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WWF Superstars 11/7/1992

Written by: Tom Hopkins

McMahon and Perfect are here fresh off the election. Bret Hart didn’t elect himself champion – he just went out and did it! Perfect mentions he’s not happy with how the election went. This would be Clinton winning over George Bush for those who don’t know. I remember watching the inauguration on television at school.

Max Moon vs. Louie Spiccoli 
Moon tumbles around the ring because that’s what the future wrestler will be doing! He follows with an armdrag into an armbar. He continues with a side headlock takeover and a spinning heel kick in the corner. Moon gets a rolling body slam and finishes with a reverse crossbody from the top rope at 1:54.

McMahon recaps the events of last week’s Superstars and the confrontation between the Nasty Boys and Money Inc. before Money Inc. battled the Natural Disasters for the tag titles. Money Inc. got the last laugh by winning the tag titles. They did have help from the Headshrinkers, though.

The Headshrinkers (w/Afa) vs. 2 Jobbers
The Headshrinkers are Fatu and Samu. Fatu would find fame about 8 years after this as Rikishi. The Headshrinkers attack the enhancement talent from behind and Samu lays into them with a DDT and a nice superkick. Fatu has his head smashed into the ring but Fatu no-sells it because Samoans heads are hard. They get a nice forward Russian Legsweep and Fatu ends with a big splash off the top at 2:05.

Mean Gene is at the Event Center because Sean Mooney is on his honeymoon! Next week is Saturday’s Night Main Event and only 11 days later is the Survivor Series. This Event Center is quickly turning into an Update Center with Gene at the helm! We hear from Kamala, his handler Kimchee and Harvey Whippleman. They hype the Coffin Match against Undertaker. Tatanka is here as well to yell at his Survivor Series opponent Rick Martel.

For the second week in a row we hear from Bam Bam Bigelow.

Virgil vs. Jim Peterson
Peterson is tall with a nice build. I wonder if he was given a chance in any of the big leagues or did he just flame out as a jobber? We hear from Virgil who says he admired Bob Backlund as a kid and he welcomes him back to the WWE. I have a feeling he wasn’t influenced by Backlund at all and was told to say that to hype his return. Speaking of returns – the clown from last week is in the crowd again. Virgil connects with a flying clothesline from the second rope and ends with a Side Russian Legsweep (which McMahon calls a neck breaker) at 1:56.

Lord Alfred Hayes is at the Update Center. So Gene was at the Event Center in place of Sean while Hayes is in the Update Center in place of Gene? Why not just put Hayes in Mooney’s spot? Hayes introduces video of Shawn’s confrontation with Marty Jannetty last week on Superstars and how Sherri got laid out with a mirror thanks to Shawn’s cowardice.

McMahon introduces a Bret Hart Tribute Video and Perfect complains right away that Flair didn’t get one when he won the title. McMahon mentions that’s because Flair was just singing the blues. During the video there’s a clip of Hart’s ladder match with Michaels – a full two years before Shawn “introduced” it at Wrestlemania X.

Damien Demento vs. Steve May
This would be Damien’s debut. He gets a shoulderblock but lifts up the jobber’s head at two. We hear from Demento, who like his name, is a bit demented. It seems he’s a creation of our mind and our torment. Demento leg-drops the jobber and picks him up at two. McMahon says he doesn’t think May has the experience to get in the ring with someone like Demento. How does that make sense? What experience does Demento have? This is his freaking debut! Damien ends with a neckbreaker and an elbowdrop at 2:30.

The same tool from last week who was at the Event Center is in the ring to interview the Big Boss Man. The nightstick on a pole match is at Survivor Series and a nightstick hanging off a pole is set up for those fans who don’t quite understand the stipulation. Boss Man promises to use the nightstick on Nailz and send him away for a life of hard time. He also says he will beat Nailz to an inch of his life. I never understood that cliché – how can simple measurement be used to tell how close someone is to death which is measured in time, not distance. Shouldn’t it be I’ll beat you to within seconds of death?

SURVIVOR SERIES REPORT!!!! The big news is that the Bushwhackers have stepped aside to allow the Nasty Boys to tag with the Natural Disasters against the Beverly Brothers and Money Inc. We hear from the Natural Disasters. Okerlund also brings up the WWE Title match between Bret Hart and a Sherri-less Shawn Michaels. There’s also the big coffin match between Kamala and Undertaker. Undertaker is still hard at work building the coffin for the match. I’d be taking a while to build it, too, f I had Paul Bearer screaming in his high-pitched voice while I was trying to work. Kimchee and Whippleman return for their second spot on the show to tell everyone, especially Undertaker, that Kamala’s not worried one bit. The big main event is the Ultimate Maniacs vs. Razor Ramon & Ric Flair. I guess Warrior hadn’t walked out just yet, though he must’ve done it soon since the show was only 2 weeks away.

Money Inc(c) (w/Jimmy Hart) vs. High Energy for the WWE Tag Team Titles
DiBiase bodyslams Hart early, showing early domination. DiBiase ducks a clothesline but Hart recovers quickly and gets another one. IRS charges and is hiptossed down and the champions take a breather on the outside. IRS restarts the match and High Energy attack the long arm of the tax man. Koko goes off the ropes and is kneed in the back by DiBiase. That puts Money Inc in control momentarily until Koko and IRS clothesline each other. Koko makes the hot tag to Owen who cleans house with clotheslines. IRS is atomic dropped to the outside and DiBiase is back dropped. DiBiase blocks a back drop attempt with a swinging neckbreaker that gets the pinfall at 4:18. I can’t believe that was the finish. This match was a bit of a disappointment. This could’ve easily gone 10 with Money Inc. working over High Energy a bit longer but High Energy was never a real tag team threat and this just proved that. *.

Gene Okerlund is still occupying Mooney’s Seat (OMS?) to introduce a few more promo’s before the end of the show. We hear from Rick Martel about his upcoming match with Tatanka. We also hear from Ric Flair, Razor Ramon and Mr. Perfect. Perfect and McMahon tell us what to expect next week. Kamala, Marty Jannetty, the Headshrinkers and Nailz will be here. There’s also an interview with the Natural Disasters. The main event will be the British Bulldog vs. Repo Man. Was this their big blow-off to their little feud from summer of 1992? We hear from Repo Man and the Bulldog and both promise victories.

The Bottom Line
I wasn’t as impressed with this show as the last one but the last one was just so far above what we normally get on Superstars. This is a big step forward if all the Superstars episodes are like this. This was another very good episode – with a legit main event at the end, good building towards the PPV, and some interesting debuts.


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