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WWF Superstars 7/18/1992

Written by: Tom Hopkins

Vince McMahon and Mr. Perfect are here just in time for National Space Weerk! McMahon calls Perfect spaced out and Perfect tells him that is one small step out of line! Ha! These opening monologues are great! Perfect tells us that Summerslam is going where no Summerslam has gone before – Wembley Stadium in England! I should point out that this is Week One of the four-week taping cycle at Glen Falls, New York at the Glen Falls Arena or something.

Natural Disasters vs. Dwayne Gill & Brooklyn Brawler
Quake starts with the Brawler and roughs him up a bit. Perfect and McMahon, well McMahon really, ponders who would be in the main event of Summerslam. Perfect thinks it has to be Flair vs. Savage for the title. Speaking of titles, The Natural Disasters are vying for the Tag Titles which are held by Money Inc. Money Inc say they are champions and will remain champions. Brawler and Gill take a double avalanche which kills Brawler. Gill eats a butt-splash/big splash combo to end this at 2:46.

We’re at the Update Center and I’m PSYCHED!!! We’re starting the Summerslam build with this Update (brought to us by the 92/93 WWE Merchandise Catalogue). Summerslam will be taking place at Wembley Stadium in London England on Monday Night, August 31st. The show sold out in only 10-hours (’s site overloaded). I feel there was a video that was cut-out here because it clips out and comes back. The Main Event is a surprising match-up of Randy Savage against Ultimate Warrior.

Ric Flair (w/Mr. Perfect) vs. Glen Ruth
Vince tells us that Perfect and Flair are IRATE that they are not in the main event for Summerslam. Flair is all business and slaps Ruth before the match starts. This would be a rematch of Flair and Ruth’s classic from November 30th, 1991. Flair chops away and dumps Ruth, where Perfect gets in some cheap shots. Flair be angry tonight! Flair drops the knee and puts Ruth in the figure-four to end this at 2:42. Perfect and Flair continue beating on the poor jobber after the match.

Sean Mooney at the Event Center notes that Flair looks pissed about being excluded from the Summerslam Main Event. We hear from Sgt. Slaughter, who is looking out for Mounties Shock Stick. We hear from the Nasty Boys, too. They call out High Energy and they are next on the list to get Nastisized, followed by the Legion of Doom and then the Natural Disasters.

We have footage of Hart vs. Martel which will be on Primetime Wrestling in its entirety. Martel is about to lock on the Boston Crab when Shawn Michaels makes an appearance. Damn, why can’t that be shown here?

Virgil vs. Dave Millson
Perfect rejoins McMahon at the announce booth and Perfect is still pissed about the Summerslam announcement. Virgil leaps out of trouble in the corner and clotheslines Millson. Virgil nearly kills Millson with a back suplex and Millson literally fell almost on his neck. Virgil knocks Millson to the outside and follows with a slingshot plancha. Virgil then yells into the camera that men can fly. A dropkick sets up the Side Russian Legsweep to end this at 1:40. High-flying Virgil is always nice to watch. He was definitely improved from his earliest matches but he gave poor Millson no protection on that back suplex attempt.

We go back to the Update Center with Mooney introducing some promo’s. We hear from the Beverly Brothers and they continue berating the Legion of Sissies. They call Rocco Socko in an effort to make it sound even stupider but little did they know that 7 years later Mr. Socko would be quite the WWE superstar. Tito Santana is here to tell us about the wrestler’s he doesn’t like – including Shawn Michaels and Rick Martel.

Repo Man vs. Greg Starr 
Repo sends Starr into the corner as McMahon says that Flair can wrestle the Genius at Summerslam. If you can’t get one Poffo… McMahon says that Perfect and his associates could beat Duggan and his WBF associates in a tug of war contest. Interesting. Repo Man ends with a single leg crab at 1:29.

It’s Showcase Interview time with Gene Okerlund. He brings out the Big Boss Man, who is still recovering from his attack at the hands of Nailz. He tells us he felt as lonely as lonely as the Situation did while wearing a neck-brace in Florence. Situation wanted to go home but stayed. Boss Man did go home, though, and he got a hug from a little boy who inspired him to get his revenge on Nailz because he can’t break the law! Boss Man tells him he’s going to kick his ass! It was bleeped because this is PG and all. Boss Man was definitely fired up there.

The Mountie (w/Jimmy Hart) vs. Jason Knight
Knight gets his head slammed into the corner. I AM THE MOUNTIE! Knight is tossed over the top and to the outside. Mountie follows and sends Knight into the apron. Mountie lands a dropkick in the ring and covers for the pinfall at 2:05. Mountie teases using the shock stick on Knight, all while asking the crowd if they know who he is. He sings his theme song, too.

Wrestlefest ’92 Coliseum Video is coming! Part of the video is a profile of WWE IC Champion, Bret Hart. We see clips of some of his matches, too.

It’s a Razor Ramon video! He’s the personification of MACHISMO. If machismo means alcoholism in Spanish then he’s absolutely correct. This was a cool vignette from Ramon.

British Bulldog vs. Vito Crus
Crus is announced from Germany, but Vito isn’t a German name, is it? Vito can’t budge Bulldog with a shoulderblock. He’s drop-kicked and bodyslammed. We hear from Repo Man who doesn’t like the Bulldog – so he’s going to choke him! Bulldog gets a delayed vertical suplex and ends with the running powerslam at 1:57. No rest-holds! Nice job, Davey!

Sean Mooney starts the wind-down at the Event Center. We hear from Kamala with Harvey and Kimchee and Crush. Kamala moans and Crush likes to crush things. Next week – more Summerslam hype! We also have Tatanka, Nailz and Shawn Michaels in action HBK as well as a face to face with Warrior & Macho Man. We hear from Macho Man and Warrior before the show ends. I forgot my Warrior to English translator at work so I don’t know what he said.

The Bottom Line
Man, the show just gains so much energy when it has something big to promote. It’s amazing, the previous episodes I’ve reviewed took forever because it just dragged along with nothing much of note happening. Notice that that matches don’t change: it’s the same 2-3 minute squashes. No, the show finally has direction, and that’s something that draws me in as a viewer. Oh, we’re building to Summerslam? Cool, I can get behind that. That’s just my 2-cents. This was much better than the other three episodes I saw this month.


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