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NWA Hollywood 10/22/2010

Written by: Bob Colling

NWA Hollywood

1.)Colt Cabana defeated Cedric The Hitman
2.)The Tribe defeated Team Canada
3.)Christina Von Erie defeated Lizzy Valentine
4.)Joey Ryan, Scorpio Sky & Willie Mack defeated NWA World Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce, Claudio Castagnoli & Rocky Romero

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.Adam Pearce opens the show asking if he heard Scorpio Sky calling him out this week. He accepts the six man tag match and they will wrestle tonight in the main event. We already knew that, though.

2.The returning Colt Cabana competed in singles action. Cabana hip tossed Cedric from the ramp way over the top rope into the ring. Cabana forces Cedric to give up to the Billy Goat’s Curse. After the match, Cabana is interviewed. His goals are to have a lot of fun, make some sweet thirty second love to the ladies and win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship from Adam Pearce.

3.We hear from the Sheik who says no one knew who he was a year ago, but now he his famous. He attacked Adam Pearce at the Fanfest in North Carolina because he wants the championship. He welcomes Adam Pearce to his nightmare!

4.The Tribe competed in tag action beating the tag team known as Team Canada after hitting a dropkick/Samoan Drop combo.

5.Backstage, Joey Ryan thanks Adam Pearce for accepting the match tonight. He says one of three of them is going to pin Pearce to be the number one contender. Willie Mack says his father didn’t like Claudio Castagnoli insulting him. Scorpio Sky tells us that Adam Pearce is going to get what he has coming to him.

6.Backstage, Natural Selection is interviewed. Brian Cage says its not about the tag team championships anymore. It’s about destroying the RockNES Monsters. Shaun Richter calls them moron idiots. Once they win the titles, they will accept any challenge.

7.Christian Von Erie picks up a win after hitting the Code Breaker on Valentine. These two didn’t really seem to click and had some slow spots together.

8.It’s time for the six man tag team main event this week! Pearce insults the ring announcer and the fans before the bout. Pearce says we are going to see pure excellence. Mack and Romero start off with some dance moves. Romero hammers away on Mack but runs into a big boot. Mack knocks Romero off his feet with a shoulder block. Pearce tags in when Mack is taken down and comes off the rope to hit a forearm drop. Claudio gets in on the action and keeps control of Mack with a boot to the midsection. Romero returns to the match but Mack fights back with right hands knocks all three heels down. Sky tags in to work on Romero’s back. Ryan and Claudio are in the match with Claudio hitting an elbow drop but Ryan knocks Claudio off his feet with a clothesline. Ryan knocks Pearce off the apron as well. Ryan is held on the mat to allow Romero to deliver a knee drop. Ryan quickly fights back with strikes. Pearce clotheslines Ryan from the apron and enters the match to scoop slam Ryan. Ryan continues to be controlled as Romero hits a dropkick for a near fall. Pearce leaps off the top and hits a big splash but the babyfaces enter the ring to distract the referee. Ryan plants Romero with a spine buster to make his comeback. He was controlled for several minutes. Sky tags in and hits a springboard cross body on Claudio. Sky splashes Claudio in the corner two times. Sky plants Claudio with a tornado DDT but can’t put him away. Claudio catches Sky off the top rope and has his leg submission hold on! Sky struggles but reaches the bottom rope. Sky knocks Pearce off his feet and looks to tag out to Mack. Mack enters and hits a overhead suplex on Romero. Mack hits a dropkick on Romero and Pearce from the top rope. Mack backdrops Claudio and hits a t-bone suplex. Mack power bombs Romero! Ryan takes Claudio out with a suicide dive. Sky dives over the top as well with a somersault dive. Ryan nearly pins Pearce after blocking a sunset flip. Ryan superkicks Pearce and picks up the huge win! (**1/2. That was actually pretty disappointing. The minutes that Ryan was beaten up was rather lackluster to me. The final few minutes were okay, but it wasn’t all that great.) After the match, the Sheik runs out and attacks Joey Ryan. Adam Pearce is up and now brawls with Sheik.

Final Thoughts:
It wasn’t an awful show, but it wasn’t nearly as good as the last several had been. The main event was a disappointment to me. Mack was impressive and showcased some good moves when he was competing. I just felt that the beat down on Ryan was overdone and lame. This is the first episode where I’ll give them a thumbs down, but it wasn’t awful. It just wasn’t what I was hoping it would be.

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