers. Taker talks about Mideon being able to see what the fans can’t and feeling what the fans can’t. The sacrifices are not over. On January 24th there will be another sacrifice. We do not know who the next person is. He will be at the Royal Rumble!

19.Chyna was able to beat the Stooges by pinning both of them. It had its comical moments for sure.

20.Vince McMahon says nothing is going to happen. They are going to do the finger poke of doom! Vince warning Kane to not do anything stupid. Kane doesn’t want to do it. Rock and the Corporation attack Kane! Rock is in street clothes and wants to finish Kane off for himself. Rock clotheslines Kane to the floor after hitting a DDT. Rock gets a headset on but Kane has gotten up and grabs Rock by the throat! Rock low blows him to break free. Rock gets out of the tombstone attempt and goes for the People’s Elbow and he hits it! Kane choke slams Rock, Test and fights off the other Corporation as the match is tossed out. Mankind runs down with a chair and whacks the Corporation with the chair. Steve Austin appears behind Rock on the aisle way! Mankind lays Rock out with a chair shot to the back to end the show!

Final Thoughts:
I find it kind of ironic how the WWF will blast WCW for having DQ finishes in their main events, but then turn around and do the same thing. They even did their own version of the finger poke of doom, or at least put a twist on it. The show was really just a last ditch effort to hype up the top feuds between Mankind/Rock, Austin/McMahon and the under card. The Chyna/Henry segment was pretty funny, I thought. I’m surprised at how well they are making Kane look like a sympathetic character. The episode was rather average this week.

Thanks for reading.

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