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WWF Superstars 10/31/1992

Written by: Tom Hopkins

We’re in Saskatoon, CN at the Saskatchewan Place for this episode of Superstars. It’s Halloween and Election Day is right around the corner, but both of those pale in comparison to the upcoming tag team title match. Perfect predicts that we will have new champions.

Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon from the Wrestling Challenge will actually be calling the match between The Natural Disasters and Money Inc.

Natural Disasters(c) vs. Money Inc. (w/Jimmy Hart) for the WWE Tag Team Titles
The Nasty’s were supposed to have the tag title match but Jimmy Hart screwed them over and chose Money Inc. instead. The Nasty Boys come down to confront Hart (turning themselves face in the process) and then argue with Money Inc. DiBiase tries paying them off and make them go away but the Nasty’s aren’t selling. The Nasty’s take the money and then lay out the challengers. After all this the Natural Disasters make their entrance. IRS is on the outside nursing a knee injury and the Disasters immediately go after DiBiase. He takes a double avalanche in the corner not once but twice. Typhoon tries a splash coming off the ropes but IRS trips him up and DiBiase is able to attack Typhoon from behind. IRS tags in and Typhoon is your face in peril. There’s only so much they can do without bodyslamming Typhoon so we have a bunch of elbows and shots in the corner. IRS tries an ill-advised suplex that Typhoon blocks into one of his own. Typhoon makes the hot tag to Earthquake (only 3-minutes in) and Earthquake cleans house. IRS is atomic dropped to the outside and DiBiase is powerslammed. The Headshrinkers make their way to the ring (with Afa) and Typhoon goes out to confront them. This allows Money Inc to attack Quake from behind. Earthquake is sent to the corner where he goes up and over to the outside where he hits his head on the steel barricade. We head to break and return with no loss of action as Earthquake is rolled back into the ring by his partner. In that situation he should’ve taken the count-out and retained the titles to defend another day. IRS tries a sleeper but Quake backs into the (heel) corner to break. DiBiase comes in and puts a sleeper on now. Earthquake frees himself the same way he stopped IRS but he can’t get out of the heel corner. DiBiase locks on the Million Dollar Dream and that is enough to end this at 7:24. It’s amazing what a simple tag team match like this can do for me compared to all the other 2 to 3 minute squashes we normally get. This was a good tag match, too. **1/4.

Jimmy Hart celebrates with Bobby Heenan after the match at the announce booth. The Nasty Boys make their way out and they aren’t happy with Jimmy. They threaten him and that brings out the new champions. They give Hart a Pit Stop right in front of the champs and then press slam Hart onto DiBiase and IRS.

That was quite the first 15-minutes of Superstars!

We’re back with Perfect and McMahon in Saskatoon.

Yokozuna (w/Mr. Fuji) vs. Bill Jordan
This is Yokozuna’s debut. Yoko suplexes Jordan down and then catches him with a leg drop. A belly to belly suplex follows. Yokozuna does the sumo stance before ending this with a Banzai Drop at 1:50. That was an impressive debut.

Last week there was a little confrontation between Nailz and Undertaker. They stared a bunch at each other so I don’t know why a recap was needed.

Sean Mooney makes his first appearance on the show and we hear from Shawn Michaels, who with Sherri, has a match with Bret Hart for the WWE Title at Survivor Series. He says that he will make Hart the shortest reigning champion of all time, which even at the time wasn’t true. The British Bulldog, the IC champ, is not worried about his title bout against the Mountie.

Hey, it’s a Bam Bam Bigelow vignette! He’s coming to the WWE, folks, and he’d be here by January of 1993.

Tatanka vs. Dale Wolfe
Right before the match we see some clown roaming the aisles. That clown was Doink and he’d plague the WWE in early 1993. Tatanka controls early but runs into an elbow in the corner. Wolfe gets some token jobber offense in before Tatanka chops away at Wolfe. Tatanka ends with the Samoan Drop at 2:00.

Joe Beamen, or something, interviews Razor Ramon and Ric Flair. I’ve never heard of this guy. They hype their big match against the Ultimate Maniacs. Ramon notes they don’t need gold to be champions and Flair says they will win and then style and profile. It sounds like a plan to me!

It’s already time for the Survivor Series Report? Man, this show has flown! We run down the matches that’ve already been announced as well as some new ones: We have Flair/Ramon vs. Ultimate Maniacs; Hart vs. Michaels for the WWE Title, Nailz vs. Boss Man in a Night Stick Match, Rick Martel vs. Tatanka, and Undertaker vs. Kamala in a Coffin Match) and we hear from Bret Hart (who mentions the similar careers he and Shawn have had to that point), Nailz (who will beat Boss Man within an inch of his life), Undertaker and Paul Bearer (who are at Undertaker’s workshop where Taker is building the coffin).

Hacksaw again tells us to vote.

Shawn Michaels (w/Sherri) vs. 
Shawn gives a pre-recorded promo where he says he will win the WWE Title. Shawn admires himself in the mirror when Marty Jannetty shows up from the crowd. Shawn sees Marty in the mirror and Shawn freaks out. Marty whips Michaels into the corner and pounds away on Michaels. Jannetty plans on using the mirror on Shawn but Michaels pulls Sherri in front of him and the mirror cracks over Sherri’s face!

We head to Sean Mooney and the Event Center and promo’s from wrestler’s hyping their Survivor Series matches. Tatanka wants his feathers back from Martel but Martel isn’t willing to give them up. McMahon and Perfect tells us before the end of the show that Sherri has regained consciousness. Next week will feature an interview with The Big Boss Man, action from the Headshrinkers, and Money Inc vs. High Energy for the WWE Tag Team Titles. That’ll be a squash I bet. Jimmy Hart complains about the upcoming match.

The Bottom Line
This was just a loaded episode. We had the WWE World Tag Team Title change, the debut of not only Yokozuna but also Doink, a Bam Bam Bigelow vigntette AND the Michaels/Jannetty confrontation which ends up with Sherri getting nails with a mirror. I’ve been watching this show since December of 1990 and this is one of the best episodes I’ve seen in terms of angle development and just big moments. This was just awesome and set up a ton of things that would drive the first few months of Monday Night Raw in January of 1993. Easily the best episode of Superstars I’ve seen.


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