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NWA Hollywood 10/1/2010

Written by: Bob Colling

NWA Hollywood

1.)Colt Cabana defeated Peter Avalon
2.)NWA North American Champion The Sheik defeated Andrew Hellman to retain the title
3.)Todd Chandler & Brandon Parker defeated The Tribe by disqualification
4.)Joey Ryan defeated TJ Perkins

Angle Developments:
1.Earlier in the day, Colt Cabana was with the camera man to welcome us to NWA Hollywood. He will be competing in the first match tonight.

2.Avalon is an egomaniac who looks like a nerd, but thinks he is all that. He is the guy to compete against Colt Cabana on the first real episode of NWA Hollywood. Cabana makes Avalon look really foolish just dropping him down to the mat a few times. Cabana rolls Avalon around the ring with a body scissors. Cabana eventually locks in the Billy Goats Curse to win the squash by submission. After the match, Cabana grabs a microphone. He says he is a star because he is in Hollywood. He says that the Jewish professional wrestler is here to take over Hollywood. He turns his attention to Adam Pearce. Cabana says when he wins the title there will be a party on him!

3.Before the next match, Sheik prays and attacks Hellman before the bell. Sheik boots a charging Hellman in the face and stomps away on the challenger. Sheik wins the squash with the camel clutch. After the match, Sheik is interviewed. Sheik says he is coming for Adam Pearce. He says he has nowhere to run and hide!

4.Backstage, Willie Mack is interviewed. Mack hopes to get more exposure on the program. He will be on the program quite often, I guess.

5.The Tribe were having a squash match, but they actually lost because Warrior sent Parker over the top rope to the floor. They send Parker over the top to the floor as well since they aren’t happy about losing.

6.Earlier today, Claudio Castagnoli cuts a promo saying that he is what everyone wishes to be. He is rich and good looking. Plus, he is European! He says class is in session to become European!

7.NWA Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce comes out to be interviewed. Pearce asks the fans how it feels to have the NWA back on television. He says its about time that the NWA returned to television. Pearce has heard Cabana and Sheik call him out. He is going to remain the champion no matter what. That was a really quick interview.

8.It’s time for the main event between Perkins and Ryan. Perkins hits a leaping reverse neck breaker as the first big move of the match. Ryan dropkicks Perkins to the floor as the show goes to commercial. Ryan hasn’t bothered to follow up on the advantage, though. Ryan holds the ropes open for Perkins to enter the ring. Perkins hits a leaping double knee on Ryan for a two count. Ryan nearly wins following a snap power slam. Ryan hits an arm trapped over head suplex but Perkins kicks out at two. Perkins manages to take Ryan out with a suicide dive on the floor! Ryan hits a spine buster for another near fall. Perkins avoids Ryan in the corner to hit another reverse neck breaker for a two count. Perkins has a leg lock on Ryan but misses a baseball slide dropkick. Ryan delivers a big boot to stop the momentum. They both crash to the floor on a vertical suplex attempt. Perkins hits a brain buster before going to the top rope. Perkins misses a senton splash but gets in a modified Sharpshooter locked in! Perkins delivers a leaping double knee and a standing kick. Perkins runs into a super kick and Ryan hits a second one to win the match. It was an okay match with a few good spots sprinkled in. Naturally, the announcers over hyped how good the match was.

9.Next week, we will see Willie Mack and Claudio Castagnoli compete. Also, the NWA Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce squares off against Scorpio Sky!

Final Thoughts:
It was an average show. The squash matches were alright, but not all that enjoyable. It is good to see that there are some notable names in the company like Cabana, Pearce, Claudio, Ryan and Perkins. I’ve looked through the next several shows and there are other notable names like Austin Aries appearing. I’ll give this episode a thumbs in the middle, but my interest remains rather high.

Thanks for reading.


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