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WWF Superstars 9/5/1992

Written by: Tom Hopkins

This would be the Summerslam Fallout episode. It’s going to be available on VHS on September 24th, so you’ll only be seeing still photo’s of the big moments. Vince talks about the main event of Warrior vs. Savage. It started with a handshake before they went into battle. They actually show clips of the match, too. Perfect and Flair made their way out to the ring midway through the match and Perfect tripped up Savage. The referee was bumped and while Savage got the referee Flair and Perfect attacked the Warrior. Flair and Perfect were fighting for their own gains of course. Savage had his knee messed up by Flair and he couldn’t make the count back in. I’m amazed at all the footage they showed here. Warrior and Savage seemed to reconcile after the match.

The Summerslam recap continues with McMahon narrating the Undertaker and Kamala match that led to Undertaker winning by disqualification. Kamala splashed Taker from the top rope but nearly crapped himself when Undertaker sat up. He finished by talking about the Hart/Bulldog IC match. They show none of the match except for the handshake and celebration with Diana at the end.

We finally get to McMahon and Perfect at the announce booth. Perfect looks pissed and he says we have not heard the last from Flair.

Legion of Doom (w/Paul Ellering & Rocco) vs. 2 Jobbers
The Legion of Doom attack the jobbers and toss them from the ring so they can take in the cheers from the crowd. That’s not very sporting of them. Animal nearly kills the first jobber with a dropkick and a clothesline. The second jobber is squashed just as hard – taking a wicked clothesline in the corner before the LOD end things with a Doomsday Device at 2:25.

McMahon credits the LOD’s success to IcoPro – an Integrated Conditioning Program. It’s devoid of all steroids so you know it is on the level.

Mooney is at the Event Center to bring us some promo’s to set up matches that will bridge the gap between now and Survivor Series. The Nasty Boys want the tag team titles that are on the Natural Disasters shoulders. Big Boss Man is here, too, and he’s not scared of Nailz.

Nailz vs. Tommy Stevenson
…and speaking of Nailz. For a match featuring a lot of choking this goes on way too long. Nailz ends this with a rear choke at 1:55.

After that two-minute break we go back to Mooney. The Natural Disasters are here and they’re still the champions! They are willing to fight anyone. We also hear from Rick Martel, who calls himself a Rolls Royce in the WWE junkyard. He still has Tatanka’s feathers, too.

Crush vs. Kato
Crush has a pop-up promo during his match. His hands will take him to the top of the WWE. Crush gets an axe-handle from the top but Crush comes right back with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. The Kona Crush head-crushing submission ends this at 2:21.

The Mountie vs. Ken Wayne
Was there a reason Mountie wasn’t used at Summerslam? McMahon talks more about Perfect and Flair and what happened at Summerslam. Perfect teases a Plan B. Mountie slaps around Wayne as McMahon brings up the “real world champion,” claim. Mountie gets a piledriver to end this at 2:09. McMahon tells Perfect that he heard that Heenan thinks Perfect let Flair down.

Razor Ramon cuts a promo now. He calls out Randy Savage, the champion. He is going for the gold right away.

Virgil vs. Barry Horowitz
They don’t mention Virgil getting crushed by Nailz here. Virgil dropkicks Horowitz to the outside and follows with a slingshot plancha. Virgil grabs the arm in the ring and Horowitz claims a hair-pull. Horowitz comes back with a chinbreaker but Virgil flips out of the way of a charge in the corner and gets a Side Russian Legsweep to end this at 3:06. This was entertaining enough for a squash match. *.

Money Inc. vs. Bert Stiles & Warren Quinn
IRS warns us to pay our taxes or we’ll be paying more when we’re caught. IRS and DiBiase cheat with an abdominal stretch because they can. Perfect and McMahon talk about Billy Ray Cyrus and Achy Breaky Heart – something I was trying so hard not to remember. IRS hits a flying clothesline and DiBiase finishes with the Million Dollar Dream at 3:10.

Mooney’s here for one last go around with the Event Center. Two more promo’s are featured: one from Tatanka and the other from Tatanka. Next week we have the Big Boss Man, the Nasty Boys, the Undertaker, Razor Ramon and the Natural Disasters on the show.

The Bottom Line
Aside from the first 10-minutes there was little mention of Summerslam or any of the undercard matches. In fact, they focused solely on Flair and what he was going to do as opposed to the new IC Champ or anything else. It was a weird show in that regard. I know a lot of it has to do with being pre-recorded but I seem to remember more emphasis being put on post Wrestlemania shows that I’ve watched. It’s just not that good of a PPV fall-out episode.


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