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WWF House Show 4/14/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation House Show
From: Munich, Germany

1.)WWF Intercontinental Champion Bret Hart defeated Dino Bravo
2.)Jim Duggan defeated Col. Mustafa
3.)Repo Man defeated Sgt. Slaughter
4.)Davey Boy Smith & Legion of Doom defeated The Mountie & Nasty Boys
5.)Papa Shango defeated Tito Santana
6.)WWF World Champion Randy Savage defeated Shawn Michaels to retain the title
7.)Davey Boy Smith won a 16-man battle royal

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. I wasn’t aware that Dino Bravo was in the company in 1992. Bravo is sporting black hair now as he previously was a blond. I’m not sure why that is important. The fans really like Bret Hart and erupt for anything that he does. The start of the bout was lackluster as Bravo hit an atomic drop and played to the crowd. It didn’t take long for Hart to gain control with an atomic drop of his own and worked on Bravo’s arm. Bravo plants Hart with a pile driver moments later but can’t put him away. Bravo tries to get a submission victory with a camel clutch and bear hug but Hart refuses to give in. Hart is able to rebound and hits a middle rope forearm drop to win the match.

2. Backstage, Jim Duggan cuts a promo on Col. Mustafa. Duggan says he is coming after Mustafa tonight. He also promotes the battle royal taking place later on as well.

3. Duggan and Mustafa really bored me with their match. The fans are quite pumped up for the show, but these two just didn’t do anything all that great. Mustafa actually accidentally pulled Duggan’s trunks down exposing his butt in the process. Mustafa hit Duggan in the throat with an object and loaded his boot but only got a two count. Duggan wins the bout after hitting a running clothesline.

4. I’ve always been confused as to why foreign countries cheer for guys who put over USA constantly. They even chanted for USA. You’d never see people in USA chanting for Germany. Slaughter had the early advantage on Repo hitting a hip toss and clothesline. This was more of a comedy match than anything else. Late in the match, Slaughter had the cobra clutch on Repo but Repo was able to reach the middle rope. Slaughter quickly got it on again but Repo reached the corner again. Repo grabs his hook in the corner and nails Slaughter in the face to win the match.

5. Backstage, Davey Boy Smith and the Legion of Doom are interviewed. Animal puts themselves over as the best and they are going to kick butt tonight. Smith says he is going to kick the Mountie’s butt twice tonight as he will get his hands on him in the battle royal. Hawk is going to give the fans a close up to the action tonight.

6. Animal started off the bout clubbing away on Knobs. Mountie tags in and taunts Smith but wants to tag out. Neither Knobs or Saggs want to tag into the match, though. Smith drops Mountie with a military press slam. Hawk and Saggs trade blows in the corner with Hawk getting the better of the exchange. Hawk connects with a neck breaker on Saggs and drives both Nasty Boys face first into the canvas. Hawk misses Saggs in the corner and hits the ring post shoulder first. Saggs whacks Hawk over the back with a megaphone. Hawk manages to tag in Animal who cleans house with a few dropkicks and shoulder block. Smith plants Knobs with a running power slam to win the match.

7. Backstage, WWF Intercontinental Champion Bret Hart talks about how tough Dino Bravo was and it will continue to be so. Hart says his mind is on Shawn Michaels and tells Michaels to do whatever he needs to do tonight. Speaking of Shawn Michaels, he enters the scene and talks about how he is on the mind of a lot of people in the WWF. Michaels believes that if Hart had met him he would have lost the championship. Michaels calls Randy Savage a short lived champion because he is winning the title tonight!

8. Papa Shango was able to float over on a top rope cross body attempt to pin Tito Santana. As much as I like the Papa Shango character, I didn’t have any interest in this match.

9. Backstage, WWF World Champion Randy Savage cuts a promo on Shawn Michaels. Savage tells Michaels he needs to be up to the challenge tonight to take the championship from him. Savage says that Michaels needs to be better than the best to beat him tonight. He warns Sherri that if she gets involved he will take care of her.

10. Randy Savage has a clear limp as he made his way down to the ring. If it is not a real injury and he is just selling the leg attack by Flair at Mania, then bravo to Savage. Michaels tries to go after the injured leg but Savage side steps the attempt. Savage kicks Michaels away and bails to the floor. Sherri distracted Savage on the apron and Michaels knocks the champ off the apron to get the control. Savage tosses Michaels into the ring post shoulder first. Savage heads to the top rope to hit a double axe handle back in the ring but holds his knee in pain. Michaels is able to kick out of the cover attempt at two. Michaels nearly steals a win with a inside cradle. Michaels heads up the aisle way but Savage is in pursuit and hammers away on Michaels. Sherri stops Savage from entering the ring but Michaels knocks Sherri off the apron on accident. Michaels drives Savage down with a knee breaker to finally get some offense in! Sherri wraps Savage’s knee around the ring post as the referee is distracted. Michaels tries to get a submission victory with a figure four but Savage doesn’t give up. Savage kicks Michaels shoulder first into a corner and hits a clothesline. Savage heads up top and hits an elbow drop to retain the title! After the match, Michaels and Sherri attack Savage until officials are able to stop them.

11. Yeah, I didn’t get to see the battle royal as the event cuts out after the title match. It wasn’t all that special anyway since it involved all the guys that had already competed on the show.

Final Thoughts:
Well, this was a rather un-enjoyable show. The under card was rather weak and the guys involved just couldn’t provide thrilling matches as many would like. If anything this is a two match show with those matches being the six man tag and the world title match. However, those two matches were underwhelming as well. I mean, Savage/Michaels was okay but they could have done something better had they not had to keep the injured leg angle going from Mania. If they met with each man at 100% I would think they could put together a better match. Overall, I’m giving the show a thumbs down, even though the Germany fans seemed to like the show.

Thanks for reading.


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